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JULY 2020

U.S. Strikes And ‘Scores’ Of Killed ‘Russian Fighters’ In Syria


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Mainstream media outlets and social media are full of reports that on February 7th hundreds of Russian private military contractors (PMCs) died in US-led coalition airstrikes on pro-government forces in the province of Deir Ezzor. Various sources provide different numbers, but one of the most popular versions is that between 100 and 600 PMCs were killed.

So, what is going on?

On February 8, the US-led coalition released a statement saying that on February 7th it had struck “pro-regime forces” attacking “Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters” in the Euphrates Valley. According to local sources, the US strikes hit the positions of pro-government forces near the village of Khasham. The CONICO gas facility and the nearby Jafar oil field were reportedly the targets of the alleged attack.

The US military described its actions as “defensive”. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis even claimed that the incident does not mean that Washington is “getting engaged in the Syrian civil war”. The Pentagon also said that it had informed the Russians via the de-confliction line in advance of the attack and no Russian personnel were there.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the US-led coalition struck a local militia conducting a military operation against ISIS cells in the area of al-Isba. 25 militiamen were killed in the incident.

Meanwhile, the pro-government Arab tribe al-Bakara announced in an official statement that dozens of its sons were killed in the US strikes without providing a precise number.

Later, on February 11, the ISIS Hunters of the 5th Assault Corps of the Syrian Arab Army said that on February 7th they had repelled a joint attack from ISIS and the SDF on Khasham and this had caused the US attack. The unit added that they had lost 20 fighters in the strikes. The ISIS Hunters are known for their links to Russian PMCs.

But there is another side to the story.

On February 7 and on February 8, the English-speaking mainstream media, like Politico, Reuters, CNN, were spreading reports that over 100 pro-Assad fighters were killed in the US strikes. All the reports were based on anonymous sources and were mixed with statements from the Pentagon and the defense secretary to look more reliable. According to these reports, a group of 300-500 government fighters, backed up by battle tanks and artillery, were involved in the alleged attack on the SDF.

On February 8, some infamous figures and media outlets of the Russian media sphere started spreading reports that Russian PMCs had suffered mass casualties in the February 7 incident. The conflicting reports, also based on anonymous sources, included estimates such as “two truckloads of dead bodies”, 10-20 killed, 100, 200, 300, 600.

On February 10, the Russian telegram channel WarGonzo posted 5 audio recordings of an alleged conversation among 3 PMCs. One of the voices provides the number of 177 killed. These audio recordings had also been received by a number of Russian journalists since February 7 and were most likely a forgery.

By February 14, reports had settled at a general number of 10-600 dead PMCs.

Meanwhile, the analysis of open info, including reports from relatives and friends of the PMCs involved in the operation, allowed all the concerned sides to find out that 5 Russians reportedly died in the aforementioned period. However, no details are available.

Independent journalists also noted that no aircraft, which could have been involved in the transfer of the killed and injured PMCs, had been spotted at Khmeimim Air Base since February 7. SouthFront correspondents and sources in Damascus and Deir Ezzor can also not confirm information regarding the hundreds of killed PMCs.

SouthFront’s military experts aware of the situation say that the possible number of the casualties could be higher than 5, but not more than 15-20.

The entire story about mass casualties of Russian PMCs is based on unconfirmed and fake data, that includes a few real facts like the US strikes, some PMCs casualties and the participation of the ISIS Hunters in the incident. The rest is an orchestrated campaign in keeping with the best traditions of propaganda.

The goals of which would be that:

  • the US is able to fight back against the Russians in Syria;
  • Russia is not able to defend its interests;
  • the Kremlin is not concerned over killed Russian citizens or is not able to carry out any pay back.



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  • jerry hamilton

    The goals do make good sense.

  • Joe Doe

    If no one is confirming, than most likely Russia started cover up, as Putin is afraid to respond and protect Russian and Syria in the war with american and it’s proxy. Putin policy in Syria war is noting more than blunders

    • Robert Ferrin

      Think we need to wait and see before we go jumping to conclusions,as far as Putin’s policy I think its been proven to be the correct policy, as they finish cleaning out the terrorist,and of course terrorist come wrapped in many different flags…

      • Joe

        He erred in that he repeatedly withdrew prematurely without finishing the job just to please the Americans …

        Don’t know what his purpose of intentions were …

        Another idiotic statements also surface… always giving point “Russians are there so do not bomb or Russia is in Syria to protect Russian assets only” while Syrians and other allies do not matter.
        Not a good ally but what to do… important one.

