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UAE And Qatar Are Looking To Participate In NATO’s Mission In Afghanistan


UAE And Qatar Are Looking To Participate In NATO's Mission In Afghanistan

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar are seeking to contribute to NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a press conference in Brussels on November 9.

However, Gen. Stoltenberg didn’t provide any details about how the UAE and Qatar are willing to participate in NATO mission, or why.

During the press conference Stoltenberg also revealed that 27 countries have committed to increase the number of their troops who are serving within NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in the upcoming months.

“The size of our Resolute Support Mission will increase, from around 13,000 to around 16,000 troops … In addition to the significant U.S. contribution, other NATO Allies and partners will continue to provide almost a billion U.S. dollars each year to the Afghan defense and security forces,” Gen. Stoltenberg said.

Meanwhile, the Afghan acting defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami welcomed the UAE and Qatar efforts to join the NATO mission in Afghanistan, according to the Afghan Tolo TV. Bahrami also revealed that representatives of UAE and Qatar attended the NATO meeting in Brussels.

The UAE and Qatar efforts to join NATO’s mission in Afghanistan are an attempt to prove that they are willing to fight terrorism and to support the new US policy in Afghanistan. However, it’s unlikely that this would lead to any real breakthrought in the conflict.



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  • Mountains

    The Salafists don’t really have much allies except themselves no State supports them. This is what I have been saying which is obviously the case.

    Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar etc etc are all anti-salafists groups. Not Hezbollah or Iran as they may like you to believe or reported elsewhere.

    I’m not even convinced that the Saudi led coalition is fighting wholeheartedly the Houthis but rather AQAP. They have the houthis in siege but they are fighting AQAP full blown. All the contractors you see are not going in against the houthis but rather AQAP

    • Pave Way IV

      Salafism is a conservative, orthodox version of Sunni Islam. Why would any state need to ‘support’ them, and why would they need any state support?

      You’re confusing Salafism with Saudi Wahhabism. Saudi Wahhabism is the state religion of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royals support Saudi Wahhabism because it’s a great control tool over the masses AND legitimizes the al Saud rule. Saudi Wahhabism is politicized and promotes hatred of Shia and Iran because the al Saud family hates Shia and Iran. It’s a corrupted version of Islam built on top of Salafi ideology, not a legitimate ‘form’ of Salafism.

      Why would you say KSA/UAE/Qatar are anti-Salafists? They are all pro-Saudi Wahhabism and (excepting Qatar’s recent change) anti-Shia and anti-Iran. Salafism isn’t any threat to the death cult.

      • Mountains

        Think again. The war on terror is mainly waged on exclusively Salafi groups whom themselves are a minority minority amongst islam like 0.1%..

        Taliban, AQAP, AQ, ISIS, Al-shabaab and Nusra these are the main target exlusively and no one else follows except them.

        There is no support from the gulf states towards them and infact they are all in jail or killed in these countries and pretty much removed at sight.

        While the Houthis are in war only by word and kept in siege but the real war is going on much further south USA-KSA-UAE-blackwater vs AQAP.

        • Garga

          I’m interested in what’s their (AQ, ISIS) source of income, support, arms.
          What do you think?

          Who do you believe bombs Yemeni marketplaces, schools, hospitals by airstrike? That is, IF you believe there are airstrikes in the first place and not sewer gas explosions or something.

          • Mountains

            I already told you they are in siege and that’s about it. There is no urge in the saudis to hurry this up because this is not their main target.

            Together with UAE who created blackwater firm groups have been single handedly focussing on AQAP. They have even opened several torture jails in Yeman exclusively for the Salafi groups. The US and UAE are in full blown war with AQAP and the same goes to Saudi arabia.

            I agree that the Saudis hide behind salafi groups but they have nothing in common and as a matter fact are rivals and hate each other on another level.

            They are jailed everywhere in the Muslim world and hunted and viewed mostly as something dengerous ones spotted they are eliminated at sight. There is literally no mercy granted to them whatsoever and basically treated inhumane

          • Garga

            uhuh, No. You didn’t answer my question.
            If you want to answer, read the question first: Source of income for ISIS and AQ.

        • Pave Way IV

          “…The war on terror is mainly waged on exclusively Salafi groups whom themselves are a minority minority amongst islam like 0.1%…”

          Same ignorant bullshit line the Saudis use to confuse the issue to ignorant, traitorous US military leaders and politicians who apparently don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand the distinction between the two (or else find it convenient not to while they’re fellating the inbred Saudi royals and wiping their ass with the US Constitution). I can’t blame the Saudis – the scheme seems to works flawlessly in the US.

