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UAE Condemned Turkish Intervention In Syria In Letter To UN


UAE Condemned Turkish Intervention In Syria In Letter To UN

UAE embassy in Damascus, source: the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

The United Arab Emirates has accused Turkey of seeding chaos in the Arab World and occupying Syria in a new letter to the United Nations Security Council.

The UAE’s message, which was delivered on August 28, was an apparent response to a recent message from Turkey to the Security Council. Ankara accused Abu Dhabi of suppressing democratic movements in the Middle East, as well as of killing people in Yemen.

In its message, the UAE said Turkey is attempting to shift international attention from its dangerous acts, including its illegitimate operations in Syria. The UAE also referred to Turkey as a hub for ISIS terrorists moving to central Asia and Afghanistan.

“Turkey is threatening to use migrants to advance its megalomaniac goals,” the message reads.

Tension between the UAE and Turkey escalated earlier this month after the announcement of the peace deal between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. Ankara, which maintains official relations with Tel Aviv since 1949, slammed Abu Dhabi over the deal.

The UAE, which has been openly working to counter Turkey’s influence in the Middle East, restored relations with Syria more than a year ago. Abu Dhabi reopened its embassy in Damascus in December 2018.

According to several reports, the UAE is supporting Syria’s war on Turkish-backed militants and terrorist groups, which are occupying vast parts of the country.

The UAE’s message indicates that the country is not backing down from its stand against Turkey’s moves in the region. Abu Dhabi is clearly determined to foil Ankara’s plans.




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