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U.S. Sanctions ICC Head Of Jurisdiction And Prosecutor For Investigating War Crimes In Afghanistan

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U.S. Sanctions ICC Head Of Jurisdiction And Prosecutor For Investigating War Crimes In Afghanistan

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On September 2nd, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US would sanctions officials from the International Criminal Court for investigating US citizens.

The sanctions are directed at Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and the court’s head of jurisdiction Phakiso Mochochoko who were both added to the Treasury Department’s “Specially Designated Nationals” list.

The U.S. has never been a part of the ICC, which Pompeo called “a thoroughly broken and corrupt institution” and said “We will not tolerate its illegitimate attempts to subject Americans to its jurisdiction.”

This is a result of an executive order signed by US President Donald Trump back in June 2020.

In March, the ICC moved forward with its investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, including those allegedly committed by U.S. forces and the CIA.

According to court documents [pdf], ICC Prosecutor Bensouda plans to investigate alleged Taliban attacks against civilians, including murders and abductions.

Bensouda also wants to look into methods that the U.S. military and CIA used to interrogate detainees. The prosecution has said, ‘There is reasonable basis to believe that, since May 2003, members of the US armed forces and the CIA have committed the war crimes of torture and cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity, and rape and other forms of sexual violence pursuant to a policy approved by US authorities.

The sanctions were denounced by the ICC. According to the international body, these sanctions were “unprecedented”.

The ICC said in a statement the new measures “are another attempt to interfere with the Court’s judicial and prosecutorial independence and crucial work to address grave crimes of concern to the international community”.

The war crimes court said it “continues to stand firmly by its personnel and its mission of fighting impunity for the world’s most serious crimes”.

The ICC will continue its investigation into possible war crimes by the United States and its allies in Afghanistan.

The State Department also restricted the issuance of visas for individuals Pompeo said were involved in the court’s efforts to investigate US personnel, though he did not name those affected.

Member countries of the International Criminal Court hit out against the “unacceptable” sanctions.

“I strongly reject such unprecedented and unacceptable measures against a treaty-based international organisation,” said O-Gon Kwon, president of the ICC’s Assembly of States Parties.

Dujarric said that “we trust that any restriction taken against individuals will be implemented consistently” with the UN’s deal for the US to host the headquarters in New York.

Richard Dicker, Human Rights Watch international justice director, said it was a “stunning perversion of US sanctions.”

“The Trump administration has twisted these sanctions to obstruct justice, not only for certain war crimes victims, but for atrocity victims anywhere looking to the International Criminal Court for justice,” he said.


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US wants a rules based order – we make the rules & you follow the order.


Sad, I was expecting US to obey the rules made by the third world.


Well that fat fuck Pompeo and the US expect everyone else to obey the rules.


Not all, only the priviledged few that have bank accounts.

Lone Ranger

First World*


How about keeping its agreements like the JCPOA & working with other countries rather than issuing dictats all the time


Sounds fair, anyway the sanctions mean ‘from now you don’ t do any business with us’. Why is everybody crying that they can’t have business with western banks?


not a very smart move

Potato Man

By the US you mean?
No, everyone knew that was gonna happen, if they didn’t ICC would look at Iraq and Syria and so on…. Plus US bully and shit on UN/UNSC/HRW for israel 24/7, if it wasn’t for US cocking UN Israel couldn’t do shi&. Israel stealing lands and have the backing of US and UN can’t do anything.
The so call “west” can’t do anything as well…Germany still suck Zion dick 24/7, UK pay Israel….Franch are fuking jokes and we have seen this past years where Wahhabi States are heading LMFAO.

(2018) https://www.theguardian.com/global/video/2018/sep/11/john-bolton-strongly-criticises-international-criminal-court-video


Im not saying they shouldn’t have done anything, but announcing it is not a smart move. gotta be discreet

Potato Man

Blacking mailing them then?
The word “discreet” and US don’t go so well with each others, or Trump.

Don’t get me wrong I agree with you.


sadly true


Carpet bombing of civilians like in Germany during WW2, or Korea, or Vietnam, or Falludsha, Mosul, … would all be war crimes, if the Geneva convention would be used to rule. Doesn’t apply to US though.


USA never adhered to this UN tribunal.

Lone Ranger

Warcriminals rarely do…

St. Augustine

That HRW tweet is so deceptive and schizophrenic. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so disgusting.

Is HRW one of those Soros-style globalist tools?

St. Augustine

I should’ve done my research before posting. :)

September 6, 2010

George Soros today announced that his Open Society Foundations will give a challenge grant of $100 million over 10 years to Human Rights Watch.
The grant will be used to expand Human Rights Watch’s global presence
to enhance the protection and promotion of human rights around the

Concrete Mike

HRW is a part of the subversiness that surrounds the multitude of intelligence agencies.

Your post below is gold! Well done!

Lone Ranger

Crumbling U.S. Empire, now out in the open so anyone can see.

johnny rotten

When he was stalking the victims of the outlawed US empire it was all right, now that he’s starting to do his job correctly no shit is right anymore, the pinnacle of irony is the fat boy we steal, lie and scam, accuse someone of do the same, managing not to miss even a small smile.

Jim Bim

With Pompeo, the heavy leaking U.S.S Empire is even taken more water in.

Potato Man

I dIdN’T sEe ThAt CoMiNg.
US did know what they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (or any other war they had for that matter)…they never wanted to join ICC.
They think they are the “exceptional” country….they have been for 75 years but the world also see them as a rogue country nowadays. They would still go for sometime even after all this….. :) but no one hold the power forever.


Good call, she also wants to investigate Israeli soldiers. She has no authority to do so, Israel has not signed on the ICC protocols. We do our own investigations, just look at our brave soldiers being hit with rocks by kids and don’t respond, as some other soldiers might have done:

Fog of War

These various international courts are a fraud as they only prosecute third world citizens or former Easter block people and never go after anyone in the West, Israhell, China, or even Russia for that matter.
How would these courts enforce their rulings anyhow ?

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