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JUNE 2021

U.S. To Open Its Embassy In Jerusalem In May

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U.S. To Open Its Embassy In Jerusalem In May

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On February 23, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert announced that the U.S. will open its Israeli embassy in the city of Jerusalem in May.

U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017 and announced that the U.S. will be moving its embassy at Israel to the holy city.

“In May, the United States plans to open a new US embassy in Jerusalem. The opening will coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary,” said Nauert, according to the Israeli media outlet I24 News.

Reuters reported that the new U.S. embassy will be temporary located in the existing U.S. consular building in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the US began searching for a permanent site for its embassy, also in Arnona, according to Nauert’s statement.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Nauert’s announcement and described it as “a great day for the people of Israel,” according I24 News.

“It will turn Israel’s 70th Independence Day into an even greater national celebration … Thank you, President Trump, for your leadership and your friendship,” said Netanyahu.

On the other side, Nabil Abu Rdainah, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the US move, while Sami Abu Zuhri, an official of Hamas Movement described it as “a declaration of war against the Arab and Muslim nation.”

“This is an unacceptable step. Any unilateral move will not give legitimacy to anyone and will be an obstacle to any effort to create peace in the region,” said Abu Rdainah, according to Reuters.

Theopening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem city will likely provoke a new wave of protests in the Western Bank and the Gaza Strip. Palestinian activists had organized mass protests each Friday since December 6, 2017 to protest the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Twenty Palestinian protestors were reportedly killed in these protests.

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Thanks Rabbi Trumpenstein


May be, if israhell is still around…may be.

Rodney Loder

It’s all system go for Greater israel Saudi Arabia UAE and grub traitor Sisi.

Thank Allah the Palestinians are not responding to this obvious provocation, I can’t understand Assad not taking the opportunity to work closely with Turkey, if the Kurds could exhibit a positive outcome by being vanquished a massive blood bath could be averted.


Hillary Clinton lost US election to Trump due to Syrian war. Before US election Trump said that he will call his army from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and therefore, every one cast vote to Trump because nobody like US terrorism in other countries. But when Trump won US election he showed himself that how much he is corrupt.


Hillary is a Zionist.Trump is a Zionist, so who WON the election???

The American PEOPLE lost again.


My point in the comment is this that who support Israel or other terrorist groups in Middle East then definitely he will lose election.


Zionism won election is what I am telling you. and therefore the People LOST the election

People still support Trump because he supports Israel. The American people are not as smart as you think they are

Zionism -1

People -0

Overwatch D.VA

Trump , when he reach white house , met the real ruler of USA and provided a script that he must follow. If he deviates he will get removed , by impeachment or by violence..

in fact , US presidents are no more than actors reading their script and acting it out on the podium..


Those regimes that support Israel and terrorists in Syria and Yemen will be great losers.

Overwatch D.VA

have to hand it to the israelis.. they manipulated US govt with their lobbying arm , and now US is cucked like a poodle sitting at the feet of israeli masters..

imagine a small nation who was created by stealing land and killing natives.. totally occupy the leadership of a big nation , which have the same history of stealing land and killing native people..

truly ironic

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well if they manipulated the US to go to war against tiny Germany in the First World war, and in exchange the UK government said they would give Jew’s Palestine.
Then they manipulated the US against into another war against the very same enemies of the Jew’s.
They can do anything. They nearly have global conquest right now.

Israel is trying for years to push US vs IRAN war , a war that will kill many US soldiers and destroy many of it’s bases in vicinity not to mention the asymetric part of the war which is all US facilities in the world are legitimate target for iranian covert group..

the funny part ? the israelis will just lean back and watch US struggle and die for their interest , and the western media never expose the israeli puppetter behind the disaster that killed many american people..

the best part ? the american people themselves believed it is their duty to die for israeli..

what can one expect from one of the most ignorant and arrogant nation in this world ? they got suckered by the smallest nation in this world..


The ZIONIST FAKE Jews announcing to he World that they have WON but the actually they haven’t won – those NON Zionists and non- JEWS have LOST and that is very different

We have LOST because virtually all that the NON-Jews do is TALK and COMPLAIN about the PROBLEM – Zionist Jews, and we DO NOTHING out of COWARDICE and LACK of Integrity. “Doing the same thing over and over again and EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS”

YOU did their nasty evil DEED for them, in the SUPREMACIST process of RULING this Planet.

So we LOST.and if you think you have seen the END or the WORST, you are further deceiving yourself because the “WORST” hasn’t even begun, yet.

Think of the Bolshevik WAR and slaughter of about 20 Million NON-JEWS in RUSSIA and since 1947 on PALESTINIANS and THAT is coming and worse…….to YOU.

MOST of you FAILED the Palestinians and NOW it is your turn, especially you so-called, Americans.

The “Chickens are coming home to roost”, or as Christians would say: ” You REAP what you SOW.”

As an Atheist I prefer to say : “What GOES around, COMES around” !

……….and it is just around the corner !!!


You must be a delight at parties. Wanker.


Not at your parties, that is for sure, Zionist BRITISH slave. Reality is scary for COWARDS

My Irish Republican Brethren took care of your type well, and we are looking forward to regaining the North.My advice is don’t get in our way

Be well now

leon mc pilibin

That will make a nice target,a sitting duck..How stupid and arrogant.


NOBODY, including you, will do anything to those FAKE Jews because of COWARDICE and lack of INTEGRITY

It is easier just to TALK about it and instead, to murder Muslim Women and Children because they cannot adequately fight back. and those same Fake Zionist JEWS told you to, via your own Zionist FAKE President


Guess what ??? Sunnis who love the west and who are destroying Syria with the west are telling you that Bachar Al Assad is a zionist, that Hezbollah must be destroyed and that Iran is the devil. XD.

Sunnis keep flooding in USA pretending to help Palestine but sunnis do the contrary. Thanks to sunnis, Americans vote for Trump. XD.


At least the USA is being consistent here, whatever one thinks of the subject.

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