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JUNE 2021

UAE May Be Behind Mysterious Air Base Being Built On Yemeni Island – Report

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UAE May Be Behind Mysterious Air Base Being Built On Yemeni Island - Report

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A mysterious air base is being built on the Yemeni Island of Mayun which sits on the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait, the Associated Press (AP) reported on May 25.

Satellite images from April 11 show dump trucks and graders building a 1.85 kilometer runway on the island. In newer images, from May 18, the work on the runway appeared complete, with three hangars constructed on a tarmac south of the runway.

Yemeni officials told AP that the mysterious air base is being built by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, UAE officials declined to comment.

In 2019, the UAE announced that it had withdrawn its troops from Yemen, where they were battling the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in the framework of the Saudi-led coalition.

Military officials in Yemen’s Saudi-backed government told the AP that the UAE is building the air base on Mayun. According to the officials, Emirati ships transported military weapons, equipment and troops to the Island in recent weeks.

The officials claimed that the recent tension between the UAE and the Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was the result of an Emirati demand for his government to sign a 20-year lease agreement for Mayun.

UAE forces landed on Mayun in 2015. The Houthis were expelled from the Island, which oversees one of the world’s crucial maritime routes for both energy shipments and commercial cargo. In 2016, satellite images showed construction underway there. An attempt by the UAE to build a long 3 km runway was made and failed.

The runway that was built on Mayun this year has a length of 1.85 km, which is still enough to support cargo aircraft and drones.

Mayun is not the only Yemeni Island where UAE military activities were reported. Last year, several sources reported a UAE-Israeli plan to build a joint spy base on the strategic Yemeni Island of Socotra, which is held by the Southern Transitional Council, Abu Dahbi’s main proxy in Yemen.

Both sides of the conflict in Yemen do not appear to pleased with the UAE repeated attempts to establish a lasting foothold on one of the country’s islands.


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Peter Jennings

UAE wanted an agreement with the fake president pretty quick. Maybe they don’t see him lasting too long. The Houthis seem to be getting a grip.

Whatever happens on the island it won’t be good for the Houthis.

Israel is an Apartheid State

Maybe when the Houthis take over the whole of Yemen, this island will declare independence and become it’s own country backed by the UAE.

“Kingdom of Perim”

We may even see a “Kingdom of Socotra”.

Imposter entities will die

we will not even see an uae in future anymore so keep dreaming XD

Imposter entities will die

the zionist failure is quite visible and they have two scenarios the first is if they cant become big which they obviously cant than they have to make everything around them small meaning balkanization of the entirety of west asia but that wont happen it will create more hostility which leads to more opportunities on our part while the zionists will not survive for much longer they already crumbled during their pathetic conflict they started and they didnt even had the guts to invade gaza which suprised me because that was what the conflict was all about and now it wont stop they will be bleeding all over the place

Imposter entities will die

the yemenis will be much much more a trouble in future than the lebanese hezbollah ever was because the yemenis are anti jewish they curse the jews daily and they will fight not just the zionists but their entire cult so you will be suprised at how badly things will go for them in the entirety of the peninsular it will only go down for uae saudi and zionists they will lose the population aswell as the lands and uae trying to behave like britain and usa is a joke they are just a house of cards much more so than their masters

Hindu Black Fungus

The Yemeni Zaidi Shia make up 60% or more of the Yemeni population of 40 million and that dwarfs the 6 million Lebanese population. Now the Saudi idiots and UAE pimps have alienated the whole Yemeni population. This base will get a visit from Ansarallah drones soon.


The island is a major strategic asset – and clearly UAE prizes it. Meanwhile KSA is more focused on mainland Yemen – as they want to get access to the untapped oil reserves across the north (Houthi territories). These two Arab oligarchy-clan run states want to carve up and plunder Yemen’s natural assets in a localized colonialism grab within the Arab Peninsula – all green lighted by the larger imperialist US who benefit by default, from any Yemeni natural assets shifting across into orbit of US sphere of influence.

Last edited 18 days ago by JensFromTheBlock
Hindu Black Fungus

In the era of drones and loitering munitions this base will be toast in minutes.


probably a supermarket so jens can buy cheese for boyfriend

G2 Guy

Good target for Houthi drones. These 20th century bases in the era of drones and loitering munitions are an expensive death trap. The Emirati mercenaries will die for nothing. It will be very expensive logistical exercise as the US losers found in Afghanistan.

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