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U.S. Preparing Militant Sabotage Groups To Attack Syrian Oil Infrastructure: Russia

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U.S. Preparing Militant Sabotage Groups To Attack Syrian Oil Infrastructure: Russia


The US is preparing militant sabotage groups that would be tasked with attacks on Syrian oil infrastructure, the Russian Defense Ministry warned on July 29. According to reports, such groups have been spotted in the areas of al-Suwayda, al-Bukamal and Palmyra.

Head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operational Department Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi said that the US is training around 2,700 miltiants of Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra and other militant groups. US-trained sabotage groups are being deployed in the government-held areas to destabilize the situation there.

The Russian side added that the situation is also tense in the Idlib de-escalation zone. According to Col. Gen. Rudskoi, at least 500 members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham were deployed from the northern part of the zone to southern Idlib.

He added that the Syrian Army has also repelled two militant attacks on its positions in northern Hama and southern Idlib. Around 300 fighters, 10 battle tanks and 20 vehicles armed with guns were employed by militant groups.

U.S. Preparing Militant Sabotage Groups To Attack Syrian Oil Infrastructure: Russia

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  1. klove and light says:

    well Russia ..stop complaining….and drop some FOAB on the jihadi pricks in Idlib…FOAB or MOAB are not banned weapons and have been used by trump in Afghanistan already.
    and Boy will those shake the jihadi pricks and make them shit in their panties.

    1. Rob says:

      You know all these militants in Idlib and Hama are also humans. I don’t know what is their mission but you cannot just say that these militants in Idlib are bad guys. There should be a third party to know their main objectives that what they want. If you save the life of one person so it is like that you have saved entire humanity.

      We should play a role of reconciliator not an instigator. Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqah, Deir Ezzor and Khasaka are cities of Syria. In Syria these bad guys could one day protect every inch of Syria from internal and external enemies, from espionage and conspiracies. They could rebuild entire Syria.

      Appreciate your enemy’s objections which may improve your ideas. May be their ideas would be more suitable than your ones not only for Syria rather for the prosperity of the entire region.

      1. AJ says:

        The majority of militants in Idlib are HTS or Al Queda as they used to be known – I think its safe to conclude they are jihadi extremists who want to overthrow the secular government & install some kind of Salifist state. Yes they are bad guys.

        1. Rob says:

          Not all guys are bad. You know this is very bad luck that in many countries when a person get the power so then he becomes addicted to that power and it becomes their family government in which the power transfer from parents to children and then to the children of children and so on until several generations. They think that they are super intelligent and the remaining nation is stupid.

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            Of course they are not Muslims, but they are menace to the entire Planet, buddy.

          2. Brother Ma says:

            In practice they say they are muslims ,they think they are muslims, so to us ,they are muslims. If tghey are not moslems then your imams and schools are doing an awful job of teaching people how to be moslems!

          3. Rob says:

            There is no divisions or groups in Islamic religion. Those that say we are different Muslims actually they don’t follow holly scripture which is Quran.

          4. Brother Ma says:

            Sorry. Islam as has been practised from the year dot includes hadiths ,commentary and interpretations. Ie school of jurisprudence. No one cares how Islam should be just as i dont care what Chrustisnity should be. We are judged by our actions.

            Moslems are either violent or easily coopted by violent Moslems. Buddhists are not usually violent and not easily coopted by violent Buddhists. That is just how things are and will be until more people think like you do.

            Of the Moslems the Shiites are the best or ones with Sufiism.

          5. Rob says:

            I am not Muslim but what I have read in Quran I have told you that there is no groups or divisions in Islam. Those that represent themselves a different group in Islam are not following Islam.

          6. Brother Ma says:

            You seem naive or a saint and I have not worked out which. Pity you were not in control of Islam as the world would be a better place.

          7. Rob says:

            To be honest no scripture tells to be a violent, to be a thief, to be a terrorist, to be a pedophile or to be an adulterer etc rather scriptures prohibit every one from these sins. Scripture is a human’s manual.

          8. Concrete Mike says:


            We have a resident salafist here, Rodney Loder, he is definitly no zionist.

            He is a true salafist, not mercenariy salafists like al nusrah.

            Stop painting everyone with the same brush!

