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U.S. Soldiers Attempted To Take Sexual Advantage Of Underage Syrian Children: Media

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U.S. Soldiers Attempted To Take Sexual Advantage Of Underage Syrian Children: Media

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In late July 2020, an American patrol of 4 vehicles arrived in a Syrian village, and the soldiers that came out attempted to sexually harras underage children who were swimming in the river, Russian news website Rusvesna reported, citing eyewitness claims.

One of US soldiers allegedly put the child on his lap and gave him candy and money, after which he began to touch him. The children ran away from them and told their families.

When the relatives came out, the patrol left immediately. According to Rusvesna, the relatives turned to a lawyer in order to have court proceedings against them servicemen.

Native children also said that the boys began throwing stones at “the perverts from the US Army.”

Rusvesna spoke with the lawyer of the victims – Muayya Suleiman.

“On the fact of this crime, we drew up a lawsuit and sent it to the prosecutor’s office of Kamyshli to give permission to consider this material in the court of first instance.

We handed over all documents, evidence and witness statements confirming the crime. The lawsuit is filed against the US President, US Secretary of Defense and the US Chief of the General Staff.

When we see the American flag waving on our land, we start to wonder – what are they doing here? On what basis are they here?

Is this in line with international law? Why do they oppress human rights in another sovereign state? These crimes show the whole world that Americans do not respect human rights and are wreaking havoc in the same way as in Afghanistan and Iraq. After the judge makes a decision, the material will be sent to the international court and UNICEF,” the lawyer commented.

The Syrian TV channel Ortas aired a story about the sexual harassment of US military personnel against Syrian children.  The original report, published in late July had testimony from the children, translated from the video above.

Narrator: This is a blatant display of racism and human rights violations by the American military. A similar thing happened before in the Abugreb prison, where everyone was raped: women, men and children.

The American military has once again acted to how animals act. Thus, four cowboys tried to persuade 5 underage children to have sexual relations, who were swimming in the river in the Talhanis region, the eastern part of the al-Qamishli province.

Child 1: We were swimming at the al-Harir bridge. An American patrol arrived. They offered us dollars and told us what to do (do this and that).

Child 2: When the American patrol car arrived, we were swimming at the al-Harir bridge. American servicemen offered us money and tried to touch us.

Child 3: While we were swimming at the al-Harir Bridge in the Talhanis area, an American patrol arrived. The American servicemen showed us the money and tried to touch us. We started throwing stones at them and then ran away.

The father of one of the minors: Our children came running, they were hysterical. We asked what happened? The children told us that while they were swimming at the al-Harir Bridge in the Talhanis area, an American patrol of four soldiers arrived.

One of the Americans got out of the car, gave them some candy, and put one of us on his lap. He showed them money – American dollars. After that, the American soldier began to touch the one who was sitting on his lap. The child escaped immediately. All the children started throwing stones at the Americans. We (the parents) immediately ran to the place where it all happened, but the American patrol was no longer there.”


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Lone Ranger

Is anybody surprised…? Standard procedure for these tards. Vietnam, iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lybia, Syria, Bosnia, Kosovo…Same crimes. Dyncorp was caught by a high ranking UN official, they sold underage girls, trafficked them as young as 8 years old. A witness told one of the Dyncorp pilots bought a girl for a Big Mac. No joke.


Approved by Joe Biden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XqF4wA-dco


What a creep,the US army have been raping for decades.


He verymuch is, but these videos show how women don’t know how to punch a predator in the dick when he deserves it.

Self defence is self defence – either fight or flight – but noone is reactionarily jumping away, nor punching him in the nuts.

At least when the cameras are rolling, women gotta learn to be upfront about feeling uncomfortable when being lite-raped.

Peter Jennings

What these parents are prepared to go through in order to have a photo with creepy uncle joe. However, they shouldn’t have taken the bait with them. I’m sure the kids will cherish the photo’s. :)

Lazy Gamer

“Dont underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up” -Obama ?


There are no choices – one is just worse than the other



I love how when he says his voodoo none of the Dems around him crack up in hysterics – if he were a troll comedian, he’d be a 10/10!


Mr 1% biden?


Pedophilia in public can’t be only called “creepy”.


Mate you are trying too hard and don’t make any sense.


Back off you Erdogan Turk lover, you and your faggot friends! I don’t have to have explanation what my eyes see from snake like you.


