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U.S. Sanctions Civilians, Seizes Assets For Allegedly Supporting IRGC Quds Force

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U.S. Sanctions Civilians, Seizes Assets For Allegedly Supporting IRGC Quds Force

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On May 1st, the US Treasury sanctioned a company allegedly tied to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force.

“The Iranian regime and its supporters continue to prioritize the funding of international terrorist organizations over the health and well-being of the Iranian people,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “The United States remains committed to working with financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and international partners to facilitate humanitarian trade and assistance to the Iranian people.”

The company, as well as its owner were sanctioned.

The owner is dual Iranian and Iraqi national Amir Dianat, “a longtime associate of senior officials of Iran’s IRGC-QF.”

Dianat is also reportedly know as “Ameer Abdulazeez Jaafar Almthaje” and is accused of being involved in efforts to generate revenue and smuggle weapons abroad.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is also sanctioning Taif Mining Services LLC, a company owned, controlled, or directed by Dianat.

Prosecutors also charged Dianat’s alleged business associate, Kamran Ali Lajmiri, 42.

The government filed a forfeiture action to claim money used to purchase the Nautic, a 900-foot-long tanker that was previously named the Gulf Sky, and is now detained in the Gulf of Oman.

Together with that, the the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia filed criminal charges against Dianat and one of his business associates for violations of sanctions and money laundering laws, and filed a related civil forfeiture action alleging that approximately $12 million is subject to forfeiture as funds involved in these crimes and as assets of a foreign terrorist organization.

This is possible since the US in 2019 designated the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization. In response, Iran designated US Central Command as a terrorist organization.

Dianat, an associate of IRGC-QF officials Behnam Shahriyari and Rostam Ghasemi, “has supported IRGC-QF smuggling operations for several years, including efforts aimed at the shipment of weapons including missiles.”

As per the statement, the IRGC-QF has relied on Dianat to secure entry for vessels carrying IRGC-QF shipments and has used his business connections to facilitate logistics requirements.

Allegedly, Dianat has been directly involved in IRGC-QF efforts to smuggle shipments from Iran to Yemen.

Finally, Dianat has been involved in developing additional illicit business opportunities to generate revenue for the IRGC-QF, and in 2019, leveraged Taif Mining Services LLC, a company under his control, to procure an oil tanker.

This designation is a way for the US to show the world that its maximum pressure campaign against Iran wouldn’t stop regardless of any fallout from COVID-19, for Washington or Tehran.

Sanctioning a relatively unknown individual, with a company that can’t be considered major by any means is evidence of that, since most Iranian officials, military or not are already sanctioned. Now, the time comes for any Iranian individual who has any arbitrary, proven or unproven ties to “the regime.”

In March, the Treasury Department identified a group of Iran- and Iraq-based targets over their apparent support for the IRGC, its Quds Force foreign arm and Iranian-backed groups within the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq.


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The Zioterrorists doing postmodern piracy. Russia and China need to speed up their replacement of the petrodollar so countries like Iran and Venezuela, on top of China/Russia themselves, can have a respite the siege the terrorists have subjected them to. Kicking the Zioterroists out of S. Korea, Japan, Ukraine, the Baltics, etc., won’t be the result of negotiations with “our American partners”, but of war, be that economic war or all-out military conflict. All the rest is delusion.

Free man

America has imposed sanctions on those who shout death to America. Very surprising ;-)


Who,the neo-liberal covert wanna war affiliate? Never,forget it the cia would run out of money!


wowo but its still alive.. surprising..

Free man

Apparently the mullahs regime is unable to destroy / kill the US.
But they are punished for trying.
If you fight someone, don’t be surprised if he fight back.


Lawfare is about the only device that the US has any successes with these days, and unilateral US Lawfare is reliant on US vassal states willingness to roll over to the Zio-Mafia state.

Pretty well everything of US national importance is now corrupted by the deep state mafia.

Pave Way IV

(((Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin))) IS the law. He wasn’t hired for his looks.


Or his brains by the look of things..


Why hasn’t it been sanctioned already? well, better late than never. More U.S sanctions are needed against the mullahs, also their little adventure in Syria is about to end as we are now going to target them frequently.

Free man

“..as we are now going to target them frequently.” – It seems to be exactly what you guys are doing for some time now. The cowards IRGC even stopped threatening in response.

Free man

I think the Russians know that Iran is a burden in Syria. That is why the Russians gave Israel the green light to attack Iranian assets in Syria. In contrast, the Americans have banned Israel from bombing pro-Iranian militias in Iraq.


I agree, point is our new strategy is destroying Iranian assets in Syria till they understand it’s bad for them to stay. That means, you are going to see alot of airstrikes in the coming days and weeks, and it’s going to make the mullahs pay a heavy price as long as they are there.

Free man

The Iranians are very stubborn, I know personally ;-)
I hope the Iranian people will force the mullahs regime to divert its resources to the welfare of the Iranian people and not to finance wars in the Middle East.


Wish the same man, the Iranian people deserve better and not being shot and killed when they’re going to protest.

Luke Hemmming

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! How much US military weapons end up in the hands of America’s friends AND enemies year after year? The US is nothing more than a bully AND PHUCKING HYPOCRITES!!

Raptar Driver

Well then in that vein let’s just declare the green berets an international terrorist group and you can sanction them too?

Zionism = EVIL

What a bunch of Jew controlled dumbass cunts, as if this will scare Iran ROFLMAO!

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