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U.S. Strategic Bombers Trained Strikes On Territory Of Russia When They Were Intercepted By Fighter Jets Over Black Sea

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On May 29, Russian fighters jets intercepted a group of US strategic bombers over the Black Sea. On June 1, the Russian Defense Ministry published an official report on the recent comments by Chief Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces regarding the increase of the NATO activity near the Russian territory.

Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces held a briefing on the level of NATO activity near the borders of Russia (source):

Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff (MOD GS) of the Russian Armed Forces, gave a briefing on the level of military activity of the United States and its NATO allies near the Russian borders.

“The Ministry of Defenсe of the Russian Federation constantly monitors and records the high level of military activity of the United States and its NATO allies near our borders,” said Sergey Rudskoy.

He noted that despite the spread of a new coronavirus infection, there is a significant increase in the number of combat training activities of the alliance’s troops, which have a clear anti-Russian orientation. The largest of them was the “Defender of Europe 2020” series of exercises.

U.S. Strategic Bombers Trained Strikes On Territory Of Russia When They Were Intercepted By Fighter Jets Over Black Sea

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“Let me remind you that they provided for the transfer of a contingent of US troops from the continental United States to Europe. The US side planned to use more than 28,000 troops, 287 tanks, 449 armored personnel carriers and 95 helicopters in the exercises. – said the head of MOD GS. “Another 17 countries planned to form their own contingents of troops, and from the joint Armed Forces of NATO in Europe — to attract five multinational associations.”

Sergei Rudskoy stressed that the focus of the exercise is clearly anti-Russian. For example, during these events, amphibious operations in the Baltic states and the Caucasus were planned to take place on the eve of May 9. This did not happen only because of the quarantine measures.

Almost all combat training tasks were performed at training grounds located in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders. Objects located on the territory of the Russian Federation are considered as probable targets for destruction.”

In addition, in preparation for “Defender of Europe 2020”, attempts were made to circumvent the provisions of the Vienna document by splitting a large exercise into smaller ones and involving neutral states in maneuvers.

The Chief of MOD GS of the Russian Armed Forces also added that the activity of the US air and naval forces and their allies near the Russian borders has increased sharply. So, in April of this year, a flight of B-1B strategic bomber aircraft was carried out along the Kamchatka peninsula, and in May five such flights were recorded: on May 6-over the territory of Estonia and the Baltic sea, on May 11 – over the territory of Lithuania and the Baltic sea, on May 20 — over the territories of Sweden and Norway, on May 22 — another flight near the Kamchatka peninsula, on May 29 — over the territory of Ukraine and the Black sea. It should be noted that B-1B bombers appeared over Ukraine for the first time.

U.S. Strategic Bombers Trained Strikes On Territory Of Russia When They Were Intercepted By Fighter Jets Over Black Sea

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“During these flights, US planes were approaching the border of the Kaliningrad region at a distance of up to 10 km,” said Sergey Rudskoy. — In all cases, our Air Defense systems detected strategic bombers in a timely manner, established continuous monitoring and implemented measures to prevent incidents. Seven lifts of air defense duty fighters were performed. Anti-aircraft missiles were ready for immediate action.”

In addition, the Chief of MOD GS of the Russian Armed Forces noted that NATO’s activities are becoming more active in the Arctic.

For the first time since the end of the “Cold War”, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in the Barents sea, a detachment of warships of the united naval forces of NATO held exercises. It consisted of three US DDG destroyers, which are the basis of the maritime component of the European segment of the global US missile defense system.

In addition, this campaign involved a nuclear-powered submarine and a universal supply transport of the US Navy, as well as the British Navy’s DDG frigate.

During the exercise, the tasks of hitting objects on the territory of the Russian Federation and intercepting Russian ballistic missiles were worked out.

“We regard such actions as provocative, despite the fact that the US side has notified these ships in the Barents sea in the shortest possible time,” Sergei Rudskoy said.

He also noted that the active actions of the Northern fleet, the deployment of NATO ships was detected in a timely manner, and their direct support and tracking of weapons was organized. This made it possible to avoid incidents and demonstrated the determination of the Russian Federation to protect its interests in the Arctic.

“The intensity of aerial reconnaissance in the Baltic, Black and eastern part of Mediterranean seas has also increased. Over the past month, 10 reconnaissance aircraft have flown over the Baltic and six over the Black sea. An US RQ-4B strategic reconnaissance drone was detected over the territory of Georgia, ” Colonel-General Sergey Rudskoy added.

