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UAE, Israel To Establish Spy Base On Yemen’s Socotra Island. Again?

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UAE, Israel To Establish Spy Base On Yemen’s Socotra Island. Again?

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel are secretly working to establish a spy base on the strategic Yemeni Island of Socotra, the Press TV reported on February 18.

The Iranian news channel citied JForumm, the official website of the Jewish and French-speaking community. The website said the base will collect intelligence from across the region.

“The purpose of such a spy station would be to collect intelligence across the region, particularly from the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, a sea route chokepoint between the Horn of Africa and the south of Yemen, along with the Gulf of Aden and the Middle East,” the website said.

UAE forces landed in Socotra in 2018. The island is currently under the control of the Southern Transitional Council, Abu Dahbi’s main proxy in Yemen.

Earlier, the UAE already cooperated with Israel on surveillance projects. In 2015, Abu Dhabi contracted Israeli Asia Global Technology for a surveillance project called Falcon Eye.

This is not the first report claiming that the UAE and Israel are working to establish a joint spy base on Yemen’s Socotra. Between August and September of the last year, a number of reports by Arab and Turkish sources spread rumors about the alleged base.

Some Yemeni sources even reported a visit by Israeli and UAE intelligence officers to Socotra last year. Yet, no unusual constructions were observed at the island.

The UAE’s takeover of Socotra was criticized by most Yemeni sides, including the Houthis (Ansar Allah) and officials from the Saudi-backed government.

While the UAE has the resources to finance a spy base in Socotra island, it lacks the technology, which Israel can provide. Nevertheless, until now there have been no signs that a spy base is being built on the island. Thus the recent reports can’t be confirmed as of early 2021.


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Arch Bungle

More targets.


The talmudic caliphate of Ziowahhabi Terroristan is open for business.

Jens Holm

Not for You.

Arch Bungle

And like all other pillars of American imperialism it is “Too Big to Fail” … Therefore Uncle Sam will go down with it.

Narine Joa

The greatest assumption in this article is claiming that UAE lacks the technology to setup a spy base?? Have you even visited the UAE and have you seen their domestic technology productions. They could be in possession of technologies Israel may not even have. They have multiple companies working for them on different things


they might lead to irans taking socatra for yemen and creating a base there

Jens Holm

UAE already has allowence to have a base there. Its supportwed by Yeminits. UAE also help the locals with food supply.

Hasbara Hunter

Give the Houthis boats….

Hasbara Hunter

Sounds good!



Hasbara Hunter

Yeah giving…Houthis Fight Hard & Brave they gave their Blood to defeat the Devilworshipping Jewish House of Wahhabistan & the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation…Yemen is a Buffer Zone…I personally think they deserve anything they need or ask for…


houthis send 100 of young good students to iran and we teach them how to build these things

Just Me

Drones are coming lol


So the Khazar is entering Yemen on the back of other Arabs, the Emirates?
Why can’t the Khazar understand that he is too alien to be accepted in the
Arab region and just return home?

Jens Holm

comment image

J Ramirez

Is that a picture of your daddy ;}

Arch Bungle

It doesn’t matter what they understand, like many times before the crusaders will be sent back to Europe in defeat, like their forefathers were.


Herzl wrote in his diaries that the European countries were
willing to pay a premium to get rid of their Jews and those
same Christian countries do not want them returning. That
is what they have in their favor that they are so hated
that the Western countries will assist them not to get
defeated. During the 1973 war, Nixon and Kissinger were
stunned, they never expected it coming and they spent an
entire month focused on that war and how to rescue their

Arch Bungle

I remember those letters. The Jews have been an annoyance since the time of the Roman emperors:

Since the Jews constantly made disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus, he [the Emperor Claudius] expelled them from Rome.

— Seutonius

Nobody wants these assholes around.


That is the biggest gift that you can give them by saying
they were expelled by the Romans and it is only a fiction
or else explain the total absence of any Middle Eastern
genes in the Ashkenazi. They have no other basis for their claim to
Palestine except that they were thrown out from their home.
All the expulsions of the European Jews began after their
conversion to Judaism in the 9th.

As an Israeli citizen, as a historian – I can tell you that
10 years ago I believed that Judean society was exiled by
the Romans. Discovering that it’s a myth, it was shocking
for me.

Shlomo Sand.

Arch Bungle

Dear Helen, we have to be very precise here, what I am saying is exactly the following and no more:

That “The Jews”, i.e whatever mongrel race happened to be practicing Judaism (Phariseeism) at the time, in Rome, were booted out of *Rome* specifically for being annoying assholes by emperor Claudius.

I make no claims about:

a) Whether these particular Jews were those from Jerusalem

b) were descendants of the original Hebrews or converts

What we do know from the Roman texts is that people practicing Judaism were found all over the Roman empire at the time and annoyed the Romans persistently, by doing *exactly* what they do now in Palestine, i.e claiming whatever land they were on was theirs for some reason, importing large amounts of ‘jews’ from wherever in order to skew the demographics.

PS.: My understanding of the the Roman erasure of the Jews in Jerusalem was that this was effectively a genocide of the hebrews. They are extinct.

The jews we see today are converts and bear no relation to the Hebrews wiped out by the Romans since the destruction of solomon’s temple and the consequent destruction of the hebrews by the Romans.

