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JUNE 2021

U.S., U.K., France Conduct Massive Missile Strike On Syria: Details

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On April 14, the US, the UK and France launched a joint massive strike on Syria justifying their actions with the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma on April 7.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down 71 of 103 missiles launched by the US-led bloc.

  • Four missiles were launched at the area of the Damascus International Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
  • 12 missiles were launched at the Al-Dumayr Military Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
  • 18 missiles were launched at the Baly Military Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
  • 12 missiles were launched at the Shayarat Military Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
  • 9 missiles were launched at the Mezzeh Military Airport. Five missiles were intercepted.
  • 16 missiles were launched at the Homs Military Airport. 13 missiles were intercepted.
  • 30 missiles were launched at targets in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani. Seven missiles were intercepted.

The Pentagon rejected reports that Syrian forces had intercepted something saying that the US and its allies “successfully hit every target”.

According to this version, the US launched 105 missiles at the alleged “chemical weapons” facilities of the Assad government.

  • 76 missiles – “Barzah Research and Development Center”
  • 22 missiles – “Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site”
  • 7 missiles – “Him Shinshar CW Bunker”

The situation is developing.

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WTF Trump, STOP attacking Syria.


don’t worry, let me help with some fundamental perspective :

we are just 7
years from the last blatant NATO aggression, 15 from the Iraq war, and
19 from Yugoslavia bombings (not excuses, but realities) ;

you realize we are talking geopolitics right ? and do you know that in
geopolitics (for those understanding it, 10 years is nothing ?
especially for a country like Russian and where it was in the 90s and
the year 2000 ? and facing up what ? and bunch of thugs rampaging the
world for centuries !!!

I think the strategy of gradual escalation the Russians adopted paid off ;

you can see it in the reactions especially from Tehran (shrugging off,
unlike last time) and Turkey (welcome but saying it’s delayed) and even
the Jihadi terrorists (Jaish Al Islam) say it’s a farce.

1. just
look at a map of Syria of say 2014 or 2015 and note the difference ; in a
war the West invested so much, you’d expect a cataclysm to force them
to accept defeat, both politically and militarily

2. look back at
the aggression scenari that the West played previously, no such noise
were made before, they just would have the false flag, hold an emergency
meeting and … Kaboom ! this points to a change in the environment
they operate.

3. Even the Shayrat airbase attack didn’t take this
long to materialize and the Russians didn’t issue any warnings and
syrian people died

4. And what do we have now ?

Russians did warn and you can clearly see the results, assuming you can
read the actions and facts of course, and if you can’t see them, here :

– a gang (some justice to the word “coalition”) of 3 attacked Syria,
– 103 missiles fired
– 71 downed (approx. 70%)
– other 32 landing and destroying abandoned “research and storage buildings”
– 0 casualties iranian, syrian left alone russian,
– 0 military importance for an operation priced over US$500million (ordnance, fuel …)
– S-300 now on the way to Syria with the West having no word to stopping it
– and probable more operations and pressure in the East

tell me, if you can afford to talk strategy who do you think won this
battle on this Saturday ? and who is winning the war ?

is no video game, it isn’t hollywood vietnam victory movie, a hero movie
or a thriller novel, it’s a real life war in the midst of an intense
geopolitical tussle and we haven’t seen an end to it yet.

But this episode showed us just how a paper tiger the West just is, not fit for real battles and thus mimicking them instead.

Tudor Miron

Very, very well said.


The buildings that US, UK and French morons have targeted if truly there were chemical weapons produced or stored so that would be a disaster for the whole Middle East region because bombing it would spread poisonous and toxic chemicals in the whole environment which would kill thousands but there were not chemical weapons. LOL.

Matt Lazarus

Greek media has made this point. Strange no other news sites have pointed out dangers of targeting a “chemical weapons manufacturing/storage facility.” Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Well said.

S Melanson

Well put. I would like to hear your (and others) thoughts on the possibility of a single hand pulling the strings on all sides. My following of events has had me many times scratching my head as players do the unexpected and (IMHO) act against their own interests. The explanation could be due to unknowns such as backroom deals, secret protocols in security arrangements like the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact (strategic realignment of spheres in Eastern Europe and Balkans) or, and I do not buy it for a minute, leaders are losing their marbles. But my intuition tells me that a single hand might be guiding world events along a desired trajectory for some purpose. Many videos have blatant imagery of this, such as “the stage” Avenged Sevnfold and I Pet Goat II. The interplay between opposing sides seems a bit to precise, as if choreographed by a single agent like a ballet director of symphony conductor so that events play out harmoniously in action (movement) and sound (following the same tune so to speak).

