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U.S. To Remove Defense Systems From Saudi Arabia, Other Middle Eastern Countries

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U.S. To Remove Defense Systems From Saudi Arabia, Other Middle Eastern Countries

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The US is about to remove defense systems to be removed from Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in order to allegedly reduce tensions with Iran, the WSJ reported.

The Wall Street Journal said the Patriot anti-missile batteries were being removed from Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and that a separate anti-missile system, called THAAD, was being transferred from Saudi Arabia as well.

Each battery requires hundreds of troops and civilians to operate and support them.

Pentagon spokesperson Commander Jessica McNulty said that some of the units were being redeployed to other countries and some were returning to the United States for maintenance.

It is unclear where these units are being moved to.

This decision was made in close coordination with host nations and with a clear eye on preserving our ability to meet our security commitments,” she said in an email.

“We maintain a robust force posture in the region appropriate to the threat and are comfortable that these changes do not negatively impact our national security interests,” McNulty said.

“We also retain the flexibility to rapidly flow forces back into the Middle East as conditions warrant.”

Iran is still viewed as a major threat across the Middle East, but the Biden administration is in negotiations to restore the agreement on Tehran halting its nuclear development program, which would also see some sanctions on the country lifted.

“The Defense Department maintains tens of thousands of forces in the Middle East, representing some of our most advanced air power and maritime capabilities, in support of US national interests and our regional partnerships,” McNulty said.

All these moves comes as US President Joe Biden’s administration seeks to ease tensions with Iran after they heated up in 2019 and saw a strong escalation in the US military presence across the region.

Saudi Arabia said that it would not be affected, and that its intervention in Yemen would also continue.

“This will not affect the Saudi air defenses,” Turki al-Maliki, a spokesman for the war coalition against Yemen, said.

“We have a strong understanding with… our allies about the threat in the region. We do have the capability to defend our country.”


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Hmmm well, nothing can surprise me from the United Snakes, just saying that they will remove these boomerang patriot air-defense systems if we call them defense systems, why boomerang, well when one is fired it comes back at you when second is fired it goes 100m and drops and explodes, in a critical moment, hah, well the Wahhabi Saudi knows this the best, oh and they have the courage to say ALL THIS IS LIKE OK, how will you defend by YOURSELVES from the Houthis missiles. Excellent time for the Ansar Allah to attack soon as this garbage of defense is been removed, so that the Houthis can have no disruption in their bombing, as so blandly the Wahhabists saying out loud WE continue the WAR in Yemen, well damn I am tired to say this, to talk their fucking bullshit, well waste your money, every merc you send to fight the Houthis will die, every nasty fat soldier that you have on your borders will run and die, you bought equipment like MRAPs and other shit from the United Snakes will just burn. Hey, MRAPs are expensive but 50ml gasoline to fire one in flames is cheap. So keep up…

Lone Ranger

Hm interesting.

If I don't steal it, someone else will steal it

They will be relocating to contain China.

Maybe more US military will appear in Burma or Japan or South Korea or Philippines.

The regime change agenda in Burma seems to be the most valuable to the USA.


Most likely true. The US seems to have not enough resources to cover everything. Their resources decline rapidly under Biden. So they focus on China. But this will have a serious impact on their whole system of allies in the region.

Arch Bungle

If these things barely work against the Houthi, they’re going to be worse than useless against the PLA.

They are of no use against the Chinese army.


China and ASEAN countries will sign on a comprehensive strategic partnership treaty soon and so it is unlikely those missiles will be placed on any ASEAN countries. south korea and Japan are primary candidates to station those missiles, but I wouldn’t bet on south korea given that about 30% of its annual total trade volume are with China. Then Japan is the mostly likely to station the missiles if those missiles are to be placed close to China.

Lazy Gamer

I think this may be the canary in the mine. lol


They want these assets available to redeploy.

One would think that these systems would be among the last to leave if they were drawing down forces in the Middle East … which begs the question as to what they are planning / expecting that leaves their forces vunerable to air and missile attacks above and beyond what they already have in Asia and Europe.


Not working? Should have tried turning them off and on again. TEP.


The switches are broken already from thge high frequency flipping…

Ivan Freely

Perhaps upgrading to the latest OS, Windoze 11? ;)

Arch Bungle

“This will not affect the Saudi air defenses,”

Well, they never affected them before…


The Jew-wise and those familiar with the Jews’ “Which Path to Persia” document know that this is just more propaganda setting up the soon latest Urban Moving Systems production blamed on Iran.

The Jews cannot tolerate a rival, especially one armed with truth of them, and so needs to, will, destroy Iran. Of course, they will use our treasure, and blood and souls of our children to do it.

A Clown like you

They try to stop the bleeding, it is good to move those shi%, cost stupid amount for its failure rate.


No russian systems, thats for sure ^^


More likely to prevent further embarrasment through nonfunctionality, and exposure of massive waste of tax payers money.

Stephan Williams

They’re pulling them out before the world discovers how ineffective they are.

Ivan Freely

A day late, a dollar short. Everyone already knows.

Ivan Freely

Relocating to Ukraine?

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