      • Joe Doe

        Well, I would agree that Putin helped solved one problem with the ISIS, but the same time Putin creates 2 other problems and looks like Assad will be left with divided Syria and Putin is to weak to resolve that issues.
        Looks like Putin is afraid, but at least he should provide SAA with S-400, PantsiS1 ad VERBA

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        15-20 Russian citizens killed beside many wounded is too high and there should be a Russian military response…to launch a cruise missile/Iskander attack vs SDF in Conico/Jafar gas oil field is necessary to dispel doubts of Russian weakness and inability to defend Syria in case of attacks from other countries…probably Syria and Iran will cause this incident and the drone… to force Russia to leave so much complacency with the Turks( invading Syria), the Israelies ( repeated airstrikes) and the USA (looting oil/gas fields in Syria)…..

    • Bolter10

      His blunders has got 80% of Syria ISIS free.

      • Joe Doe

        Yes, I agree,but the blunders created 2 additional problems, divided Syria and Assad will be left with such Syria on his own. When you look the map, Americans control 50% of Syria Oil and gas and Turkey will control soil that can produce food and water, very strategic importance

        • Bolter10

          True, Syria is now in at least three parts and as you point out its about oil and resources and Idlib will probably be defended by Israel/Saudi or its proxyies. Is it any better than say Libyia, yes, Lebannon, ..not sure. I am surprised the SDF Kurds do not support the YPG Kurds for the Kurdish homeland. If SDF wil not they are weakening the position of all Kurds and dividing themselves.

          • Tudor Miron

            “and Idlib will probably be defended by Israel/Saudi or its proxyies.” Same as it was defended in Abu Duhur? ;)

  • Joe

    It is normal for western media to get a “feel good” story .

    This proves one thing.

    In US supported areas , do not use armour or any of the sort as they are magnets to attacks.
    Go in there with armour would just be like how ISIS got clobbered by Russian/Syrian planes.

    Fight Hezbollah Lebanon 2006 style …. then US air is really useless .

  • mal

    300 attacked, 600 died. Seems legit. US must have bombed an Army of Siberian Cats, each with 9 lives.

    • Floyd Hazzard

      It really doesn’t matter how many. All that should matter is that Russian Citizens, in Syria legally at the behest of the Syrian Government, we’re slaughtered by forces there illegally, and all Russia could do is offer the feeblest of excuses. If that is not an international embarassment, I don’t know what is.

      • mal

        It’s not. US and Russian military were in contact throughout the entire incident, and it was deconflicted. Russia has no reason to escalate Syrian conflict at the moment as it is winning geopolitically. There is no need to widen the conflict, US policy is self defeating as it is.

        • Floyd Hazzard

          Lol…really? Do you know how many times both Syrians and Russians have been attacked by different players with no response? To me that suggests weak. How do you stay talking deconfliction while those on the other end of the line is bombing your citizens? To me Jets were the appropriate response.

          • mal

            “Do you know how many times both Syrians and Russians have been attacked by different players with no response? To me that suggests weak.”

            Have you looked at the map of Syria recently? No response? Winning militarily and geopplitically is the only response that counts. As for jets, why? What would you have them do? They can’t shoot US aircraft without a major escalation that will see Russian position in Syria reversed.

          • Antikapitalista

            So, if you cannot win, you at least keep moving the goalposts?! :-o

            Russia is losing both militarily and geopolitically… if that is the only result that counts.
            Russia is losing militarily because Russians are being killed without any response—literally. That is all that there is to it. Russia did not sacrifice a few men to gain some strategic advantage, Russia simply lost a few men for nothing. That definitely means losing, not winning.

            What is more significant, however, is that Russia is also losing geopolitically, simply because losing militarily necessarily means a loss of geopolitical prestige and clout on the international stage; thus, this is also a net geopolitical loss, all the worsened by the circumstances in which this happened: having your people killed and not mustering up enough dignity for even an appropriate verbal reply afterwards.
            I bet all the current and potential allies are taking note of this. That is why Russia is so isolated and in such deep shit. The vote on Crimea in the General Assembly of the United Nations should have given them a wake-up call.

