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U.S. Preparing For War With Russia In Europe

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U.S. Preparing For War With Russia In Europe


Starting from 2016, until most recently NATO activity points towards preparation for war.

To a large degree this is substantiated by the concerted effort of strengthening its presence near the Russian borders. This is mostly present in Norway, Poland, Ukraine, as well as the Baltic states.

This represents an important component of “NATO’s strengthened deterrence and defense posture.”

According to the publication of January 21st, in implementation of the Warsaw Summit 2016 to establish a forward presence in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as Norway, the following highlights were provided:

  • NATO has enhanced its forward presence in the eastern part of the Alliance, with four multinational battalion-size battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, on a rotational basis.
  • These battlegroups, led by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States respectively, are robust, multinational, combat-ready forces. They demonstrate the strength of the transatlantic bond and make clear that an attack on one Ally would be considered an attack on the whole Alliance.
  • It is part of the biggest reinforcement of Alliance collective defence in a generation.
  • NATO has also a forward presence tailored to the southeast of Alliance territory and in the Black Sea region. Allies are contributing forces and capabilities on land, at sea and in the air.
  • The land element in the southeast of the Alliance is built around a multinational brigade, under Multinational Division Southeast in Romania and is coordinating multinational training through a Combined Joint Enhanced Training Initiative. In the air, several Allies have reinforced Romania’s and Bulgaria’s efforts to protect NATO airspace.

Other allies that also contribute to this forward presence are: Albania, Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain contribute to the Canadian-led battlegroup in Latvia; Belgium, Czech Republic, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway have joined the German-led battlegroup in Lithuania; Belgium, Denmark and Iceland contribute to the UK-led battlegroup in Estonia; and Croatia, Romania and the United Kingdom have joined the US-led battlegroup in Poland.

The 2016 Warsaw Summit decisions were also reinforced by the Brussels Summit in 2018. This increased activity is warranted by:

“Russia’s aggressive actions, including the threat and use of force to attain political goals, challenge the Alliance and are undermining Euro-Atlantic security and the rules-based international order.”

The rules-based international order, which had no actual “rulebook” until recently, until the Atlantic Council codified it.

And NATO, admits that it tried to restore balance and attempted to negotiate with Russia through the NATO-Russia Council (NRC), but to no avail. Russia, expectedly, is entirely to blame:

“Russia’s recent activities and policies have reduced stability and security, increased unpredictability, and changed the security environment. While NATO stands by its international commitments, Russia has breached the values, principles and commitments which underpin the NATO-Russia relationship, as outlined in the 1997 Basic Document of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act, and 2002 Rome Declaration, broken the trust at the core of our cooperation, and challenged the fundamental principles of the global and Euro-Atlantic security architecture. Decisions we have taken are fully consistent with our international commitments, and therefore cannot be regarded by anyone as contradicting the NATO-Russia Founding Act.”

Furthermore, the Baltic states, Poland and Norway, as well Ukraine are faced with two major problems that need tackling:

“First, the ability to move necessary military equipment and personnel to and across the region due to cumbersome bureaucratic and logistical hurdles; andsecond, the lack of a sufficient number of European member states high-readiness rapid reaction forces currently available for deployment in the event of a crisis.”

While Russia allegedly has neither of these problems:

“[Russia] can bring overwhelming force and manpower to bear upon the region quickly. Russia has the advantage of efficient internal lines of communication and a restructured brigade-focused army, which permits rapid deployment. In addition, Russian modernization allows these forces near-peer capabilities in firepower and mobility, as well as air defense systems.”

To tackle this, NATO announced the following, as early as 2017:

“The creation of two new commands in Norfolk, Virginia and Ulm, Germany. Both will assist with the coordination of the movement of troops across the Atlantic and within Europe. In addition, the United States is increasing its investment in the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) and Allies are increasingly investing in the personnel and equipment needed to make the current rebalancing of conventional forces available for NATO’s defense and deterrence posture. More still needs to be done.”

More specifically, military mobility is now a key focus of cooperation with the European Union. Moving Allied forces into and across Europe at speed, and sustaining them, is a significant logistic challenge involving many stakeholders at national and multinational levels.

