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U.S. Senator Assaulted By “Peaceful Protesters” For Filming Them


U.S. Senator Assaulted By "Peaceful Protesters" For Filming Them

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The protests in the US have been going on for nearly a month and street violence is still happening across many cities.

Notably, US Senator Tim Carpenter was assaulted in Wisconsin, after taking a video of rioters.


“This is the picture that got me assaulted and beat up by a mob,” he wrote. “Punched & kicked in the head. Might have concussion, left eye a little blurry, cheek shollen (sic), sore neck and ribs. This has to stop before some innocent person get killed. I locked up in the Capitol until it’s safe.”

The violence began after a group of 200 to 300 protesters marched through downtown Madison, initially blocking intersections and obstructing driveways, Madison Police Department said in an incident report. The situation escalated when the group reached the State Capitol grounds.

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway released a statement, calling the actions of the previous night “far from peaceful and exceedingly dangerous.”

“We need to separate First Amendment protests from those engaged in criminal conduct,” Rhodes-Conway said. “People engaged in violence and criminal conduct against people or property on the streets of Madison will be held accountable.”

“Everyone – police, protester, elected official, business owner, resident – everyone must find it within themselves to show compassion and kindness for each other, and to care about each other’s safety and well-being,” she said.

Separate videos are showing other street level violence, even between teenagers.

Such as the video below showing a black teenage boy, assault a white boy on the street, while others are standing by simply watching. There is little context of how the situation reached this.

Another video shows protesters burning the American flag on the street.

Meanwhile, the mainstream narrative is such that the protesters are free to do as they please, violent or not, while citizens, online users, and even organizations such as Amnesty International are calling for an end to any sort of violence against Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Amnesty International has documented 125 separate examples of police violence against protesters in 40 states and the District of Columbia between 26 May and 5 June 2020, a period when hundreds of thousands of people in the USA and other countries protested against racism and police violence and to demand that Black lives matter.”

The Amnesty International accusations are a result of analysis of user-posted and media videos and photographs.

“The time for applying band-aids and making excuses for a few ‘bad apples’ has passed. What’s needed now is systemic, root-and-branch reform of US policing that brings an end to the scourge of police use of excessive force and extrajudicial executions of Black people.”

“The analysis is clear: when activists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets in cities and towns across the USA to peacefully demand an end to systemic racism and police violence, they were overwhelmingly met with a militarized response and more police violence,” said Brian Castner, Senior Crisis Advisor on Arms and Military Operations at Amnesty International.

The situation is presented in an incredibly one-sided manner, and the avalanche of mainstream narrative simply takes everything down, any opponent is met with violence or (verbal, online) harassment.

And opinions of support are faced with opposition, since it would result in rapid, disproportionate and adverse counter-actions.




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