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U.S. Stepping Up Efforts To Form “Arab NATO” To Confront Iran

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U.S. Stepping Up Efforts To Form “Arab NATO” To Confront Iran

File image, Via Press-TV

In an interview with the National news outlet, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs Tim Lenderking revealed that he has been touring the region for the past weeks to lay the groundwork for a US-hosted summit in January that would launch a strategic Arab alliance, similar to the NATO.

According to Lenderking, the priority of the new alliance, which will be named the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA), will be to counter Iran’s influence in the Middle East. The main members of the US-led alliance will be Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Jordan.

“This stems from the Riyadh summit in 2017 where everyone agreed that the US and the GCC would meet on an annual basis…we added on top of that the keen interest on both sides in building Mesa,” Lenderking said in the interview, which was released on September 27.

Lenderking added that the MESA will be based on a security, economic and political agreement. The alliance will help its members coordinate conflict management from Syria to Yemen, according to the U.S. diplomat.

Two months ago, the Reuters news agency reported that the Trump administration is quietly working to create a new security and political alliance in the Middle East in order to counter Iran’s expansion in the region.

Observers doubt that U.S. efforts will succeed, especially that many attempts had been made previously to form such an alliance. However, the fundamental differences between U.S. allies were always the obstacle. The current crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is an example of these differences.

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Ricky Miller

Right, Oman is going to join an actual military alliance against Iran? Not likely since Oman enjoys good relations with the Islamic Republic and Oman’s chief security concern for more than the last half century has been Saudi Arabia. If Oman is part of whatever comes out of this than that means it’s more like a formal security talk group than a real military alliance. This is just U.S. spin to hide a weakening hand.


Their commander in chief is Pakistani retired chief of army staff Mr. Rahil Sharif. He has already expressed that this unity is not against any Muslim country whether that is Iran, Iraq etc. There is also another powerful alliance of Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Russia, China and so on which leads the whole world.


No sane person will die for the corrupt perverted Saudis, US or the Emirati idiots. This is just a usual US pipe dream.


They mean the illiterate Saudis and Emirati puppets who got whupped in Yemen by sandal wearing and khat chewing Houthis. Sure, the Saudi “Nato” will do wonders against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Oman etc. This is beyond delusional. Even tiny Qatar and Kuwait would stay clear of US idiocy.


But imagine the endless billions of $USD for the arms flowing USA way for decades? Be it the gas-pipeline, armaments, development after the destruction, securing Israel’s expansion, USA is there fomenting war for a reason

Brother Ma

I can’t see Qatar really fighting against Iran anyway as they are both going to get very rich because of the Pars gas field.

Also , I cannot see these countries ever working in concert. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians!


“Main members KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar ” (the real money) along with “Oman, Egypt and Jordan”.
MESA is to be a Wahhabi Sunni Military Alliance, that hires mercenaries or jihadists.
They will not be fielding national armies, but proxies.
The US and Israel will guide and direct the narrative, that is select targets for destruction.
UAE for example has hired Blackwater to be its army, navy and air force.
Imagine if Prince gets the contract for representing US interests in Afghanistan, not only will he be able to take over the heroin trade, but be paid billions to do it by the US.
Kuwait for example are sponsoring the “Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army” in Burma and next door, the KSA has opened 650 Wahhabi schools in Bangladesh.
The traditional Sunni nations, Egypt, Jordan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., will all become their shock troops, or cannon fodder.
Agenda Total Dominance.
Targets ; Shia, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and their History.

Ricky Miller

Well then if it is to be a Wahhabi and Sunni military alliance than the Omani really won’t join as they are majority Ibadi, the third sect of Islam, who actually predates the argument that led to the SunniShia divide. Oman has faced off armed Wahhhabi and Saudi attacks in the not so distant past.


Oman is outside of my field of learning, thank you for the new information.
I would probably add the ‘Ibadi” to the list of targets.
My comment was really concerning the first five nations mentioned, the “bankers” if you will. They control the financial resources, and so will integrate their media and war machinery in with the US and Israel.
So really a bankers alliance that lures in unsuspecting Sunni nations to be used as cannon fodder against the Shia Crescent.

