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JUNE 2023

U.S. Says Russia, Syria Gassed People In Aleppo City To Create Pretext For Attack On Idlib

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UPDATE: The Russian Defense Ministry reacted to accusations by saying that the supply schedule of chemical weapons by the Western special services to the terrorists in Syria is synchronized with State Department’s statements. The defense minsitry added that it has undeniable evidence that the chemical weapons attack was carried out by militants.

According to the Russian side, the US may have been using chenical weapons accusations against Russia and Syria to draw attention from its own war crimes in the area of Hajin in the Euphrates Valley.


A few moments ago the US State Deparment officially accused the Syrian government and Russian forces of using chemical weapons in Aleppo city on November 24 in order to create a pretext for an offensive on the militant-held part of Idlib province in northwestern Syria.

The full statement, titled “The Russian and Assad Regime’s False Allegations on Chemical Weapons Use in Aleppo” is here:

On November 24, 2018, the Assad regime and Russia falsely accused the opposition and extremist groups of conducting a chlorine attack in northwestern Aleppo. The United States strongly refutes this narrative and has credible information that pro-regime forces likely used teargas against civilians in Aleppo on November 24. The United States has information indicating Russian and Syrian personnel were involved in the teargas incident, and believes that both countries are using it as an opportunity to undermine confidence in the ceasefire in Idlib.

The United States is deeply concerned that pro-regime officials have maintained control of the attack site in its immediate aftermath, allowing them to potentially fabricate samples and contaminate the site before a proper investigation of it by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. We caution Russia and the regime against tampering with the suspected attack site and urge them to secure the safety of impartial, independent inspectors so that those responsible can be held accountable.

The chemical attack on the government-held city of Aleppo took during the late hours of November 24 and injured over 100 civilians. Syrian and Russian sources, including observers from the ground, reported that it was carried out by a group of radical militants operating in the area. It followed a series of violations of the ceasefire regime in the city’s western countryside by militant groups linked to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

Ahead of the attack, Syrian and Russian forces repeatedly warned that militants and their helpers from the White Helmets in Idlib still pose chemical weapons, which could be used for provocations. Nonetheless, immediately after the attack, representatives of the “opposition” started speculating that the “Assad regime” used chemical weapons against the city under its control to undermine the ceasefire. These speculations were dissiminated by multiple mainstream media outlets. On December 7, they were officially repeated by the Washington.

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failing and flailing- that’s what it is all about now a days. embarrassing to say the least!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It took two weeks for the west to react? “credible information that pro-regime forces likely used teargas” thats all you can come up with in two weeks? So you do not know anything, you just heard someone wispering something? And let me guess, that “credible information” comes from the White helmets?

Im kinda disappointed

And what about the months and months of constant warnings from Russia and Syria? The US gov trash is de facto defending and releasing the terrorist of any blame, im in no way surprised…

You can call me Al

I think they are slowly but surely being backed into a corner and running out of rhetoric.


Honest Historians will record this period of US political development as ‘ The US Infantile Period’. http://rackjite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/1221qqqaz.jpg


Trump is Americas Caligula, actually that’s being unfair to Caligula.


More senil. senil is the word.

Tudor Miron

Favorite zio trick – accuse others of their own crimes. Only surprise that it took them so long to spew it.


That’s correct and its sadly effective with those who are too lazy to think.


It took them so long because they are every day more and more desperados.

northerntruthseeker .

It is like the old Jewish trick of screaming in pain as the Jew bashes you!


Wow so when rebel held areas are gassed US blames Assad, when government held areas are gassed US also blames Assad!!

John Whitehot

yep. that’s the US way.

Promitheas Apollonious

yep that is the zionist usrael way. I am sure their directives come straight from city of london.


Don’t forget Wall Street.

Promitheas Apollonious

wall street is just an extension, of city of london.


Where on earth are there citizens of any country who don’t have a short attention span? This is hardly an American defect. Germans are clueless. The French are clueless. The British are clueless. Who are the wide awakes?

John Whitehot

agree sir.

in fact we should ask ourselves if the majority of people *does have* an attention span at all.


:-) Good point. What were we talking about?