            You always keep babbling about a major escalations, but the Russians have the situation escalating as well (how many times do I have to repeat this?!): by not enforcing the rules and complying with breaking the rules, they, in effect, have it escalated to the current situation.

            When will this stop? Of course, the Russians signal that it will never stop. They signal that they will let themselves be slaughtered with no meaningful response.
            Because they had already issued some warnings… and then they reneged and failed to act upon them. That is an invitation to a further escalation of the conflict.
            Simply standing-the-ground and not retreating from your rightful position is no escalation; rather, it is the first necessary step in any meaningful deescalation.

          • mal

            Stop being ignorant and educate yourself – compare Syrian map before and after Russian intervention. Russia is winning just fine. Losses in a war are expected, it’s not a walk in the park.

          • ulfr

            Take a look on the map of Syria in september 2015 and now. Do you see any difference…
            Russia is increasing every day. Who has taking the initiative ? Who organize meeting…Who has neutralized Qatar, Saudi, Jordania… Russia show the western every day how superior they are on the ground, in the political Power “play”.
            Excause for the bad English.

          • First Lastname

            “Russia did not sacrifice a few men to gain some strategic advantage, Russia simply lost a few men for nothing.” That’s pretty small brained. They crossed the Euphrates. That’s kind of a big deal. They got attacked and still held it. I would call it a success. It’s not like those were Russian civilians. They know the risk.

        • Antikapitalista

          What is “deconfliction” in you book, then?? The United States of Aggression going from words to bombing??!

          • mal

            Avoiding real military to military confrontation that can escalate out of control.

      • Dorthy

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  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    All this problem is that SAA lack of air defense system in Deir ezzor…we have seen how Turkish army deployed hawk SAM missile to avoid temptations of attacks turkish backed forces by USAF.

  • Bolter10

    The goal may also be ‘We are at war with Russia.’

  • Eskandar Black

    I can not believe trump would authorize an operation that would kill 5-20 Russians. My guess is that the administration is being sabotaged on multiple levels from within, making diplomacy with Russia, very difficult.

    • Joe Doe

      Because they know Putin is very weak and would not respond. Americans and Israelis tested this for months

      • Eskandar Black

        you don’t know much about Putin. You seem to be just a pathetic Israeli agent slinging dirt on Russia. I will not be responding to further comments from you.

        • velociraptor

          Look at the face of Putin. It is puffed-up from alcohol and medicaments. The world knows very well Putin.

          • Eskandar Black

            has mossad backup arrived?

          • velociraptor

            Ask florian geyer.

          • Tudor Miron

            Try harder little troll, try harder :)

          • velociraptor

            I can diagnostize, fanatic. :P

        • Joe Doe

          I don’t need to know Putin personally. It’s enough for me to see his inaction and blunders. Weak leadership puts whole country and it’s citizens in danger.

          • Langaniso Mhlobo

            Putin is useless his jet were down by USA terrorist nothing happened. His bases were attack with USA built drones by USA terrorist special forces nothing happen.Put in deny until online pictures were post.Yes Russian soldiers are fed up one day their will take over command and destroy enemies without Putin order to retain their pride.

          • Joe Doe

            That’s what I trying to say, Putin can’t even protect it’s own. Putin think he can fool Erdagon to leave NATO, but I think Erdagon will fool Putin and Assad and Syria will pay price, divided and unprotected Syria.

          • Igor Dano

            shlomo, how many shekels today?

          • Igor Dano

            idiot hopeless idiot.

        • Antikapitalista

          Trying to lead the debate astray with paranoid statements about “Israeli agents” will not help you. It will only reinforce the image about you that you are not able to matters adequately. (In other words: that you are not sane.)

          Russia is in deep shit precisely because Russia has such clumsy and inept leaders who do not know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

          • Eskandar Black

            haha. your post is stupid. and there is no further response required.

      • Tudor Miron

        That’s why you dream about replacing Putin with “strong” puppet of yours :). The day when west will start prising Putin (as it did with Eltsin while lifein Russia was worsening with each coming day and it was about to be dismantled into several “souvenir” states) – than we’ll have to get worried. While they try to redicule him – sure thing his doing fine.

