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UAE Supplying Haftar’s Forces With Fuel, As Push On Tripoli Continues


UAE Supplying Haftar's Forces With Fuel, As Push On Tripoli Continues

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On March 16th, the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) reported that in the previous days, the UAE had carried out illegal aviation fuel shipments to Haftar’s forces.

“In the last few days there has been an illegal shipment of aviation fuel into Libya. NOC has informed the UN, GNA and numerous other governments of these clear violations to UN resolutions and Libyan laws.“

The reported shipment of fuel Benghazi port is a breach of the UN arms embargo relating to Libya, a contravention of the internationally agreed exclusivity of NOC relating to fuel imports, an infraction of the vessel quarantine protocol, and contrary to international law.

The shipment came from the UAE to Benghazi on a ship called Gulf Petroleum 4 and has been in Benghazi port for a number of days.

NOC recalled that the UAE had issued an international statement in September 2019, containing the following:

“We fully support Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) as the country’s sole independent, legitimate and nonpartisan oil company. Now is the time to consolidate national economic institutions rather than break them apart. For the sake of Libya’s political and economic stability, and the well-being of all its citizens, we exclusively support the NOC and its crucial role on behalf of all Libyans.

The actions of the UAE appear to be in stark contradiction to its words.

NOC Chairman Sanalla said, “Despite extreme hardships caused by illegal blockades on Libya’s oil facilities, NOC has been able to supply sufficient fuel to all parts of Libya, including the Eastern regions to meet all civilian needs, including civil aviation. The only reason I can think of for additional fuel to be imported in this illegal and clandestine way is that it is intended for other purposes.”

On March 18th, NOC released another report on the lower crude oil production in Libya. The current production is on its way to drop under 90,000 barrels per day.

“Forced restriction of production has resulted in financial losses exceeding 3,366,687,237 USD since January 17, 2020.”

Meanwhile, on the ground, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported that Turkey had began paying lower salaries to militants who were sent from Syria to Libya, because they now number over 6,000.

The Government of National Accord reported that it is pushing back Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA), in Ain Zara, south of Tripoli.




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