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JUNE 2023

U.S. Threatens Russia, China, EU With New Sanctions Over Buying Iranian Oil

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U.S. Threatens Russia, China, EU With New Sanctions Over Buying Iranian Oil

AP Photo / Vahid Salemi

The US is considering an option to impose sanctions against Russia, China and EU states for buying Iranian oil, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said during a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee.

“We intend to enforce sanctions on them [China], on Russia, on Europe and others against Iran oil,” Mnuchin answered to a question if the US would impose sanctions on China for importing Iranian oil.

Washington has repeatedly threatened that it is set to impose new sanctions on Iran and urged all world countries, including its allies, not to stop purchasing Iranian oil and to cut trade ties with the country. The Trump administration claimed that those states that fail to do so will be blacklisted by the US.

Earlier this year, President Trump announced that the US is withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal and is increasing pressure on the country.

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I’d like dedicate this Serbian Song to our Al Capone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYXD6aAiLn4&t=15s (And for those who have seen Kocaiyne’s Music Video which contain English Subtitles, It doesn’t say nice things about our cuz) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03975f905436b33baeb26c631f3b25a34f6d907739c0a2e49e81a3be1ffec51c.jpg

Dušan Mirić



Al Capone was a serious person and did business with the Jewish mafia of casinos and prostitution, became very powerful thanks to the sanctions on alcohol, such as those put by Trump.

Daniel Castro

Isn’t sanctioning the whole world the equivalent of sanctioning yourself?

William Carrington

More like suctioning !


More empty threats by a megalomaniac midset, financially they might try to impede the dynamics between Iran, Russia, China, India and EU, they would not be able to do anything militarily.

The American psychopath mindset is to be full of hubris and push the envelope as far as they can get away with. I see Russia, China and EU cooperating more closely and distancing themselves from the psychopath hubris.

Hisham Saber

Im sure the Chinese, Russians are trembling at this insulting bit of news. India, which buys lots of Iranian oil might succumb to Zionist pressure, being that India and Israel are close, and India is a vassal of the west.

Iran will/can lower its price for oil to China and Russia, to offset any sanctions. As far a the U.S. ‘ blacklisting’ China and Russia, that’s just nonsense, and Trump admin getting desperate.

In fact, Iran is a central, key node in China’s multi-trillion dollar BRI , actually indispensable ally for China as iy seeks Iran as its ‘gateway’ into the Middle East, by way of the BRI. Just lst month, the first non-stop passenger / cargo / supply mega train left China for Iran. The trip took 14 days, instead of the 5 weeks by shipping. Iran is slated, and already an observer in the SCO, and integrated in Eurasian economic organizations and infrastructure.

So these kind of threats are hollow, and mean nothing.

Gary Sellars

The appropriate response by Russia and China is an immediate elevation of Iran to being a FULL MEMBER of the SCO. Tell the Trumpian and his cunt-nation to FUCK THEMSELVES.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well accordingly to Lindsey Graham “ISIS and other radical Sunni groups PRAY that Assad stays in power in Syria. That allows them to recruit members to their cause in perpetuity”. Well said by no one with any real credibility in Foreign policy ,while Illegally entering a country without going through it’s customs office or border crossings.

“Weelll doggy, that can get some feller in a might heap of trouble there with them notions maybe granny can help you there”-Jed Clampett

Gary Sellars

Lindsay Graham is a closet faggot who refuses to emerge from the closet as his SC voters wouldn’t approve. A despicable little cocksucker and a true grotesque…

ISIS and US/EU/Turkey/GCC/Zio backed takfiris are a dying breed in Syria. They are fucked, and they know it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What you didn’t like my Jed Clampett quote it summed it up nicely and I did think Jethro was smarter sadly Max Baer jr. is dead, R.IP.

Feudalism Victory

lowering the price iran can pay will hurt. Theyll make less but maybe theyll survive?


Trump jumps up and down like spoiled kid who dosn’t get his way. :) Russia buys oil from Iran??