NATO defense ministers endorsed a new US readiness initiative, at the 2018 NATO Summit in Brussels. Known as the “Four 30s”, it seeks to establish a “culture of readiness” to “provide forces <….> ready to fight at short notice, and <….> able to deploy swiftly through Europe.” The goal is to ensure that, by 2020, NATO has 30 mechanized battalions, 30 kinetic air squadrons and 30 naval combat vessels, able to be used within 30 days.

Finally, NATO may return to its roots. It was aimed at that time at Reserve Forces but might apply equally well to high-readiness forces in NATO’s current and future inventory, it was written in 1951:

“Reserve forces must be given refresher training annually. In this respect, it is essential that a man receives his refresher training in the actual unit in which he will be mobilized. It follows from this that all reserve formations and units must actually exist in peace and that the number of reserve formations and units to be created in totality on mobilization must be reduced to the minimum; as any system for reserve, forces which depends solely on units being formed only on mobilization is totally incapable of meeting European defense requirements.”

NATO is also working on a variety of Centers of Excellence, which would be established with numerous member countries and most of which are to be established in Europe and, specifically in the Baltics and the Eastern “front.”

U.S. Preparing For War With Russia In Europe

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In Norway, up to 700 U.S. Marines will be based in the coming years, where they will cooperate with British troops who are also headed north.

Recently, on March 19th Norway claimed it had electronic evidence that Russian forces were disrupting its GPS signals during the Trident Juncture NATO drills.

Norwegian government intelligence report, Fokus 2019, which lists potential risks and threats to Norway’s national security, revealed that Moscow had simulated a number of mock attacks with tactical bombers on Norwegian Arctic radars. Most of the GPS jamming coincided with the NATO-led exercises.

According to the claims similar jamming had taken place at least 5 times since 2017, interfering in civilian operations.

Moscow denied involvement in jamming critical communications in either Norway or Finland, with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calling Norway’s allegations concerning GPS interference a “fantasy”, asking Oslo to provide facts.

Poland is also partaking in further talks of establishing a permanent US base on its soil. The idea is also supported by “Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, and Ukraine, all of them being most at risk from Russian military aggression.”

“Setting up a permanent military base would be of large geopolitical importance not only for Poland and its bilateral relations with the United States, but it would also positively influence the situation in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Naturally, other military and especially intelligence facilities are also being improved in the eastern NATO members.

In another show of force, the US deployed six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the UK for “theater integration and flying training” exercises with regional allies and NATO partners.

On March 18th, four B-52s “conducted flights to several places in Europe, including to the Norwegian Sea, the Baltic Sea/Estonia and the Mediterranean Sea/Greece,” the Air Force said.

B-52 bombers from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, and RAF Fairford have also conducted “simultaneous theater familiarization training in the Indo-Pacific and Europe” as bombers “flew north to an area east of the Kamchatka Peninsula,” near Russia.

“Collectively, the flights from the Indo-Pacific and Europe demonstrated US commitment to allies and partners through the global employment of military forces,” the Air Force said in a news release.

Another B-52 flight was also scheduled for March 22nd to the borders of the Russian Kaliningrad region.

According to the Telegram-channel “Operational Line”, the American “strategic Luftwaffe” will check the combat readiness of the Kaliningrad special region four times.

The channel also expressed hope that in the Kaliningrad region they would take advantage of the opportunity to “work out and perfect their skills with real goals, and not play hockey at this moment, not write geographical and historical dictations and not conclude the safety military service for the month.”

On March 20, the B-52H of the Royal Air Force, stationed at the Fairford airbase, exercised the option of imitating a massive missile-bombing attack on the Kaliningrad region.

Reports also surfaced that on March 22nd that the UK government was preparing to enter its military into “very high readiness mode” in a no-deal scenario. How a no-deal Brexit relates to preparing your military for conflict is unclear.

The operation, called Redfold will direct around 3,500 military personnel who have been put on standby for a no-deal scenario.

In the media, there is a wide hysteria regarding alleged “Russian aggression,” spy movie-like Russian intelligence conduct, as well as continuous propaganda relating to Russian hackers and their unending endeavors.

