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U.S. Uses Its At-Tanf Garrison To Create ‘Terrorist Reserve’ In Syria – Russian Military

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U.S. Uses Its At-Tanf Garrison To Create 'Terrorist Reserve' In Syria - Russian Military

Washington has used its military garrison in the Syrian area of At Tanf to contribute to the creation of a terrorist reserve in the war-torn country, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin told the Russian TV news network Rossiya 24. He noted that this is done this is done “under the leadership of the special operations forces and other units of the United States.”

“We are concerned about the situation in the 55-kilometer security zone near the settlement of al-Tanf. It is located on the border with Iraq in western Syria, where a reserve for terrorists has, in fact, been created, and where they are rearmed and prepared for relevant sallies,” the official said.

Fomin also recalled a poor humanitarian situation in the Rukban refugee camp, which is located in the US-occupied 50km zone. US forces do not allow the Syrian government to deliver humanitarian aid there.

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GOOD STATEMENT There is no excuse for US being at Al Tanf. GET THE FK OUT OF SYRIA !!


The biggest reserve of terrorists of course is the current US Military that is has been and is being used for illegal wars in the Middle East.


For any action a strong reason is needed to present to the world community for example Bush regime invaded Iraq on the pretext of Iraq have WMD. Trump regime invaded Syria on the pretext of Syria have used chemical attack against their own people. Saudis have invaded Yemen on the pretext of Iran backing Yemen and so on. All these allegations were later found false. Now the question is what was their motive under these allegations? The answer is simple to flatten the lands of these countries, butcher their nations and take their land with out resistance.

The Syrian, Iranian, Iraqis and Russian governments can also present their reasons to the world before to act. To be honest their reasons are real, genuine, but the Bush, Trump and Saudis reasons were based on false allegations.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DaLaGHdCQK0 These are true reasons to invade pro Trump terrorist gangs in Syria;

The Trump brutal regime is holding Syrian land and Syrian nation as hostage in the North, South and East Syria, according to international law this is a war crime for which Trump regime is compulsory accountable.

The Trump regime have conscripted Syrians from Syrian nation as SDF, YPG, FSA, HTS etc and using them in combat operations against Syrian army to control and keep hostage the Syrian nation which is further a heinous crime of this century. Now international pressure need to free Syrian nation and Syrian land from Trump regime occupation.

The Trump regime have opened dozens of illegal military bases on Syrian land and then from there arming and training the terrorists against Syrian nation.

Tina Stowe

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Jens Holm

Obama and Hillary did not invade Syria and US was accepted to help the Kurds as guerrila to fight ISIS, which came out of hand even Assads started it by locals.

So Trump has taken over and by a big majority in their parlament.

Most alligantions are not false at all and still is there. They even make Russian supported gas attacks.

Jens Holm

I see all others there just drinking tea served by their enslaved wifes, talking about the low prices for warwidows.


you welcomed them months ago.

the internet does not forget …


Don’t post fake post. Fake news is bad enough . Fake posts insult our intelligence


I saved his welcome in jpg format. I use it, when i can harm him at most.


Raptors have a very small brain. They forget all the time. :D


only an undergraudated guy cal say such stupidity, that the brain volime is the marker of intelligence. your cro magnonian and neanderthalian ancestors had a 2-300g bigger brain.

velociraptor was more intelligent then pzivj and you together :DD


Did you know that soloraptor has a small square head? And perhaps the IQ of a Czech rat :)


still higher then the nazi weapos fans :))))

Bird of Prey

It’s war. US will get out when they’ve destroyed ISIS in Syria permanently, and if anyone gets in the way, then they get their asses kicked (just ask Assad or Putin).


The Trump brutal regime can defend their country and nation inside America and not to cross their own border otherwise somebody will kick their asses as much that his all generations will remember. Trump has opened dozens of terrorist training centers inside Syria and have conscripted Syrians from Syrian nation as SDF, YPG, FSA, HTS and ISIS and arming and then using them in combat operations against Syrian nation by doing this Trump have held hostage the Syrian land and Syrian nation. This is international war crime.


The Trump brutal regime will not leave Syria and Iraq so easy they need gorilla war like Afghani Taliban that everyday kicking US asses.

