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U.S. Senator Assaulted By “Peaceful Protesters” For Filming Them

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U.S. Senator Assaulted By "Peaceful Protesters" For Filming Them

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The protests in the US have been going on for nearly a month and street violence is still happening across many cities.

Notably, US Senator Tim Carpenter was assaulted in Wisconsin, after taking a video of rioters.


“This is the picture that got me assaulted and beat up by a mob,” he wrote. “Punched & kicked in the head. Might have concussion, left eye a little blurry, cheek shollen (sic), sore neck and ribs. This has to stop before some innocent person get killed. I locked up in the Capitol until it’s safe.”

The violence began after a group of 200 to 300 protesters marched through downtown Madison, initially blocking intersections and obstructing driveways, Madison Police Department said in an incident report. The situation escalated when the group reached the State Capitol grounds.

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway released a statement, calling the actions of the previous night “far from peaceful and exceedingly dangerous.”

“We need to separate First Amendment protests from those engaged in criminal conduct,” Rhodes-Conway said. “People engaged in violence and criminal conduct against people or property on the streets of Madison will be held accountable.”

“Everyone – police, protester, elected official, business owner, resident – everyone must find it within themselves to show compassion and kindness for each other, and to care about each other’s safety and well-being,” she said.

Separate videos are showing other street level violence, even between teenagers.

Such as the video below showing a black teenage boy, assault a white boy on the street, while others are standing by simply watching. There is little context of how the situation reached this.

Another video shows protesters burning the American flag on the street.

Meanwhile, the mainstream narrative is such that the protesters are free to do as they please, violent or not, while citizens, online users, and even organizations such as Amnesty International are calling for an end to any sort of violence against Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Amnesty International has documented 125 separate examples of police violence against protesters in 40 states and the District of Columbia between 26 May and 5 June 2020, a period when hundreds of thousands of people in the USA and other countries protested against racism and police violence and to demand that Black lives matter.”

The Amnesty International accusations are a result of analysis of user-posted and media videos and photographs.

“The time for applying band-aids and making excuses for a few ‘bad apples’ has passed. What’s needed now is systemic, root-and-branch reform of US policing that brings an end to the scourge of police use of excessive force and extrajudicial executions of Black people.”

“The analysis is clear: when activists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets in cities and towns across the USA to peacefully demand an end to systemic racism and police violence, they were overwhelmingly met with a militarized response and more police violence,” said Brian Castner, Senior Crisis Advisor on Arms and Military Operations at Amnesty International.

The situation is presented in an incredibly one-sided manner, and the avalanche of mainstream narrative simply takes everything down, any opponent is met with violence or (verbal, online) harassment.

And opinions of support are faced with opposition, since it would result in rapid, disproportionate and adverse counter-actions.


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Looks like a dark age

Lone Ranger

I have to agree with you on this one.


What Tommy Calls free dom values.

Zionism = EVIL

comment image

Harry Smith

Did you ever asked yourself why last 2 decades we saw too much movies like “Planet of Apes” or “Elisyum” and series like “Game of Thrones”? The riots against superior civilization were presented as good and lawful while life in the “dark age” environment very pleasant? This crowd is brainwashed years before 2020.


I don’t know, the orcs lead by a evil white man who din’t actually cared about them – we know who – are not part of the woke Hollywood doctrine. However they tried to fix it a bit in ‘The Hobbit’ by making a few subtle reference to Russia as the dark army raising from the East and another few ones I forgot for now.

Lazy Gamer

Saruman seems to take inspiration from historical religious/pope wars.

Harry Smith

You got the point. These changes were prepared long time ago.


My personal opinion is that US MSM doesn’t criticize Russia for the real reasons, they just want to create a bogeyman, for multiple interests, one ould be to distract atention from the more insidious China who is taking over USA.

Harry Smith

At my point it is the 1000 years religious war between Rome and Constantinople. Search some articles about Russia from 19th or 18th centuries which were published in Europe. You will find the same narratives as the are now at CNN.


Depends of the period, if it was during Crimea war or some sure

Harry Smith

It was even in times of the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible. When most of that time publications described Russia as the drunken land, there is a letter to the one of the new ambassadors, from France AFAIR, which recommends him not to drink at all because Ivan the Terrible doesn’t like drunken people and can execute him as he executed some drunken found in Moscow. And that was 17th century when most of the Europe population was permanently drunk because water was not clean and nobody drink it, beer was not considered as alcohol and it was the only pure enough light drink because of anaerobic reaction while beer preparation and tea or coffee were not popular so nobody boiled the water.


