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U.S. Pressures Saudi Arabia To End Its War On Yemen?

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U.S. Pressures Saudi Arabia To End Its War On Yemen?

A child holds a fragment of the U.S.-made MK-82 bomb used in last Thursday’s massacre of Yemeni schoolchildren. Ahmed AbdulKareem | MintPress News

On October 30, the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for a cessation of hostilities in Yemen and revealed that UN-led negotiations to end the war will begin in November.

“The time is now for the cessation of hostilities, including missile and UAV strikes from Houthi-controlled areas into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, Coalition air strikes must cease in all populated areas in Yemen … Substantive consultations under the UN Special Envoy must commence this November in a third country,” Pompeo said in an official statement released by the Department of State.

According to Pompeo, the talks will be mainly aimed at implementing confidence-building measures to solve the main issues of the conflict, including the demilitarization of borders, and the concentration of all large weapons under international observation.

A day after Pompeo’s statement, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Washington had been watching the conflict in Yemen “for long enough” and promised to boost the peace efforts within the next 30 days.

“We have got to move towards a peace effort here, and we can’t say we are going to do it sometime in the future. We need to be doing this in the next 30 days … It is time to end this conflict, replace conflict with compromise, and allow the Yemeni people to heal through peace and reconstruction,” Mattis said during a speech in the U.S. Institute of Peace, according to the BBC.

In his first response, Martin Griffiths the U.N. Special Envoy for Yemen welcomed the U.S. calls and stressed that the Yemeni conflict can be resolved only through talks. Later, it was revealed that the U.N. asked Sweden to host the upcoming Yemeni negotiations, which indicates the U.S. seriousness.

“We remain committed to bring the Yemeni parties to the negotiations table within a month. Dialogue remains the only path to reach an inclusive agreement,” the BBC quoted Griffiths as saying.

This major shift on U.S. policy on Yemen may be an attempt to ease international pressure on Saudi Arabia, wich erupted after the recent war crimes in Yemen and the assassination of Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi. Earlier this month, Lebanese Hezbollah’s commander advised Saudi Arabia to end its war on Yemen in order to find a way out of its current troubles.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have not commented on the U.S. relarms yet. Nonetheless, the Mattis remarks will highly unlikely result in any real developments on the ground while the US takes not real steps to halt its military support to Saudi Arabia.

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Harvey Swinestein

The rapist’s supporter decides he has seen enough of the raping and calls for the victim and the rapist to stop doing what they are doing . . .insane

Bobby Twoshoes

“Subsequently, Coalition air strikes must cease”. The key here is “Subsequently” ie this will be done after the Houthis suspend action. To use your analogy; The rapist’s supporter decides he might look bad if he continues to assist in the raping and says he will ask the main rapist to stop raping the victim if the victim stops resisting first.

Harvey Swinestein

Well said :)

John Wallace

Sounds like they have more important fish too fry.


You can See Shit Comin’…Right Mr. Pompeo? You Knew you had to Pull your Hands off of Yemen right? Or you might get sucked into the Abyss…. together with your Buddy Mohammed Ben Shlomo & his Jewish House of Saud….

S Melanson

Yup. You nailed it.

Brother Ma

No good thing has ever come out of Arabia…… apart from oil and that is disappearing rapidly! Good!


Mohammed Ben Shlomo will be disappeared rapidly too….

Tommy Jensen

Some………… https://youtu.be/5lgpMmsdN0A

Brother Ma

Haha. No way! If she came out showing just her full face she would be jumped by ten perverted sexually-frustrated Sauds who would rape every orifice in her body and they would get medals from the sick government! .POTUS might even give them another special Satanic Orb!

northerntruthseeker .

If you believe that the US is actually “demanding” the sickos in Saudi Arabia stop their war of annihilation against civilians in Yemen, I have a few pyramids to sell to you, you suckers!!

This is nothing but pure PR bullshit to try to make the US look like the good guys here.. But in reality the evil US government is continuing to send billions of dollars in arms to kill Yemen civilians, and that business as usual will continue in spite of this laughable rhetoric!


I agree with you. This statement tells it all.

“including the demilitarization of borders, and the concentration of all large weapons under international observation.”

I suppose that NATO nations and FUKUS in particular will be the ‘ International monitors ‘, who will be able to document all the Houthi weapons if they are daft enough to go along with the US deception.

The Houthis are not daft though and they will fully realise that ANY agreement with FUKUS is not worth the paper it is written on.

Tommy Jensen

The Houthi´s massacres on innocents Saudi´s on their own soil and missiles on Saudi and UAE airports and cities must stop.

The Houthis must come to their senses and understand the United States only wants to promote peace and a UN weapon controle is necessary for freedom. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e9fc93da3ec43bd7c75d3d9e06e5d3f328a75da1d376396c31d8dd2d299624e0.jpg

Harvey Swinestein

What terrestrial body are you living on chump? certainly can’t be earth . .


