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U.S. Threatens FSA: Don’t Participate In Turkey Attack On Northeastern Syria


U.S. Threatens FSA: Don’t Participate In Turkey Attack On Northeastern Syria

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U.S. officials have threatened Free Syrian Army (FSA) against participating in the upcoming Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, the Turkish Anadolu Agency revealed on December 15.

In a message allegedly sent to different FSA factions and to the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SMDK), Washington vowed to strike any group that would participate in the attack and to end its relations with it.

“US forces and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are intertwined so that SDF cannot be attacked without aggression and confrontation with Coalition Forces and U.S. forces and advisers,” U.S. officials said in the message, and added: “When elephants dance, you must stay away from the dance floor.”

In its first response to Turkey’s planned attack against the SDF three days ago, the U.S. warned from “unilateral military action” into northeastern Syria without naming Turkey. The new privet messages to the FSA are much harsher.

During the last few days, opposition sources confirmed that factions of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) and the Syrian National Army (SNA) will participate in the upcoming operation with more than 15,000 fighters.

The NFL and the SNA have not commented on the new U.S. threats yet. However, given the fact that these groups get their financial support from Turkey, the will likely ignore these threats.

An armed conflict between the U.S. and the Turkish-backed FSA may change the entire situation in northern Syria, as the last is relying on Washington’s support to keep Damascus government forces away from its last strongholds in the province of Idlib.

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  • Syrian National Army, the Army’s spokesman Yousuf Hammoud’s statement : Despite threats from the U.S. we will fight east of the Euphates with
    Turkey…. Joint interests with our Turkish bretheren.. return of
    citizens to their towns which got rid of oppressive local rule will get rid of PKK elements together. * didnt translate it myself *

    • PZIVJ

      “the Turkish Anadolu Agency revealed on December 15”
      Sounds like normal Turkish BS and propaganda.
      No arty prep fire going on and Erdogan is crying for a joint agreement.
      How pathetic is that !!!!

      • No one stated a joint agreement, Turkish army stated that they wouldn’t target coalition forces. No one can stop Turkey in its battle against terrorism, imperialism in the middle east will be defeated and the Turks and FSA will destroy you like in afrin, and you will watch again. because america is used to watching their proxy factions being destroyed.

        • PZIVJ

          Bring it on wolve bitch.
          Much better than empty words and threats. :)

          • Afrin was self-explanatory, America will watch again whether they like it or not, they should’ve threatened Turkey as well, they didn’t have the balls but tried to threaten FSA factions. lmao

        • Jens Holm

          Of course Turks can be stopped.Thats a matter of priority.

          As usual we only have the high censured internal Erdogan telephone talk with Trump. Thats mainly not to recognize from the talks, which actually has been.

          So Your supoort by diaperjumping is for Erdogan manipulation based on Erdogan Turkish lies as ususal.

          Not even Turks in Turkey is allowed to know, whats foing on.

          The have world record in jailed jpurnalist and confiskated news sites. We see dirty agressions from them even here in Denmark

          But its not as here, where none Turks dare to have other oppinions to, whats going on. Even our Turkish or half Turkish citicens are being watched at their fx facebook acoounts and are being hold back even they in loayalty have sended many to their relatives in 30 years since 1970.

          Thats how Turkey is, where You blame others. When we trust Turks is when we automatic trust all intensions as being bad. We mainly are right.

          Its almost timewasting telling stubbern Turks anything or find somethig in the middle. It like talking to the radio.

          • verner

            take another tranquilizer and go to bed, stupid, and stay there! too fecking stupid for words! stay in bed and stay away fro south front, where you add nothing of value.

        • Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY)

          Imperialism in the Middle East is already defeated. In 1917 and 1918! :D

      • Also i would like to state this, why are you threatening FSA factions? why don’t you threaten Turkey as well ? :))

        • Jens Holm

          Stupid question. When You make them, You can expect anything.

          • PZIVJ

            In school, you may have been told there is no such thing as a dumb question. … The reality is there are stupid questions that harm people’s impression of you when you ask them :)

        • Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY)

          Be careful what you ask for. You may get it! :D

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Go ahead


      Ottoman dogs bark and bark, but when the lion roars they slink back to the shadows!

    • mhtsaropinigitakis

      “Threatening is a sign of weakness and anger.” LOL Turkey has been doing this the last 30 years…ahhahahaha what a troll

  • lovethemapples

    “In its first response to Turkey’s planned attack against the SDF three days ago, the U.S. warned from “unilateral military action” into northeastern Syria without naming Turkey. The new privet messages to the FSA are much harsher.”
    Privet or Private? Russian speakers would understand. Your auto-correct is killing it:))))


      “Private”, though if it was private who released it? Typos are too common at South Front to get excited about.

      • lovethemapples

        A typo that is conveniently correct in Russian. I tested in my phone, I am fluent in Russian, and trust me it is auto-correct.

        • Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY)

          What is the answer then? Ottomans and Free Salafist Army puppets will attack, or not?

          • Gregory Casey

            They will attack.

          • Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY)

            What will US response be?