Yes they did. They refined then sent them to Poland.


Lol .

Tudor Miron

If you look at his actions from the point of view that I suggested than you’ll start to see “method in his madness”.

William Carrington

He is safely tethered in Londonistan.


The US sure loves blackmailing the world.

Gary Sellars

Schoolground bully on steroids… When he grows up, he’ll be working part-time in a carwash, while his victims go on to be professionals and wealthy businessmen.

“Now Biff, make sure you put down TWO coats of wax this time”…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

“Yessir Mr. Mcfly right away sir, two more coats !!”

leon mc pilibin

What are they smoking in the jewSA congress??it must be some weird new stuff,because only weird bullshit comes out of that shithole.


They smoke a form of dried Novichok I think. The UK is now producing it at Porton Down. :)

William Carrington

Also vast amounts of lies from Novichok Down.

Rafik Chauhan

US is in big trouble specially American people will suffer bcuz of this Zionist trump descisien . American people has to wake up and fight this devil other wise they will destroy America and the world

Rafik Chauhan

US is blackmailing the world . and anyone who bow to US is the slave of American who leek trump and Zionist ass and also worship devil. and have no diginity


more Khazar mafia “politik”….


US is a failed country lead by lunatics having few lunatic allies that all the time scratch their heads.


Let’s boycott anything made in or controlled by the U.S.Let’s teach Israel a lesson! Don’t buy Chevy, Ford, Harley Davidson, Apple, IBM, Boeing, Caterpillar, Chevron, Coco cola, McDonald’s ..etc.




Lol. Honest election would elect this guy or other jew master.


I have not bought any US goods for a few years now , unless there is no realistic option. I even boycott US owned companies in the UK.


I agree, have you ever looked up the major shareholders of your bank, or insurance company?


So we Europeans also become rogue states like Libya, Iraq, North Korea and Iran? What the fuck, we must immediately align with Russia and China before ending Gaddafi.

Gary Sellars

Who the f do these misbegotten CUNTS think they are? Fuck the seppos, fuck them to the lowest depths of Hell. A more arrogant and spitefully stupid people has never existed on this 3rd rock.

Gary Sellars

There is zero chance the Chinese and Russians will even consider doing a Chamberlain and appeasing this stupid Orange-haired seppo dotard. Give in to these cunts just once and you create a permanent collar for your neck and a whip for your back. Anytime the Washington cabal demands fealty from its minions and satraps, they will re-issue their threats and sit back to enjoy the obeisance of the untermensch.


That’s the idea, the US works its evil like this.

First accuse an innocent person of a crime, then punish that person, if anyone tries to defend the innocent person, they then punish that person.

The system permeates America, they use it against anyone who tries to defend Trump, and any nation that tries to defend Venezuela Syria or Yemen.

It’s the lynch mob mentality, and Americans love lynchings.

Gregory Casey

It appears that Trump has himself become a Master of this system of American “Justice”


Let us hope Trump hurries up and finishes blacklisting the rest of the World so it can get on building a better life for everyone on the Planet without the USoA.


Bravo!!! The arrogant and stupid US globalist politicians all included, the Trump factions and the “Deep State”, because they are showing us how cleaver they are to isolate US from the rest of the world.


Well I can’t see Russia and China stopping. The US has already given them not much to lose. Cut off from SWIFT? Well that just accelerates the ascension of gold-backed trade, and basically the end of any use for the US dollar. They can then connect foreign countries up to their own settlement systems and away they go, I imagine.

Joe Kerr

The zionist obsession with Iran is now exposing itself full on in all its rabid grotesqueness, dripping more saliva with each new threat and high-octave howling like a hound barking at the moon. The PNAC plan has reached a dead end in Syria, with the only option left being confronting Russia and China and hoping they step back. The Novichuk events are just the start, as no evil is beyond those who organised 9-11 and 7/7. Russia and China need to polish their weapons and be prepared, lest they’re taken by surprise.

John Mason

How about getting this BS over and done with, nuke the US, quite obvious they are begging for it.

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