          9. Rob says:

            Have you read Quran. It is clearly mentioned in Quran that there is no divisions or groups in Islam.

        2. Icarus Tanović says:

          They are very bad guys.

      2. R3mba says:

        No they aren’t!! they are subhuman scums..Most of them are foreign paid fighters..

        1. Rob says:

          You can use your own skills to make them better humans.

          1. R3mba says:

            I can only use my butchering skill’s to cut them in pieces and feed pigs with their flesh…

    2. Ivan Freely says:

      It comes down to economics. I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives.

    3. Icarus Tanović says:

      I agree, and add some Napalm to all that.

    4. Zionism = EVIL says:

      The Americunts are terrorists and cowards and they will never leave Syria and Iraq unless they suffer daily casualties. It is time to wage a war of national liberation all across Syria and Iraq.

  2. Leon says:

    Russia :what a load of waffle. MOD says that, Lavrov says that ……but nothing happens.
    The stupid agreement signed in octobre 2018 in Sotchi by Putin about a de-escalation zone is just BS. Erdogan diddled Putin. Russia snivels like a woman. Even Hama is not yet under Syrian authority !

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      Nothing happens :) other than that in 2015 terrorist were about to take Damascus and now things are little different are they?
      Don’t bother answering – I know your script, heard it many times already. Face the actual fact that your masters (US/US/Israel) already lost this war.

      1. Leon says:

        It looks like Russia came to secure Tartous and Hmeimim but Idlib, Part of Hama, north and nord east of Syria is still under terrorist control after 4 years. It took less then 4 years to Stalin to crumble the most power army. After 4 years Putin secured Tartous and Hmeimim ! I’d like Russia could support Syria the same way the US supports Israël. Syrian, iranian, libanese soldiers are dying for Putin able to sell a few S 400 to Erdogan. Disappointing.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          I could not have said it better.

        2. R3mba says:

          your’e a fckn moron.. Stalin was more sick in the head than Hitler.. did you watch any ww2 doc?? do you know how many Russians had die in ww2?

          1. Leon says:

            Your politness looks like your IQ.

          2. R3mba says:

            Look who’s talking about IQ…
            Go and fuck away you and your boyfriend below my comment..

        3. Concrete Mike says:


          The whole south of the country has been liberated, most of Homs province has been liberated. Qualamoun, west and east ghouta, Al Mayaden Al bukamal.

          These places are not nothing, the people that live there matter as well!

          I am not disappointed in russia or the SAA.

          I am disapointed in USA , the EU, the turks and especially the Kurds.

          These parties are doing everything they can to stymie a peacful solution, they are the problem.

          They will be dealt with, be patient.

      2. vaderfater says:

        The actuakl realuty is not equal to Putins speeches in 2015.

        Russia betrayed Syria. that is the big truth.

        Betrayed, beacuse is weak and has no money to fight.

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          Like Tudor said, in 2015 Damas was under seige, Aleppo was mostly under militant control, Deir Ez Zor city was encircled.

          Look at where we are now.

          Russia’s contribution was immense. When you do things right it seems like you done nothing at all.

          A couple israeli airstrikes mean diddly squat, its just PR for the media.

          We all know media are liars, so who cares what the liars say, they lie!

          1. vaderfater says:

            I compare the reality with Putins plans, And the reality is cokmpletely different.

        2. Tudor Miron says:

          Oh yeah! Now money :) “Russian economy is in shambles”(c) – is that what you’re talking about?
          OK, let me ask. If Russia betreyed Syria than which country is a real friend of Syria?
          Also I suggest that yuo stop abusing word “truth” – has very little to do with your posts.

          1. vaderfater says:

            Sure! You have no money. Therfore Putin decreased the military budget by 20%. Therefore is almost stopped the production of Su-57. Therefore is completely stopped the Armata program,. YOUR Ministry of defense told, that those tanks are too expensive. There is no really modernisation of tanks, navy (some frigattes is nothing!), air force (you have 300 modern planes, USA 3-4000, NATO double). No new choppers. The only thing what you modernize are rockets. ICBMs, air defense missiles.

            Also SF wrote 2 years ago, that after massive russan missile attacks against ISIS your depots were empty. Aaaaand this is not good. These words wrote the SF. It was one of the few critical articles on this portal.