Recently, the European Parliament passed a resolution that dubbed Russia “the main source of disinformation in Europe” and appealed for increased funding for the EU’s East StratCom Task Force, which already got 1.1 million euros in 2018.

The suggestions also include support for “independent and diverse Russian-language media in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and beyond” and “to focus on the EU accession countries and partners in the EU neighborhood by assisting them in their efforts to counteract hostile propaganda and disinformation activities.”

There are continuous and numerous reports of Russian businessmen and “Putin’s chef” Yevgeny Prigozhin’s movements and actions, Russian spies and hackers, MSM and especially British media perpetuates them inexhaustibly.

The common denominator in most, if not all of the reports and claims by NATO, the EU, and MSM is that they provide no actual examples of disinformation. There has also been no provision actual evidence of any alleged misconduct.

Recently, US President Donald Trump asked for $500 million to counter “Russian malign influence.” In a testimony before the Senate Armed Forces committee US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chair shed some light on the budget request.

They reiterated that US first-strike nuclear policy will remain in place, and that despite the cyber field becoming a major battleground, it would not replace the strategic nuclear forces.

“I wouldn’t make any decisions to simplify an adversary’s decision-making calculus. I can also imagine a few situations where we wouldn’t want to remove that option from the president”, he stressed.

Dunford added that cyber weapons will unlikely replace nuclear forces, but stressed that the US should be ready to carry out offensive cyber operations. Describing the need for cybyer operations, he mentioned China and Russia as well as cyber attacks allegedly conducted by these two states as the reason behind this need.

The establishment of the US Space Force is also now fact, and it would also receive funding as per Trump’s budget request.

Russia, on its part is also undertaking actions to adapt to the changing situation. More recently, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the establishment of new formations and units in the Russian military along the most sensitive areas: the Western, Eastern and Southern Military districts.

In mid-March, Army General Valeriy Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, spoke at the general assembly of the Academy of Military Sciences.

In his speech he said that Russia is focusing on a system to forecast war scenarios, as well as on deterrence.

“One of the current tasks facing the future military strategy is the theoretical foundation for, and improving, nuclear and non-nuclear deterrence measures. Any potential aggressor should be aware that any type of pressure on Russia and its allies is doomed to fail. Our answer will shortly follow. To make sure of that, we are adopting modern weapon systems, including some qualitatively new ones. WE have begun the production of new types of weapons, which are entering service. Avangard, Sarmat, the latest Peresvet and Kinzhal all showed high combat effectiveness. Poseidon and Burevestnik are successfully undergoing tests. Development of the Tsirkon hypersonic naval missile is progressing as planned. There is no doubt we are clear leaders in this field when compared to technologically advanced countries.

Thus, a decision was made to perform research and development of land-based short- and medium-range hypersonic missile systems. New types of weapons will allow Russia not to be drawn into an arms race. Sufficient numbers will be deployed to ensure deterrence within the planned military budget framework.”

Despite that, a focus is also on increasing the combat power of the Russian Armed Forces. On March 22nd it was reported that 20 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles were moved to a testing site. Other hypersonic weapons are also nearing deployment.

Russia maintains that it presents no threat to any country and denies any and all accusations relating to its alleged “aggression,” despite that if NATO is prepping itself on all fronts, Russia has no choice but to also prepare itself.

This, however, is used to forward the narrative, since if Russia wasn’t taking part in misconduct and aggression, it would have no reason to strengthen its forces and concentrate them around possible future hot points.

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The US is nowhere near storing enough to take Russia on in eastern Europe period. And the rest of the vassals would fold up pretty quickly once their power is out for a few days?

Jens Holm

Who want Russia at all. Too many bad Russians. I only can see it usefull for storing ISIS in Siberia.

Sibira was stolen from the local indians just as from those in USA. They even sold Alaska to USA.


There’s no Indians in Siberia.

Plenty of Siberians though.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Excuse me! The Indians are in India and have never invaded Siberia or North America. Not guilty!


Yes indeed, and the troops that defeated the German army at the gates of Moscow.


The US/UK oligarchs have always coveted the Russian natural resources , that are vast. Russia is the largest country in the world, afterall.

Tommy Jensen

America has the right to defend itself against all kinds of aggression.