        • Joe Doe

          If Putin has no guts to defend it’sown people and country mother Russia and it’s allies, than Yes, Putin need to be replace. Russia needs strong leader, that others will think twice before attack mother Russia and Russians and it’s allies.

          • Tudor Miron

            Says who? Who are you Joey? Are you Russian citizen to have a say? I remember you saying that Assad must go, where you Syrian back than?

          • Joe Doe

            You must be fool and mix me with some else, as I did not said ever – “that Assad must go, where you Syrian back than?”, as I wish many countries have leader like Assad. Many leaders will run, Assad stayed with his people and fight

          • Antikapitalista

            And you are a Russian citizen?
            If so, how are you satisfied with your (Western) image of neanderthal fucktards who are a danger to mankind and need to be isolated because you are responsible for all the evil on Earth and then some more in the outer space?

        • Antikapitalista

          Putin is no ideal.
          Putin is doing next to nothing in comparison to what he could and should do when his country is under attack.

          He at least could have made a speech condemning the never-ending egregious violations of international law by the United States of Aggression. he ought to ridicule the West and the Western leaders in his speech, using simple enough tropes, so that even the average Westerner could understand it and the Western mainstream feel hurt by it.

          And they could not ignore him because he is Putin… and they keep talking about Putin every day… and if they attempt to ignore him, or water his meggage down, then it will backfire upon them as they will lose credibility and relevance and will in time fall into irrelevance and obscurity.

          It costs next to nothing to make such a speech, yet it would have a powerful effect—for free.

  • paul ( original )

    Whatever the numbers, Russia blood has been spilt. May the vengeances be a
    thousand fold in return.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      Blood being spilt is an unavoidable grim reality if you go to war, but already with the artillery strike on the command post, Russia made an explicit claim that the US had a hand in spilling it. If you then don’t respond appropriately, the Yanks will reasonably figure that they got away with it, and probably can do so a couple more times.

      • Joe Doe

        This works like this, if you give some one finger, next they want your hand, you give than hand, next they want you arm. Look over the II world war history, Neville Chamberlain first give Hitler Austria, than Sudety, than Czechoslovakia and world war 2 started. If Neville Chamberlain had not given up and stud u to Hitler there would be never 2 world war. Only when cowards lead nations, than is huge possibility of wars

        • Ma_Laoshi

          My feelings are mixed. But when I’m repeatedly told that Putin’s options are, basically, crawling under the bed and WW3, I’m not buying it. For me, the most plausible WW3 scenario is an American surprise attack, because that’s the one being debated increasingly openly in Washington. When Russian deterrence crumbles before our eyes, some ambitious Americans may consider this a manageable risk, since at the hour of truth Russia just doesn’t retaliate–ever. I don’t feel particularly safe seeing the Dark Throne more and more emboldened.

        • dontlietome

          ” Look over the II world war history, Neville Chamberlain first give
          Hitler Austria, than Sudety, than Czechoslovakia and world war 2
          started. If Neville Chamberlain had not given up and stud u to Hitler
          there would be never 2 world war. Only when cowards lead nations, than
          is huge possibility of wars”
          Look everybody, here is a MORON that believes the mickey mouse version of how WW2 started. Tell me, are you the result of a Yankee education system ?

          • Joe Doe

            Looks stupid arsehole, looks like your IQ is almost 0 and your brain is dead,so you don’t even know the history. You most likely made by post man, during mail delivery

          • dontlietome

            Eat shit and die you moronic fuckwit.

    • Samantha Green

      I’m a bit doubtful that any Russian blood was spilled because even Russian PMC’s know that attacking SDF puts the whole planet at risk and that there are lots of ISIS to hunt far from SDF, like in Eastern Homs. So I still doubt Russians were there. ABORTION RIGHTS IN KHASHAM!

  • RamboDave

    If Iraq can be persuaded to ask the US to refrain from using Iraqi air space to attack it’s Syrian neighbor, the US will lose it’s advantage. If the US refuses to do this, Iraq can tell the US to get out immediately. If the US refuses, it would be proper to see some of them taken hostage by Iraqi PMCs until they come to their senses.