Thoughts anyone?

Gerry Hiles

In brief: Rothschild & Associates (about eight major corporations), but there are said to be rifts within this cabal, however they control all Western Central Banks and all Western countries are heavily in debt to them, so are “owned”.

Some independent countries are Russia (now), China, Iran, N Korea and Syria. These others were independent: Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya.

Get the drama. It’s been being played out since 1812 when Rothschild broke and took over Britain financially, then the US in 1913 with the privately, Rothschild owned Federal Reserve Bank. All about the NWO of course, via the PNAC, but it’s no longer working to plan, e.g. too much debt and growing resistance, both Iran and Syria were supposed to have been defeated by about twelve years ago, according to Gen Wesley-Clark about 2002 … Google it all if you like.

Tudor Miron

“My” theory says it started much earlier. According to written history – as early as ancient Egypt and that famous Sinai tour if you know what I mean.

Gerry Hiles

Look I don’t know and I’m not going to argue with you much, what’s the point? The here and now, including in living memory and with living people playing out “history” before our eyes”, is what matters.

It’s possible to “start the clock” whenever and wherever you want, maybe the Assyrians, Babylonians, or maybe ancient China. Or why not quite ‘recently’ in 15th Century Venice and as for written history (there is no other kind) if you mean Biblical accounts I strongly disagree. The yarns in the Old Testament were oral traditions/myths/etc. written down centuries later. There are NO Egyptian records corresponding with those yarns. Zero about Moses, or an entire Egyptian army drowning in the Red Sea, all of a sudden.

Hansi Hintern

It’s absolutely ok for me, I just wanted to state, that the first written stuff seems to come from the ancient Sumerians, they had all the concepts like the “Big Flood”, “Nephilim”, creation polluted by DNA experiments aka chimeras, giants as children of the gods, etc way before the bible was written. Imo the bible is just a pirate copy of older knowledge, yet that doesn’t mean the bible is wrong, they should just have given fair credit to the original authors.

This doesn’t mean that there may not have been another “alien outpost” in ancient Egypt before. I really enjoyed the videos by Lloyd Pye about huge leaps in human DNA 200.000 years ago, he consequently tried to stick to mainstream facts and turn them against mainstream. Of course there’s also this story with soft tissue in dinosaur bones, which would hugely help the creationists. If it’s true, conventional history telling could only be “repaired” by maybe some kind of time travel.

Gerry Hiles

Again, I don’t know, but stories of “the Flood” are common world-wide, so I think that they may be compressed oral traditions of the ending of the last Ice Age, which peaked about 40,000 years ago (from memory) and “ended” some 10,000 years ago … really a very gradual occurrence.

If it’s correct that 40,000 years ago sea levels were about 100 metres lower than today, civilisations quite possibly existed around the world on land that’s now covered by sea – and buildings have been found, e.g. around the Black Sea and off Japan. Possibly, in places, the sea broke through quite suddenly. In any case there’d be no written record, but a lot of “folk memories” handed down and mythologized like Atlantis.

“Aliens” may have been lost human civilisations, a bit like Incas and Aztecs today, who mystify us. Maybe we will never know much about them, though their sudden decline after Spanish invasion was not that long ago. That and more ancient mysteries, like the Pyramids and Stone Henge, fascinate me, but only casually and I never expect answers For me there’s enough to be curious about in the present, but each to their own.

Hansi Hintern

@Gerry Hiles, I can only recommend you to watch one of the Lloyd Pye videos, e.g. this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiXOFBMDagE or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7iu9EU45Yc

He brings up a lot of good arguments, that mankind has been genetically manipulated and is absolutely not, what it should have been. If you follow his arguments and some of Ickes, the unchanged human would probably look like the Engineers in the Prometheus movie, not beautiful, but would at least have some low level telepathy, way more empathy towards other humans and animals, and the minds of the humans would form a kind of biological hive mind, comparable to the Borg collective, but without force and with the possibility to turn on and off the access to/from the Hive Mind. The Avatar movie is showing how such an unchanged world would have looked like. The funny things is that one day the Transhumanists will try to introduce a Techno Hive Mind, i’d call it Borg Cloud, with similar reasons, everything will be better in the Cloud, it will take care of everything, solve all problems etc, you just need to accept their Borg-style implants. Of yourse, in reality the Techno Cloud Mind will just be a big Gulag for the collective human mind, with some Idiocracy flavor, and once established, it may take hundreds of years, until that Ism (the next big thing after Socialism/Stalinism) will break down again. Just remember Sowjet-Socialism survived somewhat 70 years. When it was introduced, a lot of people thought that that nonsense would only last a few years, it was supposed to not work at all.