Tommy Jensen

This is good.
Afghanistan and more countries in ME and Africa will join later and MESA will grow BIG until Iran´s neck is broke and balkanized into Yugoslavian pieces, ISIS occupying north and US controlling south.
America win and you guys cant do a shit…………………..LOL.


you guys can do shit?????????

either u were born stupid or u r a satanic jew prick…….i´ll explain..

if war really starts down there between the us and its allied nations(or better say their jew slaves)and iran and its allied nations, it will turn nuclear in a short period of time…….so WE HUMANS are all fucked…….
stupid degenerate satanic individual u r.


Afghanistan gets on with Iran.
Iran supplies electricity to Afghanistan, American troops would not be able to watch porn without Iranian electricity.

Iran is however harsh on the CIA terrorists and drug dealers that try to infiltrate Iran.


HaHa US will never do a Syria on Iran. They failed with Assad what makes you think they will have any more luck with a much bigger country like Iran! Come on Tommy when will the US grew a pair & tell Israel to FO.


” when will the US grew a pair & tell Israel to FO. ”

When Israel releases the American head that is forced to suck Israeli ‘dick’.


The fun will really start when they shut down the harmoz strait and gas shoots up to $12.00 a gallon. The economic ramifications for the US will be final nail in the coffin.


LOL arab nato LOLOLOL…….well lets see here, saudi arabia, the by far biggest armed nation of this socalled arab nato, cant even beat the sandal wearing houthis..lol…..
in short….if standing alone, without us,israel etc.. help… these nations of saudi,UAE,Bachrain etc.. couldnt wage war with iran for 2 weeks…absolutley hilarious……and bullshit……
back to jemen….if the fucking usa, germany,britain would not help the fucking saudis and uae pricks with arms and logistics, this war would be over, with the retreat of the invaders after 3 months…..


U.S. could not beat the bare footed taliban soldiers, this is one heck of a coalition and would cause serious damage to any army in the world!


Trump has serious problem in Washington and he wants to divert the politicians focus towards other issues which are not the US issues for example the US debt increasing like a rocket high the US economy is on the verge of collapse but the Trump regime seems helpless in front of this important issue.


Trump has serious problem in Washington and he wants to divert the politicians focus towards other issues which are not the US issues for example the US debt increasing like a rocket high the US economy is on the verge of collapse but the Trump regime seems helpless in front of this important issue.


Will this be as successful as the Arab coalition currently murdering and starving circa 25 million civilians in Yemen and struggling against determined Houthi Light Infantry who have NO airforce, NO integrated anti aircraft defences, NO modern ballistic missiles, NO defence industry, NO artillery and armoured formations,NO satellite data et al ?


Well put Florian.


I’m starting to think that’s WHY the houthis are so damn good.

alejandro casalegno

The Arab NATO existed, was against Israel and was a absolute failiure!!!!……
Will be funny see the Saudi and Gulf “Drag Queens” against battle hardened Hezbollah, iranians and syrians soldiers.

John Whitehot

“Will be funny”

so much fun.

would be funnier for me seeing those that have lived and fattened over war, death and destruction of other peoples – and by this I mean those in the US and Israel that control these things – be destroyed once and for all.


This NARAB alliance still exists… and they cannot even defeat the Houthis.


Sell more Weapons

Richard M

Because one Nazi Alliance of Terrorist Organizations isn’t enough? Everyone knows they will just be Little NATO or junior NATO..

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lmao and what do these countries get out of confronting iran, which is more powerful than all these countries put together, and then some?

Real Anti-Racist Action

ARAB NATO needs to be put together to confront the Zionist-Jews.

Lena Jones

Dream on israel: getting Egypt, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, who are all good friends of Iran, to fight your Iranian enemy on your satantic behalf – lol!

A failed project right from the get-go, but go ahead and waste money on this pathetic/cowardly zionist project.


Impressive alliance of fiercely renowned armies.

Having said that, I doubt Qatar and Oman will join. Also, Egypt, the only country with some military capacity is doubtful to join. We know (cables) Mubarak wanted the US to attack Iran, but it’s unlikely they’ll play along well with the Saudis.


That’s really working well in Yemen, last I looked.

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