  • Pave Way IV

    I’m really not concerned about precise body counts. The biggest issue here: why is CENTCOM ignoring ISIS? ISIS has repeatedly been using the old An Isba refinery to stage attacks on Syrian forces. That’s why the SAA was heading to it – to find the base and kill them. Now why wouldn’t CENTCOM want someone to do that? Why didn’t they (or their DEMC ‘SDF’ thugs) all ready clean that place of ISIS? They claim to hold the territory.

    Or is CENTCOM just letting ISIS operate out of there on purpose? We use to call that TREASON in the old days, not ‘a clever plan’.

    • Tudor Miron

      You actually know why – ISIS is nothing other than irregular armed forces of US/UK/Israel.

      • First Lastname

        US/UK/Israel…But you repeat yourself!

        • Tudor Miron

          As intended.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      Here’s your answer.. Why did Isis flourish with longggggggg convoys in the desert in broad daylight under the watchful eye of the US and it’s coalition, snatching up 70+% of Syrian land until Russia joined the fray and began decimating those longgggggggggg convoys in the open desert in broad daylight?

  • Tudor Miron

    To sum up the goals: Try as hard as possible to sow dabt in minds of Russian electorate before presidential elections.

    • Joe Doe

      Very cheap excuse for Putin and you already got fooled and those attacks on Russians and Syria will intensify before Russian election, but this is due to Putin inaction and silence. Put simply, Putin and Lavrov blunders will give Americans and Israelis reasons to attack Russians and Syria

      • dontlietome

        Don’t talk shit…………….. If Putin and Lavrov keep their own council, then how do YOU know what blunders they are making. And since when do the Septics and the shit-eating Israelis NEED an excuse to attack the Russian and Syria ??????? They have been at it since the war was initiated by them you fucking dope !

        • Joe Doe

          Why you stupid because your poor, why you poor because you are stupid

          • dontlietome

            And you are as much use as half a cunt………………..which is no use to anybody, Israeli scum sack.

          • Roddy Wehrmacht

            Can you imagine Putin being even slightly intimidated by that sawed-off little blue-haired Yahoo in israel?
            Americans and Brits think that EVERYONE is as cowed by israel and whining, thieving jew fucks run amok as they are.
            I don’t think this is the case with others outside of the Western bubble of deeply conditioned jew obeisance.
            Putin has 6 million ways to create a giant clusterfuck for israel and her client-bitch the United States of Heebmerica in Syria and beyond.
            Satan-II missiles into Tel Aviv ought to shut that little asswipe up proper.

          • dontlietome

            Amen to that.

          • Antikapitalista

            It is not about Israel. Russia has good relations with Israel. Russia is a friend of Israel. Yet Russia said that such attacks in which Russians are endangered are unacceptable.

            On the other hand, no such statement had been uttered toward the United States of Aggression, despite the fact that Russia has more than one axe to grind with the Evil Empire. The United States of Aggression is an enemy of Russia.

            A stern, uncompromising attitude ought to be shown to your enemies, not to your friends.

            This distinction is very important: that Israel is a friend and that the United States of Aggression is an enemy.
            Because Russian is friendly and Israel is friendly to Russia, whereas the United States of Aggression is hostile to Russia.

            The Russian response ought to reflect it, which it currently fails to do.

            Simply speaking, Russia ought to persuade Israel that it is in Israel’s best interest to put pressure to the United States of Aggression to back down, or else… Russian nukes can be brought to Syria and a an agreement on “nuclear sharing” with Syria can be signed (which is probably not what Israel has been pursuing, but which is what may eventually happen)…

        • Antikapitalista

          We know it because we are watching it live!

          You fucking dope, have you been in a coma that you have failed to notice that they ARE ALREADY ATTACKING the Russians and Syria, with an excuse, or without an excuse.

          When will you finally learn and just stop putting your heads in in the sand?! When the Evil Empire will be at the gates of Moscow again?!

          I would not give a damn for their council, then. Their “council” has brought their country into the mess in which it currently is.

      • Brad Isherwood

        With the Russian signatory and Lebanon, …Offshore Nat/gas history Syria prior to 2011.
        The Sykes Picot crowd lost to Putin/Russia get the Nat gas ,ports and control over pipeline routes, ..or keep pipelines from not being constructed.

        Politically. ..this is big win for all those Oligarchy with Putin,..vs those looking on in frustration.
        US late arrival to the game left them with little,…unless Occupy Kurd/Syria becomes US
        Missile defence shield.
        Kurds do Opium trafficking. …steal some Syrian oil Euphrates east.
        It’s chump change vs the Big Nat Gas game.

