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U.S. To Keep Sanctioning Nord Stream 2, As Completion Nears

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U.S. To Keep Sanctioning Nord Stream 2, As Completion Nears

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The United States intends to impose further sanctions against Nord Stream 2 if it turns out that new companies have joined the construction of the pipeline, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

“We will continue to assess the activities around the pipeline that are ongoing in the region. If these activities meet the criteria for imposing sanctions, then there is no doubt that the administration will comply with the requirements of the law,” he said.

Price recalled that reports on restrictions against participants in the construction of Nord Stream 2 must be submitted every 90 days.

Earlier, a group of Republicans in the US House of Representatives expressed concern to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken over the policy of the Joe Biden administration towards Nord Stream 2. They believe that public statements against the implementation of the project are not supported by real actions.

Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that President Joe Biden thinks the nearly completed pipeline was a “bad idea” and had “been clear on this for some time.”

He added that the United States, which has already placed sanctions on companies involved in building the pipeline, was “making clear that we stand against its completion…and we continue to review other possibilities for sanctions going forward.”

Washington is actively obstructing the construction of Nord Stream 2 due to the promotion of its liquefied natural gas into the EU. Many project participants are on the US sanctions lists, but Russia and Germany continue to lay it.

Biden himself had publicly called the pipeline a “bad deal for Europe,” and a sanctions package on the project is continuing to be work in progress.

The German government and businesses have repeatedly said they will not abandon the Nord Stream 2 project, despite US sanctions.

On March 9th, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has received a schedule of laying the string of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Nord Stream 2 AG acting as the project operator.

“I can confirm that we have received an updated schedule from the Nord Stream 2 AG company for line A saying the work on this pipeline will commence this month,” head of DEA press service Ture Falbe-Hansen said.

The company was to submit the revised schedule prior to the work start, DEA noted. The authority is not required to approve it.

The pipelay under the project is currently underway in territorial waters of Denmark.


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johnny rotten

The question to ask at this point is whether the Yankees want to destroy Germany and consequently the EU, because if they insist on this path, that is the result they will reap.


Too stoopid as Great Khan say for mamtu to know!

Lone Ranger

U.S. is self imploding. They dont have the juice to take on the EU, Russia or China. They are still busy fixing the water crisis in Texas…


This whole thing is a divertion. As the name suggests (Nordstream 2), it is the second set of pipelines belonging to the Nordstream link. The first set of pipes was commercially opened already in the year 2011, attended by François Fillon, French Prime minister;German Chancelor Angela Merkel; Mark Rutte, Dutch prime minister; Dmitrij Medwedew, president of Russion federation; and Günther Öttinger, Energy minister of EU. Nordstream 2 just doubles the existing capacity, hence the BS regarding dependency on russian gas is just for the strupid public, unaware of the actual situation.

Jens Holm

The main problem for the western parts of Europe is that the own sources for fossils rapidly is declining.

So its a kind of heat and power balance, which has to be adjusted.

If I go many years back the hope was when the Danish windpower systems were expensive, they could replace the expensive and polluting systems by coal and oil.

Next would be the windpower systems rapidly improved and by that could replace the second most pollutiong and expensive ones – and so on.

It didnt happen fast enough. We and Europe found a lot of – in the beginning – very cheep gas fx having no HSO4 minus in it. That was iplemented much faster and by replaced too much. Next prices got up because many anted that less poluting method.

Thats where we are today being too much depended. Thats what the EU plan for less fossils is about.

People here blame fx me for I think we can replace everything with wind. Its not like that. In all year windy areas as Denmark we today replace 50% for electricity and with no problems can replace -maybee 50 to 75%.

So we still has somehow to cover the rest.

Other countries has much less wind and space also is needed. But even if You then “only” gets 10 to 25% its a lot of energy and a lot of money.

Its a powerbalance. When the wind blows we export electricity. When its not we import a little too and thats mainly made by fossils. So we help each other using the possibilities full time.

Its not only a matter of many windpower stations. Its very much about decentrale and central distribution an updated grids for a lot of electricity.


yeah but since then the disunited states of insufferable fools have found lots of fracking gas, poisonous and can only be transported by ship and any russian gas will be in the way. fact is that earth’s crust is full of natural gas and a working price level for the insufferable fools is far far far away, since a lot of sellers of natural gas are flooding the european market. so for europe the russian stuff is the best and most cost efficient alternative.

Jens Holm

You as usual dont follow things well or at all.

They have offered supply from them and to almost the same prices. USA dont want to destroy Germany and the rest of us. We cant just optimize by cheep fossils and has to pay a little more.

But the conslusion is the same from Me and Denmark going solo. The pipeline wil delay we replace the comming energy lack by other possible solotions and the improvements of them.

Those even are scedueled in the inviroment plans for EU, which also gives cleaner air and less climate warming up.

Parts are easy to understand.

