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JUNE 2023

U.S. Shifts Its Policy In Syria Entirely Towards Securing Oil And Countering Iran

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U.S. Shifts Its Policy In Syria Entirely Towards Securing Oil And Countering Iran

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The United States is adjusting its own policy in Syria, taking into account the current realities against the backdrop of sharp criticism from Russia.

Meanwhile, the US State Department is calling for the withdrawal of Iranian and Iranian-backed forces from the Arab Republic, but not for the removal of Russian troops from the country.

With US President Donald Trump just recently calling the US mission in Syria currently “purely oil-related,” the forces that fight against the US in the Middle Eastern country and abroad have accused the White House of “stealing” Syrian oil and the opacity of its goals in the nearly ten-year conflict in Syria.

Despite US President Donald Trump admitting that the US has switched its focus from fighting terrorists to securing Syrian oil, the protection of the fields in the east of the country is entrusted to the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). As if that’s not the reality, officials in Washington claim that this plan is entirely “consistent.”

The US State Department also says that nothing has changed in American policy in the Syrian direction. But this “consistency” in the foreign policy department is actually in regard to being consistently anti-Iranian.

“We have been very clear about our common political goals in Syria,” a State Department spokesman said. “The political goals of the United States towards Syria have been consistent and remain unchanged. This is the long-term defeat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, an irreversible political solution to the Syrian conflict in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and the elimination of all forces supported by Iran.”

“These three overarching goals are interconnected, as they are all necessary to achieve sustainable peace for the Syrian people,” the State Department added.

Meanwhile, it is clear from Moscow’s reaction that it did not appreciate Washington’s “consent” to “see Russians in Syria” in the future.

In a joint statement this week, Russia and Syria condemned the “illegal presence of the United States and its allies in the territories of a sovereign Syrian state.”

It also condemned the recent granting by the US authorities of a license to one of the American oil companies to produce oil in Syria.

The United States is trying to give the “oil mission” launched by it in Syria a new coalition character, persuading not only local forces in the person of the SDF to participate in it, but also the allied Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia has deployed about two dozen of its troops at a US military base in the oil-rich northeastern province of Hasake in Syria, the Pan-Arab Al-Mayadin television station, headquartered in Beirut, reported on August 28th.

It was alleged that about 20 Saudi soldiers, led by an officer named Saud al-Jogaifi, arrived at the US base in the city of Al-Shaddadi. According to an al-Mayadin source, the Saudi contingent was deployed as part of an American convoy from the Taji camp, located 20 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Back in December last year, local sources, on condition of anonymity, told Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency that dozens of Saudi soldiers had arrived at Syria’s largest oil field, Al-Omar, in Deir ez-Zor province by helicopter.

Then it was indicated that the military of the Arab monarchy was supposed to guard the Saudi and Egyptian experts who had appeared in the area of ​​the Syrian oil field a week earlier and were allegedly hired to work for the state oil company Saudi Aramco. The dispatch of Saudi troops to the Al-Omar area coincided with the arrival of about 30 trucks with earthmoving and drilling equipment.

The United States should immediately end its occupation of oil facilities in northeastern Syria, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said at a July 23th UN Security Council meeting.

“We reiterate our call on the United States to immediately end its occupation of the Syrian Arab Republic and return its natural resources to a government that can protect the environment,” said the permanent representative.

“Syria loses up to $40 million monthly due to lack of access to its oil fields. Returning them to the Syrian government would be better help from the United States than the donor contribution announced at a conference in Brussels,” Nebenzya said.

Currently, there is a high-level Russian delegation in Damascus, headed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, he is to meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem.

This is Lavrov’s first visit since 2012.

Other members of the delegation include Russian deputy prime minister Yuri Borisov, as well as Special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Africa and the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov.


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Angry Birds

Russia can stay, Iran will leave, KSA & UAE are welcome :))

Potato Man

You dislike Shia and Sunnis that much? Why because of Turkey? Let me tell you one thing Wahhabi sunnis would be happy to fuk you over.

Noted, you like supporting Daesh, ISIS and Al-Qaeda :)

“Iran will leave” he says LMFAO, you know now that you said it I’m sure they will LOL. BTW “KSA & UAE are welcome” to do what? send more Daesh to Greece LOL.

Alekai Mordechai

Didn’t get the memo, that Syria is under US.

Kurds have given US immense resources to make their presence happen in northern Syria.