Jens Holm

Taleban dont control 70% of Afgnaistan. Most of that is contested.

Feudalism Victory

Afghanistan is about the drug trade not terrorism

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They breed both there and you should know that as where do you think these Al Qaeda/ISIS/FSA members come from other than Egypt Chechnya,Saudi Arabia, Libya,Algeria,Tunisia, Uighur ,Pakistan et al, really you should know better they don’t only come from western nations.

Feudalism Victory

Lots of afghan mercs fighting for assad. Nonetheless the US is in afghanistan primarily to control drugs maybe minerals.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They aren’t Afghan mercs sorry to disappoint your US paranoia , they either fight alongside SAA as allies or are being trained by IRGC and Hezbollah all of which are legitimate entities, even Afghan knows it needs an Mid East solution in Afghanistan. That’s why they sent them to learn how to deal with Terrorist groups , have only heard some 50 or more tribal mountain police were operating with Syria the West won’t train them.

Feudalism Victory

I hear syrians and afghans dont get along but I like your loyal adherance to unity.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just don’t play the Imperial game of divide and conquer and bigotry game like US bigots apparently try in thinking they are master debaters do.

Feudalism Victory

Domestically its called identity politics. Every distinct group is encouraged to put differences above what unites. So in the us it pits “left” vs “right” or “transgender” vs normal people in syria it pits “sunni” vs “shia” or whatever. Just because the divisions are artificially maintained doesnt mean its not real. So when i say afghans and syrians don’t get along its just something I heard and not an attempt to sow discord.

I think were mostly on the same page really but I think Im more objective ;)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just call the haters for what they are and never sugar coat a turd because it still tastes like shit in the end.

Tony B.

You are a lying asshole.

Jens Holm

And You look into the ashole or use a carrot and pay well ?



The US soldiers are there illegally and they are No More than Paid Mercenaries.

Jens Holm

Hahaha. Illegaly ????


You could look up International Law.

US Law does not apply in Syria. International Law applies for foreign troops to be invited into another country.

The US forces are in Syria Illegally and if they get killed, they is on their heads. Too stupid to disobey Illegal Orders.

But that is the US Soldier for you.

Jens Holm

If You see what Assads do, if You are allowed to – International laws are totally out of order 30 years ago.¨

A joke use the word illegal as well. Like umbrellas against artillery.

Jens Holm

I just say, that does not matter. I also allow me to compare with a lot of other thoings going on there far from keeping a lot of international laws.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

US is being there is for geo political purposes , they can’t fight their proxies ISIS/FSA/Al Qaeda/YPG/SDF yet as they will eventually do once they try to effect regime change in Syria. The US seems to be making no head way in the kicking ass department but talking shit department knows them very well.


Russia, please do something about the US in Syria.


Once they effectively controls all the populated urban area they’ll then do so. To try now when their hired guns still at considerable numbers and well entrenched between civilians population is foolish. First Syria have to be wholly de facto running again as a state so the voice of it’s civilians can back their own constitution and laws. Like Hezbollah did they can runs this kind of warfare long enough to break it’s aggressors spirit.

andy l

The US is inviting a guerilla war against itself with these camps just like Lebonon in the 80s when the barracks got destroyed.


You must be kidding that to flush out US need Guerrilla war right inside Syria!!

Fact is US forces are sooooo vulnerable that they would not stand a chance in an all out fight against ASSAD’s allies more so Russia and Iran can have enough SAM and war planes to deny any US planes over the area.

So far Russia or SAA did not get their air cover ready. Now it’s done. Try then if US can fight…. It would be interesting as even Houthis can finish off the small Garrison that is surrounded


Patience, one terrorist enclave at a time,when the zionist head choppers are dealt with,then go after the head of the snake.


Right .

Even that just cannot understand a military commander will put their men to certain death right inside enemy territory without any chance of reinforcement just hoping their enemies are cowards .

I don’t think anyone will not fight to the last man to save their country. More so they have far far more fire power . Air power are useless


US has airforce stationed in Jordan. 2 x F16 can wipe out a 500 men column in 5 minutes. And they could attack from Jordan air space..