Transhumanism is imo supposed to be the last big Ism, with the aim to completely finish off mankind.

Mollie Norris

Here and now, the Rothschilds and other Masonic Illuminati are acting out thousands of years old Kabalistic and Babylonian traditions. For example, numerology and ritual child sacrifice may mean nothing to you or to me, but we’d both be in denial of events in the here and now if we ignore their importance to others.

Gerry Hiles

I would not, does not surprize me in the least if/that whomever believes and does whatever. During the 70s, when hippy stuff, communes and “self realization” fads were pretty common, I dabbled a bit on the fringes and met some very weird people with all sorts of strange beliefs, though none involving child sacrifice that I know of, but numerology, crystal gazing, pseudo-Celtic rituals, sweat lodges and whatever, so nothing would surprize me and doesn’t.

These days, surfing around the web, I often come across the same sort of stuff and more, but none of it interests me much – from flat earthers to David Icke’s “reptilian” and other beliefs which, I think, spoils a lot of good stuff he covers (but that’s me). In my early teens I read a lot of Dennis Wheatley’s novels, such as “The Devil Rides Out” and that was a phase I went through without taking it seriously … well never having believed in “the Devil”, but a lot of people do and I don’t deny “Bohemian Grove”, “Skull and Bones”, etc., but I am not interested, no matter how important they are to others.

I’m prosaic I guess. I’ll settle for explanations like maybe up to 10% of any given population being born on some scale of psychopathy, with the most extreme indulging in rituals which somehow reinforce their natural tendency towards power, greed, cruelty and perversion … something like that. I haven’t given it a lot of thought, but I’m just outlining that I don’t disagree with you.

Mollie Norris

My comment was intended as a pragmatic tool that’s strategically comparable in importance as knowledge of the enemy’s weapon systems.
This link and Henry Makow’s website have a lot of information on the occult plan to
start WWII. It’s not philosophy or religion; it’s world history and the future of the planet: http://antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/Henry_Makow/Henry_Makow_Illuminati_The_Cult_that_Hijacked_the_World.html

Hansi Hintern

Doesn’t it go back to ancient Sumer and the Anunnaki, as Lloyd Pye described them “Those who from heaven to earth came”. All the “secret societies” seem to be based on that kind of religion. Imo this whole thing started in Sumer and not in Egypt, but that may be kind of academic discussion. Maybe Lloyd Pye and David Icke didn’t get every detail right, but their overall picture seems really consistent. We are ruled by sociopathic predators, that believe in their heritage from reptiloid beings. Their reptiloid DNA, if it ever existed, may have been heavily dilluted, but they still want to believe in that stuff, they want to be psycho- and sociopaths. NWO simply is a satanistic religion.

Mollie Norris

Anunnaki is a word that doesn’t exist in ancient Sumerian language; one of many fabrications by Illuminati-sponsored fraud Zecharia Sitchin: sitchiniswrong.com, Neanderthals, with larger brain cases than Cro magnons, more aggressive and violent, particularly towards women and children, and cannibalistic, based on archaeological evidence, do exist, and their genes are very evident today. Remains that predate the biblical flood show that they were a distinct species from Cro magnons.

S Melanson

I am familiar with the cabal and global control through control of global financial institutions through central banking system. Countries not part of system or attempting to exit system are targeted. I agree the cabal has suffered a breakdown in consensus and the rifts are serious and this may have contributed to plans going off the rails. But I am speculating that a hand is involved that manipulates rothchild cabal and those that oppose them in service to some overarching agenda. The manipulation is not through direct control of players per se, but through understanding of how action, reaction and solutions will play out – Hegelian Dialectic. The agenda of Rothchild cabal is fairly well understood but is their Hegelian strategy subsumed within a overarching one?

