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UAE Hub Of Companies Assisting Venezuela In Circumventing U.S. Oil Sanctions: Reuters

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UAE Hub Of Companies Assisting Venezuela In Circumventing U.S. Oil Sanctions: Reuters

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An investigative report by Reuters has discovered that Venezuela was avoiding U.S. oil sanctions with the help of none other than the United Arab Emirates.

Back in June 2020, the US began sanctioning at least 6 oil tankers managed by established shipping firms.

The slack was picked up by a little-known company based in the United Arab Emirates.

The vessels were renamed and then began shipping again.

“The company, Muhit Maritime FZE, is one of three UAE-based entities identified by Reuters that have shipped Venezuelan crude and fuel during the second half of this year.

Their role emerges from an examination of internal shipping documents from Venezuela’s state oil company as well as third-party shipping and vessel tracking data.

Tankers managed by the firms have transported millions of barrels of oil produced by state-run Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, since June, according to the internal documents and a publicly available shipping database.”

Basically, if a tanker is sanctioned, there’s immediately a new one to replace it.

“The three companies – Muhit Maritime, Issa Shipping FZE and Asia Charm Ltd – did not respond to letters sent to their listed addresses, or to emails sent to their registered email addresses. Reuters was unable to determine the ultimate owners of the three. Their ownership and management details aren’t listed in the UAE’s publicly-available corporate registry.”

Initially, companies were popping up buying Venezuela’s oil, but now transport companies are also popping up to handle that part of the logistics as well.

The three companies’ shipments of Venezuelan crude and fuel represented about 3.9% of the South American country’s total oil exports in 2020 through December 18th.

“We are closely tracking these kinds of creative efforts by companies to evade sanctions,” a U.S. State Department spokesman said in response to questions about the UAE-registered firms. “Those behind shell companies would not be wise to consider themselves shielded from sanctions.”

The spokesman declined to comment on possible future sanctions, but added: “U.S. friends and adversaries alike should know that their companies, front companies, and tankers remain vulnerable to sanctions if they are complicit in activities that facilitate PDVSA’s exports abroad and the Maduro regime’s efforts to evade sanctions.”

The UAE itself admitted it was investigating into what was going on.

It said in a statement that “a thorough and comprehensive investigation is fully underway into” Muhit Maritime, Issa Shipping and Asia Charm.

That includes using recent legislative changes “designed to improve corporate transparency through a framework for reporting and registering beneficial ownership,” it said.

“The UAE takes its role in protecting the integrity of the global financial system extremely seriously. This means actively administering and enforcing economic and trade sanctions,” the government added.

Washington failed in its regime change attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but the U.S. sanctions have nearly crushed Venezuela’s oil sector. Exports plummeted by a third in 2019 to around 1 million barrels a day. By this October, they hit a decades-low level of 359,000 barrels a day. But Caracas keeps trying to move the crude. In November, daily exports nearly doubled, thanks to the emergence of new, little-known customers.


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Potato Man

Iranian also send their goods to UAE and from there to world market…now I’m not saying Iran can sell it goods because of UAE f no, but the point is UAE do such things….it is not new.

cechas vodobenikov

60-70% of all gold –much mined illegally by gangs in Africa, Peru, etc is refined in Switzerland, where govt does not require proof of purchase/origin…amerikans upset–they only possess fake gold. they will not permit gypsy audit? only 2 auditors permitted to examine amerikan ft Knox: jens and bacon