The Forward Presence will be all the Eastern Europe used as buffer nations to take the first bombing attack. Europe will take second strike and America will transfer its own troops over Atlantic when the war is nearing its end.

Russia cant do a shet because an attack on one Ally and calling it “defense” LOL, would be considered an attack on the whole Alliance which now also include Brazil. Therefore Russia are pressed like a citrus and must give us their gold as they cant do a sh.t against our overwhelming forces surrounding them and carpet bombing them……………LOL.


Carpet bombing Russia would result in a big mushroom cloud over DC – I suppose thats one way to drain the swamp

Tommy Jensen

We are living in underground bunkers deep down which actually looks like a swamp. We and FEMA has prepared the coffins for those on the surface. You think we are stupid dont you?


And there are thousands of coffins stored at US Fema camps :)


When the americunts will believein their own invincibilty even more and dare to strike Russia, there will be many fried americunts in europe along with europeans, after that they will run with their tails between their legs back home.


He is the second village idiot.


That’s IF the US troops have a home left to run to :)

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The first bombing attack against RF will result in the US command and control centres being nuked. Do you live near Washington DC???


That’s what nuclear war is made for. F… We, US, won’t even mess with NK because they would nuke us. Nukes are the only thing keeping these countries safe from us.


Lol and sadly the muppets in control of the US actually do think that they would profit from a war in Europe. The muppets forget that the IS is no longer impregnable.

Jens Holm

So its not allowed to defend countries against Russian threats even done by the Zars and give them a chance for improvements not based as regainers of a still collapased system, which has shown its strong sides was artificial Communist construction, where even Engells rotated in his grave.


The Russians are back in the USSR and cant even effort to feed their retired people. The last antiprogress is reducing free speech even more by Internet Hubs.

Our attitudes about it is not the best, but from here USSR and KGB is more and more back. The only change is that some of the Oligarks, which has stolen Russia from the people as Sovjet did, are added som new Oligarcs as well.

So I do defend the right for the regained countries in easter Europe to be protected against that quackmire, where we are blamed taken stolen things from the thieves and back to the owners.


Russian threat, more like a western threat to Russia as always, using false pretence to expand and grab as much land as possible seems to be the case here again. Russia doesn’t have anything to gain from all those worthless states, they are just dead weight and economic prostitutes. It looks like west is up to a good ass whooping again and it will surely receive for putting it’s nose and greedy little hands where they do not belong.


Ignore the village idiot.

Jens Holm

Sure. Ukrainian farming is worth nothing. Iron with nickel as well as first class coal is nothing.

Putting in Atomic missiles to make western Europe is nothing. Advanced weapoins and important things for the space is nothing.

In fx Estonia very big military facilities incl. several nuclear reactors is nothing too.


The main thing is WHY west is there that much today. The good reasons for that is well known. Those countries now gain has the possibilities to be with the western economics as a befit for us too.

USSR as collapsed and still more or less collapsed is an option for them, but they have to CHOOSE adding or replacing to Engells.

Why have an old car being as a wreck and help reparing it incluse systematicly plunderings from Moscow. I dont see that.

Russia learned nothing at WW1 and even lost it 3 times. At WW2 we really saw, what the Russians by their systems could not.

We will never allow Russia to take over again even the little and bigger new ones are as babies still in several matters having old dirty diapers.


Ukranian farming will be nothing soon, cause western companies will polute it with gmo, the rest of the economic prostitutes countires you have mentioned, like estonia, those are just dead weight, do you think that taking over the reactors, that have been built by the sovjets btw, are going to be a big win for the russian economy that will outperform the costs, imho, those countries are just dead weight that’s why they have been allowed to leave in first place. In short, they have nothing in terms of added benefit for Russia, just costs.


If I was Russia I would make it clear that in any major conflict nuclear weapons are at the very front of the table and TelAviv, NYC, London, Brussels, Washington DC, etc are the primary targets. It would get very serious immediately.

paul ( original )

Please could you include along with London ,Birmingham and Manchester.




Not too close to Birmingham UK please :)

paul ( original )

Is Birmingham still part of the UK?


