U.S. V-22 Osprey Crashed In Syria. Two Service Members Suffered Injures


U.S. V-22 Osprey Crashed In Syria. Two Service Members Suffered Injures

FILE IMAGE: V-22 Osprey

A U.S. V-22 Osprey tiltrotor military aircraft crashed in Syria on Friday, the U.S. Central Command said in a statement at its website.

Two U.S. service members  were slightly injured as a result of the incident. It is not clear if the V-22 was associated with the U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Air Force. However, the aircraft was operating in support of operations of the US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq.

“Two U.S. service members were injured after a Coalition aircraft executed a hard landing early morning Sept. 29 in the Middle East. The two were evaluated for non-life threatening injuries and quickly transported to a medical treatment facility, where they were seen and released. The other passengers and crew on the aircraft were uninjured, and no other casualties were reported on the ground. The cause of the incident is being investigated by the Coalition,” the statement said.

Despite the words “hard landing” used by the statement, the US media reports that the aircraft was fully destroyed in the incedent.



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  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    ISIS aircraft down.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Hooray .

      • BarbaraESchacher

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  • Garga

    Why these Ospreys fall? The concept is brilliant, but they seems to turn into a death trap for US servicemen.
    Not that I complain when they are the aggressors.

    I declare there’s a need to increase the US War Budget into $1.7 trillion to renew the tremendous fleet. We have no choice! Sad!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Despite the increased US Military Spend of weapons , the net result will doubtless still be lots of profits for the chosen few and lots of equipment that is not durable on active service.

      The British are also in this mess. Aircraft Carriers without planes, Warship engines that overheat in warm climates such as the Mediterranean and news today that the much lauded replacement for the Land Rover, the Foxhound armoured wheeled troop carrier that over heats in hot climates such as Iraq and is rather useless.

      In one way this is a good thing as the only real use for NATO forces is to fanny around on parades and exercises and then its back to barracks and and hearty back thumping all round with tea and chocolate biscuit’s.

    • Boris Kazlov

      Muricans only answer to poor quality is more fake money, they don’t understand that money does not make better weapons, it only breeds more corruption.

    • Bob

      Osprey’s issues essentially concern laws of physics. The tilt rotatory engine concept is to combine a helicopter’s landing versatility with conventional aircraft’s in-flight speed levels. However, the basic problem is that an in-motion aircraft rotating its rotary engine’s thrust from vertical to horizontal and vice versa is process that requires precise circumstances – particularly around speed and height – and even well trained pilots can get it wrong – and when it goes wrong it means dropping. Is a technically complex machine – but is really baked into the design that it will have occasional accidents – they can tinker with stabilizing and speed control software etc – but the basic dynamic physics of the aircraft’s operation determine there will be periodic crashes.

      • FlorianGeyer

        “Osprey’s issues essentially concern laws of physics.”

        Its never like that in the US movies :)

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        The problem has been with the contracting of it like most of them do give it to a company that is notorious for cutting corners and making their board wealthy and handing back bags of bribe money all on the taxpayers dime.

      • Ronald

        Was looking at it and thought as you said the problem is the “rotation” from horizontal push to vertical . An answer might be to have two (2) prop systems that do not rotate.
        The regular for horizontal push remains constant , the vertical lift blades(2) , would need to fold back into one , when not in use.

        • Bob

          Interesting idea – but bear in mind, any secondary blade mass hanging of the airframe – even folding a mechanism – would compromise overall horizontal flight speed via the aerodynamic drag in slipstream.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Its so sad that another ‘ISIS’ rescue mission has ended in this way :)
    ISIS Lives Matter you know and the US is in the forefront of Non Discriminatory Democratic Values.

    Perhaps the brains behind ISIS would be a benefit to the way the US is currently administered.
    Perhaps they are doing so already :)

  • Wahid Algiers

    Much non-Texas-dust in their big mouths now. Good appetite.

  • Vince Dhimos

    The Okinawans have been protesting the presence of Ospreys there because they are prone to crashes.

    • Luis Sidorenko
      • FlorianGeyer

        More good news.

      • Vince Dhimos

        Thanks for the link. I had to chuckle at this:
        “Ospreys, which take off and land like helicopters but cruise like planes, are especially unpopular in Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of U.S. military facilities in Japan.”
        The clueless author forgot to mention WHY the Japanese hate the Osprey. It’s because it keeps crashing in Okinawa and endangering citizens. S’ok. Journalist trained in the West. Can’t expect much.

  • MeMadMax

    V-22 is junk….

    • John Whitehot

      it’s not junk, it’s just that it crashes all the times

      • RTA (Bob or Al)

        Now you are just being pernickety (LOL).

      • FlorianGeyer

        Is it Junk after it crashes or just a Learning Experience ?

  • Zainab Ali

    up to no good …. karma

  • Bob

    Given that the Marines have their heavy artillery units embedded in SDF in eastern Syria – and are the SDF’s real core firepower – quite likely this was Marines Osprey operating inside Syrian territory.

  • BL

    Good news!

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    It was there illegally. Let’s hope Russia uses it’s electromagnetic weapons to down a whoever lot more of them.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    marine … on the soil…. in chopper…..


  • SnowCatzor

    I’ve always hated the V-22, it’s far too large, complex and expensive to use near the front-lines. Troop insertion aircraft need to be tough and well-armoured like the Black-hawk or Mi-8. As well as being cheap enough that you can lose them without too much financial loss.