Over the eastern Mediterranean, the US Navy planes of the type “Poseidon” systematically approaching the Russian military bases in Hmeymim and Tartus.

“To prevent their aggressive reconnaissance actions, we are forced to raise the duty fighters in the air. If in April there were seven such cases, in May there were already 17. In other words, it has increased more than twice, — the Chief of MOD GS of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation gave data. — We regard such flights as contrary to the signed agreements on preventing incidents in Syrian airspace.”

Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy stressed that such actions by the United States and its allies, hiding behind a far-fetched threat of “Russian aggression”, continue to destroy the existing security system in Europe.

“A significant increase in NATO military activity near the Russian borders was noted against the background of a possible American withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty and earlier steps taken by Washington to destroy the INF Treaty,” said the Chief of MOD GS of the Russian Armed Forces.

U.S. Strategic Bombers Trained Strikes On Territory Of Russia When They Were Intercepted By Fighter Jets Over Black Sea

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Work continues to build up the ABM infrastructure in Poland in addition to the US-deployed facility in Romania. All concerns regarding the possible deployment of Tomahawk cruise missiles at these bases remain.

In addition, the Globus-3 radar station in Northern Norway, in the village of Vardo, is continuing to modernize its missile defence capabilities and expand its capabilities to monitor the interior of the Russian territory.

“In turn, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has always adhered to a course aimed at building a constructive dialogue with NATO,” said Sergei Rudskoy.

Today, when the world’s efforts are focused on countering the spread of a new coronavirus infection, it is necessary to reduce the level of confrontation, to refrain from aggressive actions and the demonstration of strength.

“During high-level bilateral contacts with the leadership of NATO, we repeatedly discussed issues of preventing incidents in the military sphere and reducing the intensity of training activities conducted near our borders,” said the Chief of MOD GS of the Russian Armed Forces. – Only in 2019–2020 did they rise as the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov, in negotiations with the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Curtis Scaparroti and General Todd Walters, the chairmen of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford and General Mark Milly , Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Chief Air Marshal Stuart Peach.”

In February of this year, at a meeting with the Supreme Allied Commander-in-Chief, General Todd Walters, the Russian side once again recalled its initiative to transfer areas of major operational and combat training activities deep into the territory of border countries.

“All our proposals to reduce military tension and prevent incidents were set forth in a letter from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. In fact, our suggestions were ignored.

“We will continue the course towards de-escalation of the situation in Europe. This year, the Armed Forces do not provide for large-scale exercises near the borders of NATO member countries. Large-scale actions in the framework of the Caucasus-2020 strategic command-post exercise were moved inland. In the future, we are ready to adjust the areas of the exercises on a parity basis with the alliance.

In order to specify steps to eliminate sensitive incidents during aircraft and naval operations, we are ready to fix joint rules that determine the minimum distance of approach of aircraft and ships, as well as the interaction between crews.

We attach fundamental importance to the practical implementation of the initiative on the mutual use of transponders when flying combat aircraft in the Baltic. We look forward for the readiness of the NATO countries for concrete decisions on this issue.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will continue to monitor the situation and military activity of NATO near the Russian borders in order to take timely measures to ensure the security of the Russian Federation and prevent incidents,” concluded Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy.


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Chinese Dog

No need for US and russia to fight.

Assad must stay

sure but some people want it to happen

King Cliff

I’m surprised the Russian didnt send a few strategic bombers to be station in Venezuela. I mean they have specialist there,they can easily enhance the air defence of the Venezuela’s with they own deployment and then send a few strategic bombers and fighters jet along with Few nuclear weapons… Those misissle are so easy to carried these days it would pit Russian in a strong position especially if they deployed the under water nuclear drones….We are in trouble time and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian does such things after the United states of America still poses nike in Turkey.


Depends how much China pays Russia to defend Venezuela. Russia doesn’t need Venezuela, China does – but the Chinese are pussies as everyone knows.

Chinese Dog

Chinese assholes do not have any combat experience.On India China border, they run away like pussies. :D


In 1962 China won a border war with India, no serious incident has happened since.

Chinese Dog

Thats because our leadership was corrupt and a far left asshole by the name ‘Nehru’ used to be our leader.But now under right wing leadership, we are gonna fuck up the dog eaters(Chinese) and take revenge for the 1962 loss as well.