Only in name.

paul ( original )

Yes that’s what I suspected. It saddens me greatly.

paul ( original )

May be I should not be doing this. But just by coincidence the following video came up which discusses Birmingham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrJXFQF_nx8


Thank you for the video. I entirely agree with the facts that are portrayed .

I would argue that the vast majority of English wars with other nations that are not invading Britain, have never really been to the advantage of the British soldiery who fought these wars.

As the video depicts , the truly massive migration to Britain ( and Europe) by those with no ethnic links to the UK has transformed for ever the future of Britain.

Without an event of biblical proportions, the ever increasing slide to a One World Government, that by definition relegates Nation States to the status of Provinces rules over by de facto Warlords, will continue.

We all know who will be enriched by that.

The Brexit fiasco has laid bare the true face of those in power, and real democracy is not part of their thinking. I would say that , it never ever has been.

paul ( original )

Agree with everything. Yes the wars just exploited the innate goodness and bravery of the English working man. But in the end he was just held in contempt and discarded when of no more use. Democracy is as you say always been a deceit . Even as a child I could see it only really applied when people were being obedient and doing as they were supposed too.


You and I were both ‘conspiracy theorists’ at a young age then :)

Its great fun when such theories become accepted as fact, Lol.

You may have read a previous post of mine concerning the return of British troops to the UK after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. It was then that the Vagrancy Act was put on the statutes , in order to punish ex soldiers who were homeless and without work.

That Act was the thanks given by the UK elite to the military rank and file, for standing in lines to be shot at. All of this betrayal was in order to preserve the property of the very wealthy landowning classes, industrialists, politicians and bankers. Many of whom made a lot of money from the wars.

The Rothschilds made their fortune after the Battle of Waterloo. The rumour after the battle was that the British had lost and the UK stock market crashed immediately,BUT , the Rothschilds ‘intelligence’ was that the British had won, and within a few hours they hoovered up shares worth billions in todays money, for a few pennies in the pound.

I have often wondered if this scenario was pre- planned fake news.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

No, not just clear, but CRYSTAL clear, so even the thickest and most warmongering NATO generals and leaders get the message loud and clear. Mess with ANY RF territory and your very homes will be nuked. Including my very own London. If this message is in any doubt than the chances of war increases exponentially.

S Melanson

Current Russian doctrine is already close to what you say. Nuclear is envisioned early, even immediately once things go hot – tactical nukes integrated into conventional war doctrine and include targets on a global scale that de facto makes it strategic level. This is discussed in the latest review of Russian nuclear doctrine by the bulletin of atomic scientists. Strongly recommend reading as well as their review of US doctrine – will go nuclear very fast. I can provide the link if you do not find it, have to sign off now. Cheers


The only thing my gov understands is a Savage blow to the nose. It is a ZOG institution, maybe not even human. Extreme response is the only thing they get. The little Hook noses have to understand they are going to pay dearly for their actions.

S Melanson

And so they should…

Gregory Casey

The political paranoia relating to Russia in Eastern Europe, from Poland to Estonia to Romania to Ukraine is designed as nothing other than a means to keep the peoples of those Countries afraid that Russian Tanks will roll-over them all in their beds, thereby ensuring the continued election of Gangster Fascists to Government across all of those States. While America maintains a “First-Strike” Policy and consequent deployment of NATO resources across Europe, Russia maintains, both as policy and in actuality, a Policy of Defense against First-Strike but this fact is consistently twisted in reporting across European Media and in Debate in NATO-Parliaments scattered across Europe. The paranoia and the fear therefore builds and is maintained at a high-pitched squeal at all times so to ensure that the Military-Defense Establishment stretching from Washington to London to Paris to Brussels to Berlin can continue to shake down taxpayers and maintain sympathetic NATO-aligned Governments in power thereby perpetuating the oligarchy.

We keep hearing of the Russian Oligarchs but why is it we never hear anything about the American, British, French, German and other nationality Oligarchs? Oh ….. they’re just successful businessmen who maintain close relationships with Government through the Political Parties and the innumerable “think-tanks” dotting European Capitals and Washington and there is nothing corrupt about them or about their activities at all!!

Is everyone asleep? It seems so!!