For example, the action (terrorism), reaction (trading freedoms for security) and solution (centralizing authority) is readily apparent but there seems to be more to it. I find the data collection on individuals goes unnecessarily beyond the needs of Rothchilde’s agenda and in some ways not in their interests. Data collection serves agenda to control, but goes beyond to preict/model human behaviour, thought processes down to minute detail. As if to accurately simulate humans individually and within complex systems based – this is based on my obeservations and understanding of research methodology. Such a level of understanding is excessive and not necessary and could be threat to Rothchild as such level of understanding could be used against them, as they too can be modeled and become predictable. When you are predictable, you are then vulnerable.

I do not provide here an in depth rationale for how I came to this viewpoint but if interested I can provide. I do suggest readers to study how surveillance has evolved and draw your own conclusions. So what is the overarching agenda that piggybacks the Rothchild’s and to what ultimate end does it serve?

Tudor Miron

If you read in Russian than you should look at “consept of public safety” where this process is observed and traced from ancient Egypt. There is a term for that string puller – GP (global predictor). Main thing one can learn from this large body of theory is how social superstructures are actually governed and that principle is at work for thousands of years – unchanged. Putin/Russia is a player on this global chessboard. Russia’s role supposed to be of gas station – enough people to support that it’s pumping at required rate/volume. “Somehow” Putin reversed it and regained enough sovereignty to talk to GP on equal terms.
That theory says that we’re observing relocation of center of power from US to China that is going on for 2-3 decades now. China social model (large work camp with low consumption levels) will be imposed on all planer including current west. Thing is that process is not always going according to plan but plan is always multi optional.
If you’re interested I will share a couple of English translated links but bulk of the knowledge is in Russian. Interestingly enough, most of the work was written in late 80-s so it is interesting to observe what was predicted than and what is actual facts by now.

S Melanson

Yes, I am interested in the links. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have not heard of global predictor although maybe know it by different terms. Agree not going to plan and as Gerry Hiles said in response, elites are fracturing. This fracturing is evident in the msm where debate has opened up to reflect divisions and question is how serious are these divisions.

I wrote an analysis in 2014 on elite fragmenting and developing bifurcation of the msm. The breakdown in elite consensus had already manifested in internal civil war in US institutions including federal government, intelligence, legal, military etc. I predicted this civil war would come out into the open with the rise of populism and risk of French Revolution scenario (which is a real possibility right now if tipping point reached). I certainly did not predict Trump though!! What I predicted has unfolded very close,to expected but in other ways very surprising to me. Perhaps the links you provide could help on this.

Tudor Miron

GP is just a term.

BTW, authors of that school of thought (concept of public safety) predicted Trump at the very start of the elections cycle. They claimed that Trump is brought in by global elites in order to reformat US (center of power is being removed to China. This long term process is ongoing for decades. Country level US elites are strongly opposing that as expected.

There’s very little in English: http://conceptualpower.com/en/
One can start with this simple videos: https://youtu.be/YE4pL8YsVZ4

S Melanson

Thank you for this. Will review.

Tudor Miron

You are welcome.


Excellent analysis.

You can call me Al

Bravo Miko

Summed it up very well.


Very thoughtful and insightful analysts of Yanki led strike against Syria. I realise you would need to write a very large book to cover all angles of the present geo-political shenanigans You estimate the cost of this strike at around half a billion dollars, however, the real money is being made on the stock-market as it was during the bombing and break-up of Yugoslavia, 9/11, Libya and Iraq. Of course they also seized lots of assets from the above nation states and appear to be making a grab here for the Omar oil fields. They obviously have taken Putin’s 01/03 address very seriously and if they have any sense, will pack up their troubles and head back state side.

Tudor Miron

It’s not that simple. “They” are not on a hurry. As long as main cornerstone of “modern” civilisation is still in place – USURY, “their” system is well and functioning as designed.
One smart person said – until “they” are unable to “fly to Mars and stay there”, hide in New Zeland (there’s no escape there or anywhere also) or transfer their awarness to phisical platform (computer and such) we still have a hope that world is not over and main parasite is not actually interested in ending this world.


Did you happen to notice Trump took out the building, “ higher institue of applied science and technology “ ? Please see my twitter if you don’t believe. Now go to the website and you will notice who are the board members? Warren buffet , Ted Turner, Jerry Brown. Trump did a surgical hit on Deep state. The area of concern was a rebel area ….you are welcome


bravo very well said??


I notice YOU are too cowardly to show your face or use your real name !


Ah- the ole APPEASER argument- massively upvoted, but then 77th brigade ensures their accounts ALWAYS work in unison on the important messages.

Meanwhile in the REAL world, even RT has to report on the massive invasion coalition building at the UN- the entire NATO bloc with support from ALL other West allies truning their big guns on Syria.

Zionist appeaser Putin is having all his Kremlin outlets push the INEVITABLE Russian retreat from Syria (don’t worry- America will allow Putin to keep access to his naval base in Syia FOR NOW, the same joke that allowed Putin to almost lose the base in Crimea).

The time to act is NOW, so all the troll accounts here tell you there is no need to act.

Notice how Southfront IGNORES the BZ story, yet pushed the FAKE NEWS os a supposed attack on Iran in Aleppo (never happened) yesterday- cos that was a standard post op morale sinking LIE.

PS recall how a zionist troll infiltrated RT, then left and published her ‘expose’ on what RT really is in the mainstream media? Same thing has happened at the editorial board of Southfront. Hence no coverage of Ahed Tamimi, no incisive analysis any more, and lots of fake news and boosting of the west’s propaganda. Putin KNOWS he is leaving Syria very soon- and everything on Kremlin outlets is now prepping for this retreat.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I have huge problem with ~70% interception rate. In both directions: if it was 30% hit rate, how there are only 3 wounded, no one killed. If it was genuine attack and not just PR stunt: that means that it was 99% interception rate, because: where on the planet you have unmanned military installation? Especially in state of civil war? Nowhere. So, not something but everything with official narative is wrong. On both sides. Everything is fake here, or SAA has such AA that it is really capable intercepting 99% of NATO missiles. In such (paranormal) reality, there is no way NATO will ever attack Russia, i.e. there are 0% chances of global war.

Matt Lazarus

This was what is called a “parting shot.” All that’s left is for Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron to sign the Terms of Surrender. Sayonara Mr. Trump!


Did BOLTON order that Southfront be restored to facebook?

A very curious thing happened yesterday. First Southfront was effectively wiped from the net by being wiped from Facebook. This meant a key Kremlin outlet that informs the people of the West about the truth was eliminated- and we can all guess why.

But just in time to report about the Pentagon’s MASSIVE FAIL, Southfront was restored to Facebook- why? who benefits, as they say.

BOLTON BENEFITS. This dog and pony show was all Mattis, Bolton’s no.1 enemy. And Southfront sings the song of Mattis fail. And so does SOHR (yes- you read that correct- SOHR is in Southfront’s corner, and this is IMPOSSIBLE)

Bolton does not want Mattis out of the picture for the sake of Syria and Russia- get a clue people. So now we know. Bolton arranged to have Mattis run this show just so Mattis could prove how totally incompetent he is. And now Mattis is finished- the FINAL part of Trump’s anti-war cabinet eliminated.

PS it seems France’s entire participation was giving Russia perfect advanced military intellgence about the US plan, just as Bolton and MI6 desired.


No he won’t as he is the terrorists leader supporting terrorists and destroying and killing forces fighting terrorists.

The only way is when SAA is free of terrorists then they will drive the US out of Syria .
There is no way US can defeat SAA INSIDE SYRIA.


Southfront EVER gonna get round to covering the breaking BZ Skripal story. Southfront missed the attack last night by HOURS (for those of you that were not awake). Now Southfront is missing the biggest reveal about MI6’s false flag- how they doped the two spies (the daughter was also recruited by MI6).

BZ, a NATO ‘knock out’ agent- completely HARMLESS in the correct dose, was administered to the spy and his daughter. OPCW agents were allowed to think they had uncontaminated blood from the Skripals, but MI6 sleight of hand added the novichok AFTER the blood had been removed.

British labs had tested the blood first, and felt enough time had elapsed for the BZ levels in the blood to have fallen to ‘untraceable’- but a russian agent embeded in MI6 warned russia to have the Swiss do the most extreme tests to look for traces of BZ- which they then found.

BZ explains ALL the symptons suffered by the Skripals, and why they were prepared to allow themselves to be so drugged. Their reward- millions and a life in the USA.

