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U.S. Sends 250 Trucks Loaded With Heavy Weapons And Ammunition To SDF

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U.S. Sends 250 Trucks Loaded With Heavy Weapons And Ammunition To SDF

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The US-led coalition has sent several armored vehicles and 250 trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 15.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the trucks entered Syria from Iraq then headed towards several bases of the US-led coalition along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

Earlier this month, the US-led coalition supplied the SDF with more than 200 trucks loaded with ammunition and different military equipment.

While Kurdish sources claim that these US-supplied weapons will be used in an upcoming offensive against ISIS, the SOHR said that the coalition is actually working to expand several bases in the northern governorates of Aleppo and al-Hasakah.

The expansion of these bases will likely trigger further tensions with Turkey, which believes that the coalition is cooperating with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in northern Syria. This step also proves that the US is not honest about withdrawing its troops from Syria.

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leon mc pilibin

So the ziorats are setting up their kurdish puppets for a bloodbath.

You can call me Al

Yep, looks like it. The Syrians should just hammer them with tank shells and missiles.

PS Plus their air force, if the Russians are scared, to make the Yankers angry.

Bill Wilson

Yeah, the Turks and their proxies won’t stand a chance against the SDF.


If the US doesn’t provide air cover for the SDF they’d be toast against the Turks which boast an impressive air force and field artillery technology. Regardless I suspect these arms and weapons will be used for any future conflicts with Turkey and or SAA.

The US found its proxy and it’s the Kurds. Sad to say but the kurds are outright traitors to a nation that kept them safe and upheld their rights and dignity up until multiple nations funded and backed foreign jihadis that invaded Syria.

Kurds aren’t a people to be trusted.

I suspect the US and Turkey to completely dissolve their relationship and just go at proxy to proxy in Northern Syria in full force. One force has to bend or yield.


Artillery and air power was how the Turks kicked Kurdish ass in Afrin.


Massive artillery and massive air strykes on the targets appointed by the scouts among the population, to be more exact.

Mustafa Mehmet

afrin. azaz. and the rest


And the rest, that is going all to return to Syria very quickly.


Bill, everyone can stand against the yankee SDF (there are already, at least, three SDF, the yankee one, the not yankee one and the SDF agnostics).


No, they only imagine they are, there’s a litle difference, Leon, as would say Apollonius.

Tommy Jensen

LOL……………..we Americans fooled you guys again while you were hoping. We Americans never give up and this time we will win with our Alternative Plan G. We always win in the end…………………….LOL.

Hassadnah Abraham

RUF and SAF should bomb those truck


Good, keeping the US debt rising is the road to victory.


Don’t bet on that, Sinbad, go see what happened at the first punic war of Rome.


The war of independence was about American oligarchs refusing to pay tax. Washington was not an ordinary American, he was a rich businessman avoiding tax.
As for the civil war, it was also about tax. The south made all the money, they paid most of the tax, but the northern government refused to spend any money in the south.
When the south tried to secede Rothschild bankrolled a northern army.

The average American is a nice person, but the USA is, and always has been a lying stealing criminal organization.


These weapons aren’t going to do the Iraelistani secessionists much good against the SAA and company without US air cover. But until that’s resolved, it’s obvious that Turkey is next on the regime change list along with Iran. And that arming the Kurds is part of the balkanization and Jew world order takeover of Turkey and Iran on the way to doing the same thing to Russia.


waste of much much money by stupid USA military establishment RichardD. What can this besieged enclave of Syrian Kurds do against all their neighbors Turkey Iran Syria and PMU Iraq.


I believe this is only an attempt to sabotage expectations of peace after this long bloody war. Yet the evil axis has got nothing through this long bloodshed.

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