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U.S. Reportedly Harassed Chinese Shipping And Airliner Crews, As Beijing Vows Countermeasures

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U.S. Reportedly Harassed Chinese Shipping And Airliner Crews, As Beijing Vows Countermeasures

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In the last week of November, and the beginning of December 2020, Chinese-US tensions appeared to be growing.

This notably included the US Treasury sanctioning Chinese company CEIEC for operating in Venezuela, and Beijing urging it to reconsider its “mistake” and lift the sanctions.

On November 30th, in a regular press briefing Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying answered the following question from a report from the South China Morning Post:

“According to China Daily, U.S. law enforcement officers recently have asked questions to employees of China’s shipping companies about their Party membership in several raids. In addition to Chinese ships, U.S. law enforcement agencies launched surprise raids on arriving Chinese airliners. Do you have more information on that? Can you confirm these details?”

The answer was the following:

“Indeed, over a period of time, law enforcement officials of relevant U.S. departments have repeatedly raided the crew of Chinese ships, questioned and inspected the crew of many Chinese flights to the United States, repeatedly fixating on their CPC membership. Such actions incite ideological antagonism and undermine normal personnel exchanges between China and the United States. This is a serious political provocation against the Chinese side. It is also another manifestation of the resurgence of McCarthyism and the full-on containment and suppression against China by the U.S. anti-China forces. It runs counter to the historical trend and does not conform to the aspirations of the people of China and the United States who want friendly exchanges. The Chinese side has made solemn representations to the U.S. side in this regard.

We urge the U.S. side to immediately stop the erroneous acts, stop stoking ideological antagonism, and stop unjustified crack-down on China. If the U.S. side insists on escalating its provocative actions, China will certainly take countermeasures.”

According to Beijing, the US is not only harassing Chinese shipping crews, but also Airline crews.

U.S. law-enforcement personnel have recently conducted alleged surprise raids on sailors aboard arriving Chinese ships and questioned arriving Chinese airline crews to ascertain whether they are members of the Communist Party.

Hua Chunying said that the US needs to stop these “erroneous acts” or China will find itself forced to implement due countermeasures.

This took place in late October and mid-November according to China Daily.

China Daily said that U.S. law-enforcement officers and plainclothes personnel had boarded 21 ships owned by two Chinese state enterprises, Cosco Shipping Holdings Co. and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., including 16 vessels that were inspected over the course of 25 days in October.

Most of the affected ships were boarded immediately after they berthed, according to China Daily, which said U.S. officials conducted extensive questioning of Chinese personnel that focused on Communist Party membership and sometimes lasted several hours.

“The US side’s extensive questioning of Chinese personnel sometimes lasted for several hours, repeatedly fixating on their CPC membership and even asking about reasons for joining the Party,” the sources said.

“They also asked about things like the crew’s links with the Chinese government, the current situation of (COVID-19) epidemic prevention in China, and the crew’s views on the candidates in the US presidential election,” the sources added.

In addition to Chinese ships, US law enforcement agencies launched surprise raids on arriving Chinese airliners on 16 occasions and questioned in detail the cabin crews. On three of these occasions, the questioning involved Party membership, the sources said.

“Such practices of the US side raise suspicion of discriminatory enforcement of the (US) laws and of attempts to provoke ideological confrontation, disrupt regular exchanges of visits between China and the US, and deliberately create trouble and obstacles, giving people the impression that McCarthyism is resurging in the US,” the sources said.

Another point of contention is Taiwan, and China strongly opposes the US selling weapons to Taiwan.

“The first thing I’d like to stress is that China firmly opposes U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Our position is consistent and clear.

I read reports that Taiwan has spent $11.8 billion, or NT$342.2 billion in purchasing American weapons this year, equaling the per capita spending of NT$14,500. I don’t know how our Taiwan compatriots feel when they know their wealth gained through hard work is spent on buying second-hand American weapons and used like it came from an automated teller machine for interest groups in the United States.

We once again send this stern message to the U.S. side: China will resolutely fight back against all attempts that undermine China’s core interests and interfere in China’s internal affairs. We urge the US to strictly abide by the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiques, stop selling arms to Taiwan or having military links with Taiwan, deal with Taiwan-related issues properly and with caution, and promptly halt its steps down the wrong and dangerous path. We also once again give the stern message to the Taiwan authorities that “Taiwan independence” is a dead end. Attempts and actions to seek external interference and use weaponry to deny reunification are doomed to fail.”

It is possible that in addition to pushing policy more rapidly regarding the Middle East and in support of Israel, the Trump Administration is also attempting to push relations with China even further apart in the last days in office.