LOL Tommy. US can start by allowing food and medicine to the dieing children of N Yemen. Fuck the criminal Sauds. :)

You can call me Al

Another weird part of the English language – it is dying.

No offence intended.


Woops, language can be confusing.You Brits have screwed things up for sure. Dieing is to make a machine DIE, but it is not dead (I work in mfg) . LOL


I feel I’m in a deja vu!

The exact same thing happened in Iran-Iraq war. As long as Iran was in the post-revolution chaos and Iraq was taking territory, nobody talked about ceasing the hostilities but as soon as Iran reorganized, pushed back Iraq out and entered it’s territory, suddenly delegation after delegation appeared advising for peace, even Saudis offered to pay the reparations but all of these without anything official, just words. But they asked for the same things, monitoring etc.

Perhaps now Saudis are in very bad shape and the US knows it so they recycle the plot they had to help that puppet for this puppet. If Yemen doesn’t accept the US will enter with all they got because helping Saudis with all the weapons didn’t and won’t help.

Brother Ma

Absolutely true

Zionism = EVIL

The real issue is the failure of the Saudi cowards and their mercenaries in Yemen. There are reports that the Saudis may have killed their puppet Hadi in Aden yesterday as even he was going rogue. The Sudanese mercenary infantry is refusing to fight at al-Hudayah as they have not been paid and the casualties are too high. The US and UK have no choice left, either commit their own ground troops or call the lost war off. The battle hardened khat chewing sandal clad Ansarollah are running rings around the Saudis as the videos attest.

John Whitehot

pressure after selling them some billions of arms? this sounds like a pr move to calm down certain sections of the US electorate making noises about Wahabistan.

R PLobo

Clearly the ksa sand muppets have gone beyond their shelf life for the zionists. Yemen is now a lost cause for the empire as the Houthis have demonstrated strong resistance. What is more serious for the empire is the potential for a total collapse within ksa itself. That would bring down the enter front of vassal kings in the ME. The Houthis have managed with their sandals alone to demonstrate how weak the ME comprador class really is – the zionists need to mitigate the demise of their whores. A ceasefire is the only way forward for the US. The ksa block is so pathetic that they make the South Vietnam army look like a viable fighting force – the Khashoggi fiasco is just the topping on the cake of the sand butcher clowns.


Okay, the saber tooth tiger is now our of the bag. I am reading this as a.k.a. …………….. The Houthis are really starting to do some damage to the KSA and UAE, while forces sponsored by those countries are getting owned in Yemen proper ……….. and are at a turning point of actually getting totally powned. I mean, how long ago was it, that the UAE and KSA were flat out denying that those type of attacks were even taking place. It is an admission that the KSA and crew is being defeated and it needs to stop before nobody has a handle on this. My take on this hogwash. A good evening to all.

Brother Ma

This is almost as good as when Ethipian natives with shields and spears slaughtered Italian armies of the forst water in Adowa? 1895?

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi scum have lost and the Sudanese mercenaries are refusing to fight. No the US and UK masters are not interested in dying for the Wahhabi headchopper scum. Two Saudi girls were killed by their headchopper parents in New York yesterday creating more bad press.

Brother Ma

I heard about that but how do you know it was their parents?. I heard it was the Saud’s embassy in Umerikkiya who was putting the pressure on the girls to return. I also heard her mom and brother with with them too ,aslo supposedly defecting.


LOL I cannot believe what I am hearing

S Melanson

Endgame now officially confirmed. The Houthis trampling the Coalition sunk in to US hegemonic planners that the empire will not include Yemen. The Houthis taking the war into KSA had the desired effect – the empire could lose KSA. And the Khashoggi disaster which was staged by the enemies of MbS was the coup de grace of his downfall – the Khashoggi affair was predictably badly handled by MbS like most things he touched and the message to the US is he is a fool and if he remains in power, KSA will be lost to the empire. I give credit to Merjin for making the call early and being bang on the money on the real purpose of Khashoggi uproar since it is nothing new.

The rulers of the empire are not known to be forgiving of failure and this is failure on a grand scale. I posted a while back on the question of MbS going down – it was not in question anymore, only when and how. We have the answer – MbS enemies did not try directly (smart), instead they set up MbS to ambarass the Royal family, bring national shame, but most unforgivable, embarass the US masters. They capitalized on the fact Khashoggi was a CIA asset and so CIA would stick it to Trump to make Trump look like a fool and that made it fatal for MbS. So it is the US that ends it for MbS, as was hoped by MbS enemies because they knew MbS could survive internal forces to bring him down, but not the displeasure of the US.

The enemies of MbS also were helped by MbS being petulant and clueless when the US sent clear signal to MbS to clean up his act such as raising questions about continued support of war in Yemen and raising humanitarian concerns. MbS seemed not to clue in, leaving him very vulnerable and when MbS made his next mistake, the vultures descended on the opportunity. And success since the US is stepping in to end war in Yemen, meaning that the US has lost confidence in MbS. The Royal family understands this means replace MbS or risk the fall of the House of Saud altogether. The setbacks have made the hegemon less forgiving so for House of Saud, not good time to screw up.

