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JUNE 2021

UAE-backed Separatists Capture Large Parts Of Aden City From Saudi-backed Forces

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An intense fighting is ongoing between forces of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) and forces loyal to Saudi-backed President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in the Yemeni port city of Aden.

Since last weekend, STC forces have captured the presidential palace, the 4th Brigade Base of the Presidential Protection Forces and a number of other military sites in the area. According to reports, at least 36 people have been killed and over 300 others have been injured in the clashes so far.

Recently, the STC has deployed additional reinforcements to the area and it seems that the separatist movement will establsih a full control over the city soon.

UAE-backed Separatists Capture Large Parts Of Aden City From Saudi-backed Forces

STC members and a captured battle tank

Meanwhile, the Houthis launched a Burkan 2-H ballistic missile towards King Khalid International Airport in Saudi Arabia. The airport is located 35 km north of Riyadh. According to pro-Houthi sources, the missile hit its target. However, no photos or videos to confirm this claim were provided.

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Richard M

Orc Mutiny! It’s Orc vs Orc!!! Hhahaha! :D

Richard M

Orcs stole a T-34 from a museum but forgot to steal shoes! :D

Mahmoud Larfi

That’s the final upgrade.. Yemeni fighter lvl 80 comes barefoot


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I think this may be T55?


Yeah, it’s obviously not a T-34 as it would look very different. But it does have a weird pain job, looks like the green they use to paint benches in parks (to me).


Probably left over British Army Green after the Yemeni’s kicked the Brits out :)

Richard M

Or T-54.

You can call me Al

or T-324 …… codenames “Darlek” due to its efficient tank look and dessert gear:


Richard M


Promitheas Apollonious

shoes make noise when you walk on mountain lose ground, plus does not give you the balance of bare foot and making fun of warriors, as those people are, shows the very low mentality you have.

Richard M

My my. Not getting any, lately?

Promitheas Apollonious

that is your problem not mine.

You can call me Al

If it loose ground, your feet, knees or hands will make noise.


My cats don’t Al. They have even sneaked up on Magpies.


No they’re just mongrels without shoes. Wtf are you talking about


Such warriors are killing the mercenaries ( with boots ) employed by the Western backed regimes very successfully .

You can call me Al

That comment made me chuckle; I couldn’t have said it better. Nice one.

Weldon Cheek

Its a t_55 but granted its an old one!

Mahmoud Larfi

How is it that I’m not surprised, not even a bit, by the turn of events ?

You can call me Al

Actually I am surprised, yes seriously. Please explain your view on writing that answer, apart from the fact that you can never trust an Arab mozzie….

I am at a total loos apart from thinking of greed in the soils…or the Yanks causing more turmoil…what have you got ?.

Respect intended and yes, I am serious.


Some forces have always wanted a southern Yemen state. Like these STC. Now that enough cities in the south have been taken from the Houthis they made their move. It is likely that they will hold a referendum and separate.

You can call me Al

Understood thanks; apologies for the spelling and grammar in my original post, as I wrote it in haste in an alien location i.e. work.

John Wallace

I thought UAE were in partnership with Saudi Arabia and against Qatar. Just shows never to go to an Arab party because if you mistakenly hand food over with the wrong hand then it is all on.. I know Dubai through Rio Tinto and Comalco with the smelter there. Good to see . Might throw a party for Saudi and other Arab Nations and insist on handing Saudis food with the wrong hand.


Think of it this way: conspirators and criminals generally fall out with each at some point – usually when one or both realize their partner in crime is untrustworthy (surprise!) and are further plotting to take the whole pot of gold, sans the other.


lol so now Hadi is forced out of both Yemeni capitals (again).


this is good news for the houthis.. let them kill each other its what they deserve!

Pave Way IV

Is it just me, or does the barefoot Columbian in the skinny jeans look seriously out of place here?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Many of them do they all look out of place , looks like an Algeria and Frenchman wearing the Sandals those three stand out as bad as the others in this group of mercenaries. The Tank by the way is a Chinese Type 58.

Graeme Rymill

Field Marshall Terra Cotta Woolpuller wouldn’t know a Chinese type 58 from a Model T Ford. 10 seconds spent searching online would tell you this isn’t a type 58

Graeme Rymill

Ha! edited from saying Chinese Type 58 to now say Chinese Type 62. In reality Woolpuller has no idea what tank it is. The evidence I find is that the Yemen armed forces use Soviet tanks or Czechoslovakian not Chinese tanks. See: http://spioenkop.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/yemeni-fighting-vehicles.html


When the leaders of a country are incapable and evils then this happened to their nation in which brother kill brother and they don’t know what they are doing. They sacrifice themselves for their leaders and their leaders take blood money on them. God give them wise.




The Face Of Suffering: Famine, Cholera Wreak Havoc In War-Torn Yemen | NBC News
May 3, 2017 According to UN

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
2. 7 Million People Hungary.
3. More than 10,000 people killed.
4. More than 50,000 people wounded.
5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

President Putin, Rouhani and Xi could open blocked on Houthis, send them humanitarian support and rescue them from Saudis butchers. They can call Houthis leadership to Sochi for at least for the small kids that have no food, medicines and shelters.


comment image
comment image
Yemen president: Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi

Abdur Rabu Mansur Hadi <– took power from Abdullah Saleh but Hadi was too weak to rule the Yemen therefore, the corruption was too high. Houthis had start complaining and when Hadi failed to rule so he resigned twice, then Houthis took the power of Yemen. So this was Yemen internal affair inwhich Saudi Arabia should not interfere.

In Yemen war US provides weapons and intelligence support to Saudi-led coalition forces, which reportedly include assistance in military targets in Yemen. It indicates that Trump indirectly attacks Yemen through Saudi led collation because Trump shows targets to Saudi led collation in Yemen. That is why Saudi led collation air forces targeting funerals, Mosques, schools, hospitals, markets etc.

President Putin, Rouhani and Xi could open blocked on Houthis and send them humanitarian support and rescue them from Saudis butchers. Call both parties to Sochi for negotiation at least for the small kids that have no food, medicines and shelters.

Lazy Gamer

I would have thought that cracks in an alliance only begin to give in when they defeat their common enemy. lol There is no right or wrong here. Just plain survival now. Id just hope that whatever the result is, the country will still be run by independent Yemenis.

Astar Roth

Oh yesss, Saudi Wahabies killing other Wahhabies!
Can’t miss that.

Astar Roth

Yemeni strike Saudis with Balistic missile, once again. Those are somw really good news. No evidences? Saudis cover that up, but we shall see in upcoming days.
Thumbs up for Yemen!

Jason Sixx

Loool saudis so bad at war. Or anything competitive really

Epsilon Eridani

I am totally lost here. Is this STC has become the third party in this war which will be the enemy of both Houthis and Sauid Arabia?

You can call me Al

It is a bitch fight between the UAE and the Saudis who teamed together as they both had “loyal !!” forces exploiting Yemen – something like UAE owns the docks and took a kick back but the Saudis own the refinery or ???; something stupid like that; they are fighting for the spoils of this war….. My view only and just a guess.

Hopefully someone can help as I am as intrigued as you.


Hhahaha they painted their tank with khaat, it’s just like…………. WHY?

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