1) Faster build out of Windpower, where it pays off. 2) Faster build out of solarcells for electricity where it pays of 3) which is very big is being much more effective in production as well as spending energy. Big ones are insolation of houses, care running better, many more pups making heat or cooling in level 4-5 by electricity. We(and the world) actully are iproving well. The lack is implementing with good plans.

Peter Williams

It is you Jens that has no understanding of the situation. The US cannot replace Russian gas as there are simply not enough ships to transport an equivalent volume. And electricity cannot replace gas for process heating. And electricity is inferior to gas for domestic heating.

Jens Holm

It seemes as You dont what heat pumps are.

Mine gives 7600 wat heat by 1500 watt electricity. It also can cool down in the summertime. It works down to minus 25 degrees.


Millions are produced every day by fukitzi. mitzubitzi, philps, panasonic a.s.o.


I also has not written USA can give Europe enough gas.

You must relate to Your own house or country, when You write this and that. Here is alink in my language. https://scanheat.dk/varmepumpe-pakke/.

Peter Williams

As a former refrigeration mechanic, I know very well what a heat pump is and the use of the Carnot cycle and reverse Carnot cycle. As I stated, electricity is too expensive and inefficient for process heating i.e industrial applications. Your so-called “green” electrical sources are actually extremely environmentally destructive and have an extremely high CO2 component in their manufacture.

Germany needs Russian gas for power generation because it foolishly shut down its NPP to appease the radical Greens who want to live in a world devoid of all industry, not realising that it is industry that creates their solar and wind “solutions”.


You can’t have nor run industry without fossil,these greens have been given too much attention,need be laughed off,seens those pipes are also capable of future hybrid/hydrogen gas,not just conventional clean burn natural gas, The self proclaimed purists may rant all they want about refrigiration,yet how is it back the 45 year old r22 5kw wall mount aircond around 1850 watts for 5 minutes to cool the whole area in 5 minutes or less,only to replace with a current state of the art 5.3 kw (no22) unit running 2000 watts for 30 minutes of so to get the same job done? I Smell a big inefficient rat from france, somehow some way,money is the object making more not saving our lives, Your the expert you tell me what that means? So much for green specifics.

Peter Williams

You can blame the big chemical companies like Du Pont for inefficient refrigeration units. They convinced the EU and USA to place ridiculously low levels for hydrocarbon refrigerants like propane, butane and isobutane, thereby forcing manufactures to use the less efficient HFCs, obviously made by Du Pont and the like.

For decades, German refrigeration mechanics (in both Germanies) would use LPG to regas refrigeration equipment. It was cheap, efficient and readily available. While hydrocarbon refrigerants are flammable, so was the oil used in CFC equipment, and CFCs turn into Phosgene when exposed to a flame.


“and CFCs turn into Phosgene when exposed to a flame.”

I must remember to wear my full NBC suit ( nuclear, biological,chemical) if I chuck a freezer on the bonfire then :)

Supreme Blyat

No worries pal, NS1 is there to stay.

Lost Empire

I don’t think they will able to do this, not more. They are simply terrified of a rapprochement of Germany and Russia. They know that this will be the end for them. Novorussia probably will be the trigger point to try stopping “NS2”


All we can do, is to wait and see.

cechas vodobenikov

incompetent pre-electric society upset that civilized people can heat their domiciles

Supreme Blyat

By domiciles you mean yurta ;)

Lone Ranger

Too little too late Americant pirates….🐈


Well at 95% complete its a slap in the face for US overpriced LNG, they will have to get other mugs to buy it.


Yes they are working on that; in order to “Build Back Better” the plan is Plastic

Big Oil’s New Plan: Flood the World With Plastics • Children’s Health Defense https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/big-oils-plan-flood-world-with-plastics/

Jens Holm

Go and kill some whales :)

But You are right. Very much is made by plastic and a minimum should be much more recycling. Thats difficult, but we actually try for all oilproducts, electronics, glass, paper, food leftovers , building material and like that.

We are very organbined but its very difficult, so use lesswhere not needed seemes to be the best reducer. We replace plasticks with paperproducts. Thats no miracle but better.

Jens Holm

They just stop. Thats hoiw market is.

You off curse ignore USA instead of need of import now even – if needed – are able to export.


This is the future,not cia baloney:

Russian gas giant Gazprom said on Monday that it had delivered the first carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Europe, shipping the fuel to Shell in the UK.

Gazprom delivered the carbon-neutral LNG to Shell at the Dragon terminal in Wales. According to Gazprom, the Russian company and Shell are jointly offsetting the carbon footprint of the shipment via the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity carbon credit standards.

This delivery, made with Gazprom’s long-term partner Shell, confirms that the natural gas industry helps the world’s climate goals, Elena Burmistrova, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee and Director General of Gazprom Export, said in a statement from Shell.

The cargo will enable Shell to supply further carbon-neutral gas to the UK’s domestic market, Shell Global LNG, one of the largest LNG traders in the world, said in the statement.

“We are grateful to Gazprom for partnering with us in delivering the first carbon neutral LNG cargo in Europe. We have already delivered seven carbon neutral cargoes in Asia and are very excited to be able to now offer this to customers in the UK,” said Steve Hill, Executive Vice President, Shell Energy.