Anybody can play Risiko, the reality is a bit different.


Be careful underestimate the communist China PLA People’s Liberation Army (PLA) . China fought a 40 year civil war in the 20th century that took more lifes than the 2 world wars the west knows about. The PLA army finally came out on top at the end of the WWII when Russia after winning the Manchuria campaign against the Japs left their weapons to the PLA giving them a final decisive advantage against the capitalist Chiang-Kai-Shek.

The PLA won a swift opportunistic campaign to conquer Tibet. Sure Tibet foroces did not exist but logistically and timing wise when the rest of the worls was busy and Inida was a newly indepedent nation so the British were no longer there to support Tibet, it was savvy. Quickly follwoed up with border expansion and victories against India. In Korea PLA army fought a brutal battle with WWI technology against the far superior US forces and were winning unitl their primitive logistics could no longer keep up.

The PLA suffered a couple defeats in short border dispute wars with Russia and Vietnam which woudl serve as learning and’do not udnernestimate your enemy’ humility lesson

The past China forces technological deficinecies are being rapidly eliminated. So now coupled with an obedience and dedication to fight like army ants, extensive past warfare experience by both soldiers and population, huge numbers that could control with boots on the ground, the whole of Eurasia, if you are not Chinese, it is very dangerous to think of the PLA as pussies.


They tried to invade Taiwan and they had the same behaviour they pointing at the Indians, when surrendered to Taiwanese coast guards.

Assad must stay

I think they will soon

Jim Allen

I think there’s two Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela. Possibly a MiG-31, or two. Hypersonic weapons capable. Submarines as well.

chris chuba

This aggression is already costing us and will continue to do so. We are so busy looking to cause trouble for others we are ignoring our own 6.

Trump waited 6 weeks to close travel from the EU after closing it from China while the Covid19 meandered slowly from China, to Iran, to Italy to New York where it became our epicenter and gutted us like a fish. Now what did we do during that 6 week? Broke our CDC test kits, Tom Cotton got his Cold War w/China, and we added more sanctions on Iran and Venezuela. We would have been better off minding our own business and avoiding 40M unemployed and over 100K deaths.

Here’s a typical U.S. author warning about how low oil prices are going to impact the countries which are really oil companies. He’s concerned because we in the U.S. are guardians of the planet. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/how-collapsing-oil-prices-could-unravel-global-security/

Really? The U.S. is the country that is not handling low oil prices or Covid19 that well. Countries like Ven. Iran, and Russia are getting along rather well.

The world will be a better place when the Think Tank guys start to lose their jobs. Is there like an infinite demand for Neocons?


Well said, Ivan


great way to give them something to think about. they want to be able to distract Russia while they attack china later this year most likely

Icarus Tanović

Yes, run you cowards, just run.

Tommy Jensen

US has the right to sail up and down in front of Crimea in International waterways so the local population can see freedom is close to their country.

Jim Allen

The world can see US “Freedom” very clearly in the Middle East, South America, Ukraine, etc.. US has the right to get sunk.

Lone Ranger

Disney called, they want you back…



Assad must stay

Truly great work mister Russian, keep intercepting and messing up their plans

rightiswrong rightiswrong

US bluff and bluster.

Trump always backs down, eg Iran, N Korea, Venezuela and Syria.

These nations have stood up to US threats, but the US thinks the next time they won’t.

The only nation that will be seeing US combat troops anytime soon, is the USA, lol.


Exercises like these are common place with both sides flexing and sizing each other up without shooting. If there was a ZAPAD 2020 in the works, NATO’s top brass would be screaming ‘Russian aggression,’ ‘unprofessional maneuvers,’ etc. But the best thing about these exercises is that they stay as exercises for now and hopefully, for a long while.


That’s a false equivalent because NATO lapdogs are cannon fodder and Russia isn’t seeking to damage its relations with other European countries. Russia doesn’t regularly practice bombing the Zioterrorists’ home turf.