            Boy, country with GDP on Italy level is not strong country. Beacuse the oligarchs and politicians stell the money from state, you have nothing for the modernization of economy and society. The results we see already now. And your citizens feel it on their skin. Your best people leave Russia, the population decreases again, there are more and more protests against government. Putin is dysliked in 70% of young people.

            So, you are really dreamer. The awake will be very paintful. Like the dismissing of USSR.

          2. Tudor Miron says:

            Go on :) Keep going. You got to earn those 30 sheckels.
            Regarding money – it seems that we don’t need much to be able to install our puppet in the role of US? do we?

          3. vaderfater says:

            Little russkij troll, i write facts, you only attack. You are a simply antisemitic fascists, and the moscow police shoulp pack in you instead of Navalniy.

            Bye, Gitler!

          4. Tudor Miron says:

            Get lost creature, you are boring.

  3. Toronto Tonto says:

    More BS from the liars that took MH17 out of the sky . Ruusia never did or will tell the truth .

    1. Robert Mullin says:

      The world is so black and white for you, isn’t it?

      1. Toronto Tonto says:

        We know it was more than likely an accident and they tried to cover it up BUT putin wont admit any wrongdoing ever for anything . And we know his troops were in charge of said BUK .

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          MORE THAN LIKELY!!!!

          Hahahahaha what are you some kind of inbred brit now?? Did baby learn a new figure of speech how cute :)))

        2. Brother Ma says:

          Yes but did you know the plane was rerouted to fly over the area. Did you know ukro jets were there ,did you know there was evidence of cannon fire shooting thr plane down as well? So maybe you are being selective about what you learn and state out loud.

          1. Toronto Tonto says:

            I do know your full of Russian shitt !!!

      2. Tudor Miron says:

        What exactly makes you think that it was DNR forces (those that you call Russian proxy forces but in reality are nothing other than local population that didn’t accept US instigated coup detat that happened in Kiev)? I’m serious – would you please tell use which exactly factual evidence allows you to say that?
        Also I would suggest that you take a look at what this guy from Holland has to say on this issue. https://youtu.be/wkDWwYk4-Ho

        1. Robert Mullin says:

          Calm down now. I take no issue with how Russia conducts itself in Eastern Ukraine. Based on their actions so far, their main mission is clearly to protect the Russian population of Eastern Ukraine, seeing as to how they haven’t advanced further into Ukraine beyond keeping the Ukrainian Army’s artillery at bay from large population centers. Although withholding the bulk of industrial sector of the country from Turncoat Kiev could be a bonus incentive.

          But the Rebels in the east are effectively Proxies. Russia holds influence over them, being fellow ethnic Russians. Not to mention that Russia provides support in the form of Volunteers. They just won’t recieve overt support like Airstrikes and such for rather obvious reasons.

          The Ukrainian government reaped what they sowed when they ended the official status of the Russian language and allowing volunteer militias to do as they like (Such as killing peaceful protestors with Arson). They have only themselves to blame for Russia taking action.

          As for the lying. I acknowledge that they will lie in that conflict from time to time. We haven’t really left them with much of a choice. Their mission isn’t supported by the western-dominated UN Security Council. Anything they do wrong won’t be swept under the rug like it is for the US and Western European powers. They will be penalised ruthlessly if they own up to anything. Lying has become nessasary in order to hold back war hawk interventionists.

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            First I’d like to ask what makes you think that I’m not calm? Which exactly phrase in my post makes you think this way?

            This along allows me to think that you tend to make broad assumptions. And yes, this is nothing other than an assumption from my side.

            Coming back to my question – I was asking what evidence makes you think that it was DNR forces who downed the plane. I wasn’t asking about Russia’s involvement in conflict, nor about anything also. That was a clear question “which exactly factual evidence allows you to say that?”

            If you seriously suggest that article (link that you provide) allows one to think that it was DNR forces who took the plane down than there’s no point prolonging this discussion.

            Regarding that article – “that a local military base was emptied and that the soldiers there were crossing the border.” I’m sorry, but do you know where Viasma is? It’s a bit faraway from Ukraine border :)

            One last question – I did read the article (your link). Did you look at the link that I provided?