Tommy Jensen

Its said Russia have more $billionaire Oligarchs than any other country. Their influence disturbs a lot of the balance and development not only in Russia but in neighbouring countries, but also in the empire spheres of Western Oligarchs.

Gregory Casey

For probably the first time, I wholeheartedly agree with you Tommy.


And a disproportionate number of Western oligarchs are dual Israeli citizens.

Prince Teutonic

They can play their dirty games at their courtyard!


NATO has always been preparing for war. Nothing new. What is new is that they found out they are dead meat, no matter how they start it. The attempts to amp up forces and posture, are no more than cosmetic and would quickly be removed when push came to shove. Those forward deployments and bases, would simple disappear in fire. My take. I wish well to all.

R PLobo

The biggest mistake that the USSR made in 1945 was to not continue right up to the Atlantic at the end of the war. The nazis were only the front men for the western zionists. The disease of globalism and transnational zionism persists today because of the decisions made during ww2. The west is now in 2019 completely exposed as a fraud run by trillionaires and their vassal stooges. Ultimately there will be a devastating war simply because the European comprador whores are just to weak and stupid to understand the consequences. The European vassals could care less for the millions that will die – but Russia and the resistance have them marked for payback.

Tudor Miron

“The nazis were only the front men for the western zionists.”(c) – well said.

Albert Pike

Stalin was a jew too – why do you say only the nazi leadership were front men for the western zionists. So were Lenin and Stalin, since they were financed by the same people…


Stalin was BAPTISED on the 29th of December 1878. Lenin was not a Jew, but his grandfather was born a Jew before converting to Christianity.

Anybody you don’t like is a Jew, totally pathetic.

Albert Pike

Jakob Frank was also baptised twice, and still had the Jewish grandson Josip Frank, who become the founder of the fascist Croatian Ustashe, who murdered 550000 Serbs. It means nothing, if crypto Frankists are baptised or not. You have whole line of leaders, who are decendants, coming out of that religious sect, and one marker is just that they, or their parents, or grandparents where converts from the Jewish faith. One can make this case with many leaders, not just Stalin and Lenin, also Churchill, Merkel, Trump and the N1b1b1 Fiihrer. The same on the cultural leaders side. Karl Marx is an example, so is Karl Popper, and whole core of the Marxist Frankfurt School are coming from the heretic Jewish faith of the Frankists. Same with Jewish bankers like the Rothschild, the Warburgs and the Schiffs – Zbig Brzeszinski another ‘good’ Catholic, even the Polish Pope were decendants from members of that Lubavitch related sect – and that is not a coincident…


“They” are CHAMELEONS. They come across in every possible shape or form… I am certainly not a David Icke (masonic?) fan but his “shape-shifting” term could be used to describe the phenomenon of changing their “religious or political believes” in a a way that suits them in order to fulfill their respective objectives…

Gregory Casey

Not 550,000. Close to 800,000 Serbs were murdered in Croat Fascist Death Camps between 1940 & end 1943 together with 125,000 Jews and close to 100,000 Romany. Approx 1 Million in all. Croats have not changed their spots.

Brother Ma

The pope? Please let me know more.

Albert Pike

There I don’t have to write much, because there are magabytes about that holy man: ‘Pope John Paul II was a Frankist. Yaakov Wise, a researcher in orthodox Jewish history and philosophy, has asserted that although the Pope’s father was an ethnic Pole, John Paul’s mother Emilia Kaczorowski -Emily Katz in English- was Jewish and the daughter of Feliks Kaczowski, a businessman from Biala-Bielsko in Poland. Katz is a common surname amongst East European Jewish families. Emilia’s mother, the Pope’s grandmother, was Maria Anna Scholz. Scholz, or Schulze, is also a common surname among Jews, as is Rybicka, or Ryback, which is the surname of the Pope’s great-grandmother Zuzanna. All the names or their variations appear on gravestones in the old Biala Jewish cemetery, as does the surname of Felik’s mother Urszula Maklinowska.’ https://www.facebook.com/501628099906925/posts/pope-john-paul-ii-was-a-frankist-yaakov-wise-a-researcher-in-orthodox-jewish-his/1490596391010086/ Also interesting: ‘From Jacob Frank to John Paul II via Adam Mickiewicz’ https://www.transnotitia.com/subverting-the-church/

Brother Ma

Thanks Albert.