          Saudi Wahhabi freaks hide behind Salafism because they know that the US fears that attacking their paranoid freak death cult of hate-filled Saudi Wahhabism is somehow equivalent to attacking Sunni Salafism.

          Same bullshit trick Israel has used for years: Zionist freaks hide behind Judaism because they know that the US fears that attacking their paranoid freak death cult of hate-filled Zionism is somehow equivalent to attacking Judaism.

          “…While the Houthis are in war only by word and kept in siege but the real war is going on much further south USA-KSA-UAE-blackwater vs AQAP…”

          Tell that to the parents of all the dead kids in Yemen, you sick fuck.

        • Brother Ma

          Wow, you are uncle sam’s posterchild for propaganda aren’t you?

    • Brother Ma

      Are you taljing about public or covert support? As an informed commenter you surely know that many countries do support them secretly.many of those you always mention?

  • Garga

    Afghani Talibans will shake in their boots.
    Both UAE and Qatar have great military and both are sworn enemies of terrorism and against Wahhabi ideology. The war in Afghanistan will be over with their contributions…

    Nah… As much as I try, I cannot hope to be a as good a writer as @Mountains:disqus.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, the invasion of weaponized morons, is in full march, and marching is all they know of, one, two, one, two, mind the line, dont step out side.
    And they say something about NKs propaganda, hehe,
    Dunka, dunka
    (my head against the table)
    The sole reason for some of us have been the simple fact that where ever we see, all over the globe, incl Yemen and Philippines, a.s.o. isn’t wars, Syria is an exception, not the rule, otherwise its civilians, everywhere, why on earth use trucks filled with bombs, on an marked place, with nothing but civilians.
    They call them self, whatever they want, their names means jack shit, but somehow, its all terror, have no military strategy involved nor attacked, no politicians, not the large institutes that feeds this war, like the multinational corps, and banks,no nothing, other then pure terror, they controls the drug marked, is common, everywhere, to human trafficking, again, the civilians is the target.

    Libya, an ex. on this type of “war fare”.
    Its popular name per day, asymmetric war fare, aka terrorize everybody until you get what you want, thats the Wankees way, have been so for century’s.
    If we dont have anyone to be our enemy, we create them, that is done since the stone age, nothing new.

    Yemen is the prime ex. on just that, terror, bombing marked, based upon what, from whom, when I know its Brits flying, usually this is where a lot of ex-fighter plain people ends up with, they dont give an f…., its just sand niggers anyway, ask your self, what kind of people do this, huh, and to then whine about Houtis, whom like the Palestinians have crystal clear reasons, there is nothing in their fight that is illegal, nor their reasons wrong, anyone saying anything else is an lying scumbag.

    The world have only one problem, greed, and its love children’s, like Imperialism, creating the problem, forcing their solutions upon us all, and on top of it, their paranoia, self indulging in an victim hood narrative and perceptions, that makes me wanna puke every time I see one of this western political scums, guarded by prestitutes and whorespondents, there the shear level of ignorance is stunning, and thats not only confined to the politicians, the public is even worse, the NorDicks is so brain washed that they still live in the 90s, time have indeed stand still, and AGW and NK, are both brilliant ex. on how deeply f…. the western public is, and have become, stupid cattle, to then debate anything with morons is not an challenge anymore, they stick out anyway, like beacons of stupidity.

    Boycott the terror state UssA, to oblivion.
    And its whores can be dealt with later, pathetic creatures hanging in the skirts of the robber barons on Potomac, in the run by the Kosher Nostra, running their wars ans skeems in the District of Criminals, in the Imperial Banana Republic The New Palestine, yeah, the original is and still are, the largest open concentration camp I know of, anytime, now, it will be dwarfed by the UssA.
    Welcome to an brave new world.
    So hush, hush, keep on marching, marching, like Lemmings of the cliff.


  • Bob

    Acknowledged Sunni sectarian terrorist sponsors Qatar – who financed Al-Qeada/HTS and Muslim Brotherhood based fundamentalist factions in Syria – and who have zero relationship to NATO (hints in the name: North Atlantic Treaty Organization) – are now curiously offering assistance to NATO in its never ending Afghan-war adventure? Could it simply be that the Qatari leadership is feeling somewhat isolated and threatened in the Gulf at present, given the recent hostility and demands of their larger neighbor Saudi Arabia, so Qatari’s are gambling that by offering themselves and their cash up to assist NATO in their worst quagmire this might just buy them some broader US-NATO protection?