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JUNE 2021

U.S. Renames Pacific Command To Indo-Pacific Command

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U.S. Renames Pacific Command To Indo-Pacific Command

Adm. Phil Davidson, commander of the newly renamed U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, is piped aboard during the USPACOM change of command ceremony. Photo: MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST 2ND CLASS JAMES MULLEN/U.S. NAVY

On May 30, US Secretary of defense Jim Mattis announced the renaming of the US Pacific Command to US Indo-Pacific Command to strengthen the “increasing connectivity between the Indian and Pacific Oceans”.

At the change of command ceremony in Pearl Harbor, Mattis made his remarks on the renaming, stressing the importance of India in the US strategy in the region. Mattis stated that “all nations large and small are essential to the region, in order to sustain stability in ocean areas critical to global peace.”

“In recognition of the increasing connectivity between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, today we rename the U.S. Pacific Command to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command,” he said.

“Relationships with our Pacific and Indian Ocean allies and partners have proven critical to maintaining regional stability.”

At the ceremony, Navy Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. handed over the reins to Navy Admiral Philip S. Davidson. Both admirals emphasized that the command would continue “the mission of security and stability in the region from the coast of Africa to the coast of California and all points between”.

The Military Times claimed that the renaming is “the latest move to counter Chinese economic and military pressure in the region”.

The US Indo-Pacific Command is the largest among the six geographic unified combatant commands. About 375,000 US military and civilian personnel are assigned to the domain.

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