Well this is what you do not understand by fighting against superior air force ASSUMING YOU HAVE NO SAM.

If the army is soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid to parade their forces lined up in vehicles and easily targetted by two planes … then there is no point fighting surrender .

ISIS is one of the most stupid force… they love being in armoured vehicles and tanks … and got clobbered by Russia.

Now I say .. fight hez style where they do not even travel by trucks… With just basic manpads the F16s have to fly very high assming they can fly over the solders (means no SAM no nothing which is not true)

Now to target foot soldiers ? their bombs need heat signatures and targeting . Tell to use one bomb for one foot soldiers which the F16 cannot target? forget it . That is why the Saudis and Israelis were not able to defeat their enemies.


You can bring the entire US air force and fly over these Houthis and see how many you can kill … but they with ATGMs can finish off real quick US armour which US soldiers are naturally trained to be in all the time.


be serious. what can you really do with scatterd infantry in a desert and with no supplies. eventually you have to concentrate troops to attack. then.. apache, a-10 and f-16 will come to help their soldiers and will be nothing left. there are many videos of similar situations in iraq or afghanistan and on day time.


You are wrong here.

An infantry do not need to be scattered . Look how the Houthis fight and could the SA super air force do anyting other than bomb wedding parties? They have no targets worth bombing!!

Now I have already explained .. F16 IF ABLE TO FLY OVERHEAD WHICH IS NOT TRUE AS SAM IS AVAILABLE from Syrian defence forces as well as Rusisan and Iranian.

EVEN if the F16 are by miracle overhead , they have to be very high and at best bomb one or two . Resupply has many methods and can be done without problems.

With SAM around … they can even resupply anytime they wish.

Come on ..fighting Syrian, Iranian or Russian forget about the A10 .. those slow flying low planes would be shot down before they even fire a single bullet. You are not fighting terrorists with only rpgs and AK47s where you can fly unopposed anytime anywhere . That was why the US wanted to throw away the A10 really useless vs a real army but superb against terrorists or Talibans.

No , it is not possible to win against even SAA alone no matter how powerful US is INSIDE SYRIA…. and supported by Russia and Iran not to say those super Hezbollah.


forget about the A10 .. those slow flying low planes would be shot down before they even fire a single bulle

aha, we saw this in iraq ….

joe, you lost your reality feeling today.


Hello , where in Iraq and against whom?

If you mean against iraqi forces fighting terrorists , then did the Iraqi forces expecting to repel terrorists air Force?

Against terrorists? What did those Terrorists had? Ak47 not even have manpads.

We are talking about Syrian forces armed with SAM that could even shoot flying birds to damage an F35!

Syrian SAA can easily finish off any number of the useless A10s even with manpads as A10s fly low.

You lose

John Whitehot

“Syrian SAA can easily finish off any number of the useless A10s even with manpads as A10s fly low”

How much would you love to that to happen so that a mayor war starts? isn’t what you jewnazis always wanted, everybody else killilng each other while you build settlements the fuck you want?

Drop it once and for all, it doesn’t take a genius to see that every move worsen the situation.


Thoere is no word in any human languages to say, how moch stupid are you! Call you as zionazist ….

Your fellow-citizens serving in us army sometimes put here comments. They are clever, you are the shame of USA:

John Whitehot

how on earth did i give out the smallest impression that i’m an american is beyond me.

i’m an european.


you wrote me 1 year ago

i remembered simply.

John Whitehot

nah, i never say i’m something i’m not.

you probably are mistaking me for jesus or somebody.


Oh . European. No wonder. You guys have no brains of your own. Everything obeys the US like zombies.

No wonder Europe is fast on the decline. You guys cry when terrorists killed you and yet kill Syrian soldiers and sanction Syria causing great sufferings. So stupid

John Whitehot

your attempt at jewish lawyery is feeble and sounds like a weak voice coming from below.

perhaps you should state where YOU are from, so that we can have some fun on your own origins, although it’s pretty sure that you are going to lie.

in any case, i don’t mind defending how euro people behaves – there is no doubt that a large part of them has been brainwashed, especially in the whole migrants issue, which is aimed at destroying the societies based on european values to replace them with US styles administration ruled by muiltinational corporations.




