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U.S. Special Representative For Syria: Ongoing Operation Around Idlib Is “Limited”

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U.S. Special Representative For Syria: Ongoing Operation Around Idlib Is “Limited”

Ambassador James Jeffrey, source: sy.usembassy.gov

Russia has informed the U.S. that the ongoing military operation around Idlib is “limited,” U.S. Special Representative For Syria James Jeffrey revealed during a recent interview with the al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.

“I don’t want to get into details, Russia clearly told us that this [attack on Idlib] is a limited operation in response to the repeated shelling on the Hmeimim airbase by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). There was attacks on the Russian base, yet we can’t verify this,” Jeffery said in the interview, which was released on May 10.

Earlier this month, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, launched a military operation against terrorist groups stationed within the demilitarized zone around Idlib. These groups launched several attacks on Russian and Syrian forces, as well as civilian areas in the last few months.

The U.S. diplomat said that his country is communicating with Russia, Turkey and the Syrian opposition in order to stop the operation. However, he stressed that the U.S. will rely only on political and economic measures to achieve this goal.

“U.S. President Donald Trump had stated in September that a comprehensive attack on Idlib would constitute a reckless act, not only out of concern over the possible use of chemical weapons, but also because it would lead to a flow of refugees and displaced,” Jeffery added.

The U.N. Security Council will hold a meeting later today to discuss the escalation around Idlib. Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, three non-permanent council members, requested the closed-door meeting two days ago.

Despite this pressure, the SAA will likely continue its military operation, that appears to be limited to the demilitarized zone around Idlib.

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Yankee moron, what commands it’s the reality on the ground.


Yankee “moron” has scored a very important psychological victory: Moscow needs de facto US permission for what it does in Syria, where Russia would seem to have all the legitimacy and the US has none whatsoever. Don’t think NATO countries will henceforth consult Russia on what they do on their own territory.


Who said the Russians were being sincere ? Was the US ever sincere when it comes to Syria ?
Beofre they know it, any location of value in Idlib will be under SAA

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They haven’t done a thing since Russia and China held the 1,000,000 strong war games, that funnily enough just happened to be all about limited tactical nuclear strike capabilities, as well as the emergency reactionary procedures that would be put in place in case of a retaliatory nuclear strike or strikes.
And the last state of the nation address by Putin bragged about invincible new weapons, and more to the point, threatened to not only hit the countries hosting strategic and tactical NATO nuclear weapons, but the hit the US itself.
Maybe you should have a re look at what that 1,000,000 strong wargames actually involved, and maybe even re read or review the video of Putin’s state of the nation address, I don’t think many countries would want to annoy Russia anymore, at least they haven’t since the war games last year.
Would you like your country to host a heap of NATO weapons aimed at Russia, I know I wouldn’t, and a lot of the people that live in the countries that do, wish they didn’t have them there at all.

Saddam Hussein

Neither the US nor Russia can force the SAA to stop liberating their land from the terrorists.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The bastards already are.

Rafik Chauhan

Why Russia is telling US about their operation . US scum has nothing to do with that. S thugs are not allowing Oil from east Syria to go to SAA held area .US thugs are destroying those tankers. US criminal tighter with SDF will pay . And SAA and iran should make this criminal pay.

Xoli Xoli

Did USA informed Russia when their destroy Iraq Raqqa and Libya.Idlib will be destroyed with all Erdogan terrorists.


The US backed terrorists HTS Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Israel still receive weapons and finances from America. America is a serious threat to this world.


America and Britain immediately call their forces from Idlib otherwise they will be waisted.

AM Hants

Aren’t those three countries heavily involved with the others, wanting the natural resources of Syria and invested heavily in getting their own way?

Which twelve nations, have, together with the EU financed the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism? There was a list of the 12 nations, a mix of ‘5 Eyes’ and EU Member States, in the press report which went with the article below. Together with Saudi and Kuwait.

European Union donates €4.6 million to OPCW Special Missions and the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism


yeah. ‘limited’ to killing a few thousand jihadists and taking back a few thousand square miles of Syria –

Russia will tell Turkey what it wants to hear, up to a point, but the fact is that Turkey is no longer in any position to defy Russia

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