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U.S. Sends More Troops To Syria To Secure Withdrawal Process

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U.S. Sends More Troops To Syria To Secure Withdrawal Process

US special forces with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, May 26

The U.S. Army has deployed additional forces in Syria in order to secure other American service members as they withdraw under President Donald Trump’s decision to pullout troops from the war torn country, the CNN TV reported on January 23 citing military officials.

According to the officials, the additional forces are needed to provide security for troops and equipment as they withdraw by land and air. They will also move around in different locations in northeastern Syria to provide additional security as the number of US forces dwindles.

Earlier this month, the US-led coalition announced that it has begun the process of deliberate withdrawal from Syria. A local monitoring group confirmed the coalition’s claim and said that 150 U.S. service members left the country.

However, hours after this announcement U.S. officials told the New York Times that the U.S. has withdrawn no troops from Syria. The statement was seen by many local observers as an attempt to manipulate Trump’s withdraw decision.

In another u-turn, a senior official had told NBC on January 5 that the U.S. may keep its forces in the al-Tanaf base in southeastern Syria for undetermined amount of time.

Despite of all of these attempts to manipulate Trump’s decision, local observers believe that the pressure from Ankara could force Washington to withdraw its forces at least from northeastern Syria.

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Prince Teutonic

More is less and less is more!


Sending in more troops to “secure” a withdrawal process ?, BOLLOCKS, I will believe this so called “withdrawal” when I actually see it happening. Typical damn yankee doublespeak like they said in Vietnam “we had to destroy the town in order to save it”, effing VERMIN.


remember bush jr.
“make war for peace”


Yes the only way to get an American out of your country is by burning the body.

Todd Allen

No need for that. Eventually the SAA will invite them to stay in Syria forever, buried under the sand.

Zionism = EVIL

There is ZERO chance of any Americunt withdrawl from Syria, Iraq or the region. They have to fan terrorism and wars for their Zionist masters for years to come or when Arab OIL runs out.


standard thing. russia did this in afghanistan, too

Pave Way IV

EVERY f’king time… it just never ends with these chickenhawk bastards.


Was there ever any doubt?

Pave Way IV

Do you mean with or without opioids?


My view is that as long as the Israelis demonstrate that the post IL-20 downing SADF upgrades have no deterrent value against airstrikes. And that the IDF maintains escalation dominance over the Syrian government coalition. The US withdrawal will be in question and we’ll see excuses and can kicking to delay and prevent it. And conversely, the more success that the SADF and Syrian government coalition has at shutting down Israeli aggression against Syria. The stronger the likelihood that the US withdrawal will proceed.


Israeli attacks would continue even if the S300 were operational & took out say one or more of their planes. They would just change tactics – probably use more land based missile launches or sea based launches. Theres a real danger that it would escalate & Syria couldnt cope with a full on war with Israel not with everything else going on. Its much easier just to target incoming missiles & take a few hits.


That’s one way to look at it. I don’t share that perspective. If the SADF S-300/400s are effective, they know where most of the Jew planes are 24/7 and can destroy them on the ground or in the air. That sidelines the IAF.

And leaves surface launchers as the Jews fall back position. Unless you think that they’re going to invade Syria with a tank army, which would be a disaster for the IDF.

On paper, the S-300/400s have yet to be combat proven, the SADF can take down the Jews missiles, but the Jews can’t take down the SADF hypersonic S series missiles. The S-200s, 300s and 400s are all dual use and can hit surface as well as aerial targets when configured to do so. That puts the Jews in a very bad position.


The IDF are gutless cowards just like the yanks who have gotten too used to terrorising and killing defenceless civilians and who no longer have a clue what real war against a determined and well armed opponet is.
The israelis like the yanks are over reliant on their much vaunted air power without which they wiuld be helpless in any ground confrontation as the IDF found out to its cost when they invaded Lebanon in 2006 and Hezbollah kicked the crap out of them and sent them scurrying back across their border.
The zionists cannot exist where they are without the yanks.


Ameritalk, where black is white and white is black.

Zionism = EVIL

It is idiotic to even think that the Americunt devious liars will ever leave Syria or the region. There have three fundamental pillars of US policy in the region post WW2.