Seriously I would find more weird that you would consider that anti-Russian propaganda by the evil West :)

Some say that’s where thw English got their accent since their aristocracy were starting to drink very young and stood permanently drunk for few generations, the servs were always teying to mimuc their lords, they are very proud if their accent now. Btw if they were thin skinned they coyld say I’m doing anti-British propaganda.

Harry Smith

I don’t think the West is evil, but some groups of the elites. You know, I am some kind of gun nut here in Russia and when I started to discuss with the USA citizens which are kinda gun nuts too, I found really strange thing. Americans from the small towns are very similar to the Russians from small towns. Same interest – fishing, hunting, mud driving etc. At one moment I thought if there were not sound in a video I couldn’t say exactly where this video from, Russia or USA.


There are good people in isolated communities from the both bigger countries, if you have a problem with your car in the middle of nowhere in Russia or USA, there is a higher chance someone will stop to give a hand, even spending half or antire day with you, than in a crowded city probably because it could be a matter of life or death. I kinda know what are you talking about. Jefferson once said that corruption was born in the big cities. The people from the big cities don’t care that in remote comunities there is no 911 or whatever number in Russia.

Harry Smith

We have 112 instead of 911 and it’s working really good. And I do agree with you about remote communities.


Nice to talk to you, I agree with guns too.


Well said and very true.


Is that real? U.S citizens setting up their own flag on fire? I thought I didn’t see right. I looked again, and yes the protestors set their OWN COUNTRY FLAG on fire. I could have only imagined what would happen to an Israeli guy doing it here on the streets, and not from the police…

Lone Ranger

Empire is falling…
If I was the Israeli PM I would start to look for new allies because the U.S. is toast.
If Trumps wins its a civil war, if not its a civil war too.
Lose lose situation.
I only feel sorry for avg Joe, they dont deserve this.


If you told it to me one year ago then I would have called you insane, but now judging by those videos I understand how sick and twisted in the head some of the American people are. Those black people that make riots can go back to Africa if they don’t like it in the U.S, I’m sure they would have better lives there.

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist cunts will burn next as the redneck sugar daddy is too weak now.


Now that the U.S. is in quite rapid terminal decline, with the chance of the U.S. military stepping in and taking over power, arresting members of Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, media Moguls and other nefarious trouble makers of the supremacist, elitist, deceptive Talmudist tribal members who through the decades subverted the U.S.

The police departments of major cities across the U.S. have over recent years been thoroughly and maliciously trained (thanks largely to the ADL, AIPAC, Congress, at al) by IDF Israeli military trainers in brutal, lethal, inhumane and illegal(under international norms and conventions) , to brutally suppress any and all resistance in the form of peaceful – or not, protests. They also trained U.S. Police in crash/ smash in the middle of the night into civilian homes using a massive amount of unnecessary violence and destruction.

No one should be surprised that we are all Palestinians Now.


lol you’re funny, I don’t see any Police brutality at all. What I do see it is protestors attacking police officers and ordinary citizens, and no one is teaching them a proper lesson. The police gets order from above to stand down and don’t use lethal force, which in my opinion is very stupid. Once you use force and the anarchists see you’re serious, then they calm down. Same with the Palis, they know we don’t fuck around and we crack down on them hard. I am very proud in our military and police forces, I think everyone should learn from us how to treat those leftist liberal scums that have no respect to the law and people.

Ivan Freely

I don’t see any Police brutality at all.

Plenty of it in the past. Most go undocumented. Now they’re raging because they don’t have any choice and given up on following the system.


Does that justify their violent actions?

Ivan Freely

It depends on the situation. When all avenues of recourse have been sealed then violence is the last resort. Voting and shouting has yield no result over the years. The violence against everyone is a sign of losing ALL hope; blaming and lashing out at everyone is the end result.

Unfortunately, there’s no leadership and this movement can easily be co-opted (if it hasn’t already). Had they focused their anger at government, instead of Joe the Plumber, they could’ve gotten better results.


A military coup in the US would be sooooo funny.
It’s actually very possible as well.


Don’t the protestors know that such violent acts play into the hands of the US government?!

For now, big brother will let this wave of violence ferment long enough to instigate a massive and organised response nationwide. The protestors can now be portrayed as the ‘bad guys’ no matter how justified the reasons are.

I understand the pent up frustration of being marginalised and abused for so long, and the powder keg the BLM movement became. BUT they have to understand who the military and law enforcement answer to. Batons, tear gas and pepper spray are kid gloves compared to what comes next.