Where would the Kurds be if not for US.


Kurds in Syria have lost all credibility,they will pay for it one day and lose everything,they never seem to learn.

Fog of War

Kurds are traitorous dogs, with a stolen history and extravagant claims on land they never owned. Sounds familiar ?




securing == stealing

Lone Ranger



makes sense. since they control most of the oil fields, they don’t need Assad out. They don’t even want him out. Ousting him means they need to put new democratic government, then need to share revenues with that government and people. Would be less profitable.


This is only a temporary measure to prop up the the SDF with some investment. Any improvements made to the oil fields are legally within Syria, and they have no legal ownership of the land also.


Indeed, but ROI is also off the books, so can spend on anything, none of congresses business. Iran Gate 2.0


LOL!! since when did they bother about legal? if i was Syria when the time was right i wouldn’t anounce anything,i would just cross the Euphretes in force and take back whats Syrian,i doubt the US would have the stomach for a big fight because they would lose people and probably have some taken prisoner,the US public won’t like that,but i am talking about a force of maybe fifty thousand with air cover.


I believe the real reason they are there is as a tripwire laid for iran. They’re like hookers flashing their tits in an Amsterdam window. The ideal goal would be Syria divided up between israel, the Kurds and maybe the Turks and access to a Mediterranean seaport for the Kurds so Kurdistan can go from a unicorn country to a real country that can trade and people can come and go from without a military escort.

Jim Allen

Who’s ideal ? The thing is, with Iran, it too is invited in Syria. Hezbollah as well. Iraq is another that’s invited. Except Syrian Kurds, the rest of the invaders are present illegally. Lebanon is welcome, Syria opened it’s ports to Lebanese shipping, at least certain roads, hospitals, etc., are open to Lebanese. Assad is surely the most evil of dictators, he did this to Lebanon before the dust settled from the explosion. Horrible….

cechas vodobenikov

idiot—US never installs democratic—always dictatorship like amerika




What a mess this war in Syria has turned out to be. By all accounts Syria is gone and dusted; when the Russians had the terrorists on the run 3 to 4 years ago they didn’t follow it through but had a series of cease fires, meanwhile the US and coalition and Turkey have firmly embedded themselves in Syria that only a major war maybe will get them out and israel has a free run bombing Syria at will. The Kurds turned traitors and teamed up with Daesh and are benefiting from the stolen oil sales and the Local Arab tribes are all talk and still fighting amongst themselves instead of joining up with the Syrian Army. Syria may as well turn over Syria to the US/israel and save what is left of Syria and the people.

Will be expecting the regular shrills to start their crap.


The US is having it´s legs knocked out from underneath it in Iraq. They are getting hit in an area they cannot survive without; local logistical supply. That puts long term stability in their DE operations in the will not last catagory. The Houthis are drilling the Saudis in Yemen so, not much running room for them given the ever increasing ´pressure they are under. All short term stuff in my book and I think the opposition knows it too. My take on this and I wish well to you jm74.


It does appear that the US is in some sort of trouble in Iraq but I think that they are relocating to Syria and Kurdistan. They have had similar situations in Afghanistan and they are still there. Thanks for the well wishes; same to you also.

Lone Ranger

Pirates of the Mediterran…


The cheek of the US, they are asking Iran to get out (invited guest) but they can stay to plunder. If it wasnt so serious it would be funny.

johnny rotten

When the imperialists decide that they don’t like a government they start to behave as if it were their right to choose one that suits them, in the meantime they govern themselves and decide who can enter and leave the country, and who the resources go to, starve the population for the good of the population and they pass this off as freedom and democracy. They also say that the Western peoples support them in this criminal policy, I have serious doubts about it.


The excuse for entering Syria to help the people was bogus all along. We were in if for the money. The US is still doing it all over the world. When are we gong to stop buying this humanitarian bullshit?


I never bought it,i recognized the US for what its become,the 4th Reich.

Fog of War

” We were in if for the money. ”

Its not about money as the income from Syrian oil is small. This is part of a bigger ” game “.


“The excuse for entering Syria to help the people was bogus all along.”


“We were in if for the money.”

Payback for revolution, humiliation and nationalizing western investments in Iranian oil industry. The USA operates on the same code of ethics as the mafia. Someone crosses you and you get retribution on them, their family and everything they’ve ever loves as a message never to cross them. They do this all over the world on many different levels.