          • Ricky Miller

            Bluster. The U.S. should and would usually be more concerned with pushing Turkey toward Russia and China but the Trump White House is all full of stupid. Gaining a few million Kurdish allies in a nightmare of a geographical position is a terrible and poor trade off to losing Turkey, with tens of millions of Turks and a key geographical ally. Big Russian and Chinese pickup on the table but probably the U.S. tolerates the loss in prestige and loses the Kurds as a weapon by pulling back at the last minute and staying out of Turkey’s way. The thing is, with the rhetoric already and the feelings of mistrust regarding the arming of the SDF in the first place I think Turkey switches magnetic poles in the end anyways. From the American point of view this couldn’t have been played any worse, a common theme in recent American policy writ large. The bottom line, militarily the USA simply does not have enough personnel and weapons to stop a full scale Turkish operation in Northern Syria. Iraq wants American transits of their territory to stop. The
            Syrian government/Russian/Iranian alliance has no love for America’s position in Syria and Turkey is hardly going to allow transit of it’s own territory. The three B’s is your answer: Bluster, Big Mouthing and Backing Off. In that order.

          • You can call me Al

            The same as always, run away and claim victory, making 20 or so Hollywood films about their heroics.

          • FlorianGeyer

            ‘Oh shit, how did we get here in a conflict with a fellow NATO vassal ‘ :)

          • lovethemapples

            my comment has nothing to do with that. My comment is about the article not goepolitics.

          • You can call me Al

            What is your damn comment, that they spelled a word incorrectly ?; if that is all, your life on here is going to be extradnory b0rrring.

          • lovethemapples

            awwwww, someone got angry. its going to be ok

    • FlorianGeyer

      Privet I think is wat was intended.
      The Super Smart Minds of the US Military are Hedging their bets :)


      • zman

        Right on top of things, as always!

        • FlorianGeyer

          I have always enjoyed the use of ‘words’ . They are the bedrock of human interaction , although these days many of people have little breadth in their lexicon including the US President and one of my banks whose communications are about as literate as the sounds my horse communicates with. Without the intelligence of my horse.

          I believe the excuse for that is described as ‘intuitive intercourse’.

          Funnily enough historical evidence of the structured use of the written word is now known to have evolved in the Middle East, in and around what we know as Syria and Iraq. My ancestors at the time were living in caves and painting images on walls as they grunted to each other. Much like many of the people today :)

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    That’s right, the US ended support for the FSA back just before the Daraa Quneitra campaign started, and also booted out the last group of FSA fighters from Al Tanf not long after that, why would the FSA listen to them anymore.
    The US also has to make sure the Turkmen fighting in the SDF army aren’t going to switch sides at the first chance they get and end up in Erdogan’s army. I don’t think they’re going to fight their Turkish friends at all, I think they’ll either quit or switch sides first.

    • Rob

      All uninvited intruders should leave Syria immediately. They are the problems of all chaos in the Mideast and leave the area to locals to bring peace to the region.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        They should but they won’t, they have to be made to leave.

        • Rob

          Like Vietnam from where US fleed and lefted their wounded soldiers.

      • Val Shadowhawk


  • Tommy Jensen

    I urge all parties to refrain from violence, and I am warning you this will have consequences if you dont sit down and talk it all over.
    Our personal problems can only be solved with US in charge of all coordination because it was America who invented the “war on terror” scheme, not you!!
    So stop copying America and fight “war on terror” on yourselves. You must ask US first and only, silly.

    • John

      You sound like a US government employee there Tommy. Warning huh? By whose authority are you sending warnings? Come out of the closet if you dare.

      Personal problems? No junior, these are political problems. I you don’t understand the words, don’t use them.

      War on Terror? Now you are really making me smile. It was a game Tommy. It was all BS. We are now openly supporting elements of AQ.

      Now you are possibly being sarcastic and I have made allowance for this. But, you have to know what you wrote here and post in general, is fairy tale ridiculous. Enjoy your Sunday.

  • John Whitehot

    “When elephants dance, you must stay away from the dance floor.”

    I’ll be damned. This must be the first time i read something like this coming from the US.

    • You can call me Al

      That quote came from Ben Carson.

      • John Whitehot

        lmao lmao.

  • Daniel Martin

    I’ve said it before and i will say it again, Turkey can afford to be at odds with one superpower at a time, but no country in the world can afford to be at odds with two at the same time. If Erdogan continues his geopolitical zigzagging I’m afraid he will lose much more then he’s trying to obtain in Syria.

    • You can call me Al

      Comment of the day.

      Disclaimer – Your award may be withdrawn, as I post a few scorchers and award it to MYSELF.

      • Sinbad2

        “I post a few scorchers”


    • jako

      Turkey have switched from U.S. side to kind of Russian side…
      The only “superpower zigzagging” Erdogan did was against U.S. only.
      And that was since last putsch when CIA have tried to kill him…
      He didn’t change direction and seeing U.S. position today on YPG he will stay that way.
      So what are you talking about?!

    • Sinbad2

      Erdogan jumped the sinking ship of America, others will follow, the US can’t hold a gun to the head of every country forever.

  • John

    Comedy on display. DoD, get these clowns out of the limelight, whom are writing and posting this ridiculous stuff and get some people in there that have the faintest idea of what they are doing. When the script does not match reality, realign. You guys should know the drill, or maybe they don’t teach that in the military academies anymore?

    • FlorianGeyer

      The intricate web of ever changing Terrorist alliances is far too difficult for the US Military minds to unravel.

      They are like drunkards in a brothel who pay for the services of whores and get nothing in return :)

  • Lazy Gamer

    What if I bring a stinky smelly mouse? lol

  • World_Eye

    haha ah the US ah.