What are you trying to say? If you wish to reply , do so with some intelligence. You seemed to be too stupid to know the situation.

A major war starts or not is not Syria’s desire but it surely will start in Syria if Syrian land is taken .

Do you understand this plain simple logic?

Another, you quoted my statement , reply that is relevant . I was talking about the A10 that can be easily shot down, why you replied with silly remark about starting a war? By the way I am using a mobile phone and many a time a word got wrong because the silly phone changed it.

Don’t you try to be funny with your superior English proficiency. English is my third language . and even that I can easily demolish you on it.

LMAO…. don’t try to challenge me on these subjects.

John Whitehot

“LMAO…. don’t try to challenge me on these subjects”

I’ve already done it.

I also know that as a mossad troll you know well what I meant, that you look forward at Syria shedding US blood so the pentagon has the political pretext to start a war on Assad and keep enforcing israeli agendas.

It was a logical connection that something only a fat, ugly troll would had faked to miss.

let’s see if you can put up a reply without including things like “you’re silly while i’m extraordinarily intelligent”

Feudalism Victory

The A10 is perfectly suited for close air support terrific firepower good armor and loiter.

Its a terrific platform used with air superiority.

John Whitehot

“Its a terrific platform used with air superiority”

no doubt. the point is that air superiority isn’t enough, it really needs an enemy that does not have a single fighter section or SAM to employ.

The USAF is phasing it out for this reason, because it can’t survive contested airspaces.

It’s striking that it was made to be used in close support over the fields of WW3, the most contested airspace one could ever imagine.

If war broke out, it would have been such a failure that it would had practically deprived the USAF of any meaningful CAS capable device.

Feudalism Victory

Its wide open désert i believe the us would decimate any attack by syrian forces to retake their territory.

Removing the us works best with a political solution although they might get one quicker if they tried to increase the cost of staying there. Mines sappers saboteurs that kind of thing.


Political solution would be best if US agrees to do so which as sure as the sun sets tomorrow, it will never happen. Assad will put to UN , and US will get using childish excuses as normal but the famous Nikki.

Battle begins and explained US has no chance to defeat even the Syrian army once the terrorists have been defeated.

Air Force in Syria is useless without strong ground forces which in this case comprises only at most 2000 non battle hardened soldiers.

There are many ways to skin a cat and believe me, Iran will never use the method desired by Americans using massive armour .


Another, please explain how the US is able to decimate the Syria army. How the US is able to fly with impunity over the area when SAM is available.

How the US plane is able to Target the soldiers when the planes are not overhead but maybe far away in Turkey.

Even overhead in the area, how the planes are able to Target the soldiers not in armoured vehicles or tanks.

How without air Support are the US soldiers able to defend themselves when they are surrounded on all sides and cannot be resupplied even from the air.

You guys think US is all powerful and US Soldiers are Supermen when against ASSAD’s battle hardened Soldiers can very easily defeat them IN SYRIA NOT OUTSIDE SYRIA

Tell us how. I am all ears

John Whitehot

“the US anle to decimate the Syria army”

lolololol, the Syrian army is winning on all the fronts it’s fighting in. Try something else like:

“How the US is able to fly with impunity over the area when SAM is available”

lololol, they fly with impunity where they have absolutely no way to change things on the ground. Or did their “flying with impunity” change anything against Syria?

Jens Holm

You ignore that USA actually withdrew, so things are available, if they are of great importance.

John Whitehot


Feudalism Victory

Artillery and saturate the sam defenses with missles and drones and EM warfare. Its not the americans that are exposed its the russian expeditionary force.

They are supplied via ground through jordan. Assads good soldiers are very few in number most of his army is only good for defending bunkers and firing wildly into the air.

American snipers are very good as well. Attacks are measured in very small sizes these days and a few good snipes will unravel many of them.

Steve Bell

‘Saturate the sam defenses with missiles and drones…”. Yeah brilliant, if it were so easy, it would’ve been done already. One iskander is all it would take to vaporise any U.S. base in or near Syria.

Feudalism Victory

Wouldve been done already..hmm…

Jens Holm

Several others can be usefull too.