If the US Zioterrorist regime doesn’t get to subdue Russia/China, the best Russia can do to protect itself from potential war is arming Syria to the teeth. The US will first have to try to wipe out Russian assets in the Middle East before trying their luck with the Ukrainian Zionazis in Donbass or Crimea, or with the Polacks in the Baltic. It’s a better early warning systems than all the radars in Russia. And seeing how the Ziocorporate Wall St./Fed house of cards is falling apart, it’s the best bet for maintaining peace for the moment.

cechas vodobenikov

no people wish to live like amerikan robots—amerika has always been comprised of the lowest most incompetent classes from other societies—today their crops r harvested by poor peasants displaced by amerikan imperialism from Central America—their professions r dominated by Asains, European, Jews who only use amerika for the sake of money…as amerika degrades into economic inequalities, the hatred of freedom and justice, the empire frays and generates into childish antagonism….while their peasants r quite stupid their ruling class is fully aware that a real provocation would result in Russia destroying every carrier, and US base in the ME ==, Europe and the USA—they have no dense for advanced Russian hypersonic, battlefield nuclear weapons, subs etc


The whole article is one big bullshit.

I am waiting for one posotive article abourt new american rocket. This will kick out the russian ones from america. therefore is very important thing.

Russians lifted 1 person to ISS for 80 million usd. elon musk will do for 50 millions. Yesterday ruskies lost 160 million usd, americans saved 60 million amd musk got 100 million ….

ruskies, do not underestimate the development!


Developement? Elon Musk (a private company) helped US to be able to get its own astronauts to ISS after 9 years that US was not able to do so and was rellying on Russian rockets only. So for the past decade Russia was launching US stuff to space for 9 years and US is now full two days able to do it by them self (not really since now they relly on private company) and you call that a developement? lets first find out if it wasnt faked just like the Apollo moon landings.

Lone Ranger

Depends how reliable it will be. Russia had 750 succesful manned launches with the Soyuz, Musk had 1 with the Dragon In 1 month SpaceX had 3 major explosions on launchpads… Space X launches more expensive than does Russia, on paper the bill is lower for the Dragon tickets, but you dont take into consideration how much money SpaceX got from local and federal govts in the $billions, they are also close to tax exampt… At the end of the day they are more expensive and less reliable. Its also a bad joke that it takes a South African troll to develop something NASA should have done 10 years ago…


More Russian propaganda.

Lone Ranger

Which part?


You know the U.S won’t strike Russia just as I do Ranger, it’s jsut fake news.

Lone Ranger

Well, I do hope so. Hopefully thats true.

Black Waters

Insert: “Everything i dont like is propaganda”

Typical of the kinds like you kike.


Stick to Jerusalem Post forums for kikes



Russia was way too understanding and trying to keep some form of peace but unfortunately have gotten themselves into a tight corner; Russia should have from the onset, the very first provocation should have warned the US/NATO to back off and if they didn’t then the Russians should have destroyed those sites. If i the US was in the Russian position then that would have been done. Problem that Russia has now is that a precedence has been set and has allowed the US/NATO to get themselves established.

Assad must stay

agree, its weird man

Tudor Miron

Same way as US reacted to Iran’s missile attack on US bases in Iraq?


Time to encircle Black sea with THAAD and Aegis

Lone Ranger

More targets for Mother Russia ;) THAAD has a 30% hit probability against targets with known trajectories, that will go down to around 5% with unknown trajectories and evasive hypersonic maneuvers :) Good luck trollstoy…


How many targets with hypersonic maneuvers has Russia right now?

Lone Ranger

As many as needed.


As many nukes had USA in WW2.

Lone Ranger

2? You have a good sense of Humor…


It didn’t kill anyone, you should try it.

Lone Ranger

Except for the 200,000 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki…


Yeh but at least they died laughing at your huge joke

Lone Ranger

U.S. is using the same tactics as in Vietnam, which is totally useless against Russia, if Russia wanted they could destroy every airfield in Europe within 30mins, and every ship in a radius of 4000km, every jet and bomber in the air long before they get into strike position. Its like lil kids with waterpistols encirling a tank, cute, but useless, a waste of money. Maybe thats the goal, if the U.S. cant have a real war than make as many and as big drills as possible and as often as possible, almost as good as a real war…

Lone Ranger

Nothing can escape Russian radars. The Voronezh radar system is the most advanced and most powerful on the planet. It can track everything anytime.

Tommy Jensen

Our Space command photonic precison laser can escape and hit everything.

Russia is obsolete, Moscow is obsolete, Gulag and Mao are obsolete, and Voronezh is obsolete. Nothing can compete with an American.

Lone Ranger

Sarcasm detected…

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