US aid is the US FP in a nutshell … weapons deliveries disguised as humanitarian aid and CIA operatives disguised as aid workers.

“When are we gong to stop buying this humanitarian bullshit?”

WE?? I think you’ll find most who comment here have never bought into that bullshit.

Assad must stay

How bout US and torki leave permanently and Russia and Iran stay for as long as Assad likes :))


Assad stays as long as Russia likes, not the other way :)

Servet Köseoğlu

a pathetic country bitching about chinese stealing IP but stealing poor countrys oil.Usa is just like bully child going through teething. The professor looks upon you as a flea..


What is the primary cause that Iran been invited into Syria?

Fog of War

Syria was losing the war.


And Iranians will go back to Iran when Syria regains control of its territory. What will Israel’s excuse will be then?

Fog of War

That is a good question. It probably depends on the situation on the ground. If ZioAmerica remains then Iran will have to also to prevent its supply lines to Hezbollah from being compromised and to ensure Syria’s stability. As for Israhell, their actions have always been inexcusable no matter what the Israhelli’s say.

Fog of War

And this is the ultimate goal, like I keep saying, the UN sponsored Constitution which alter Syrian society forever. At that point, it wont really matter if the ZioAmericans stay or leave.

” an irreversible political solution to the Syrian conflict in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 “

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It was a Russian, Iranian, and Turkish sponsored resolution, they drew up the parameters for the resolution and proposed it to the UN back in 2015. It was approved unanimously by the UN security council but Assad refused to accept the deal because it allowed Turkey, and then later on the US, too much of a say in who was appointed to the constitutional committee [they got a 50% say]. And the opposition also had too much say in which foreign NGOs were allowed to operate in Syria, – before, during, and after the elections, so the LGBTQI organization, George Soros and all their friends, all get to pump in billions of foreign dollars to subvert the Syrian democratic process. Then at the end of last year the UN approached Assad with a new independent offer, they said Assad could limit the small table opposition representation to a 33% say, 50 members for the opposition, 50 for the Government, and 50 independent representatives, which was at least a little fairer than the original resolution. The best part of the new deal was the fact that Assad had the right to veto the appointment of any of the independent representatives, he didn’t have that right in the original resolution because there were no independents, so again this new deal was fairer than the last one. So nearly 5 years of saying no to the original Russian/Iranian/Turkish version of resolution 2254 and yet Assad accepted the new amended version the same day it was made, that should’ve opened a few eyes on SF but it didn’t.

Fog of War

True, however Syria is still forced to negotiate with head choppers, Jihadis, traitors, and filthy Kurds. All these groups will have a say in the new government. Its game over either way, As all it will take is one contested election, just like in all the other countries.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Not if Assad and HTS’s clever plan works it won’t, resolution 2254 will become defunct and the UN will have to draw up a new resolution to accommodate the new reality, HTS and the Salvation Government are the real opposition in Syria, not Turkey and it’s unpopular Syrian Interim Government, the facts can’t be ignored any longer.


The US with their IDF and Mossad embeds are in Syria implementing the Yinon plan for Israel. Which is the same reason that they’re in Iraq. They need to be removed from both places as part of shutting down the Yinon plan and getting the region’s Jew problem corrected.


Iraq providing Mossad and the IDF with classified information to keep Iraq mired in perpetual conflict, terrorism and poverty. So that many Iraqis die so that Jews don’t.



What they need to do is to get the US, Mossad and the IDF out of Iraq.


the yankee-twats are propping up the failed war criminal state of jews illegally occupying palestine, and since the yankee-twats’ secure home base is not so secure no more, the jews will soon find themselves fighting for their worthless lives while trying to find another place and people to rob and kill.


Once the Idlib terrorist reservation is cleared and Turkey expelled, these Yankie interlopers will be next. It may take a few years or it may be done by the end of the year, but it is inevitable.

Omega Red

Unfortunately, I must admit, the US felt comfortable saying that the Russians can stay in Syria because neither the Russian troops, nor the Assad troops, nor the Iranian troops, are doing enough to expel these oil thief mice and their supporters. The SDF are part of the problem and, due to their complicity with the Americans, they should be treated in the same way as ISIS. I have already lost patience with these useless ceasefire declarations in Syria.


Warmongers and thieves is what historians will write about the USA. The Stars and Stripes will be held right up their with Germany’s Swastika flag of the 1930s.

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