        The Missile bases…if they do go in,…that is big as Israel is gaming towards Iran and
        Planet Rothschild get its Iranian Central Bank.

        Putin’s part of the Globalist 1%….the way He is playing these game turns is smart.
        Russia’s image gets inured …as Empire kicks sand in Russia’s face at the beach.

        Yet Putin/Russia get the Girl ( Energy )… …with Neanderthal US walking off thinking he just won.

        How Iran responds to Russia’s not punching out Israel, ..
        And letting US have Kurd Crime World. …?

    • Brad Isherwood

      >>To sum up the goals: Try as hard as possible to sow doubt in minds of Russian electorate before presidential elections.

      Downing of Su 25 is probably CIA/Anti Putin with Insider** info enable them to have a higher % chance of downing a Su 25 over Idlib province.

      There are the Russian Atlanticist /Oligarchs with interests against Putin.
      They cannot defeat him politically,…yet can get his attention if pulling off a shoot down like
      CIA /Turks did on the Su 24,…..if that’s in their interest.

      • dutchnational

        Please, do not forget the role of nefarious Lunarians.

        • Tudor Miron

          We remember the role of dutchie troll – thats more than enough.

      • Tudor Miron

        The fact (it’s easy to verify) is that 70 to 80% of Russian elites are still from Eltsins era. People that were gladly selling their country and people to their US masters. Process of clearing this shit out of the governing takes lots of time if one cares to keep stability of the state. Russia is far from restoring its sovereignty to 100% but we’re heading in the right direction.

    • Floyd Hazzard

      Russians being slaughtered with their government doing nothing should be enough to do that.

      • Tudor Miron

        Little Zio, that’s what you hope for “should be enough”. That could happen if Russians were as dumb as you and would eqasily buy into western lies and provocations.

        • Floyd Hazzard

          I don’t debate with idiots.

          • Nikolay

            Floyd, do not waste time with this shabbos-goy.

          • First Lastname

            “Appeasing Gadhaffi, Saddam and Hitler”
            I’m speechless.

        • Antikapitalista

          That last time the Russians did not buy into Western provocations, they had lost tens of millions of their lives and struggled for their survival.

          Because the Russians are really dumb, if they cannot even come up with an appropriate verbal response!

  • Tudor Miron

    Zio trolls are jumping all over this fake news :) Snakeheads are funny but miserable trying to feed their lies. Try harder zios, try harder :)

    • AM Hants

      Must admit, I am enjoying reading the comments in the MSM. They so are not buying it.

  • Jaguar XK8

    The US will win this

    • JEinCA

      When was the last time the Americans won a war? 1945.

      • Jaguar XK8

        We always win, are ya a commie?

        • AM Hants

          Really? On your own and the only one you won in the 20th century was the little island of Grenada. Now how long did that take? Even the pig farmers in Vietnam saw you off.

          Only 19 years peace, since 4 July 1776 and you still cannot win a war.

          • Jaguar XK8

            So you support communism?

          • AM Hants

            What has that got to do with Communism? A nation invades another, uses Agent Orange, on their own Forces and the innocent citizens of the nation invaded. Then how did they treat their Veterans that returned home, because the invading nation lost the battle? If anything, I respect the value of life, and nations living peacefully, in a very big world. Is that wrong? Also, using Forces for Defence and not Offence or Pipeline Security Agents.

        • Tudor Miron

          In your cubic world? Win like you did in Vietnam? Ardennes?

          • Jaguar XK8

            Just like that

      • AM Hants

        The one that they waited for the Soviet Union to do the hard work, then arrived late and walked off with the credit.

      • Bulgarian God

        USA won all wars in 20th century you communist DUMBASS! Your USSR was also destroyed in 1991! Russians and communists = loosers ! :)

        • AM Hants

          1917 the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire.
          1923, Stalin takes over from Lenin and launches the Communist Soviet Union.
          1991, the Soviet Union fell and 15 independent nations emerged. Russian Federation, moved on into happy and united multi-polar partnerships, with emerging nations.
          Most of the rest of the Communist Soviet Union, ran with their begging bowls and ‘professional victim’ status to Soviet Europe. Run on exactly the same ideology as the old Communist Soviet Union. Russia, reverted back to their Christian Orthodox Faith and have never looked back, free from the shackles of their ungrateful neighbours.

