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JUNE 2021

U.S. Voice Of Reason: Tucker Carlson, Ron Paul Denounce Washington’s Stance On Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria

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The US and its allies are considering a new military aggression against Syria. According to the US-led bloc, the Assad government carried out a chemical attack on the city of Douma on April 7. However, these ridiculous claims faced a negative reaction and triggered a chain of criticizing affirmations even inside the US.

On April 9, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed the idea of striking Syria and accused “talk-show generals” and war hawk politicians in no sense affirmations against Assad. He noted that he was not defending Assad or the “rebels” in the region but asking, “why so many people are jumping to conclusions”.

“All the geniuses say that Assad killed their children, but do they really know that? Of course they don’t. They have no real idea what happened,” Carlson said.

Carlson recalled that a similar chemical story was in the 2017 Khan Shaykhun attack, affirming it was a propaganda to manipulate Americans. Furthermore, just before the 2018 attack US President Donald Trump was going to pull the American troops out of Syria.

He also draw attention the overthrowing of Assad would provoke chaos. Thus, the regime change wouldn’t benefit Syria or the USA. Carlson says the Congress should consider a new amendment and stop tolerate demonstratively dishonest and unclears claims.

“Before it does Congress ought to consider a brand-new constitutional amendment.  Let’s call it the Lindsey Graham Amendment. Here’s what it would say:

‘Congress shall topple no government until it finishes re-building the last government it toppled and furthermore talk show generals shall be required to personally visit the battlefield of every war they advocate for.’

That would have an immediate and positive effect!

Let’s hope it passes.”

According to RT, Ron Paul also slammed the assertion by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that Washington is “confident” that Assad had conducted the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

“I don’t know what they are confident about. They are confident in telling lies and hope people will believe it,” he said.

Additionally, he criticized the MSM saying that in any uncertain case they buzz “this is allegedly”.

Ron Paul rejected the idea of Assad’s involvement in this incident stressing “this whole idea that, all of a sudden, Assad is gassing his own people, is a total nonsense.” He affirmed that there are many other “attackers” interested in this conflict.

He argued that the “ulterior goal” of staying in Syria was to contain Iran. He pointed at the Sunnis and Shia as a part of the conflict.

“It’s been Iran for a long time, and it has a lot to do with Saudi Arabia and Iran. I think that’s the number one.”

The congressman stressed internal US motives that fuel the extended conflict in war-ravaged Syria:

“And then, there are neocons in this country who have their agenda – perpetual war for perpetual profits – and the military industry complex. And they all come together and then you throw in oil, and guess what, it’s bipartisan”.

Repeating false chemical weapons accusations exploited by Washington sound absurd not only for the US geopolitical competitors, like Russia or China, but also for the American public.

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People are no longer asleep!

Ivan Freely

Not enough people. There’s plenty still asleep.


I seriously wonder if anything short of WWIII can wake people up. Just look at Facebook. The fact that Facebook is actively spying on its users, collecting every piece of data it can find on them and selling them on is not enough to make people stop using the blue spy page. Because apparently posting pics of whatever they had for lunch and cute kitties >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any remaining privacy they still had.

I suspect that a US carrier has to sink or be blown up with all hands on board for people to wake up. There have been too many wars fought by the West with impunity. ISIS came close with attacks like Paris, but that caused only fear that governments could abuse. There needs to be a shock to the system that is so great to have it turn to anger against the elites.


I think some in the west sincerely believe that they can continue to live in their own bubble far away from war. But it only takes so much fall-out to kill us all. Any victories – in a nucular war – will be phyrric


Yeah, that’s why the Deep State felt so safe running the latest false flag, and initiating the coming destruction of Syria. That’s why the West lost all fear of ball-less coward Putin.


No poor retard, people are not interested in World War 3. Russia is playing for time. With every year, the West gets weaker. Same as China strategy.

You don’t start a war today if you will be in better position tomorrow.


Bite yourself.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Dear Donald from all your biggest fans why do you continue to disrespect all of the reasons that we voted you in. We wanted to end all the illegal wars for Israel, and instead of spending money on the Wall you have chosen instead to genocide indigenous people for the Jewish master race. You are committing the same Allied crimes of both World Wars all over again.

Gregory Gregory

Trump’s family come from the Rhineland-Palatinate which is the epicentre of Jewry in Europe. The chances of him not being an ethnic Jew are incredibly small.


“Trump (German: [ˈtʁʊmp]; Palatine German: [ˈdrʊmpʰ];[1] American English: /ˈtrʌmp/) is a German and German-American family, descended from Johann Philipp Trump (1667–1707) from Kallstadt in then Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire, today in modern Germany.”

– Trump family –


“Jewish culture

The league of ShUM-cities in the later Rhineland-Palatinate comprised the Jewish communities of Mainz, Speyer and Worms which became the center of Jewish life during Medieval times.[11] The Takkanot Shum (Hebrew: תקנות שו”ם‎), or Enactments of ShU”M were a set of decrees formulated and agreed upon over a period of decades by their Jewish community leaders.”
comment image


“Cultural and religious centre of European Jewry

The Jewish communities of the cities of Mainz, Speyer, and Worms formed the league of ShUM-cities which became the center of Jewish life during Medieval times (after the first letters of the Hebrew names: Shin for Schpira (Spira), Waw for Warmaisa and Mem for Mainz. The Takkanot Shum (Hebrew: תקנות שו”ם‎ “Enactments of ShU”M”) were a set of decrees formulated and agreed upon over a period of decades by their Jewish community leaders. The official website for the city of Mainz states:

One of the most glorious epochs in Mainz’s long history was the period from the beginning of the 900s and evidently much earlier. Following the barbaric Dark Ages, a relatively safe and enlightened Carolingian period brought peace and prosperity to Mainz and much of central–western Europe.

For the next 400 years, Mainz attracted many Jews as trade flourished. The greatest Jewish teachers and rabbis flocked to the Rhine. Their teachings, dialogues, decisions, and influence propelled Mainz and neighboring towns along the Rhine into world-wide prominence. Their fame spread, rivaling that of other post-Diaspora cities such as Baghdad. Western European – Ashkenazic or Germanic – Judaism became centered in Mainz, breaking free of the Babylonian traditions. A Yeshiva was founded in the 10th century by Gershom ben Judah.[4]

Historian John Man describes Mainz as “the capital of European Jewry”, noting that Gershom ben Judah “was the first to bring copies of the Talmud to Western Europe” and that his directives “helped Jews adapt to European practices.”[22]:27–28 Gershom’s school attracted Jews from all over Europe, including the famous biblical scholar Rashi;[23] and “in the mid-14th century, it had the largest Jewish community in Europe: some 6,000.””

– History of the Jews in Germany –



Good on Tucker I hope Trump watched this


Its probably his only outside source for the news. How sad is that? Talk about control.


Good to know there are some people like Mr. Paul and Tucker in the American congress and media (frankly I was surprised to see he is from the Fox).
Too bad there also at least 99 warmongers and war-profiteers in the US Senate that will block any sane proposition as it’s against their own and their “donators'” interests, and numerous other prostitutes in the press that do their best to sell their narrative.

Such people sadly only understand the language of brute force. As long as they think the US military is invincible, there is really no solution to their actions.

Sexy Sue

In a country of 320 million, you will always get dissenters. The key question though, is if Trump will decide to gived Assad a spanking. If he does, there is nothing that Putin or the Iranians can do about it. It is all up to Trump now.


Remora number two (sexy). My dear remora Sexy Sue, do you donate to South Front?

Moussa Saab

Ah yes. At least part of her salary could go to the sites she’s blabbering on, wouldn’t that be a nice tip?


Nope, there is something they can do. Its called anti-air defence. Now we will see how good russian anti-air defences actually are.

Sexy Sue

I can tell you that there is much laughter about the Russian-built air defenses in Iran which couldn’t even spot Israeli F-35s flying overhead!


Source or empty talking? :)


Keep talking. What you do to others you do to yourself.


Same F-35 that got killed by a bird strike?

Empire's Frontiers

The US isn’t in so much trouble from a military technology stand point, but faces losing control of the international order from which it has so benefited over the previous century.

This comes at the same time American national pride is sinking as the peasantry loses faith in the increasingly self-interested ruling classes.

Russia won’t win a square fight, but it does seem able to bait the US into undermining its own international position time and time again in part because they fall back to international law, and in part because they seem to be winning the information war.


The dribbling sheeple are ALWAYS given people like Ron Paul (who is 100% zionist) to give the IMPRESSION of choice and reason in politics.

Here’s a FACT you idiots won’t know. There were MANY ‘Ron Pauls’ in Nazi Germany free to give ‘hope’ to a certain class of german dummy by Hitler’s explicit permission. Hitler did NOT close down opposition voices- he ensured a CONTROLLED opposition, for the people always need to THINK they have a choice.

The test is looking to see what members of the controlled opposition achieve. What has Ron Paul achieved. Oh, that’s right- absolutely NOTHING. And the trick the zionist trolls use is to tell you that is YOUR fault- for not supporting people like Ron Paul enough.