Mr. Saddam

This times us Americans are victims of the same “Color Revolution” that we export.
Reports are coming that RAPES, MURDER, and THREATS are occurring as well.
Basically it’s the SFA (Seattle Free Army)


The unsubstantiated reports of rapes, and other violence are made up by the boot licking mass media to make the protesters look bad.

Alberto Garza

do you really think this crazy communists fanatics are going to made the world a better place ?? lol…they have failed in the past and will keep on failing .


There are roughly 300 million gun and or assault rifles, and probably billions of rounds of ammunition in the U.S. today.

There are tens of thousands of gun shops all across the U.S.

Mexican cartels could bring in massive amounts of weapons, including weapons of warfare, if supply and demand comes into play.

Heck, Cuba is only 90 miles south of Miami, Florida where weapons can be brought in. Including the kind that can ground Coast Guard helicopters from intradiction ( shoulder fired weapons ).

I’m sure there are many countries that would love to get payback.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are on a slow boil implosion as 200 years of racism, greed and plunder is unraveling. Could not have happened to nicer arseholes.

comment image


60’s 70’s racial riots were way more devastating. When Detroit burned to the ground, it was the largest cars manufacturing hub in USA and that was during the Cold War and Vietnam war.


That’s ecactl6 the thing, this isn’t a racial thing. There are more whites protesting than blacks.

The American people are astronomically way more armed / weaponized than ever before. And I just read the other day that 74% of the U.S. public support the protests.

The middle class hasn’t really joined in with the mostly poor or working poor yet. They are somewhat scared. But given the dire economic outlook, and the uncontrolled (forest fire spreading speed of the ) pandemic, they will.

No one is shooting lethal weapons yet, but sooner or later, some idiots are going to, and probably start armed insurrection across the board.

Plus, more and more Americans now are starting to realize the nefarious tribe that has effectively subverted the U.S. and ran it into the ground in so many ways while at the expense of everyone else.

These Talmudists are a very, very dangerous people that want no less than the enslavement of the population. They are the most supremacist, elitist, inhumane and nefariously cold calculating people to walk God’s green earth.

And if Americans don’t wake up before it’s too late and they are effectively trapped, generations of Americans will be enslaved, as predicted by Thomas Jefferson, when he argued for all law that would ban these folks from conning to the new nation.

What do you think all those gigantic FEMA camps with very high walls/razor wire doting the western states located in the deserts. Enough to house entire city populations, are there for?

Just look at what happened to the poor, innocent God fearing people’s, both Christian and Muslim , of the Soviet Union went through when what seemed like Lucifer/Iblees and his minions took over power in 1917. Not until 1954 did the Talmudic inspired genocidal terrors cease. Claiming a difficult to establish victim number but most say between 40-60 killed off.

Something tells me that the U.S. military higher ups will step in and seize control, purge the criminals and their Gentile lackeys, and return us to a true nation as dreamed of by the founding fathers.



Let’s start with the huge support of the BLM. First of all it’s the massmedia that interviews mostly the well speaking ones that have real points, probably scripted interviews. Second it’s the fear that they will lise their jobs or small businesses, since all the big companies oppenly support BLM the small ones are forced to comply.

Second, let’s talk guns. They are in smaller towns and communities, those are still protected even if massmedia hates them. They realize it’s not in their interest to kill the economy and make even more businesses fly abroad. All these unrest play for Mexican drug carteles who took over entire neighbourhoods of larger cities, and for China government which is the bigger business partner of the multinationals, American ppl just outlet for them.

Third, speaking the jews, they are among the hit ones as most of them have smaller businesses, don’t imagine millions of jews all being superrich in USA. When they came in power in Russia, millions of people were executed, indeed. But guess who executed the orders, the Russians. When Stalin came to power even more Russians died and by then jews were already marginalized. And you know why did Russians executed the orders so easily? Because they were used to since the kzars started the ethnic cleansing of the new gained teritories, hundreds of years befire communism came to power. That was normal for Russia.


Remember Berkut!


And Ukraine pro-Russia parliament members beaten and South Africa, sure Karma is a bitch, BLM – NY leader even mentioned Middle East rhetorically asking something like “why violence is not good? I thought it’s good when we use it to change foreign leaders”.