          As President Putin said:

          ‘To miss the Soviet Union, shows you have a heart. To want it back, shows you have no brain’ Vladimir Putin

        • Willing Conscience (The Truths

          The Vietnamese fought a war against the US in the 20th century and won, or don’t you know that.
          The Afghanistan conflict has been going for 7 years now and the US hasn’t done any better that the Soviets did before them. As a matter of fact when the Soviets were there, kids had free education, equal rights for women, free medical care and practically no opium production. Not anymore, now there’s just death and destruction.
          The Soviet union wasn’t destroyed by the US, it destroyed itself. My hero at the time Mikhail Gorbachev introduced new laws allowing independence for member countries and the union just disintegrated. Gorbachev was a good person and acted with good intention but since then has publically admitted it was a huge mistake, I think it was too.
          The mighty US military allowed gay and trans gender people to serve in their ranks after Obama sacked every single high ranking commander opposed to his new initiative. You should be really proud of this new army and what it does.

      • Roddy Wehrmacht

        Those Cuban construction workers didn’t stand a chance!

        • Sinbad2

          I got a laugh out of the American students who ran out with flags flying to welcome the marines, only to be shot by their rescuers.

        • Veraminow

          Don’t forget the two Grenada policemen asleep under the ceiling fan.

      • Tudor Miron

        Sorry mate, but in 1945 America jumped on the bandwagon when Germany was already done. It was waiting on the sidelines waiting for winning side to join.

    • Sinbad2

      The US is fighting for it’s life, without control of the oil market the US is a hollow shell.
      The US will lose, and the American empire will die, Praise the Lord.

      • Jaguar XK8

        so you’re a commie?

        • Sinbad2


    • Promitheas Apollonious

      in your dreams yes. In real life very doubtful.

    • Tudor Miron

      May be it does but only in that world on your avatar :).

    • Ronald

      Do love your ” Star Trek” , the Borg Cube . Ah yes “We will assimilate you” .
      Jaguar XK8 , enjoying the communal mind are we .

  • Joseph Glynn

    That makes perfect sense….. While America establishes it’s own ‘Islamic State’ in Syria !

  • AM Hants

    With Russia, they always leave a video audit trail of their sorties. Has anybody seen any videos of this? Funny, why no images to prove the story, considering there is a Presidential Campaign in a few weeks. Now who will benefit from sensationalism, via the MSM and false flags, in order to discredit the Kremlin, at the moment?

  • Roddy Wehrmacht

    It sounds like a big steaming pile of American-made bullshit to me.
    Actual Russians in this large amount killed? While wearing the RF uniform? And no retaliation from Putin? LOL, no.
    If this actually happened, it is a SERIOUS escalation and US outposts in Syria are in danger of incineration. FFS

    • Antikapitalista

      No, they were mercenaries.
      Actually, the United States of Aggression has been escalating it happily at an accelerating pace and Russia’s verbals response has always been meeker and meeker to the current point of being virtually mute.
      And I am speaking of Russia’s verbal response; Russia’s military response has been egregiously non-existent.

      • First Lastname

        You sound like a neocon. “Russia needs to retaliate and escalate or they’ll look like pussies, hurr durr.” That is how we take a national conflict with regional proxies into an international conflict with dire consequences.

        • Antikapitalista

          All of you have strong statements about “conflict escalation” without really understanding the term.

          You had better read something about it from an expert in the field:

          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Glasl%27s_model_of_conflict_escalation .

          I hope that you now understand why I say that the Russians all too often act like morons.

          Just see the steps. It is actually a downward slope, but it is just a small detail.

          (2) There are no words, no “debate” on the Russians’ part.

          (3) There are no „actions instead of words“.

          Thus, the Russians have completely abandoned the win-win area and have actually escalated the conflict to the win-lose area, where they are the losing party.

          (4) Coalitions? They seek no coalitions.

          (5) Loss of face – they are losing it, if they have not lost it completely already.

          (6) So, they have landed at threat strategies. Just one step from the lose-lose area. Do you see now how stupid their conduct actually is?

          And the conflict is already international.