Jens Holm

Thats fine with me. Nice to know.


So many supported Biden in the election thinking that he would repair what Trump did. Surprise surprise…Not only is Biden not doing so, he’s ramping up policies against Nord Stream 2, Asia, Syria and Iraq showing once again that every foreign policy moves are fully supported by the Democrats and Republicans. They have the same vision and it is to control the world. Problem is, the world is no longer bowing to them hence losing pretty much everywhere they go…and I absolutely love it!

I hope I will be alive to watch the empire fall apart completely. States breaking away from Washington and a huge revolution. Basically, like what happened to the former USSR. The difference here is that once it happens, China and Russia will never allow them to get back on their feet. The USA is the King of terrorism. No one comes close to their level of cruelty.

Mike Pompeo said it best: “We lie, we cheat, we steal”. Not for much longer, Pompeo.

Jens Holm

…And You never tell why USA dont like fx Russia. Russia never makes reasons.

Assad must stay

its the ghost of the soviet union getting revenge from beyond the grave lol

Lost Empire

Senile Biden himself had publicly called the pipeline a “bad deal for Europe”. Americunts decide what is “a bad deal for Europe” and what is a good deal (what’s good for them). So they sanctions anyone works on “NS2” project just because it’s a bad deal for Europe, not because they want to sell to Europe their liquefied gas and beacause they are terrified by the possible rapprochement of Germany and Russia. What to say? A very rogue state


Many European leaders deserve to be treated like that,they have been Bitches of the US for years.

Jens Holm

Ha ha. Just do it. We have Monsanto:)

Jens Holm

Biden is not senile at all. Europe gets many advices fx from Russia too.

You seeemes to IGNORE the REASONS. A typical reaction from the dark side of the world. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d3639e2a9d1767694b719fa640c524bae267f58bb4f3f9aa2b0f5eb8c84e498.jpg

And no its not Navalnevs daughter in Krasnodar


See solar and wind is very limited,particularly bleak 6 monthly northern european and certain us/candian/uk regions,yet cannot run batterys without fossils,try texas!

Which brings to point about real world validity and sustainabilty to the crux of the truth,these low balling,ultra low iq incompetent greens think they are still in the 70s

but this is now,like welcome to 2021 fkn derr,greens,who made whoms?

The fossil giants are correct,always were to be frank,if a fraction of consideration was utilised to co develop joint/hybrid real world practical solutions instead of trying to destroy what can never be destoyed if anything only their own existence(texas)?

Even the most loudest stanchest poodle of the nwo/greens,will jump the ship too,

take it for a grain of salt for truth cares,however the world will take heed regardless.

The Biden Administration is backing a natural gas pipeline project in a legal fight about eminent domain that ended up in the Supreme Court, a move that shocked environmentalists who had hoped the Administration would not support any oil and gas pipeline projects.

The Department of Justice, however, backed the PennEast natural gas pipeline project in a lawsuit the Supreme Court agreed last week to hear.

PennEast is a pipeline project of 120 miles to carry natural gas from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and will meet growing energy demand in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, one of the project shareholders, Enbridge, says.

The PennEast Pipeline Company is looking to overturn a federal appeals court ruling from 2019, which said that PennEast could not use eminent domain to seize land owned by the state of New Jersey for pipeline construction. The federal appeals court argued in 2019 that taking the New Jersey-owned land went against the 11th Amendment, which protects states from certain lawsuits.

The Supreme Court last week agreed to hear the case, and now the Biden Administration, just like the Trump Administration before that, is backing in a brief to the court the arguments of the pipeline company seeking to overturn the lower court’s ruling.

Ron Morano, executive director of Affordable Energy for New Jersey, told Bloomberg Law he hoped that the Biden Administration’s support to PennEast could “be indicative of this administration’s future positions on our energy independence.”

Environmentalists were disappointed, with Maya K. van Rossum, head of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, telling Bloomberg Law the backing of PennEast “is an abuse of power and trust and a failure of the current administration to do its duty to protect people and our environment.”

Oh,my oh my,sorry the truth burst their wittle sos transgendered infactuations:

Supreme Blyat

Russia and Germany together can conquer the world!


Us energy minister trying to tell the oil men future policys,what a dumb skank,watch what happens!


Here in the USA, a great depression will hit. Stocks will crash. The US will go to war to try to hold the country together. 80 million patriots will emerge and the civil war will be on.

Band Itkoitko

Germans will not let NS2 remain unfinished. They are not that suicidal and stupid. Now, if they are crazy and really decide to switch to LNG, again they would need to buy it form Russia. That’s simply the market logic – people buy what is most affordable and offers the best price. There’s no benefit for the US if NS2 fails. This is so stupid and wasteful to attack NS2. They have no winning move. If anything, it would be better for Russia to sell them LNG, since the price is more dynamic and Europe would enter in immediate competition with Asia for gas. This would increase the price of gas (LNG) and will benefit Russia the most.

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