Wayne Nicholson

That white kid getting suckered and thrown to the ground by a black kid ….. could have been any day of the week where I grew up. It’s just 2 kids fighting. You don’t know the history between these kids or what was said just prior to the altercation. I got chased out of black neighbourhoods and we chased black kids out of our neighbourhood. We also chased east side white kids and I couldn’t step foot in the east side because I punched one of them out in front of their friends and parents at a hockey game. Were all friends now.

Fun times …. wouldn’t trade those days for anything.

Fog of War

” could have been any day of the week where I grew up. It’s just 2 kids fighting ”

Alright then, show me all the multitudes of videos showing white kids sucker punching black kids. Or groups of whites attacking blacks. Or maybe a white teenager randomly punching a black elderly person. Show us the videos please.

Concrete Mike

A politician gets beat up, booo fucking hoo, after all the shennannigans from the us gov, this guy is lucky he wasent killed.

But the worst, he got beat up by a fat chick LOL.

These protests are symptoms of runaway turbo capitalism, with fascism right behind. Until this issue is resolved, nothing will improve, just more subversion.

Peter Moy

Yes that little worm senator is really lucky he’s in the US and still alive. Despite the US being more and more a sick, mentally deranged, violent, crime-infested society, Americans prefer to use fists, guns, knives, bats, etc. instead of more carnage producing weapons like car bombs and suicide bombers. So in that respect, Americans are still amateurs when it comes to producing massive casualties in the streets. Now back to the latest Hollywood gossip: the son of a famous producer/pervert wants a sex change operation AND a species change (wants to be a turtle!)


U.S. Police have been trained by IDF / Israeli military Advisors, who the world knows full well, specialize in brutal, and lethal suppression of unarmed Palestinians. IDF Advisors have worked extensively with major police departments all over the U.S. in programs sponsored by Jewish-American groups such as ADL, AIPAC etc al.

Today, they deny this, even though proof is solid and established. But as the historical liars and decievers the Jews are, there is a very serious concerted effort to snuff out these damaging and truthful revelations from conning to the surface.

The knee-to-neck tactic that killed George Floyd and other lethal moves are used everyday on unarmed peaceful protesting Palestinians. But not a word is said, anywhere in the western world.

So now the nefarious workings of these Jews are comming back to haunt them. As the once great nation, the U.S. that they have essentially subverted is teetering on internal collapse.

There are even rumblings of a military coup, as America’s top military brass know precisely who, and why the U.S. has in essence been hollowed out, ripped apart, financially sucked dry, undermined, dumbed down for decades.

They plan to seize power, round up the perpetrators, who think they are untouchables, and the trials will begin. That’s if they get to them before the mob does and they will decorate Street lampposts all over U.S. cities.

They just don’t seem to be able to blend in peacefully with any host country, as history going back thousands of years, since probably Babylon.

We Are All Palestinians !!


Shut up you’re probably another leftist anarchist too, too bad for you, you can’t do riots here like in the U.S because we would smash your heads. This is Israel, we don’t allow jungle here.


The prosecutors, courts and legislators have created institutional bias with prosecutorial misconduct, obstruction of justice, case law and statute against the citizens and for the police defacto legalizing excessive force and murder by the police. There are two standards. One for citizens and another for the police. In extreme cases you can get a prosecution and conviction against the police. But it’s extremely rare.

A rough estimate would be that given identical circumstances the ratio of convictions for citizens as compared to police is 99 to 1. Once they put on a badge the police have a license to assault and murder citizens with almost complete impunity. They might lose their job or the government might pay out a wrongful death settlement. But equal justice is extremely rare. And there is little judicial, legislative or administrative support for correcting the problem.


Unfortunately, peaceful protests never changes a thing. Violence scares politicians as they have next to no power over the mass. I was always against violence in regards to protests but what’s the point when no one listens? But it has to be done for all…NOT BECAUSE A BLACK MAN WAS KILLED!!! BLM is just a tool used by the government to keep the people divided and liberals jumped right into the scam. The fact that there’s 5 times more Whites than Blacks but Blacks kill more people than Whites, should be enough to answer many questions. This is no longer about BLM. The day they arrested the cops and charged them with murder, that was the day BLM won but, they want more now that they have so many on their side. That’s how it works…give an inch, they will demand 10 times more. It’s about Whitie and how to blame them for everything. What’s sad is to watch White people participating in the destruction of their own race.

Now, it is slowly turning into a revolution but not against the government but against each other. They win, you lose!

Alberto Garza

0.7 of all blacks murdered in the united states are muredred by whites .

Alberto Garza

george soros investments in violent radical communists organization this is no surprise.

Assad must stay


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