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UAE Signs $19.20 Billion Deal For 80 French Rafale Fighter Jets, 12 Caracal Helicopters

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UAE Signs $19.20 Billion Deal For 80 French Rafale Fighter Jets, 12 Caracal Helicopters

Rafale seen from the front of the Sanicole Airshow in Belgium. Photo taken by Tom Houquet./www.dassault-aviation.com

On December 3, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ordered 80 Dassault Rafale fighter jets and 12 Eurocopter EC725 Caracal military helicopters in a massive arms deal with France.

The deal was signed at a ceremony between Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the Dubai Expo 2020.

In a statement, the French Presidency said that the deal is worth $19 billion. This makes it the largest ever overseas sale of the French warplane.

“This contract cements a strategic partnership that is stronger than ever and directly contributes to regional stability,” the statement reads.

French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly described the arms deal as “historic,” promising that it will provide hundreds of new jobs in France. Shares in Dassault Aviation SA , the Rafale’s manufacturer, rose more than 9% after the deal.

The advanced Rafales will most likely replace the UAE Air Force’s ageing Mirage 2000 fighter jets, which will likely be stored or sold.

By purchasing Rafale fighter jets, the UAE is following the footsteps of Qatar, which has bought 36 of the craft, and Egypt which ordered 24 in 2015 and 30 earlier this year.

The massive arms deal will without a doubt give a major boost to the already strong relations between the UAE and France.


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Very good move by the UAE, we will need their help as part of the Coalition against Iran. SF removed many of my comments because they are scared of the truth, but I’ll write it again.

Israel has had enough of an Iranian regime that is trying to build a nuclear bomb and hurt us for over 40 years. We are going to teach those Iranians what happens when you try to destroy us, and once we are done with them Iran won’t be the same.

Israel doesn’t fear Iran, we are not like the rest of the coward world. A war is just a matter of time now, and as I have written before all of their ballistic missiles won’t save them from a total destruction.


Last edited 1 month ago by Iron_Zion
Chris Gr

SF erased messages from many users.

Changed Name

they have little truth in their mission. SF is a massive propaganda by the Russian government to cover their crimes against humanity, particularly in Syria. What Russia didn’t learn is that you don’t invade a Muslim country and expect to live peacefully afterwards. We are not like India or China who forgot all the evil actions of the West that killed millions in Asia during the past two centuries. We Muslims don’t forget, and we don’t forgive oppressors. It’s been like that throughout history. By invading a Muslim country, Putin has directly endangered future Russian generations. He has actually invited a Muslim conquest of Russia. And some future Muslims will do it.

I’ll remind the Russian dogs on this forum that it was their invasion of Afghanistan that disintegrated the USSR. their invasion of Syria today will disintegrate Russia itself. Russia will not be the same by the time the Syrian war is over. It’s not about the physical strength of Muslims. It’s about a divine promise by Allah to all nations who invade Muslim lands.

Chris Gr

God made divine promise, we will take Constantinople. No matter how you try.

Peppe il Sicario

Neither us Sicilian, Sardinians, Corsicans forget about your atrocities committed centuries past……


Why all that waiting? Why not start that war now? Without protection from US Israel would never even dare to talk at Iran. In the end they are all about making statements. Israel is a tiny spot on the map. Easy target for anhiliation. They are in no position to start anything. They only can fight by proxy and stage some hit and run tactics as they do in Syria. They fear retaliation, that is why they also do stuff in secret and don’t comment on their actions. In reality, no one really cares as this does not change anything. They just waste their time and resources.
You should lighten up. People break easy when their wishful thinking does not reflect reality.

Last edited 1 month ago by TopGum

Why on earth do you even think we would let them shoot dozens of ballistic missiles to “destroy us”? after the first batch of missiles they hit us, we can and will respond with our Jerichos and Iran will become a wasteland. No one should even dare to threaten us with destruction, because we can and will do the same to them.

So why are we waiting? because the talks are still ongoings. israel will defend itself with or without the U.S, understand? with everything in our arsenal.


You talk about going to war with Iran. Now it is about defending Israel. You change our story as you go. Iran is not interested in war. There will be no war anyway. Israel is just making noise, because nobody cares and takes them seriously. The US is hammering a new deal with Iran and Israel is pissed as hell because they have no saying in it. Why should they? They simply don’t get what they want. A tiny country in the ME is making a fuss about stuff that is not their concern. Waste of time.
No one wants a war with Iran. ME has enough problems as it is. People there want peace.

Last edited 1 month ago by TopGum
Changed Name

Why are they doing that? I’m also having difficulty commenting on SF. Looks like the censorship against them by Google is well-deserved. What goes around comes around.
They do this because they are afraid of having their view challenged. Most of their posts have been aggressive propaganda that is most times downright idiotic.
They are trying to get rid of all alternative voices on their platform – preferring a cheerleading and obedient reader-base fully subservient to the Kremlin.
Great thanks to Google, Facebook, and all the other tech giants that are pushing back against a massive Russian disinformation campaign targeting the Muslim world and Europe. The earlier countries like wake up to this propaganda war the better.
The Russian federation will certainly pay for this heinous crime. Make no mistake about that. It was your invasion of Afghanistan that disintegrated the Soviet Union. Your invasion of Syria will disintegrate Russia itself before all this is over.

Chris Gr

The Objective?


Obviously no one is blocking you, you are either a lying troll or a complete imbecile. Or both actually. Even more retarded than IronZ.

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