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JUNE 2023

U.S. Proxies In Al-Tanaf Claim They Repelled Syrian Army Attack

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U.S. Proxies In Al-Tanaf Claim They Repelled Syrian Army Attack

Illustrative image, fighters of the Revolutionary Commando Army in al-Tanaf, source: @MaghaweirThowra

The U.S.-backed Revolutionary Commando Army claimed on September 11 that its units had repelled a surprise attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the 55km zone surrounding the al-Tanaf base in southeastern Syria.

The group said in a statement that army units advanced inside the 55km zone taking advantage of a Red Cross visit to civilians in the area. The group claimed that its fighters repelled the supposed “attack.”

“The heroes of the Revolutionary Commando Army clashed with regime forces and pushed them out of the 55k DCZ [de-escalation zone]. the Revolutionary Commando Army have the full support of Coalition Forces and are ready to defend against and respond to any attack Within the DCZ,” the group’s statement read.

A Syrian military source, who is stationed around the 55km zone, denied these claims. The source told SouthFront that no clashes happened in the area.

The Revolutionary Commando Army has about 300 fighters in al-Tanaf. The Pentagon is still arming the group, despite multiple scandals. Earlier this year, the group’s spokesman was caught raping a 10-year old displaced girl.

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Tiresia Branding

US SEEKS TO DESTABILIZE SOUTHERN SYRIA… was the title of a recent Southfront post

northerntruthseeker .

I smell nothing more here than a propaganda stunt…. I seriously doubt that the SAA would have launched this “attack” knowing full well that such an attack would have given the criminal US scourge their excuse to “counterattack” and launch an offensive in southern Syria!


They’re gonna have to find an army to do it. Russia controls the airspace around Al Tanf and no way Trump is going to risk body bags or downed US aircraft with an election looming say nothing of starting WW3.

Personally I believe this was a parting gift from John Boltons moustache.


Besides, Al-Tanf can wait until after Idlib is done with.


yep idlib will be done and dusted shortly and then it’s time for the other vermins that helped in the destruction of a well functioning sovereign state. no mercy.

northerntruthseeker .

John Bolton’s moustache won that war!


Earlier this year, the group’s spokesman was raping a 10-year old displaced girl.”… tRump says this about him, …..“Terrific guy,” “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it —he enjoys his social life.”

Lena Jones

Claim away till you’re blue in the face – you’re gonna have to either fuck off outta Tanaf or die there sooner than later.

Saddam Hussein

Theyre learning hasbara from their overlords. Every inch of Syria will be liberated.


yep it will whatever the unhinged morons in the white house thinks.

AM Hants

No doubt using stuff from the 30,000 truck loads, they sent to cause trouble in Syria. According to Erdogan.

Erdogan Breaks Silence: Says The US Sent 30,000 Truckloads Of Weapons To Syria… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/erdogan-breaks-silence-says-us-sent-30000-truckloads-weapons-syria


Maybe to balance the even larger number of trucks send by Turkey to IS, HTS, etc.?

AM Hants

Must admit, I do like the videos showing the weapons that get left behind, for the Syrian Forces to pick up.

I am just watching a video, posted by Putin Apologist, so so needed revisiting. Thanks to the work of the Brazilian Actress, Carla Ortiz. It goes back to the time, I believe, when the White Helmets were trying to stage a chemical weapons attack, on a hospital, when they blamed Russia. Which resulted in the US, UK and France sending the cruise missiles to Syria.

#Aleppo #WhiteHelmets #chemicalattack EXPOSED: Inside the WHITE HELMETS headquarters in Aleppo (Syria)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=584&v=lKiiKtEcx9Q


I believe that this is only propaganda for the new terrorist group formed by USA, they need a los affiliated members.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Every other time the SAA has made an unsanctioned incursion into the exclusion zone the US responded with their artillery that has a 55 km range and covers the whole exclusion zone, but they haven’t responded with their artillery to any incursions this time, so this is probably just more BS. The last time Trump said he wanted to pull out of Al Tanf and started making preparations to do so, Bolton and his Israeli stooges came up with all sorts of excuses not to do it. Israeli is about to hold elections soon and Netanyahu’s party which holds power is the most hardline of all the major Israeli political parties, but forecasters have been saying his party’s about to lose seats in the next election and either going to have to share power with more moderate parties to retain power or lose it altogether. And coincidentally Bolton’s been Netanyahu’s biggest supporter in the US government since the rainbow warrior ‘Sin’etor John McCain died, but he can’t be anymore, Trump just sacked him. So there’s no more official support coming from Bolton anymore, and that’s got to harm Netanyahu’s reelection chances terribly. I think Trump just killed two birds with the one stone, his greatest opponent to a US withdrawal from Syria, and the greatest opponents to a negotiated settlement with Iran.


Imo either the Al Tanf enclave should align with the SDF or be shut down as strategically unviable. Even aligned with SDF, it will be a difficult situation to sustain.

Strategic planners must think hard on the way forward here.

Bill Wilson

The US was using that area to train Syrians on how to fight ISIS in desert regions then sending the units east to join the SDF so may be continuing that practice today.


I doubt their was any coordination between Al Tanf area and SDF. There is a river, a desert, SAA, Iranians and RuAF in between. US should airlift hardened Sdf arab forces like those of MMC, Sanaadid forces to the enclave and equip them with heavy arms. A thousand airlifted or by truck through Iraq to the enclave would make it a viable place and with SDF commanders to organise the population of the camps.

The way those are stuck there is a disgrace to both UN and US.

Zionism = EVIL

These goat fuckers need to be bombed. Money must be a problem for terrorists now as they are using used basic Toyota pick-ups from ARAMCO surplus carpool rather than the fancy hi-lux.

Bill Wilson

This might of been another fool adventure by a local Iranian backed militia. One did something similar when the SAA was moving east in the desert to force ISIS out of the phosphate mines SE of Palmyra. The Iranian backed militia unit had two bulldozers on trailers and various support trucks with troops that had orders to go north on the highway towards the mines. For some reason they went south on the highway heading towards the exclusion zone. The US forces contacted Russia and Assad about that group’s intent and were told that they had no idea. The US called them again after the group entered the zone and were told that the group was ignoring their commands to turn around. So the US sent over a couple of jet fighters that buzzed the group firing over their heads before turning around to destroy the dozers and a few trucks once the pilots saw the militiamen had abandoned the vehicles by fleeing into the desert. They left a few trucks intact so the soldiers didn’t have to walk back to their lines. I don’t believe that Assad nor Russia issued any statements about that.

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