          2. Robert Mullin says:

            Sigh… Not sure why you are getting so riled up when we shouldn’t even be fighting about this to begin with. Maybe I should have used Emojis or something to show I was trying to be respectful.

            The reason I said for you to calm is because I got the sense that I’m being mistaken for an American Propagandist, when in fact I’m supportive of the efforts of the people of Donbass and Lugansk.

            In an information war like the one in Ukraine however, one can never say for sure what side is telling unfiltered truth. But regretably, I did read one of Bellingcat’s reports that followed social media reports following a Buk launcher back to the Russian border with a missing missile.

            That being said, I am rather skeptical of Bellingcat in general but it was rather difficult for me to ignore that finding. I would love nothing more than for it to be definitely wrong. If it was right, my formidably foolish government will drag the world even closer to WW3.

            No, the article I posted showed that the Russians were hiding the fact they were more involved in Ukraine than previously admitted to. You stated that the Ukrainian Army were only fighting against the locals of Donetsk and Lugansk so I thought I should respectfully correct that assertion.

            No, I don’t know where Viasma is, just saying what this woman in the article thought was going on.

            After all is said and done though, I still believe Russia is on the right side of history. Any lies that may be told are likely justified and will only be because the international justice system protects only the US and it’s allies and is used against the rest of the world.

            As for the link you sent, I am indeed interested in watching it when I can but I am limited on data at the moment though. It will have to wait until I finally get back onto my computer. My apologies.

            But I can take a guess at what’s in it. The DPR’s side of the story. At the time the event was happening, I wholeheartedly believed them and still very much support their fight.

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            Robert, I think that the reason that there’s a bit of misunderstanding between us is 3 fold. One – I’m posting in English which is (obviously) not my native language and I had no formal training (self taught as it was required to learn things I needed professionally). This way my words may sound harsher than meant to be. Another is cultural differences – I remember an Italian engineer participating in US forum. Everyone thought that he was rather offensive where in fact he wasn’t :) Also, even when there’s no language barrier Internet makes it difficult to communicate intentions/emotions and attitude.
            What I was trying to do is sincerely ask what actual facts makes you say what you said. I did feel that you’re not pro American propagandist and that’s why I was trying to start talking actual facts and a bit of common sense.
            If you noticed – I didn’t argue that there’s no hiding on Russia’s side regarding Donbass conflict. I have no facts but I think that it’s fairly obvious that Russia does help DNR/LNR with arms, instructors/advisors, data and openly helps with food, medicine and other necessities. I do suspect that special forces detachments did participate in critical moments. But frankly there are no regular troops and that was confirmed by some of US officials and even Ukrainian generals. It is simply impossible to hide even a battalion size detachment in current era of cell phones, satellite and other means of gathering information. If it was the case (regular Russian troops) it will be documented and shown – all western MSM will happily participate and scream about it.
            Regarding that Svetlana thingy (I can’t respect a person that is calling foreign embassy and telling any kind of information regarding troops movement – that is a traitorous act. Yes, there was little to no harm and that’s why she was set free but according to law it is forbidden (and rightly so) to inform foreign states about any military activity if it can in anyway harm or jeopardize their operations.
            She allegedly saw that local base is empty and called Ukrainian Embassy that she thinks that they went to Ukraine :) That was silly and not harmful but according to law she did commit a treason. However, taking into account that those seven kids were unfortunate to have a stupid snake for a mother (yes, that’s what I think of such people) she was set free.
            The line about her seeing those troops crossing the Ukrainian border is laughable because Viasma is 210km from Moscow and Ukrainian border is over 300km in a straight line so she could not physically see what’s going on near the border :)
            Regarding that video – it does worth seeing. Also here’s another link while you get back to your computer that doesn’t require broadband :) http://wifka.de/startseite-2/josef-resch.html I used google to translate as it is in German.
            Regarding Billingcat – there are several guys from UK on this forum. Ask them what they think regarding its credibility :) It’s not even funny my friend.
            At the end I will reiterate – I’m not trying to offend. It is plain and obvious that you’re not a troll like that tronto creature. But I’m sorry if I sounded harsh and hope that I was able to convey my view without causing any irritation.
            Have a good day.