1. Protection of Zionist cancer in Palestine via sowing divisions in the Arab and Muslim world..
2. Ripping off Arab oil for US and its Euro puppet economies.

3. Installing and retaining subservient puppet regimes in Wahhabi tribal oil rich pimpdoms.


Beware anglozionist false flags …. it would be another convenient “coincidence” if one just happened to occur whilst the US had an ongoing troop surge.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Bolton’s Army.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Covering forces are a standard operational procedure during a withdrawal.


Yes but covering forces are usually drawn from the withdrawing units not from deploying additional troops. USARM could have been out of Manbij within 72 hours – still there. Ditto at-Tanf. I’ll believe it when it happens on the ground not before


you are wrong. you big russiafan check the tactics of ussr in afgh during removal of troops.


Russia was fighting an actual enemy that wanted to kill them. The only ones in Syria that might actually want to kill US forces would be the SAA…and they damn sure wouldn’t do anything to slow down a US exit…or do anything that would give the US a reason to stay.


Revolving door “withdrawal.” Standard operating procedure to fool the MAGA halfwits back home and no one else.


I have to agree with you. Nothing with this obfuscating admin is as it seems. I wonder how those that back Trump and are so pissed over this fake Russia-gate BS views his actual interfering in Venezuela’s domestic policy and election process? If you ignore all the rhetoric and look at the progression of events, has Trump actually done anything differently than Clinton would have?

Bill Rood

Actually, he’s fulfilling his campaign promise not to intervene if we can’t “take their oil,” but that he’s willing to make war if in the aftermath we can “take their oil.”




While that may be SOP, who really believes this is the reason? Why would they actually bring in more troops, when there are ample units to draw from? US forces in Iraq can provide air cover and the Syrians would doubtless be glad to see them go. The only ones that might attack, in my mind would be ISIS, for being abandoned….and that’s a stretch. I may be wrong, but I believe when we left Nam, units coalesced to evac points, using their own units and aircraft for cover. I don’t recall Nixon sending in hundreds of troops to provide cover. I remember the total confusion at the embassy when they left…but I don’t remember the VC or NVA ever attempting to attack them. The problem then were those that wanted to leave with US forces, but were being left behind, trying board aircraft. Then there is the issue with all the arms the US has brought in recently, ostensibly for the SDF?


These troops are nothing
they represent nothing
US country of full decadence
country that will soon self destroy
everything they support will fall
everybody they support will lose
everything they say will not happen
their power is non existent
part of collective memory
about to dwindle away
and be forgotten on graveyard of Empires


I guess soo i’ll be chopping down some burgereaters.

Prince Teutonic

Send more troops they will die anyway…

Prince Teutonic

Vamos muchacholos kill that Yankie soldier!

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunts are liars and have no intention of leaving Syria, Iraq or the region. Infact, they are strengthening the occupation forces in Iraq too and building four new large bases in Euphrates valley to make sure that the headchopper terrorists are rebraded under a new name and continue to sow mayhem. The Zionists are playing the slave Turkeys and Americunt dumbasses as usual

Prince Teutonic

Secure what? It’s obvious they are stalling…


Let us see, how about if USA send 100,000 troops to be sure that 500 of USA troops in Syria are be able to get out without any problem !! Good idea, right ?

northerntruthseeker .

Send in more troops to “secure a withdrawal”? Who writes this gibberish? And how can anyone believe this crapola?


Look for someone wearing a red hat that has MAGA on it. Trump can do no wrong while he fights the good fight against the deep state. Gag.

Tommy Jensen

Ha ha ha ha ha You guys believed in it. You believed Trump would pull out from Syria.
We could fool you guys 24/7 and you would believe everything. You were hoping……………….LOL.
America is a winner nation……….LMAOL!


US is not a winner nation they have failed in the Syria regime change project just like they have failed in Afghanistan to defeat the taliban just like they failed to secure Crimea for Nato LOL

Jim Bim

LOL. Only brainless morons display their stupidity in public.

Rick Costello

Makes perfect sense in today’s America. Our Army and Special forces can’t possibly defend their own withdrawl without help from, say, more army and special forces. Probably need a bunch more cooks and communications folks too! I think we also need to bring in the navy to shell the entire coastline in order to ‘protect’ those poor, defenseless troops during their “withdrawl”

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