But Bolton is in place just as the narrative of the MI6 false flag is reaching critical. 9/11 fell apart
two months after the ‘attack’ but it was too late by then- the wheels were in motion.

Likewise today the MI6 play looks like ending phase one (story of a nerve agent), but there is every reason to believe phase two (whatever that may be) is about to kick in.


Yeah, CRAZY!


“..STOP attacking Syria.”

Don’t worry, they won’t stop until Russia puts it’s foot down. Next time the rest of the EU will join in since no response from Russia was forthcoming. Yeah yeah they didn’t kill many people, but they know they can do whatever they want whenever they want as long as they warn Russia to move it’s personnel out of the way. It really is too bad that Russian’s don’t understand the ‘west’s thought process which can readily be witnessed by Haley at the UN.


If Syria has no their own nuclear weapons and their own long range ICBMs then Syria will become a shooting playground for US and UK like other countries for example Palestine where these bastards each day killing dozzens.

Pavel Pavlovich

Best evidence of mentioned fact is North Korea.


Of course.

Ангел Соневски

eeeh, North Korea isn’t in the middle east

Kell McBanned

Good – what now?
Sort of glad Russia didnt send the fleet to the bottom but yeah there must be more 4D chess involved than giving a bully a bloody nose at this point in time, watching for the next developements.

Onno Frowein

Former US President Reagan wouldn say: ‘Here we go AGAIN’ But Washington keeps on lying & distributing FAKE NEWS just to say on top of their propaganda & brainwashing!!



The Latin Mass

being sarcastic

Tudor Miron

Have a hard look ar Syrian map of today and 2014. It will ease your pain.

Scarooni Recruit

Why won’t Russia use s400. Really must be not that good of a weapon. Come on Russia America used an advanced cruise missile in this attack. You could have used s400

You can call me Al

YAWN – Not too bright are you ?.

Pavel Pavlovich

Whyever use those advanced and glaringly flaringly loud systems

when you have at your disposal the silent and obscure EW.

Tudor Miron

Try harder Recruit, Yes s400 is “not that good of a weapon”(c) – US/UK fired 100+ cruise missiles (only nuclear weapons is above in current military hierarchy) and actual result is around…zero :) and that’s with S125/S200 in use. Didn’t even have to fire up S300 (never mind S400) to reduce tomahawk hit rate to 0.3 :) Yeah, s400 is not that good (way too expensive) – one can actually buy older soviet made stuff and that’s good enough against top of the crème US weapons.

Joe Dirt

You low IQ fuk! Go back to your coloring books! The tomahawk missle is not top of the crème of US weapons! LOL You don’t know shit about the US military! LOL


Are you a Call of Duty gamer?


The training of the military to handle the anti-missiles must be improve in orden to have 100% intercepted. However, it is just great job, congratulation to Syria army. It is incredible the ridiculous that USA-France-UK have made so far. They are above the international law, they are above UN and security council, they fabricate evidences of non existence chemical attack, they have been losing all the terrorists they put in Syria, they are illegally with military basis in Syria land, and they pretend to make Syria partition. WOW, I wonder whether a USA citizen, France citizen, or UK citizen is really proud of the behavior of its government (maybe so since they have been brain washed by their media).


Their behaviour is really disgraceful and even in UN still talking nonsense about CW attack as though it was true. Really shameful e.g. France, Nikki, UK and US .

They are in world stage and using blatant lies to get their agenda is really bad for kids . How to explain to them when leaders in world stage lies through their teeth so obviously.

Even number of missiles shot down also want to lie …as though they all work just to feel good when their old tech are just useless


Trump is a fool but, having looked at Russia’s cruise missiles and EW abilities, his masters have decided to get rid of old stock, all weapons have a shelf life, thus America always unloading stock on some poor country. When trump said shiny new smart missiles were coming to Syria, he did not mean the ones fired on Friday, his masters were saying that they would never give up on their war there, the war in Syria has just begun. Russia does not seem to be able to understand the script though it has read it many times before. History may well remember Russia’s Indecisiveness at this moment as being the beginning of the end for Russia, it simply was not up to playing in the big league when it was needed to.


Have to disagree with you on the Russia’s indecisiveness.

Russia has it’s limitation vs western coalition and do depend on exports to them etc.

Putin is playing poker and when he showed his hand , he kills his opponents as in this latest confrontation.