How about Assad use saturated flame throwers and Stalin organs or those thermo missiles whatever you call it?

US soldierS are surrounded inside Syria and so very easy to pulverise to kingdom come those in the bases.

US may have soldiers in Jordon. Invading thru Iranian , HEZBOLLAH, and Syrian soldiers will be very tough. Believe me no American or Israeli soldiers would dare to cross.

No force can defeat the Iranian force if full battle is declared and Iran has direct unimpeded route .

US forces in Iraq will be fighting for their dear lives .

Look at the map,. No, US forces are in too precarious positions and no decent commander would put their Soldiers to certain death

Feudalism Victory

Its a commanders job to risk his soldiers lives. The fire weapons are good for dug in soldiers Im not sure how the us base is arranged but Id guess its built in the open.

Id assume itd have to be a combined arms with overwhelming numerical advantage to compensate for losses attacking the base.

Iran doesnt lack for bravery but Im sure they dont consider themselves unstoppable.

Jens Holm

You are correct. The many words here are far from any realisme. I see SAA as ineffective as it goes.

Its also forgotten, that US fast can send in reinforcements when needed. I cannot see the US troops are sourrounded from all sides as well. They could be but many here forget that Iraq today still are helped very much by many other nations.

Therefore You can get Shia fanatics at that side, but they never will attack.

I shall give no advice for enemies of mine, but I would try to destroy Al Tanf by missiles from distance comming close enough dx during night, fire and then disappear rapidly again.

After some time they only have ruins even You only have 1 or 2 missiles now and then.


US troops are already surrounded .

Jens Holm

I agree about A10 and Fx Seahawks. Those are specialized and very good ones, but only when they are not attacked and comes as surprices.


At Tanf is used by the US to secretly import export goods, people, into Syria it’s has no other function. When the SAA has enough troops free the can completely closes de lines and cut it off from the rest of Syria making it completely useless and the US will eventually leave it.

if not and it escalates, the SAA probably don’t send troops there, At Tanf is in firing range of Tochka and other ballistic missile systems and drones. Its not defendable

Jens Holm

I have seen it defended well several times and it has been attacked haed by ISIS as well as the SAA mercenairies not respecting the 50 km zone.

John Whitehot

“If the army is soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid to parade their forces lined up in vehicles”

it was footage taken from a videogame.

Jens Holm

Unfortunetly it has been true so many times making so many spendable killed for nothing or close to.

John Whitehot


I still haven’t seen the Syrian Army lose any war, battle or engagement due to them.

Yanks and others may well believe that the US is killing billions of Syrian soldiers and millions of Russian PMCs, in the end the US fails to reach its objectives.

Hard to justify some trillions in military expenses after that, although when you’re brainwashed, it takes much pain to realize what you have been put into.


” He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign. – Sun Tzu, the Art of War quotes “

Jens Holm

So why is it not used in SAA. Old well known words,which in sevaral matters make sense but not by Assads.


When historians consider that President Assad’s secular support came from ALL the long established faiths of Syria and that Syria has been attacked directly by many of the richest ( and most depraved ) countries in the world today, directly and via their proxy terrorists,true historians will record this time as the watershed of the Zionist Empire.

Jens Holm

Rhetorics of the worst kind and same useless stuff based on Assads are commander of Putin and the Russian forces.

andy l

I want the US to be booted out of Syria they deserve it for all the destruction they have inflicted on the country but I just dont see the SAA, even with Iran being strong enough to forcibly remove any US presence. The Americans enjoy major air superiority & the Russians have shown they will not get involved in a shooting match with the US or use their own S400s to protect the SAA. Maybe Iran can help with air defences but the US will be hard to remove


Andy I,

Now first and foremost what US has ….AIR SUPERIORITY.

Now I am claiming that even without Iran , Russia I am saying with fighting INSIDE SYRIA ….. where the US is surrounded by say Iranian forces and look at the map US cannot be resupplied by anywhere not even Iraq without going through PMU

Now even if SAA is to fight alone against the US forces with the entire Syrian people behind it … do you seriously think US can defeat Assad? ya funny right?