In Britain, the ‘Ron Paul’ was Tony Benn, George Galloway and now (heaven help the Human Race), the blairite horror Corbyn. Corbyn is currently gutting the labour party of any supporter who ever criticised zionism or Israel. Even Tony Blair didn’t dare do that in his time as Labour leader.


Remora number one, that loves to glue in the first post, or in the first reply to the first post. Remora, do you donate?


You are a paid troll who is here to push black propaganda. “Putin works for Israel”, now “Corbyn works for Israel”.

Poor retarded troll. The israeli labor party actually suspended relations with the british labor party until Corbyn gets removed.


The Latin Mass

Corbyn has to pretend to like the zionists or else Labor will be Tony Blaired once again.


This will be the only time I reply to you, under this very particular article:

Whoever you are, come down of your ivory tower and talk like a sane human being. You accuse everybody of being either a paid troll or a fool/idiot. Sometimes you bring up good point only to ruin them with very focused and well-thought attacks on the ones which the Zionists feel threatened by the most.
We have an expression for the likes of you in Persian: “the 10-stones milk cow”, which is a cow that gives a lot of milk only to kick and spill the milk bucket at the end.

Does that give you a good sensation to talk down to others? It certainly doesn’t make you look smart or anything, there must be a reward for your behaviour otherwise you wouldn’t continue. So you do it either to just feel superior (which I admit is a good feeling) or your efforts are compensated by other material means. Which one is it, I don’t know and I don’t care.

BUT: I must give it to you: You DO work for whatever compensation you receive! Under almost every article on SF you appear with a somehow long comment which takes time to write and you DO take your time to write them.

Finally, if you are honest in your assessments and do what you do because you frankly feel you understand better than everybody else, therefore you need to open their eyes and it’s an obligation you cannot vacate, hereby I’m giving you a free and friendly advice: That’s not the way to change minds and wake the asleep up. However, I guess you wouldn’t listen to this advice because it came “free”.

I bid you farewell and wish you well.
Please don’t bother to reply to me, not here and not anywhere else, at least as long as you didn’t change your current path. Otherwise you’ll force me to put you in my ignore list and be done with that.


I like to listen to Ron Paul and Tucker Carlson.


Edit: Sry, wrong posted.


Ron Paul tried to save America, but the zionists control everything in the USA.

Empire's Frontiers

Indeed, these peasants suck up sweet sounding propaganda every chance they get.

Tom Tom

Your point is ridiculous. Is there a controlled opposition like Fox News? Sure. But Ron and Rand Paul were never that. So EVERYONE who goes against the grain is false opposition? Nope.


I quiet like to listen to Ron Paul and Tucker Carlson.


Manuel Flores Escobar

The question is..if American soldiers are going to a war vs Russia and die for politics liers!


Oh yeah, cos so many jews and Americans ‘die’ when they attack the innocent helpless people. Oh wait- THEY DON’T. It’s the helpless innocent that die in unthinkable numbers.


Be careful Tucker. Our government murders people who tell the truth. John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John P. O’Neill etc. etc. I still can’t believe they showed that on TV.


John W Powell and Seth Rich are 2 others who have paid the price for trying to tell the truth.


Thanks. I thought about Seth. Then I decided that the list could go on forever. Our country. What might have been if we had chosen Love instead of fear.


Notice how they have been going after Murdoch(Fox) because he doesn’t always follow the script of the Pentagram?

Empire's Frontiers

Reading their scripts like good boys.

Don’t be fooled, their jobs depend on the bullets flying.

Omar Huss

Tucker& Paul, you can’t help when Zionist miscalculate global situations and your country is under their spell. Russia will respond in a way which can be disastrous.


What I don’t understand is that the alleged attack is obviously a pack of lies. Yet Americans just sit back and will be taken to war by these clowns. Next time the US mainland may be brought into the fight. That may be required to get ordinary Americans involved in stopping wars.


I have been watching Tucker for a long time. He is not stupid or afraid. Mr. Carlson represents what I have been telling to my co-bloggers on Disqus; the US public is not going along with the party anymore, just because they say so. They want to know what is going down. In general, whether or not they like President Assad, the US public does not see a reason to go to war. It actually wants the US to wrap it up and go home from these places.

If action is taken and it does not come off crystal clear and clean, the BIG price to pay will be demanded from US politicians. My advice to the President is to back off now, before something gets wrecked beyond repair. US parents, are not going to forgive you, if their family members end up dying for a lie. Tucker Carlson is public evidence as to what I have been posting about. The wind has changed. I wish well to all.

Kell McBanned

Tuckers getting close to nameing (((them)))

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