Does not matter Biden or Trump, US is a degenerate at all levels and getting worse by the day.

Potato Man

US is the simp of Israel LMFAO Go fuk some zion in Israel you morons (they are ugly but they also don’t have to look at them), how much US “aid” Israel again?

Btw I now know why Daesh/ISIS don’t attack Israel. ISIS/Daesh and Zion are both pro LGBT ;).

johnny rotten

Truly exceptional as pedophiles, from the highest peak of wealth and government to the lowest valley of its soldiers the perversion is uniform, reducing everything to a commodity that can be given a monetary value Anglo-Zionists have lost all degree of kinship with the human race, for this reason they must be purged without ifs and buts.


Legal proceedings my arse just shoot the savages.


Globohomo chomos in action…


Just, ontheheadline.. are there ‘overage’ Syrian children anywhere?!

Traiano Welcome

No. In times like these only the very old and the very young are left alive.

Dod Grile

We know where that idiot is from. “Squeal like a pig.”



The Super Bowl’s biggest losers: The boys and girls being sold for sex 20 times a day https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_super_bowls_biggest_losers_the_boys_and_girls_being_sold_for_sex_20_times_a_day


Kill those bastard faggots…they’ll do it again, as many times as they can. Only dead they’ll behave the way they should.

chris chuba

Be grateful the kids didn’t get the Fort Hood treatment.

Traiano Welcome

America. One giant star-spangled paedophile ring …

Rafik Chauhan

US Army and IDF are bunch of cowards and Gays.


No you, hmar.

Hind Abyad

Not only stealing land also Palestinan food recepies. The hyena insulting innocent hmars. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f50db2604221b4380e2fb7c04eeded6c7f652ddf5df18dc5b2317544740229b.png epies. The hyena insulting innocent hmars.

cechas vodobenikov

“amerikans are the most prudish people in western civilization; they sublimate their desire by chasing the dollar. amerika is gigantic–a gigantic mistake”. Sigmund Freud

Peter Moy

Really downright despicable, diabolical behavior from these bastards. The relatives should not have notified a lawyer but grabbed some AK-47s to exterminate those evil scumbags. Exterminated and neutered would be a just punishment.


But would be very unfortunate for that village because US would retaliate with bombing of the village.

Maybe it’s bets this way so nobody in village is harmed. They only must instruct their children about danger these pedophile faggots represent.


Dirty filthy muthafuckers.

Howard Lewis

I would expect this out of the Johnson/Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Obama ‘action army’. It should be stopped.

cechas vodobenikov

while the German occupiers did not rape French females, the sexually repressed amerikan “liberators” raped more than 1000…….they require imperialism to find sex—their obese, uglified, shallow masculinized females are only interested in money “amerikans are not at all happy; they feel themselves lacking in something. It is as if all the sensitiveness has dried op in amerikans. the crystallization of love is impossible in USA. I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it; it is the happiness of a different and inferior species”. Stendhal “In amerika love has been reduced to romance”. Horkheimer/Adorno “in Russia people regard love as a divine madness that descend s from the heavens. (Dante, Saba, Heine, Swiller, GoetheLermontov, Pushkin, Akmatova, Baudillaire, Fluaubert, Freud, Lacan). As the sociologist Julia Lerna puts it, for Russians love is a destiny, a value, a moral act. (Plato, Levinas, Simmel, Berdayeav, Solviyov, Hillel, Shestov, Batallie, Marx, Bloch, Nietzche, etc—but not 1 anglophone philosopher)…Russians measure each other by how well they are able to beal the upheavals that love brings. (amerikans by money/Status) In amerika people choose their attachments the way they choose a toaster. they ask does he fulfill my needs. Do I fell comfortable asserting my rights in the relationship? Does she check all the right boxes? If the Russian model is too reckless, the amerikan model involves too much calculation and gamesmanship….THE DATING MARKET BECOMES A TRUE MARKET”. Adbusters (2017) or as Kustiricia wrote recently, “for an amerikan poverty is an embarrassment; for a Serb it is a Socratic symbol of family unity–of struggle” apparently there are cultural differences!

David S

25,000 reported (and who knows how many thousands unreported) sexual assaults in the military EVERY YEAR (DOD data). And the vast majority are men on men. Why would you ever encourage or allow your child to enlist on contribute to such an organization? Especially when nothing they do has anything to do with the defense of the US anymore.


Fucken pedophile pigs

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