Hey Albert, guck mal bitte schnell auf dem yt- Kanal “spudgy pang 2” nach dem Video “New Zealand in the news 2” dort sollen “frisch erschossene” Untote in türkisen Hemden, die just “erschossen” wurden auf einmal wieder nach einem ‘crisis actor rehearsal’ wieder quicklebendig durchs Bild laufen oder auf ihrem Handy spielen während neben ihnen “Verletzte” “um ihr Leben ringen”…ähem… [Message v.a. auch an mich selber: Ich sollte unbedingt weniger Alkohol konsumieren vor vier und dieser Kommentar wird sich nach einem Upvote des Empfängers von selbst zerstören…]


I agree.

Many jews migrated to the UK in the decade or so after the fall of Napoleon in 1815 , and the turmoil in Europe. Whilst in the UK , many of those jews converted to Christianity ,in order to better blend in with the majority.

Bradford in the UK was known as Little Germany, due to the influx of German jews.

Albert Pike

Jakob Franks first wife Chaya Josefa Frank (nee Falkon) was the daughter of Samuel Falk or Doctor Falkon of London: https://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Falk And the six daughters out of that marriage went everywhere in the UK: http://alternativegenhist.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-seven-daughters-of-jacob-frank.html They founded Frankists Chapters in Ireland, England and Scotland. One of the Descendant was Joseph Wolff, an at the time very popular writer, and his great grandson was Henry Drummond Wolff (Basingstoke MP), who was negotiating with the Nazis on behalf of Chamberlain. They went everywhere and became Bishops, Earls and Barons. And if the Julia Hauke story ist true, then it would explain why there is a mohel involved at royal circumcisions…


Jewish owned banks also funded both sides of the Napoleonic wars.

R PLobo

Do you really believe that about the USSR?…Clearly WW2 was about one thing and one only thing – the destruction of Russia (communist or not) and the subsequent exploitation of its reasources and expulsion of and death of its people. No different than the crushing of Chinese power by proxy armies (including the Japanese) and the colonizing of the mainland by European states over the last 300 years. The war in Russia of 1941 was an extermination – no different than what the zionists are prepared to do today if given a chance. The only difference now is that both the US and Europe will be consumed in destruction – the neocons and their zionist masters have decided to firesale their host.

Albert Pike

The whole thing was about killing people and the creation of the staate of Israel, which leads to the next round – the killing of more people, throught Zionismn and Millienarism, sold as the coming of Moshiach. For that any sick religion or political dogma is usfull. The Frankists are the ‘Hof-Juden’ – the ‘Court Jews’ – the 1% then, and the 1% now.

Maybe the whole thing is also about space. If you have Agenda21, you are landing up with ‘concentrated population areas’ – which leaves a lot of empty space, or you you have a concept of killing off billions of people, like written on the Georgia Guide Stones – which also leaves a lot of empty space, to be used by the 1%, or 1% survivors…


This sounds almost like a joke to me. NATO couldn’t even win in Syria and Afghanistan, what chance do they have against Russia? A huge portion of European people are not only not anti-Russian they are in fact pro-Russia. France is in the midst of a revolution, EU skeptic and nationalist parties are on the rise everywhere. Who in their right mind really believes NATO stands a chance against Russia?


” Who in their right mind really believes NATO stands a chance against Russia? ”

The British Intelligence boys, girls, and not sures, together with the anti Brexit cabal and the 4th Estate :)

Many in the UK have a mental meltdown when a LGBT ‘celebrity’ die’s. So I am sure they will deal with thousands of dead on the streets in the same manner.

Promitheas Apollonious

well they failed in everything else they attack so I guess now they want to go out in a big bang. But they been preparing for war against russia since 1945 , not to go any farther back, so when exactly they be ready for it?