There are many examples of the Roman extinction of the Jews (who may or may have been 100% of Hebrew descent) for example, Emperor Trajan’s extinction of the jews in alexandria:

The Jewish community of Alexandria was “extinguished” by Trajan’s army during the Kitos War:

The rebellions erupted in 115, when most the Roman armies were fighting Trajan’s Parthian War on the eastern border of the Roman Empire. Major uprisings by ethnic Judeans in Cyrenaica, Cyprus and Egypt spiralled out of control, resulting in a widespread slaughter of the remaining Roman garrisons and Roman citizens by Jewish rebels.

The Jewish rebellions were finally crushed by the Roman legions, chiefly by the Roman general Lusius Quietus, whose nomen later gave the conflict its title, as “Kitos” is a later corruption of Quietus. Some were left so utterly annihilated that Romans moved in to settle the areas to prevent their complete depopulation. The Jewish leader, Lukuas, fled to Judea.[3] Marcius Turbo pursued him and sentenced to death the brothers Julian and Pappus, who had been key leaders in the rebellion.

Arch Bungle

Something for your research:


The American Jews are ‘buying’ land around illegal ‘israeli’ settlements in Palestine so that they can try to claim later that this land was bought fairly.

They are still doing this up to the present day (now, if land was legitimately yours, why would one need to buy it, right?).

This is how that old lie was created that the Jews bought the land from Palestinians in order to create the ‘state of israel’.

Though, even if it is true the jews bought land from Palestinians there is no law in the world which allows one to buy land from a state in order to declare a state on it: Purchase of land does not confer sovereign rights.


BUT … they’re still around

They’re sovereign … too

Jens Holm

If its spying on intelligense, its not about Iran.


Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Pay some attention. Are also Muslims here at SF. If they see so much nudity, they may tear the wand to blood in horniness.

Jens Holm

I know. Thats why I show it. Muslims has to learn muslims are different to this as well as we are.

The Concert was in Istanbul 1997.

Im for including and not excluding by self created rules – or bending them as You wish and always to less or none.

I dont care half a camel about people, which se equal rights among genders as a sinn and all our women as prostitututes out of control.

We have changed things about sexual minorities. They are included almost 100% now and after many years of hard work, its a great succes.

The same for vomen living with themself and maybee some children making their own money having their own bankaccount and not even driving cars but having ones.

Equal right which can offend muslims miight also be that we anytime accept divorse, but the women are not paid after that, because they are educated as us and by that support themself and pay tax.

I have no intensions for changing what I write. The main problem here is NO POSSIBILITY FOR CHANGE. Most muslims use it into the word “sunni” and therefore live in the past or only has destiny thoughts or fantasies for changes with no realisme.

So as a peacefull person I tell those misguided people, that Our world is not like that. They not even understand Our taxsystems, structures and we dont attack Russia – and even today on this site certainly dont intervene helping Qaida because they – as accused for – to use chemical gasses as provocations for war.

When people eat that and not even has a language for what we do bad or good and just coindem everything we do, I have NO RESPECT.

But nice writing me. As a small Boyscout I made a promise. It was listen to other and find my own oppinion, so I do listen, and by that I also take away a lot of garbage against me and my life.

I have heard in my job I had many years ago from littler muslim boys here in Denmark. They from birth has learned women are below them in everything and has not to respected. But the majority of teachers in the low grade schools are females. By that, they dont become qualified to educations and by that remain poor, so we even has to feed them. Here in Denmark it last Year was 300 mio dollar – And we cant send them home for they are bporn here and dont speak danoish well as well as they dont speak and certainly dont write any other language.

Thats how it is. We do have some few danes, which is exactly like that, but we have changed to traditions so many muslims even name as Jewish. They dont understand that as well. I say fine. I anytime prefare Jews running things as they do. 57.000 dollars in GDP each is not so bad. Saudis fx do 22.000.

And I dont think we steal. Almost all is education, skils and reward for hard work.

They have to learn that, even if they cant. Im not for chaging them by war.

Arch Bungle

Why should they? Muslim women are more beautiful and Muslims are allowed lore than one wife.

It is the white man who must suffer his unnatractive, bloated beef cow of a wife under stifling Christian chain of one wife (at a time) per man.

Muslim men probably see more female skin than you two ever will …


He was not deserving of a response, just saying.

Arch Bungle

I know, but I thought I could share a western perspective on the matter ;-)


A muslim man … figures

Jens Holm

My Grandmother had those colors, when she was dead for a while. Culture is like thiscomment image


wonder where that jew submarine is now a days, if you remember that the jews announced that it had passed through the suez on the way to the gulf of Oman, loaded with the nukes the jews hoped they should be able to use against Iran when the dumbed down folks from washington dc decided to take a hard swing at Iran, which they didn’t do, to the jews’ disappoinment.


They haven’t been in touch with you?

Go figure …

Porc Halal

Interesting to know that the Southern Transitional Council, Abu Dahbi’s main proxy in Yemen are pro-marxists (ie pro-jewish) …


Can you do 15 minutes of standup?

Porc Halal

whatever you say, Ștrul …



Porc Halal

whatever you say, Ștrul …



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