Jim Allen

Rothschild has the gold. They don’t return gold left on deposit as investment capital. Rothschild is holding a huge amount of gold owned by the Chinese Dragon family. Refusing to return the gold to the family.
Rothschild was caught attempting to pass gold plated lead bars to a customer. If those bars had made it out of Rothschild’s vault’s before being discovered the customer would’ve been fucked. Proving the theft would’ve been impossible.
Haven t heard anything on the Dragon family’s attempt to retrieve it’s gold in quite some time. The family dates to ancient times, and is very powerful, and wealthy.
The family put the gold on deposit to give Rothschild more gold backed lending capital that Rothschild could expand his banking system. Rothschild Central Bank loans, and manage’s monies loaned to Governments worldwide. At 33% compounded interest. It’s much easier to list countries that don’t have a Rothschild Central Bank as it’s Federal Reserve, than to list those that do.
Countries without Central Bank as reserve bank.
N. Korea
Libya (until Qathafi was murdered, and
Libya razed to the ground)
Iraq (this is the reason Iraq was invaded
the second time, and Saddam
Hussein overthrown, and murdered,
the country razed to the ground)
Bolivia (at least until Morales was overthrown but will oust Central Bank if it was installed during the year after the coup, until the election when the CIA installed puppet was voted out. The military, and the people vowed to run CIA, and the puppet Government out of Bolivia. Or, jail, or kill them) Somalia, Sudan, Senegal Egypt, Brazil, Syria, and some other countries dropped Central Bank in anticipation of joining BRICS Banking system many of these countries had their Governments overthrown, a new Western friendly puppet Government installed, and a Central Bank.
Egypt was let off easy, Mubarak was replaced, Brazil, let off relatively light, With Bolsarno installed, and some mean shit done. Yemen had/has it rough, Somalia, Senegal, rough, Iran was too strong militarily, and The City of London thought, mistakenly that US sanctions piled on from 1979 on would slowly strangle Iran. 42 years later Iran is the regional military power. Highly industrialized, leaders in technology in electronics, drones, medical science, R&D, military technology, steel, and Aluminium production, precision manufacturing, all world class. Growing supplier of military technology, particularly missile defense systems, drone’s, EW, radars, missile guidance systems, manufactures armor, recently military fighter-entry level, and other weapons. Large deposits of non-oil resources.
Cement, iron ore, Bauxite, gold, copper, minerals, Lithium, Uranium, Iran is self-sufficient Always a large agriculture base, now expanded. US military can’t defeat Iran in conventional war. Can’t defeat Russia in any war)
a handful of small countries.
Russia dropped it’s Central Bank, and declared Jacob Rothschild, and George Soros persona non grata in Russia, issuing an arrest warrant for Soros in 2015.
Made it’s final payment to Rothschild’s bank, August 2016. That same day Putin repaid the debt of several small neighboring countries, and forgave the debt owed to Russia. In exchange for mutually beneficial trade alliances, and military alliances. Some of these countries, were conned into turning away from Russia, with CIA smooth talking, and empty promises of EU, NATO access, military back up, and
“gifts” of money with 33% compounded interest attatched. Armenia, Belarus, (very briefly) Ecuador, (I think) Nicaragua.
Ukraine’s Government was overthrown after the country was robbed blind, industry shut down, (to deny Russia Ukraine’s manufacturing capacity) military in shambles, the Donbass declaring independence, Crimea very anxious.
Rothschild installed Pooroshenko puppet, instructed him to attack Donbass, kill as many people as possible, take control of the resources. Pooroshenko was prepared to do the same to Crimea. Between Crimea just telling him it was joining the Federation, and Russia’s need to secure it’s only warm water port, and huge military base, Putin, held Crimea’s hand through three Referendums, a brief delay to have Russian law changed to allow Crimea to join the Federation, it was done. Records at The International Courts in Brussels prove Russia did not “annex” Crimea as the West, and other idiots claim. All 100% legal under
International law. Putin poured cubic rubles into Crimea, repairing, rebuilding, building wherever it was needed, new airport, power plant, industry prepared to go to work, agriculture expanded, military forces recruited, trained, armed, supplied, paid, as all Crimeans received increased pay, (not enough Putin lamented) gas service restored. The Black Sea Resorts reopened.
The Kerch Strait Bridge, with highways, approaches, exits, interchanges, etc..
The highway side of the bridge opened ahead of schedule, and under budget. The rail side opened on schedule, and on budget. Built in five years, the longest bridge in Europe. (19 km) Connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland. Bypassing the ferry’s, and day’s long travel time, transportation costs fell drastically, and travel time from day’s to hours.
Start to finish self-sufficient in five years.
Crimea, and the Kerch bridge, serve as a slap in the face to Rothschild, every time he sees the bridge, and the prize of Ukraine, Putin snatched away from him.
Crimea was part of Khazaria, Ukraine, Belarus, part’s. This is the Khazars country, until their aberrant behavior, and having ignored repeated warnings, Russia, and Persia attacked Khazaria, slaughter ensued.
Warned the King and his Court escaped.
The survivors stripped of their religion as unworthy, and run out of their country.
The Khazars created Zionism, an Atheist religion. Not widely accecpted, Khazars had been in the Middle East. Working with the money changers, everything fit except the Torah. The Babylonian Talmud was favored, Khazars adapted their language
To sound
Hebrew, implemented their perverted, bastardized Judaism. Claiming to be Israelites returning to the promised lands.
Being God’s chosen ones. Claiming the Holy Lands, and began to murder real Jews, and the semetic Arab’s. Palestinians, Syrian’s, and others. (witness reduction plan) Took a long time to gain access to the Holy lands. (early 20th century) Khazars made their way to Europe, changing their names to whatever name’s the people of the country they came to. To better blend, and local names opened doors in business.
There were 12 tribes.


these jews must steal when they see something they want this should be a lesson for all just take a look at the parasitism that will happen to uae and its death XD

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