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UAE Claims Tripoli Is Under “Extremist Militia” Control, As LNA Advance Continues

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On May 2nd, the UAE said that “extremist militias” control the Libyan capital Tripoli and expressed its support for Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA).

The comments by UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, came as lawmakers loyal to Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) called for Haftar to end the LNA’s attack on Tripoli and claimed they were dealing with terrorism adequately enough.

Furthermore, the UAE is allegedly using Chinese-made drones for strikes on Tripoli to assist in Haftar’s offensive.

According to analysts, Aircraft seen circling over the Libyan capital during nighttime raids in recent days were likely Chinese Wing Loong II drones operated by the United Arab Emirates.

“Buying drones from the U.S. takes time, is expensive and there is accountability, but buying Chinese drones is now cheap, fast and no one breathes down your neck — the floodgates are open,” said Jalel Harchaoui of the Clingendael Institute in the Netherlands.

On the ground, clashes between LNA and GNA took place at the Asbiyah and the airport near Tripoli.

LNA airstrike activity continued, with it striking al-Sawani.

Separately, the LNA targeted an area of the al-Zahra bridge in Southern Tripoli.

GNA sources reported airstrikes on Sabea district in southern Tripoli by “foreign drones” supporting LNA forces. Yarmouk camp was targeted by foreign drones as well.

South of Tripoli it was reported that the LNA put the city of Aziziyah under their control once more, as well as the Saadia area. This was realized by the 106th Battalion and the western military zone battalions (Al-Zintan). The LNA forces broke from three sides amid heavy clashes.

The LNA reportedly fully put the al-Sibiyah area south of Tripoli under its control.

On the side of the GNA, its forces aid that they were still fighting for Aziziyah and controlled an LNA tank.

The clashes were still on-going according to the GNA.

The GNA further claimed it was advancing on the Tripoli international airport, which came under LNA control.

Pro-LNA outlet Libya Alahrar TV announced that it had lost contact with wo of its crew, namely, journalist Mohammed al-Qarj and photographer Mohammed al-Shaibani while covering the clashes south of Tripoli.

A short while after the announcement, the GNA Foreign Ministry released a statement saying that the two journalists were arrested.


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Hasbara Hunter

What if all Arab Leaders are Dönme…?


Is this the same type of ‘extremist militia’ , I wonder that the UAE is supplying to the war in Yemen, along with Child Soldiers from Sudan ?

Hasbara Hunter

If all Arab Leaders are Dönme….then the Middle East is in DeEEP SHIT…that’s for sure…


If all Western leaders are Zionists, the shit is even deeper :)

Hasbara Hunter

All Western Leaders ARE ZIONAZIS…that is why we don’t need All Arab Leaders to be Dönme…


The Saudi’s and their close allies are all Dönme I would think. Witha bit of interbreeding as well.

Benjamin NAZIyahu

lol GNA former allies turning against it one day at a time… love it! hahaha


And everyone knows just what a bunch of nice guys the UAE are. Loyal, brave, honorable and moral. All words that they have no clue as to their meaning…and couldn’t give a shit less.

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