This is better than James Bond. Watch now what happens. The US has sent the signal, ball in Saudi hands, and this time they better not F. this up or House of Saud is toast.


Peace comes with more than a ceasefire, it’s about ending all hostilities.


Everything that comes out the mouths of American politicians is a lie. On the other hand this might be the US doing for the Saudis what they themselves cannot die without losing face. If the US pretends to put the screws on the Saudis they themselves can withdraw from the war under the pretext that they were forced too, not because they weren’t winning at all.

‘No, we weren’t losing the war at all, it was the heathen Americans who made us leave. Now excuse us while we give our valued American allies some more multi-billion dollar arms contracts.’


Whohaa, I got my self an “god laugh” when I read the shit dripping from an Pomppeous sewage rat rants and you belive them, the perverted scumbags of the UssA, huh, I dont belive an word of it, and despite some really good coments, this reaks of political smoke screen, nothing else, will change nothing, countrys that benfits from this war by selling weapon systems and amo, like Norway, have not writen anything anywhere about ending anything, the shoa must go on.

This freak is drooling for His master, clockwork orange aka the Trump whom we all know is an stinking Jewish bitch, and TrumpTards never care about Yemens, they are pissing in their pants because of some few thousand uh…… inv….. sorry sorry…refugees. Even thinking the wankees are for peace in any way or form is to me an clrear sign of been mentaly damaged beyond repair, if they just nuke the hole place, nobody would say anything, its just bizzenizze, ask the NorDicks, whom is making an killing this days and is of course protecting their assets aka ISIS against Iran, yeah, “everybody is happy”, of course peace is not wanted, the elite will loose some shekles, and the only reason I can think of, is that the wankees want this people/army to be relocated to another arena, like Afg, Africa where they have just started, or in the realms of the Orcs in the shithole Ukraina. Etc.

They scream in the MSM about an man, while children die in thousands and the MSM is dead silent, again as in Norway, if anything from Yemen, its all about Iran, every god dammed time, they squice Iran into their staggering rotten propaganda. And now the UN have an Norwegian rat as the official liar for the UN to be in Syria, another Nowegian, and I already know one thing about this Norwegian UN envoy, He is an Khazarian Inbreed, and like Norwegians in general, an pety scumbag, rotten to their core.

Blessed be the peacemakers.



such bullshit, kind of like the US denying participation in the war for years. Everything out of their mouths is a lie and this is no different

Don Machiavelli

”We remain committed to bring the Yemeni parties to the negotiations table within a month. ”

Basically a message to Saudis… You have one month to finish Houtis off.

You can call me Al

+ assassinate MBS.

Don Machiavelli

There is always possibility, we can’t know for sure i guess. I kinda think that MBS is important asset for western imperialism but this is just a guess since i do not know thing about him. Why do you think so friend?

You can call me Al

Well, I do not want to brag; but I think I called his overthrow and assassination a few months ago. But let us see; I am not usually right by the way.

PS have you seen this todat – https://southfront.org/saudi-coup-imminent-as-crown-princes-uncle-arrives-to-oust-toxic-mbs/

Don Machiavelli

I guess that we shall see what happens and it should come very soon.

You can call me Al

PS Cheers, I’ll catch you on the next post.With MBS, he always looked like a total nut case; arrogant, flippant and pretending to be the man of the people. The truth is probably that he is an evil degenerate, that the Yankers cannot control.

PPS One of my main views of yesteryear was the destruction of the damns in Syria, that has not happened as expected, but I also put that back on the table for the next year.

You can call me Al

“The time is now for the cessation of hostilities, including missile and UAV strikes from Houthi-controlled areas into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, blahblahblah.

Subsequently !!!? – feck off Yanks, you stop immediately, send aid in and let the Houthis at least get 0.0001% revenge you POS.

S Melanson

I do not think US is doing this as a pr stunt – not this time anyway. MbS creates to many problems so US wants MbS replaced by someone more suitable. The US still supports House of Saud so replacement can be from House of Saud – meet the new boss same as the old boss in family lineage but not so clueless.

The US wants the war in Yemen to end as Houthis have destabilized to point House of Saud could fall – US does not want this since US controls KSA through house of saud


NATO leadership is starting to get worried about its own complicity over Yemen – as bin-Salman jr will not end the war despite having long failed to achieve basic strategic objectives and the current stalemate. As it’s entirely bin-Salman jr’s war, and he cannot end it, or negotiate, without appearing an impetuous failure within KSA and on world stage. Meanwhile, NATO who have been politically and logistically supporting this war for years are recognizing that bin-Salams jr’s ever-prolonging of the relentless violence and blockade against Yemen may lead to a catastrophic humanitarian disaster – a man made famine and population wide health crisis – entirely created by KSA and NATO’s combined military actions. Such an outcome would be colossal PR and legal exposure for NATO – as co-complicit actors in industrial scale war crimes against a small third world state.

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