Well look at Lebanon where Hez only 3000 were able to handle the entire Israel air force until they got out of ammo …

In Yemen the weak Houthis able to withstand the entire SA and UAE air forces and fighting against much larger force .

Do you see them losing?

Now , if the Syrians are going to lose that big chunk of land to an enemy , what are they scared of where Hez and Houthis were not.

Now SAA with bigger numbers of battle hardened soldiers vs 2000 lone US garrison which are surrounded . Who wins? If they SAA are to go in Hez or Houthis style while protected by Iranian and Russian around .

US air force cannot even fly low with manpads around and even if Russian and Iranian SAMs were not around , US planes have to fly high which are useless against foot soldiers like the Houthis. just lots of ATGMs will finish of the US forces.

No US would be wiped out although US can flatten Syria as Israeli did to Lebanon until their bombs ran out.

Now will Syria scared of the flatten to risk losing their country? That is the worse case scenerio.

But no … tell you this … US planes CANNOT FLY OVER Syria without major losses that they can afford if Russian and Iranian Sams plus forces are to join in.

No way , any country can allow a foreign army to take their land . it’s cowardice.

Jens Holm

You sold them umbrellas or used white helmets ?


You are right. The only way that ‘united snakes of america’ can be forced out is through guerilla war.


I do think there will be as they do not want to lose face even knowing they cannot possibly win.

John Whitehot

perhaps a couple nukes on israel would be a better way.


Silly and nonsensical



John Whitehot

but jew, err, excuse me, joe, you previously stated something even more nonsensical.


(..but jew, err, excuse me, joe..)

Hahaha! Nice play of words!


Russia is aware of what the Yanks are doing. So, the onus is firmly on them to resolve the situation. If there is going to be plausible deny-ability, let it be Russian after they neutralise the snake-pit


The leader of Syria, Assad is not complaining so why Russia complain? Silence means consent.

Telling the world what is obvious is useless . Action speaks a thousand words.

Until then US , as the other world sees it , thinks it is ok as the owner did not oppose.

Sad but that’s the way it is

John Whitehot

Nonsense, Assad has complained several times about Al-Tanf.


It is just that those were once in a while .Saying it once or twice to rebuke hundreds from the other side is no rebuke.

The latter ones that constant comes out of his enemies like Trump claiming they have the right to be there … were met with silence which the world just say.. hey nothing wrong.

Assad should make the biggest noise around … but then silence… tell me i am wrong.

In public relations … he failed miserably. Hardly the “butcher” type the west portrayed him to be … more like timid but good leader and caring. Compare to Saddam and Ghadafi…. but both dead without major powers support.


You see there’s a time and occasion for everything.

Tudor Miron

Joe, it was already posted many times by many contributors here. SAA is doing exactly as much as they are able to do (many realize that they actually do more than considered possible in current situation).

John Whitehot

“In public relations … he failed miserably”

trolling people into thinking that Assad must go is what failed miserably, as you folks haven’t dared to say that shit once since years. The israelis drowning in their poison and having to state that “they don’t take sides in the Syrian war”, the saudis having been forced to start energy contracts with Russia and the Turks wiping away the supported kurds from the SYrian map.

No no, me and most sane people around here are pretty convinced that the most miserable failure of the latest years in public relations is the one the zionists have had trying to convince the world that Assad must leave his post as legitimate president of Syria.


Agreed that was the biggest failure as you indicated.

But there are different types of PR on different topics. I am talking about ASSAD’s failures on the subject of US illegally staying in Syria. He failed here miserably and US actually now thinks they are allowed to be there . They even passed laws in US to legalize that!

John Whitehot

“But there are different types of PR on different topics”

While your regime change propaganda is only of one kind, the one where you really have nothing to say and just write random phrases followed by “Assad failed miserably” or “Russia failed to protect Syria”.

An universal, cheerful, liberating laugh is going to bury all of your kind.

andy l

The fact is the SAA is overstretched at the present dealing with East Ghouta & Idlib. When these areas are retaken perhaps they can formulate a plan to deal with Al Tanf & other illegal US bases

Dušan Mirić

Send them a few precision warheads – with love from Russia

Bird of Prey

The Russian military isn’t stupid. They know to stay very far away from U.S. troops and planes. One foolish bunch of Russian mercenaries did not pay heed…they’re all dead now.


The Trump brutal regime will not leave Syria and Iraq so easy they need gorilla war like Afghani Taliban that everyday kicking US asses. After spending trillions of US dollar and 40 years of US invasion, still Taliban control 70% of Afghanistan. Hip Hip Hurray.

Jens Holm

Its no Trump regime.


Then instead of whining about it JUST BOMB IT!


So the terrorists are shooting civilians to keep them locked in and to use as ‘human shields’, The silence from western governments and controlled MSM is deafening.

Jens Holm

No, its not deafing whatever. Very strange to blame them for not being there. Some here also forget that much support to the uprise groups has been made by Middle Easters to remove the dirtbag of Assads for good and bad reasons.

You must be very censured if You have not notised all the condempsions from here incl. the many in UN.


Yes this US base is a rat nest. But I think that instead of slamming the US, we should in fact take the challenge to frustrate or sabotage, “Khazar” / “Illuminati” ordering party, and their “Neo Cons” slaves. The most sensible initiative or idea would be how to hinder this secular Mafia’s job. We all tend to react emotionally, but unfortunately it does not produce any effect on this problem. The challenge is: When do we be able to gather and organize ourselves so to oppose a concrete resistance to these guys that are less than 1% population in western countries? The problem is that they thrive because they have strong ideology and methods. Whereas we the majority sadly get nowhere for lack of leadership and strategy. That’s why they laugh at us and they think they are superior race with mission to enslave us. They are using the US for their dirty job, but “aren’t no cure” with the US fate…


And yet Putin, at many times, has stated America is “WELCOME” to operate in Syria so long as America uses fighting “ISIS” as an excuse. LISTEN to what your ‘heroes’ repeatedly say in public.

This site is another Russian sponsored outlet. Most of us here don’t mind this- without the funds the opposition to the Deep State online would vanish or reduce to hopeless ignored ‘comments’. BUT Putin’s Russia has a particular propaganda stand- which includes implied propaganda lies to the hard-of-thinking on our side.

Recently Putin and Lavrov have talked about Iran and Israel. They stated Russia stood with Israel 100% and repeated the LIE that Iran threatened to destroy Israel. Then, weakly, they also stated they hoped Israel wouldn’t attack Iran.

Russia could throw America out of Syria tomorrow. Same as NATO can expell, immediately, any official Russian presence in any of the many NATO nations. But Putin has NEVER demanded at the UNSC that America leave Syria under the internationally recognised laws of sovereignty. He has actually doen the exact opposite, and denied Assad’s legal right to kick America out.

The America base at At Tanf may as well be a Russian base. Russia makes the rules in Syria- and for Putin this means whatever serves the greater interests of Israel and KSA.

We see this play out with Putin’s extermination of the kurdish ‘extremists’ via his current proxy, the turks. All the regional players want kurdish ambition tamped down for another generation- yet you here are left confused as to exactly who the sides are in the ‘kurdish’ issue.

People here need to grow up, stop listening to zionist shills like The Saker, and pay attention to the actual facts. Just about the only fact people here get right is that Russia is a World War super-power that more than matches the USA. Sadly you’ll only have this proved during a World War- the last thing any of us wants.

In the meantime, as At Tanf proves, Putin actually chooses to groom the USA to become ever more aggressive and murderous and arrogant.

Steve Bell

You claim Putin and Lavrov “repeated the LIE that Iran threatened to destroy Israel”. Sources? If Putin and Lavrov are as supportive of Israel as you say, why are all the western zio-controlled MSM singing the same Russophobic song? Why did Putin just warn the West that any nuclear attack, no matter how small, on Russia OR ANY OF ITS ALLIES will result in an immediate response?


Russia needs to discretely tell the US that they have one month to clear out of al-Tanf.

If they refuse, Russia should begin supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan with man-pads and ATGM’s and night vision equipment.

And then at the next meeting of DOD contacts whisper in their ear …. “too bad your going to be in Afghanistan for another 17 years”.


Russia needs

for russia this is not interesting question

syria needs.

Jens Holm

So. Nothing new in that.

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