John Whitehot



Seems logical to me if I don’t think about it :)

Promitheas Apollonious

considering the public that is targeted, with this propaganda has at best, no more than 2 sec thinking span………..

Nationaliste Traditionaliste

Fuck USA and US elites and defend Rand Paul the unique fair person !

John Whitehot

the US already has become the laughstock of international diplomacy.

this “as above, so below” views they ‘ve taken of late show their complete inability to talk with other countries without resorting to threats and blackmail.

the downward spiral this country is in shows no signs of relenting.


I look forward when the US spiral of lies and deception is totally out of control on the way to meet reality.


A stiff dose of hard times is the only thing that will wake us up. Until then it’s football and cable news fluff.


With all these western wars and sanctions, you can be sure you’re going to have those bad times.


Of all the way there are to stop ruinous expenses, not waging war has to be the best one. But the US persists in this madness. It will bite us very soon.


A day fervently to be hoped for.


“We caution Russia and the regime against tampering with the suspected attack site and urge them to secure the safety of impartial, independent inspectors so that those responsible can be held accountable.”

I wonder just who the US would consider to be impartial, independent inspectors?


The US Congress ? OPCW ? Porton Down ? CNN?


Why not the White Helmets?


They are even too corrupt for the US to shout about now :)


Hummm, never the less, lets wait and see.

Bobby Twoshoes

OPCW has already confirmed Syria is in compliance with it’s obligations, so they’re out…


The current OPCW boss though is a long time UN employee from Turkey .

Bobby Twoshoes

…and they do flip-flop like any other rubber-stamp organisation. I certainly don’t want to sound like I think they’re trustworthy, hell, even with all their “donations” the Yanks still can’t trust them.

AM Hants

Not forgetting the BBC.


If only I could :)

The Biased Broadcasting Cabal are an insult to Britain.


Who in their right mind would believe anything the USA says. They are now reduced to kidnapping people(Meng) and demanding ransom. They are criminals, give America a fair trial, then execute it.


All I have to say is, we were taught that the strongest form of bullying is ignoring someone, and that all publicity is good publicity. By both definitions – stop publishing Empire statements. They do the same to you!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The most toxic gas appears to be spread by the CIA run U.S. State Dept. (stench of horse manure overwhelming) No govt officials dares to enter the same Federal lavatory bloc that M. Pompeo has recently visited.


On 21 August 2013, the Syrian government accused of using chemical weapons in the suburb of Ghouta on the day that UN inspectors arrived in Damascus. While the international press reports that they are “anti-constitutionalists” who, with the support of Britain, the US, France, Germany, Israel, use chemical weapons to create pretexts for a possible imperialist attack on Syria. There was no need for the Syrian government to use the chemicals in a region that was in control anyway. It is known the tactic of this propaganda used before each imperialist attack.

Aen RaBeon

Fascinating! Really IS the useful idiot.

Gregory Casey

No doubt issued by the lovely Heather Nauert on her last runaround before she departs to New York to take over propagandizing at the UN.


USA said and continue saying “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”, northamerican people are behaving as a big power on stupidity polynomial believing their own lies.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

Send in Superman to the site, I suppose he can fly like a bullet”


the fuc..ked up disunited states of A has the use of gas as an ever valid fallback. They screamed bloody murder in Angola some 30 years ago, when they couldn’t make the proxy-fighter UNITA win the war, they accused the other side of using gas. in all likelihood it was the disunited states of A that provided the gas to its proxy-force unita and gassed anyone being in the way. and the same pattern is present today – the disunited states of A screams gas and points the finger towards the other side and the msm. like a beheaded chicken, screams and shouts and blames the party the white house moron wishes to blame.


The biggest possibility is a massive but brief exchange of chemical filled artillery and rockets between the two sides, once the SAA goes on the offensive.

northerntruthseeker .

Honestly, is the US fucking kidding???? Now they have the nerve to try this spin on their rebel force “gas attack” on Aleppo?

If anyone actually believes this, then I have some buildings in Washington DC, a few bridges, a few pyramids, and other landmarks, to sell to you!

How gullible do these criminals really think people are?



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