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UAE Officially Reopens Its Embassy In Damascus

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UAE Officially Reopens Its Embassy In Damascus

Click to see full-size image, by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

On December 27, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced the reopening of the country’s embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus after more than seven years of its shutdown.

“This step confirms the keenness of the UAE government to restore the relations between the two brotherly countries to their normal course in order to strengthen and activate the Arab role in supporting the independence and sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the ministry said in an official statement released by the Emiratis News Agency, known as WAM.

Abdul Hakim al-Nuaimi, who was appointed as the UAE’s charge d’affaires in Damascus, told reporters outside of the embassy’s building that Syria will “strongly” return to the Arab world.

“The reopening of our embassy today heralds the return of other Arab embassies to Damascus,” al-Nuaimi added.

Last September, the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper revealed that senior Syrian and Emirati security officials had met in Damascus and finalized the plan to reopen the UAE embassy in the country.

Local Observers viewed the UAE’s step as a major breakthrough in the Syria crisis. The US is one of the important US allies in the Middle East. The recent development is a part of Damascus’ ongoing efforts to restore relations with the Arab world and return to the Arab League.

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Brother Ma

Headchopper jihadi sponsors eating humble pie! Suffer fckwads!

jade villaceran

After stabbing them in the back, expulse them in arab league and fund the terrorist against them, now they call them brother, wtf

Zionism = EVIL

That is the desert Bedouin way.


Those traiterous bastard arab nations all must pay billions to rebuild Syria and fund all the victims. Turkey must pull back completely and handover Idlibistan and all their occupied land to the Syrians. The Kurds need to reconcile with Damascus. All Syrian allies, included Hezbollah must be rewarded big!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I can see by my fellow posters comments that the UAE and some of their fellow Arab League members aren’t too popular, but don’t be too harsh on them, they just ended the Syrian war, even if you’re not aware of it.
There’s a major rebellion going on in the Arab League right now, but the media is failing to give us any details of any significance whatsoever, most people now have no idea what’s really going on, and even less idea about the big turn around in Syrian/regional politics just recently.
Since before last year the Arab League Nations have been separating their own domestic and regional interests from those of the US and it’s partners, they’ve suddenly began prioritising their own concerns over and above US’s demands, and ignoring geopolitical interests in favour of their own regional concerns, this has rattled the US/Israeli cage like nothing else ever has before.
The Arab League want to end the US/Israeli inspired and promoted ‘Iran versus Saudi dispute’, and begin a new relationship and possible cooperation between the 2 parties, they also ALL [except for SA] want to cooperate with Russia and China more than they do now, and of course these 2 things are exactly the opposite of what the Israelis and the US want the Arab league to do.
When a naughty puppy starts behaving well you don’t keep yelling at the puppy and saying bad boy/girl, you start to encourage them and inspire them to continue behaving the way they are.
The Arab league in just over 12 months has already changed the way Israel has to deal with it’s neighbours, it will continue to change that dynamic further too, I would have thought that would’ve make a lot of SF posters very happy, Israel being made less and less significant to world politics, but it hasn’t yet.
The Arab league have opened the floodgates to peace, prosperity, and cooperation in the region, and the US and Israel have no way of turning off the tap. That means it won’t just be Syria that gets a new lease on life, it means Libya and Yemen will too eventually, possibly even Afghanistan.
The UAE is a piece of crap, no denying it, but what they’re doing now isn’t crap, they’re helping to bring about a new age in this regions political history, from this time forward, the US and Israel will play less and less of a role in this region, and regional cooperation and prosperity will become the new norm, not the conflict and poverty we’ve been used to.


Welcome to the Arab World – Stone Age Mentality?

Palestine, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Morocco, Iraq are all arab nations.

Yet, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia have teamed up with NATO and Turkey to kill more than 500,000 Syrians using proxies “moderate terrorists!”.

Saudi Arabia has used Israhell to destroys the Gaza (Palestine) resistance movement.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE are suffocating Qatar!

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morroco and Sudan have been systematically slaughering Yemenis since 2015 for no reason except that “might makes right”!!!

Saudi Arabia is even using their embassies as slaughter houses for dissident Saudi journalists – vaporizing them once and for all.

Zionism = EVIL

Syria and Iraq are the oldest Arab nations and great civilizations dating back to Babylon era with a rich history and will lead the Arab world again. Syria was the center of Arab culture and renaissance.The rest of the Bedouins of the Persian Gulf and Saudis are savages and puppet regimes.

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