Pavel Pavlovich

Russian EW did most of the job.

I would not put it past them to already have placed S400 systems,

but the time to use them has not yet come.


UK and US want war with Russia. Sergei Skripal poisioning is just the tip of the ice berg that UK have used against Russia. Russia must know Israel is their true enemy. All wars will finished when Israel dismantled.

The Latin Mass

UK and US want the Greater Israhell Project. Putin is handling the Muslims like Assad to make them think Russia is on their side. But will betray them twice, like in 2017.

First Lastname

When Israel is dismantled, the people who are causing problems for the world now will be all spread out in scores of countries, causing the same problems.

We need Israel as a containment zone for them. But it should be blockaded, with a strict no fly zone (including civilian ships and planes), cut off from world’s internet and without the ability to spend or transfer their shekels to other countries.


On dismantle of Israel these bastards would be returned to their own native land from where they have intruded into Palestine and to free Palestine from these bastards to develop and prosper.

You can call me Al

Bottom of the sea with stones strapped to their feet ?

First Lastname

They don’t have a native land. That’s part of why they’ve been kicked out of 109 countries 359 times. Being nomads and their abhorrent behavior obviously.

Honestly, I’d rather have them slaughter Palestinians than living in the West again. Unfortunately, they still affect our domestic and foreign policies. Wherever they are, they’re a blight upon humanity. At least in Israel, they’re in one spot.

Honestly Madagascar should’ve been chosen, not Palestine.

Tudor Miron

Problem is that Jews/talmudic jeudaism are just an instrument – high ranked but still a mere instrument of enslaving himan kind. BTW this instrument is about to be disposed for good – rumors say. But that would not stop the process of enslaving (thats according to plan).

Tudor Miron

Main thing is to cut of their main source – USURY but that will require shutting down all of national banks including Russia and China.


Iron is red hot just Mr. Putin should hammer it. This is a last opportunity with Syria and with their allies and should use it. Kick out Israel from Ukraine, Palestine, Al-Tanf, North and East Syria.

Samantha Green

Certainly Al-Tanf, where Israel hasn’t done anything to defend ABORTION RIGHTS! ISIS held parts of East Syria too.


This is fifth generation war in which US and UK first send well trained army as terrorists and deplomatic officers for covert operations to control all institutions in the target country by killing key politicians, journalists, barristers and other top leaders etc and then later on they take full country. For example Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Libya, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia etc.

Samantha Green

I hope very much to get more specific information on the damage, such as what exactly were the labs currently researching? I’m going to venture a guess as agricultural pesticides. That is just what makes sense to me if I abandoned chemical weapons 5 years ago, agricultural pesticides are the plowshares to which I would convert such facilities.

turkish jihadi

dont strike turk ally isis

Ricky Miller

How the situation should develop is that Russia, unwilling to confront the Empire directly out of provoking the big one, or whatever, should move to withdraw from the Missile Control Regime, The INF Treaty, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Russia should look to transfer S-300 systems in numbers to Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan. Also, with the legal conditions gone Russia could begin transfers under extended payment programs of the BrahMos missile to Syria and Lebanon. Give these governments the tools they need to mount a credible area denial and naval return strike defense. Costs will be low and Russian capital needs a place to cool it’s heels anyway and Russian defense contractors will find the supplemental work helpful in this era of mass sanctions threats related to Russian defense tech. As a last resort Russia should reserve the right to help key interest area states with a credible nuclear armory if the UN Charter violations continue and legal collective security through the UN system remains useless.

Promitheas Apollonious

try again this time think before trying, not using american mentality you may get it right.

Ricky Miller

I have no idea what that means.

Promitheas Apollonious

thinking ? I am sure you dont.

Ricky Miller

Oh thinking I get. Understanding your garbled verbage I don’t. Make a clear point or go away and leave me alone. Or get blocked.


Pentagon batting average: 105 attempts, 8 hits = .076. Not high enough to make a high school team.
Maybe Pentagon should try pitching? Hire a Japanese pitcher?

First Lastname

Candidate Trump: “We are going to kick the sh!t out of ISIS”
President Trump: *Bombs Assad

Anna Diaz

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Baudouin Jérusalem

I’m French but I support SAA and Russia, fuck E. Macron !