        2. Brother Ma says:

          Robert mullin and yourself are both right. I have seen evidwnce for it being an accident and shot down by the Ukros themselves via jets.
          My personal velief is that tge plane was sent there on purpose by Nato as a sacrificial lamb knowing that it would be mistaken for a ukro jet. I also believe ukro jets did follow the plane and spray it with bullets in order to down it.That is what happened.

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            Brother Ma, very few people realise how close we were to WWIII in 2014. It actually went almost unnoticed. And yes, that plane was used as sucrificial lamb but from start to end (downing of the plane) it was US and their ukro whores.

          2. Brother Ma says:

            Brother , I believe you and the Yankerzios are trying to bait Iran into another war as we speak.

            Didn’t the Russians recall the buk,didnt the russian freedomfighters get caught on radio coms stating they may have accidentally shot down a passenger plane? Surely , that happened as well or has it been proven those intercepted comms were faked?

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            Did you look at the link I provided above?
            Regarding Iran… things may not be as simple as they look on the surface. Some (many) people think that Israel is an independend country where in fact Israel exists because of foreign support.
            I will dare to remind what Henry Kissinger (a Jew of very top branch in global “elites”) said about Israel/2019. What is going to happen to Israel state if that foreign support is withdrown?
            I realise that it sounds weird but history shows that Jews own masters are keen to sacrify common ordinary Jewish population time and time again.

    2. Hasbara Hunter says:

      Filthy Khazarian-Hasbarat-Yagoda-Parasite…crawl back in that place where the Sun does not shine…..

      1. Toronto Tonto says:

        I think about you when I have a shit , why does your shit come out your yap as verbal diarrhea .

        1. Hasbara Hunter says:

          Good…Good…that is very Good….my Khazarian friend let me tell you one thing: you are the Parasite that causes Diarrhea….the lowest life-form on this Planet…

    3. Lupus says:

      Hahahaha what do YOU know about ” the truth” Stinky Tonto? lmao

    4. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Your incompetent Uki boyfriends downed MH-17 Jew boy. FACT!

      1. Toronto Tonto says:

        Russians know nothing about FACTS or TRUTH dufus .

  4. Ivan Freely says:

    Shit like this needs to be dealt with. It’s too bad the direct method (as some here have suggested) can’t be used without setting off WW3.

  5. gustavo says:

    WOW, what do you think USA-Israel-NATO put terrorists in Syria ? Russia must stop saying stupidities and stop supporting Turkey (NATO member) at Idlib.

  6. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    Russia and syria need to immediately bomb and kill and destroy these militants, what a shameful despicable thing that US is doing, they do nothing but cause trouble anymore

    1. Toronto Tonto says:

      They cannot and will not .

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        They can and they will.

  7. Rhodium 10 says:

    Russia cannot do anything if SAA commanders are incompetents…why SAA soldiers are not protecting gas pipelines or railways in Homs?….its a desert and they can see from long distance cars, terrorist planting explosives or everybody walking through the desert!

  8. Xoli Xoli says:

    Terrorists doesn’t no peace their aim is to destroy.Russia should stop talking and kill this terrorist of USA NATO, Israel and Turkey. Terrorists have no right to live. USA,British, Israel, France and Turkey are biggest chaos creators in Middle East Hormust,Syria, Iraq,Afganistan and In all transit’s. Kill all 3 million terrorists and civilians in Idlib just like USA did in Raqqa. Sabotage all NATO warships and bases.

    1. Brother Ma says:

      Exactly. America bombed Raqqa and Falujah and never once spoke about civilians! If Russia cannot win a war because it is scared of the barking of the usual dogs in Mainstream News -about “civilian deaths” – then let is pack up and go home.

  9. iosongasingsing says:

    US are a terrorist regime ruled by zionist jews, and do the similar terrorist acts in Venezuela.

  10. Icarus Tanović says:

    America is desperate, and this is pitiful.

  11. Jens Holm says:

    Kind of funny map. Assads are not millitant :)

  12. Boxman says:

    The US will have to be ejected from Syria by force, eventually. Too bad the good guys in Syria are sane people who don’t employ suicide bombers, because the US won’t leave Syria until they get a few good slaps. After the 1983 suicide bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut, the mighty US pulled out within a year.

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