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UAE Condemns “Heinous” Killing Of Iran Scientist In Rare Break From Israel-Gulf Axis

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Last Friday’s assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is putting immense strain on the newly ‘normalized’ ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The UAE late on Sunday issued a statement strongly denouncing the attack that it called a “crime” that could destabilize the region. This after Tehran has vowed to retaliate, yet without giving details of what form this might take.

The UAE “condemns the heinous assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, which could further fuel conflict in the region,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said, as cited in Bloomberg.

UAE Condemns "Heinous" Killing Of Iran Scientist In Rare Break From Israel-Gulf Axis
Cleric holding an image of slain nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, via PBS.

“The state of instability our region is currently going through, and the security challenges it faces, drive us all to work towards averting acts that could lead to escalation and eventually threaten the stability of the entire region,” it added.

Signed on September 15, the ‘Abraham Accords’ opened up formal diplomatic relations and economic dealings between Israel and the tiny oil-rich Gulf country for the first time in history.

Bahrain was also involved, and Sudan is said to be the next Arab League member to normalize ties, with the State Department now urging Saudi Arabia to follow.

As Bloomberg notes of the significance of the UAE condemning this latest attack:

“The denunciation late Sunday was significant both because of the historically strained relations between Sunni Gulf Arab states and Shiite Iran, and the fact that Tehran has blamed the attack on Israel, which recently signed a normalization deal with the UAE.”

Jordan is also the latest regional voice to condemn the brazen assassination which occurred east of Tehran last week.

Some current and former diplomats in the West have also condemned the killing, widely suspected to have Israeli or even US intelligence involvement, as it sets a precedented that could open tit-for-tat illegal assassinations as a modus operandi for score settling among rival powers in the region.


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Vox Populi

UAE is a western masters created glass shard on shifting sands populated by overpaid rip off “expats” and Asian slave labor and a few thousand papered Bedouins. They fully understand that UAE will turn into silica if there is a regional war. Iran can shut the whole place down by a single missile at Dubai airport and then watch the “expat” exodus.

Potato Man

Nor UAE or Jordan really have any power and they are British -> US dogs for long time.
It is nothing but BS from both of them, the only fukers that plan this assassinations were US/Zion State/Wahhabi State KSA and MEK terrorists group….also Azer it seems.

KSA have finger up UAE ass that’s why they taking shit on KSA+Zion and US didn’t told them about this…but remember UAE didn’t join Zion cult for nothing.

Vox Populi

UAE is a western outpost created by the British in 1971 to destabilize the region and control Persian Gulf oil resources. Now they are also a Zionist base and will be a major target in any war, so this condemnation is primarily for self-preservation.

Mark M. Nobelman

Welcome to your doomsday lift a finger and see what happens. You will get gang raped by a very large coalition this will be Armenia 2.0 without any intervention or dialogues but direct free fall


your delusions are funny


say bye to haifa

Ashok Varma

UAE is worse than Zionists, they are Bedouin savages.

Icarus Tanović

Yes they are, dogs indeed. Talk to talk.

Mark M. Nobelman

This is what happens when you get beat up so much that the guy who was suppose to hate you feels sorry for you because you got beat up so much and so bad and humiliated. Hahahah.

The UAE saying ”No Mas” feeling sorry for Iran getting beat up to this extent and humiliated.

The Israelis should keep going where is my nigga at Zion poster from here. keep bashing them weak-azz mullahs


uae doesnt like to be in the crossfire which is why saudis will never officially join you and until the last day of their existence they will try to deny being buddies with you imps


you will see so many of your buddies die in near future so soon you will not laugh anymore but scream out of fear and i guess haifa eradicated will bring atleast the one message to you of you being utterly unable to engage in war with iran and the usa being nothing but a paper tiger at this moment and its going to sink going forward


why are your militaries so worried about haifa all of the sudden?are you going to lose it soon?


When / if it happens … either Beirut or Tehran will be destroyed …

Make My Day!


Frankly, the petro-pimps are running shitless scared.

Mark M. Nobelman

Yeah. By keep bombing their proxies or invading them much scared I see. They sit right infront of them fearless and proud. Come forward at your own peril

Ashok Varma

The UAE and Saudis are the worst racist ignorant trash in the region, their abuse of Indians and Asians in general is worse than the Apartheid regime and at par with Zionist crimes against Palestinians. Iran should flatten the slave trading pimps.


Why not India … ya f/kn big mouth … they’re abusing your men and women … hello?

Free man

The UAE is the most successful Muslim country in the world.
These guys know how to invest their oil profits wisely. Like Azerbaijan.
A rare commodity nowadays.


AND … of ALL the Arabs … they chose to ally with the ‘JEWS’ …. eh?

BTW …. Azerbaijan has close ties with Israel as well ….

Stay Safe

Free man

Someone here doesn’t understand the Arab mentality. They will say whatever you want to hear and do the opposite.


Victory over the vile Mullah Police State … that’s what they feel

Free man

Ali joon, what are you waiting for?
For a long time now, the Iranians themselves don’t believed the empty threats of the regime.
You have a cowardly and impotent regime, you should start accepting that.

Icarus Tanović

This is just so hypocritical that it is ridiculous. They are affraid, and it is only rhetoric bs, and talk to talk. Personally, and from experience don’t trust Wahhabi Satanistic UAE regime.
So, back the fuck off.

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