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JUNE 2023

U.S. To Release ISIS Captives In Al-Tanf – Report

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U.S. To Release ISIS Captives In Al-Tanf - Report

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The United States-led coalition has moved a group of ISIS captives out from a prison run by its proxy in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in preparation to deploy them in the southeastern area of al-Tanf, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on March 12.

The state-run agency said that the terrorists were taken by coalition helicopters to al-Shaddadah base in the southeastern al-Hasakah countryside and another base in al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

“U.S military helicopters transferred a group of ISIS terrorists from the secondary industrial school, which the occupation forces and the SDF militia turned it into a prison, and headed south to their illegal bases in al-Shaddadi and Omar oil field , in preparation for their transfer to the occupation’s base in al-Tanf area in the eastern Homs countryside on the Syrian-Iraqi border to attack residential compounds ,state’s infrastructures,and the Syrian Arab Army’s posts,” the agency reported, citing local sources.

According to the SANA, the U.S.-led coalition moved a large number of ISIS terrorists from several prisons and camps in the northeastern region to al-Tanf in the last few years. These terrorists were trained and armed by the coalition then released to launch attacks.

The agency alleged some of these terrorists were behind an attack on February 18 that claimed the lives of 45 civilians who were collecting truffles from the outskirts of al-Sukhnah town in the eastern Homs countryside and eight security personnel who were guarding them.

The SANA released several similar reports in the past, all of which were ignored by the U.S.-led coalition that didn’t confirm or deny.

Earlier on in March, the coalition’s main proxy in al-Tanf, the Syrian Free Army, announced that a new group of militants had joined its ranks after completing an extensive training course. The group didn’t clarify from where these militants were recruited.

The U.S. maintains some 900 troops between al-Tanf and its bases in northeastern Syria. Despite facing much criticism, Washington appears to be planning to stay in the war-torn country for the long-term.


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