  • alejandro casalegno

    In no operation Russia deploy hundreds of soldiers/PMC……….a few dozens at the front line at most.
    But in a very “Cold” front, suddenly hundreds of russians are side by side waiting the USAF???


  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    preparing the voters for a real conflict, they just put that into the overton window to gauge public reaction.

  • Dick Tater

    Looks like we got ourselves another Zionist puppet in the White House.
    No different than the previous 2 losers, 0bama and Bush…
    Israel/MIC killed 3000 Americans on 9/11, yet we’re fighting Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghan, Iran soon.
    American govt. is one big expensive joke.

  • TheNew Neandertalien

    There is a hysterical disinformation campaign in Russian and in Ukrainian media that exaggerates the losses of the Russian mercenaries that were a part of the convoy destroyed on February 7, 2018. The Russian and Ukrainian media and trolls are 95-99% controlled by the Hybrid British Propaganda Ministry.

    A website with a strong pro-Russian bias, southfront.org, this time gave a reasonable summary of propaganda and disinformation campaign in the Western and Russian media. What is missing in the report by the South Front, is that Mr. Girkin, a former leader of the earliest pro-Russian hybrid military units in Ukraine in 2014, participated in the disinformation campaign. Mr. Girkin, whom many pro-Russian web sites once presented as a hero, and whom southfront.org called “a former DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov (Girkin)” has been injecting the same disinformation with exaggerated losses of Russian mercenaries. Thus, the “hero” Mr. Girkin now works a troll and he is a part of the same Global Propaganda Ministry that controls Reuters and CNN. How come?

    The general context of the Russian presence in Syria is that Putin, a British spy, received an order to evacuate the Russian troops from Syria already in early 2016. But the collegiate ruling body in Russia, the Russian Security Council, opposed this and insists on staying in Syria. To force the Russians out, there have been a number of hybrid, i.e. military and non-military, special operations. This Feb 7, 2018, operation looks like a setup, like a special operation, organized by the British. And Russian generals here acted as traitors and set up their own troops.

    Survival Rule: Traitor is a typical psychological profile of a general, in any country and in any time, today or in the past. On February 7, 2018, Russian generals joined their US colleagues and demonstrated their skills in treason, the most important “art of war”.

    The situation is quite complex in Russia. Thus, the Russian Ministry of Defense and the generals of the Russian Chief of Staff are controlled by the British, just like Putin himself and most of the “economic block” of Putin’s government. The Russian Federal Security Bureau, the FSB, is an independent faction opposed to Putin and his cronies. The military aggression against Ukraine was conducted by the Russian military intelligence and later by the Russian military which is as already mentioned controlled by the British, i.e. by the “Globalists”, against the opinion of the FSB faction in the Russian Security Council.

    The US generals are notorious traitors on all the theaters since at least the Vietnam war. The US generals act only when their Hybrid British Masters want so. Notably, here, general Harrigian describes the formidable air and artillery power that the US troops and air force unleashed against this Syrian government army convoy. If such force had been used against ISIS, it would not have lasted for more that two weeks. But somehow, the US military can not do much against ISIS for several years already. Just as they can’t do much against the enemy in Afghanistan or could not in Vietnam.

    Thus, the operation of February 7, 2018, when many Russian mercenary were killed by the US air force and artillery, was a setup, a special operation organized by the Hybrid British, permitted by a treason of Russian generals. The goal is to push Russians out of Syria, to put a psychological pressure of mounting losses on those in the Russian Security Council who oppose a departure of Russian troops from Syria. Note, that if Russian leave Syria, the government of Assad will fall and hundreds of thousands of Alaouite, Christians and of other Syrians will be massacred.

    thenewneandertalienen wordpress com

  • Antikapitalista

    Nevertheless, it is true. And the goals have been reached; this propaganda, be it only for U.S. domestic consumption and only to reinforce the the facts that:

    1. Russia is not able to defend its interests;
    2. the Kremlin is not concerned over killed Russian citizens and is not willing to carry out any payback.

    The Russians have always been losing the propaganda war—and that means half-losing the war itself.

  • Icarus Tanović

    You’ll get your payback very, very, very soon.
    Just, set back and relax.

  • BL

    To those who ask why Putin isn’t responding, Putin did respond and more is on the way: