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U.S. Used $601M Seized From Venezuela To Fund Border Wall With Mexico

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U.S. Used $601M Seized From Venezuela To Fund Border Wall With Mexico

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Approximately $24 billion of Venezuelan public money has been taken out of the country, and out of those an approximate $601 million have been used to construct the US-Mexico border wall, Univision reported.

Reportedly, government documents, which were first reviewed by Univision, prove the money was used specifically for that.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, US President Donald Trump promised that he would “make Mexico pay” to build the wall, but has entirely failed.

As such, he has turned to other ways to construct the $18 billion project.

Trump used the National Emergency he declared after losing a “fight” with US Congress which led to a 35-day government shutdown, to siphon $8 billion for wall construction from other government accounts, including $600,993,368.26 from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund.

Several unsuccessful efforts were made in Congress and the courts to block Trump using the confiscated assets for the wall.

A bill in the House of Representatives sought to include a provision that “prohibits the use of funds from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund to plan, design, construct, or carry out a project to construct a wall, barrier, fence, or road along the southern border of the United States.”

The United States has seized at least $1 billion of Venezuelan public funds that Washington in turn claimed were supposedly being stolen by officials from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

“None of that money… has been returned to the Venezuelan people,” Univision reported. “Instead, most of the money is being collected by the U.S. Justice and Treasury Departments and held in special forfeiture funds used mostly to fund law enforcement investigations.”

In the Univision report, the mainstream narrative is followed, in the way that the Maduro government is a “widely repudiated regime.” And US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido is described as the country’s interim government.

Univision disregards the actions of the us US and European countries that led to the stealing billions of dollars of Venezuelan public money, justifying the theft with allegations of Venezuelan government corruption.

However, it was pointing out that those funds weren’t given to Guaido and his opposition, but were rather used for other goals.

Separately, former US National Security Adviser John Bolton outlined in his book “The Room Where It Happened” how the UK also helped in pillaging Venezuela’s assets.

He boasted that the British Government, specifically Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt “was delighted to cooperate on steps they could take” to assist in Washington’s coup efforts, “for example freezing Venezuelan gold deposits in the Bank of England, so the regime could not sell the gold to keep itself going.”


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Zionism = EVIL

What a surprise, the Americunt criminal arseholes are funding global destabilization, terrorism and Zionist fanned wars by drug smuggling and stealing the funds and assets of other nations. What do you guys think the sanctions regime is? The motherfuckers have stolen over $400 billion of Iranian foreign assets and bank reserves in today’s money since 1979. They even stole tiny Cuba’s total forex reserves in Americunt banks in 1959. They are shameless scum. The Chinese and Russians are smart and are divesting in gold while the Saudi and other Arab fuckwit Wahhabi poodles will be fucked when they lose all their assets in Jew banks, look at Greece.

Lone Ranger

Piracy at it’s it’s finest…
British Empire was doing that for hundreds of years until they crumbled.
Same as the U.S. Empire is crumbling now.
Imagine if Russia would do that.
Pelosi, Graham and the rest of demented mummy’s would be foaming from their mouth on CNN pushing for WWIII.

Zionism = EVIL

Their Bilderberg Jew banks today are also the same as the Rothschild arseholes who plundered on behalf of the British slave traders. These cunts have no morals or shame and plunder anyone.

Lone Ranger

Aside from that they pose as liberals and philantropes when in fact they are the biggest massmurderers in history.

Jens Holm

Yeerrh, many are more then 2,5 meters. The shoe seize is 55 and they therefore are amred by birth.

Lone Ranger

Your meds again Jens…

Jens Holm

Being that irresponsible as You alsway claim, You should not be allowed to decide anything.

Lone Ranger

Im not deciding anything Jens.
Im just a nobody.
I only give here my opinion and some objective Facts.

Jens Holm

I do. I agree with others and if many vote as me and sometimes proposed by me, I do decide, because my opponoins are made by common sense and facts.

My first oppion about that I got as a Boy Scout at 9. Here we promised to listen to others having oppinions – LISTEN TO – and by that find Our own.

Lone Ranger

Ok Jens, go, you have some fun…


Apparently they don’t teach boy scouts to spell….

Jens Holm

You certainly need an understand what people write here Yourself.

To me this is not about spelling at all. I hope You get traumethreatments after all Your frustrations.

I do spell much better in Danish, but normal people do understand what I am writing. If not I try again.

When I started here anout 2 years ago I have not been writing a whole line of English the last 40 years.

I had problems inthe start, byut now I almost only get complaint about spelling by people, which dont like my comments.

Very much is fast english and danish, where I live, and I also has learned MMS and SMS language of You the kind: If You can paint, You can write as they once said in Egypt – and 2 crocidelles is execuation:)


What you just wrote makes absolutely no sense. Why don’t you just pay attention to what is going on in your own country instead of ours.

Gay Jens Holm

you need to shut the hell up sometime.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

All the time would be better.

Zionism = EVIL

Absolutely, liars, hypocrites and cheats.


Communist bullshit for retards. Maduro tries to justify the fail of his PolPot inspired starvation of Venezuelans.

Lone Ranger

There are more hungry and homless people in the U.S. than in Venezuela.
U.S. tries to destroy it same as it tried Cuba.
But failed…
BLM is funded by the same pimps you get your trollcheck from by the way be careful…lol.


That’s why the ‘caravan’ of migrants was heading to USA instead of Venezuela, cause they heard they can starve there. That’s why I hate them, cause they are eating my bread.

Concrete Mike

The caravan was herded north of course. You cant see the cowboys yet ?


The mexican racists disbanded us :(

Lone Ranger

You can thank the CIA, democrats and papa soros for that.
They invited and funded their trip.
They font care about the rest.
They want theur votes, collapse and chaos.
Which they got…
You should pick a country first, you claimed to be Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, American and Canadian sofar…


I never claimed any of that nationalities you try to identify me.

Lone Ranger

Sure you did.
By saying, we, here, our…


Ahh so I kept you guessing. Nice. All I am allowed to say is that I pay my rent in Euros but my wage is in Dollars.

Lone Ranger

So you are an official govt troll?lol


No, I’m just an outsourced outlet :)

Lone Ranger

So the lite version :)
Oy oy…:)


Yes, the lazy type.

Daily Beatings

I bet you even believe the reports they’re eating zoo animals.

Jens Holm

Its so funny reading this.


Yeah, like Black Lives Matter claims.

Jens Holm

Someone like me should decide all in the world the next 2 weeks. That would do it.

Trump would be President in China and the Pope in Rome would be a women of 25:)

Number one might be all should be painted yellow to reduce traffic incidents.


Ok when Denmark gets to rule the world and you become the king of it, don’t forget me. Imperial jester was always my secret dream career.

Daily Beatings

“Imperial jester was always my secret dream career.”

I thought that was already your full-time occupation?


Seems like I have good references already.


Thieves do what thieves do and a succession US governments are the best thieves the world has known.

Jens Holm

…And thats why so many of them are jailed by themsleves or what :)

Raptar Driver

Not just thieves, they are gangsters, the best in the world

Jim Bim

The US is run by Gangsters and pathetic thieves


Shameless US-UK perverse love story… Shame on you guys! Well, I mean your “Deep State mafia”.
Long time with your damn love story spoiling the whole world. Your turn will come.
I know people in Venezuela. Both good , hard worker and brilliant people, this people lost almost all their dignity, income, and even food. So Mr TRUMP, if that makes you laugh, you’re truely a son of a bitch.

Jens Holm

You have created most of the deep state traume Yourself. It done ny You dont surch for things even they are are found quite open in papers as well as internet.

Parts of that quagmire also are made by the Your own Goverment by censuship and misguiding.

A lot here about west here is like most of You are on permanent crack. If We were like You insist, we were collapsed many years ago if we ever had existed.

The problems in Venezueala is not made by USA but the old feudal system by Simon Bolivar and Co. USA here instickt cooporated and the Mpnroe Doctrine with the ones they could sell and by with.

Thats was the spanish and new spanish Feudals. They never cared much about the rest incl. their slaves. They mainly – as USA – would not send tax to Spain given for almost nothing.

So the solution for Venezuela is not unproductive socialisme as well as feudals, which by the way both sell drugs and buy firearms as well as treat comen very bad.

So You and Your friends too has to find a fair Governess somewhere with both of them.

It is possible. Sanders in USA is inspired by Our Scandinavian models. We sometimes name it as Kapitalisme having a nice face.

We do have hard Kapitalisme, but the companies and the people working there all contribute with a high income tax.

Those money we spend on education,medical care and a lot of other thing, so they equalize a lot of things because they are the same and free for all.

It creates many jobs by education as well as none feel themselves excluded and they do support the whole system in a peacefull way. We have less strikes and boycuts then most others.We are proud of being number 1 in no corruption.

Strange enough Venezuela do have a well educated middleclass even its not big.They should have the real power. But You also should respect the big ones, because they mainly are the ones making the jobs. Here they should respect the middleclass and the lower classes and give them a descent pay, so they are healthy, work well and can feed their children with few worries.

Thats how I see it. The middle class should be Your centerstructure taking some from the rich and give parts of it to the poor. But the poor by that also has to behave like responsible people and make traditions for climbing up by going to school upgrading themselves to the middle class level and in next generation maybee more.

So the missing link is Leaders from the center reducing but not removingthe contrasts.

I relate to that the bad develloped countries always has a small upperclass and a big uneducated low class – which includes Russia.

I often see it in the comment here. The critisists against western economies always ignore the big powerfull middle class and fokus on rich jews and all the poor in the countries.

Some here even forget, that most poor people in USA has a better life then billions in other coutries hardly helped with anything. According USA they have forgotten to have a good education system for all. Thats why they are declining a little. Their GDP is growing be the many small uneducated hands from inommers. By that USA as High Tech is declining.

Children and other people are investmenets for the future. Normal people can see a cow gives more milk, if You feed and treat it well.

So go to Your friends and propose the middle class shoudl take over. Maduro by Sanchez took over because the ones before was even worse – not because they should sell the old cow. The old cow at least gave some milk.


Yes Mr Khazar descendant “fake jew” you are surely completely right…

Jens Holm

Name me Sir! Only the upperclas of the Khazars was Jews.

Go back to Your balalajka named after Your Baalfriends in Balbek. They and You are the real deep State in Syria and Lebanon.

Many here think Your Leader created the dark.


Fake+Jew+Khazar= 100% pathetic

Jens Holm

comment image

Thats my family

chris chuba

Pompeo intones, ‘the United States is a force for good in the world’. If by that you mean stealing from smaller countries and then lying about it then who can argue with that?

Jens Holm

Its always the same illusions, that they and we are stealing. We actually buy the raw materiels and process and upgrqade them.

You do the same ancient jobs by the same ancient thinking drinking too much tea served by Your bought wifes.

USA is not stealing from my country. In trade You see the same. USA dont sell as much as it buys for. Here You of cpurse blame them for printing too much money and tell they will collapse tomorrow.

If any, You should blame China selling things free at Our markets but deny us to sell and produce for free at their markets.

We and USA should not be blamed for Yourself keeping Yourself by frozen culture and religion insisting in no change behaving too too much as lazy bums of the wurst kind.

Daily Beatings

“The United States is a farce for good in the world”

Just one letter can turn a lie into the actual truth.


Welcome to Jewmerica. Is it any wonder that the Soviets got rid of 90 to 95% of their Jews after WW2. After the genocide and fascist dystopia that Jews and Zionists subjected them to. And now look at Russia leading the world and providing a positive example for humanity of how a properly run government conducts itself.

If only humanity and the American people could be so fortunate as to get rid of America’s Jews. What a much better place the US and our planet would be. ??

Swift Laggard II

this is anti semitism and is despicable rubbish. to blame all jews for the problems you are suffering is nazism


Palestinians are Semites, Jews are anti Semites. The problem is Judaism. It should be outlawed and former Jews allowed to get on with their lives without it.

Ja som pravda!

USA cannot do better than robbing and stealing others money and lives…


The CHOP zone secession project really is turning into a blight that the city, state and federal government are allowing to continue when they could easily correct the problem. Removing the barricades and police and national guard forces protecting the police station under seige. And turning that section of the city over to protesters. And preventing police, fire, medical, postal and other services in the sedition area. Is a serious violation of the local people’s rights.

The city government is run by incompetent subversives. The state and federal governments have a responsibility to correct the problem that the mayor deliberately created and is exacerbating with every passing day by allowing sedition zone criminals to victimize society with an ongoing crime spree. People can’t safely walk the streets. Not only due to the lack of police. But also due to the antisocial nature of many of the secessionists. Who prey on people that they don’t like and victimize them with misdemeanor and felony crime with impunity.


This is not an article about USA’s internal idiotic shenanigans but on how USA steals money from other countries whenever it can under a cheap excuse of supposedly stopping a “dictatorship”.
Same as they did in Libya, Iraq and most other countries that were and are on their hit-list.


So what, why do you have a problem with freedom of speech?


I don’t have a problem with free speech but there will be more articles here on the topic you post about and it’s always best to keep on the main topic, I would understand if the topic of USA was completely ignored on Southfront then you’d bring it up, but it’s not being ignored and if the topic is USA’s internal strife then we shouldn’t post stuff about Libya there for example… :D Everything gets it’s turn.
Also USA has had had a criminal foreign policy many decades before the current shit with CHOP/CHAZ which was dismantled last night afaik.


If you don’t have a problem with free speech. Then why are you trying to suppress it?


Lmao stfu with that american free speech bullshit and playing the victim for not posting stuff that’s on topic of the article. “suppress” hahahah, gtfo with that. Just post on topic like everyone else does.
And what do you have against posting stuff on topic of the main article? Why do you utterly despise and spit on the concept of order? Ultra anarchists really have no concept of order or what goes where, just throw it all out wherever on a whim, doesn’t matter if you throw a glass bottle into a container for plastic or if you demand the wrong service at the wrong place. You can’t get your car washed at a restaurant, go to the car wash for that, simple.


I’m using the provided free speech forum with the provided graphic arts tools in the manner that works for me. If it doesn’t work for you. Then you can go to a forum that works better for you or not read my posts if they turn you into a rude obnoxious half crazed hater of freedom and truth.

So who’s the anarchist anarchist?


Has it ever occurred to you that US internal problems contribute to it’s bad foreign policy? And that correcting it’s internal problems will help correct it’s external problems.

Daily Beatings

US foreign policy has been continuous and unabated since World War II. The only option to remedy the situation is the complete collapse of the empire. US internal problems will only hasten this demise, therefore no correction is needed.


That’s an accurate assessment of the current trajectory.


This is the police station today. There aren’t very many protesters around.
comment image

Black Waters



Wonderful news! Also, take all the drug money from Mexican cartels. They easily have $18B in cash on hand.


So now the US is more openly showing how it plunders the world.. But they were created as a nation of thieves by thieves..

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