Russia should offer Lebanon the S-400 system as it seems to have its airspace violated more than any country on earth. That clearly can’t happen in a sound international system. The US was shooting through Lebanese airspace, just as the Israeli cowards do. Lebanon should develop a complex air defense system with Russia’s assistance.


Lebanon should unite with Syria into one country !


Lebanon and Syria were one country until the French and British broke it up before leaving.

Scarooni Recruit

Why are the Russian afraid to use s400. Now thinking s400 are not that good.

You can call me Al

When the missiles target them, then they can respond as they stated.


They are really too powerful and their range too great. The Russians would employ those in combination with their most powerful weapons if attacked directly by NATO. That is because such weapons have such range that they would inevitably enter NATO territory to get to the jets and destroy them. The Russians would probably be using everything they had, at that point, including satellite guided missiles against ships and waves of cruise missiles onto NATO bases.


Keep your powder dry, save the best for the worst. Using such gear reveals how they work and if nothing else lots of eyes were looking when the missiles flew.

Deo Cass

Question: Hitting chemical weapons facilities close to a capital city of 9 million is an irresponsible act since there would be a spillage of the chemicals all over the place causing a genocide of civilians. Yet no spillage was reported. Therefore, these were not chemical wepons production facilities at all and the whole issue was a blatant lie like the Iraqi WMD’s.


The buildings have been empty (no personnel or equipment) for almost 2 years now and have been inspected twice a year by the OPCW. The same for the “chemical weapons warehouses”. It is all farce and showmanship. This was created to satisfy the warmongers Trump is facing down in his own government. This is one explanation for his over the top response which was later toned down. The Borg doesn’t want a real war (and certainly not a nuclear one) but wants instead to continue the chaos. The former is not profitable and serves no one any meaningful purpose. The latter pleases Israel and the people selling arms. All of it is financed by the US citizens but they are so dumbed down and apathetic they just don’t care anymore. Go Team America!!! Yay!! Until the next 15 minute crisis. The jingoistic and useless media in the US has now failed completely to do any serious journalism.

It is not important that any actual facts are used to justify these attacks. The script was written before the Skripal poisoning and that was to get the mindset of the citizenry to rally against the enemy regimes. There is no meaningful criticism in the US about this. Corbin may apply heat to May and she could very well be gone soon because of these gambits.

Personally, I would love to see some S-400’s either posted near the Lebanese border or better yet given to Hezbollah and used to shoot down any Israeli jets that violate Lebanese airspace. Next I would bomb the American bases to dust as they are now very clearly the enemy of Syria and having invaded illegally and without any UN mandate can be legally cleansed from Syrian territory. There is rumored to be 11,000 allied soldiers now at serious risk of reprisal. If Assad (with Putin/Xi as the main actors) is nice he can give them a 2 week warning to evacuate permanently and then destroy the bases and all jihadists located there.

Of course that won’t happen but I would expect something asymmetrical soon. Putin never acts directly but always tangentially. Bigger threats are surfacing that include the Petroyuan and Russian now leaving the SWIFT system. These are the real existential threats to America. Other leaders who attempted to move away from the US dollar as the international reserve currency all met horrible ends. Saddam Hussein was accidentally beheaded during his hanging and what happened to Gaddafi is unspeakable.


The whole affair is like a testbed (which it obviously is) for developing measures and counter measures on both sides. Fascinating and downright scary as its probably a prelude to the ‘big show.’


When you believe your own BS to the extent that the Empire of Evil (US UK Israel) does you are finished.

chuck w. maultsby

If anyone should ask: “Why did ‘they’ do 9/11?”, or “why did we destroy
Iraq?”, or “why are we really in Syria?”….just direct them to the
ODED YINON PLAN to create “Greater Israel”comment image that is hidden in plain sight and can be examined here:

Paul James

Oooops – what was that – CIA/344768700-CIA-Syria-Pipelines.pdf – https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/images/PDF/CIA/344768700-CIA-Syria-Pipelines.pdf

John C Durham

DONALD TRUMP should be (1)Impeached and (2)Removed from Office, then (3)jailed. All Congressmen, where it can be proven, should be forbidden reelection and/or if not up for election, sent home. The CIA, FBI or any other investigative bodies that supported this, which except for our Earth’s greatest elected Leader, V. Putin, was an unnecessary, but substantial brush, with WWIII, should have their charters Revoked immediately and entirely reorganized into newly Congressionally created Structures.

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