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U.S. Wants Its Western Allies To Establish Safe-Zone In Northeastern Syria – Report

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U.S. Wants Its Western Allies To Establish Safe-Zone In Northeastern Syria – Report

US forces, accompanied by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters, drive their armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian village of Darbasiyah, on the border with Turkey on April 28, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / DELIL SOULEIMAN

The U.S. is working to form a new coalition that could establish a safe-zone along the Syrian-Turkish border east of the Euphrates River, the Wall Street Journal reported on January 31 citing U.S. officials.

According to the officials, the U.S. wants some of its Western allies, including the UK, France and Australia, to lead the new coalition. However, the negotiations are still ongoing as they are yet to agree.

The safe zone would include a 32km deep pocket along the Turkish border inside Syria from the Euphrates River to the border with Iraq. The Wall Street Journal said that Washington is willing to support the zone by providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance using drones and other equipment, along with rapid reaction forces if needed. It could also provide logistical support including evacuating casualties.

The U.S. believes that such a safe zone would address Turkey fears while protecting Kurdish forces controlling northeastern Syria. It will also allow President Donald Trump to fulfill his promise to withdraw all American troops from the war-torn country.

Local observers doubt that this new plan would work as Turkey could simply reject it, especially if Kurdish forces are allowed to maintain a presence within the proposed safe-zone.

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Gregory Casey

Of course ISIS could re-form and spread out along the NE of Syria but in order to do this, US Centcom will have to withdraw the Special Ops Corps of (former) ISIS fighters they have been training and have now ‘disappeared’ from Syria and moved to NW Afghanistan with a view to their insertion into southern Russian Republics and their agitation amongst local Sunni Populations within Russia with a view to causing the Russian Armed Forces to have to withdraw back to Russia to deal with this.


What “insertion into southern Russian Republics”?!? Which “southern Russian Republics” exactly?! I suggest that you see first the distance on the map between bordering Tajikistan-Afghan region (where they presumably are) and southern Russian Republics before claiming anything…. If you think that Russia doesn’t keep attentive eye on whereabouts of those people you are dead wrong. This is not 1998 Yeltsin Russia to whom US & UK can pull some usual dirty tricks


Small republics in the Kaukus for one.

Promitheas Apollonious

The only small republics there that can cause problem and have caused it in the past is Ingushetia and Dugestan and both of them have been deal with back between 2001 -2005 as well the general Caucasus area by eliminating all soros alleged human right activists. What happen then and took 4-5 years to clear this time can happen within the space of few days, if they try and create a problem.


So they are suppose to be flied by US choppers “secretly” again to Georgia to slip in (like before) to Chechnya and Dagestan, Ingushetia? And what the fuck would FSB and Russian gov. do in the meantime? How could possibly they can permit same bullshit happening again and not reacting? I just can’t believe that they would be so incompetent


I know active service medals for fighting in Kaukus are still being awarded. Friend Marina (she is officer in VDV) was awarded one on the light blue ribbon in 2016…not long ago. Small scale combats against terror units financed around Abkhazia, South Ossetia, etc. Probably also CIA funds for this activity too (just a guess).


Tajikistan specifically. Trying to find the link.


Tajikistan has Russian military base and Russians will do everything to help Tajikistan in stopping ISIS and Al Qaeda going through… There is no way Americans would try that direction when they have much easier directions. Russian Military bases in EX-USSR central Asia are – Kirghistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan The Azerbaijan is neutral no Russian or US military bases… So CIA, MI6 will use (as usual) Turkmenistan (very unfriendly country to Russia)and going either over Caspian sea (which is very dangerous) directly to Russia – Dagestan. Or very probably and much safer from Turkmenistan ask to direct fly over Azerbaijan to (Russian enemy) Georgia And from there send ISIS, Al Qaeda through border region Caucasus mountains to Chechnya , Ingushetia like they did so many times before…

Gregory Casey

Tajikistan is where I have in mind.

Gregory Casey

Tajikistan is my understanding of where they are already on the ground


Any decent links (related to the Tajikistan news maybe) or Russian news… I’m not trusting any Western news on that subject. Too much propaganda and spreading rumors on the West.

Gregory Casey

I’ll have a look back through what I’ve been reading over past few weeks to try to turn it up jako

You can call me Al

Afghanistan, Venezuela or even the Philippines….oh yes, any Country in Africa. Canada, the UK have also taken hundreds back home !!!.


Is there a total inactivity in reestablishing Syrian state and its sovereignty?


One day at a time.


Must do faster that safe zone in one week and keep the distant contact with it after,allies or without, because in Arabian WC no one can live more a two days.? Politically to process this Syria and go back to USA.?


No NATO allay forces have place in Syria. Nobody allied to US terrorists should be aloud to even come close to Syria. Turkey can’t have agreements with U.S. and Assad, Russia, Iran in the same time


It just goes to show that there never was any real policy vision behind Trump’s withdrawal order: he simply doesn’t want to pay for the occupation, let alone for reconstruction. Just a businessman shedding a bad investment. Anyway, the various poodles and mini-me’s would be a softer target than the Great Satan himself, so this is still (barely) a net positive. The poodles are dumb enough to fall for it.


He thinks US allies would be fools enough to die for US while US enjoys the benefits.

Silly idea as usual.


Trump’s vision was to get out of Syria, like you say it was a bad investment. The zios along the MSM are convolutions the matter and are trying to change that vision, with Bolton, then Congress and now the European allies. The zios are running out of options. The poodles are not going to do what their master is not willing to do……that’s cater to Israel.


guess turkey is not part of the new coalition, since this seems to be a pretext to allow the kurds to establish themselves in this corridor and which turkey won’t be allowed to do anything about – and it would seem that the brownnosed f..ckers are prepared to do do the chores the destitute states of morons is hoping to void. but it is bound to fail and the kurds will remain tenants under turkey, syria, iraq and iran and donny will soon forget all about them kurds.


So US wants others to die for it as it is obvious Iranian forces would wack the hell out of them in the event of a war in the ME between Israel and Iran (which seems likely).

Doubt any EU nations would fall for it. It’s none of Turkey’s business to allow or not , it is Assad who allows it or not. With Russian and Iranian support , no force in that area can counter , not even Turkey.

Even SAA without Russia can still take on the US and allies.


The same as Al Tanf foreign forces( Not allowed by Syrian Government ) who are illegal should be eliminated coz they bring instability !

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So long as Turkish forces aren’t involved and Assad is also agreeable it may actually work, but Syrian sovereignty will be the key issue that must be discussed and agreed to first before anything can happen.

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