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johnny rotten

Takeaway democracy in action, thanks the Yankee Jew for these wonders.

Vox Populi

Ironic that a unraveling fascist and racist cesspool spiraling out of control like the US failed state is worried about “communists” in China.

Bobby Twoshoes

Especially since their grand plan to salvage it all is childish caricature of communism.

Vox Populi

also a Zionist controlled police state far worse than the Stasi could ever imagine. US is a truly fascist gulag controlled by the Bilderberg Soros ilk.




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True, they should just stopping trading with them and let them be what they like.


Democracy ought be about tyhe freedom to choose how to live and die,not trying to figure out which ideology,if anything china can house all 1.4 billion no problem,
the branch of cia/franfurt/neo-liberal/fascist priks have too many homeless in california,yet this aint the 90s anymore,the world has awakened,whoms better
pelosi or heterosexual ccp? Well pelosi had her shot 30 yrs,yet still the libs cannot!


Is there a thought left you didn’t put in your comment? Tell me everything, Jimi!


i can add a thought which summarize everything: US is a shit! A terrorist state. Build the Trump’s wall and stay in! The world don’t like you yankees. From 1.4 billion Chineses to Russians Iranians Venezuelans Cubans Syrians Libyans Vietnameses, and Europeans like me being ashamed of you, cowboys coming from the shit of europe we sent overseas bastardized with the poor african slaves and the natives you genocided. One word: F U OFF!!

John Brown

Occupy baoon is a zio troll don’t bother responding to bacon posts


That’s the problem with us, Europeans, we are obsessed with Americans. Joking. You are not European, you are from some 4th world 6hithole country :)


But where would they buy all their stuff then? Wish at the Walmart Xmas tree?


Where they bought it 30 years ago.


Pretending to be commys is gonna hit them a dose of reality like vthey never imagined,
The world largest threat remain stemmed from that covert cia/franfurt ops of the eu-epps,
They are the schemers whom are making it far worse than real communism used to be without the nazi/khazars faketh to be cccp/ccp;see brennan pretends to be commy because being a gutted pro fascist/cia/frankfurt/wanna war pig,he figured to try to frame china too!

Lone Ranger

Americant pirates looking for prey…
Sad what the U.S. has become.
Operation paperclip wasn’t such a stellar idea afterall…

Lone Ranger

DNC is more radical commie than the Chinese commie party.
No joke.



Lone Ranger

You are too optimistic.



Concrete Mike

To equate DNC to anything close to the left is laughable.

DNC is as much big business as RNC, whom are 2 sides.of the same fascist elitist coin.

DNC is the furthest thing from.communism.

Jim Allen

Fascist, then, perhaps with a Marxist topping ?

Concrete Mike

When has the DNC done anything for the workers? Isnt helping workers the main tenet of marxism?

That being said, what the hell is wrong with a bit of socialism spread around?

The model americans preach, is ridiculous, its privatizes profits and socializes losses. How can one create a cohesive and just society in these circumstances??? Its impossible, as the gap growth between haves and have nots is exponential.

Its pay to play buddy!

Proud Hindu

Chinese assholes too weak to respond to mighty usa.Sf trolks will cry and rage.Wheres your mighty china now lol.


“Wheres your mighty china now lol.”

Asia? At least the last time I looked anyway.


I looked too and found the mighty.


Australasia to be frank!


The real chinese asswholes are the ones hellbent on trades only us petrodolla,are minions:


You have no grip on reality,if the chinese turn nasty you will know about it,just ask what was left of the American army in Korea after they pushed the Chinese too far.

Alberto Garza

are talking about the korean war when 25,000 u.s. soldiers resisted the invasion of a million chinese soldiers ?

Concrete Mike

Hah we aint crying, were laughing at the americans , at how pathetic and senile they have become.

The americans are so out of touch, they even asked chinese what their thoughts were on the US elections!! Grasping at straws much???

And I laugh even more at imperial boot lickers like you.
look at you being paid to be an online idiot!! I guess you regrete studying liberal arts now !!! Hahahaha

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well the U.S. has now all but guaranteed Taiwanese shipping and aviation to be intrusively monitored. (possibly Australian too)


Typical Fascists,if i was one of those Chinesei wouldn’t answer any questions i would tell them to go fuck themselves.

Tommy Jensen

We were only looking after Chinese spreading Wuhan Covid virus. Whats wrong with that?


The American’s were keen to breathe it in?

Fog of War

Poor China always threatening countermeasure that never materialize.
” Hua Chunying said that the US needs to stop these “erroneous acts” or China will find itself forced to implement due countermeasures. “

Alberto Garza

the gave covid to the world

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