Real Anti-Racist Action

As I understand it, the Red Revolution against the Russian people to put Zionist into power was funded from London, NY and Oslo long before the 2nd world war started. In fact I would say that was the true beginning of the 2nd world war. It seems the Zionist had plans in place against the Russians long before 1945. https://holodomorinfo.com/

Promitheas Apollonious

read again what I wrote. I said not to go any farther back. What the zionists did in early 1900s has been changed as reality after WW2. You forgot to mention germany in your equation. I dont need links to know historical facts but thanks for it.

You can call me Al

& Germany in Oslo ?.

Promitheas Apollonious

no germans hand in the revolution against the russian people.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kaiser was first cousins with the Royal family of Russia. Actually their was not even hard feelings between them. Germany preferred the Romanov family to stay in control in Russia. That is why Germany assisted the White Russians to liberate the Romanov family before the Jews would execute them for being Christians. – Can you spot the difference? Few can between these first cousins. Nicholas II with Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. https://i0.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R43302,_Kaiser_Wilhelm_II._und_Zar_Nikolaus_II..jpg https://pics.me.me/source-ls-mentioned-in-our-blog-www-unbelievablefactsblog-com-kaiser-millem-ii-23421353.png https://scontent-atl3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/d50863abd1d039e605fbdfa0373abadb/5CB4B538/t51.2885-15/e35/44306732_352346288670577_801811991234912663_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-atl3-1.cdninstagram.com

Promitheas Apollonious

The train that carry many of the zionists in russia, started from germany with german support and clearance. You seem to forget who controlled germany, banking wise and where the strong hold of zionists is beside england and the states.

Brother Ma

You are right. Lenin was financed by them -germany,UK and Zios- to stop Russia in the war. It worked ; once Lenin got in he stopped the war and gave up enormous do areas as well! The train was backed out so no one could see in at all.

You can call me Al

Maybe in Oslo, but I doubt Oslo, Norway. Norway are not known for their war mongering now.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Funny, the people referred to as ‘English’ today are Norwegian colonialist. The racially replaced the indigenous tribal peoples. Ever notice how within 1 generation of Norwegians conquering England, then ‘England’ went all over the world conquering others? It is the same blood line doing this. Norwegians. Had Norwegians never invaded England, England would have never traveled the world conquering others.

You can call me Al

Norwegians and Danes, but yes to an extent; and I am proud of that.


The Russian people rose up against the plutocrats, they killed many, but there are many more who rule the FUKUS nations. The French also killed a lot of them, but plutocrats breed like rabbits and the French seem to be getting prepared for a second go at the problem.

The idea that the Russian people were conned by the Jews is an American myth, to try and hide the fact that those same plutocrats now rule the USA.

Not all plutocrats are Jewish, Jeff Bezos Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon are not Jewish, but are as greedy as Lloyd Blankfein. Today America is the heart of evil, in the past it was other places, and in the future it will be somewhere else.

Let our children fight tomorrows battles, for us America is the enemy of man.

Tudor Miron

They hope that in last 30 years they poisoned collective awareness of Russians enough to make them similar to western sheeple – ready to surrender and obey. Rough awakening is in store them.

Promitheas Apollonious

let us hope yes.


US will never be ready to take on the Russians, it is too messy and involves heavy losses, they feel more comfortable with sanctions and battalion sized deployments near the Russian borders, freedom of navigation BS in the Black Sea and a lot of empty discourse about US war preparedness and prowess. US armed forces have undergone a steady decline in morale, battle preparedness and equipment upgrades, a trend that will not be reversed in the foreseeable future.

Promitheas Apollonious

personally i dont think the americans have even 10% chance winning in a hot confrontation with the russians. They can play hot head cow boy with countries that can not respond to them in kind and hit them in their soil but russia will not as many think retaliate in europe against them but will demolish them where it will hurt them the most.

S Melanson

They were waiting for John Bolton. Someone absolutely crazy that would get into a position of power to march the US straight into burning hell. The guy riding the H-bomb at the end of Dr. Strange love must have been inspired by someone who could see the future and watched Bolton ‘diplomacy’ in action. By the way, Bolton ate all the olives and poisoned the olive grove…

Promitheas Apollonious

no shit…….

Gregory Casey

Why would he not! He is, after all, a Citizen of Israel and BiBi’s greatest supporter.

Real Anti-Racist Action

If Russian did not want war, they could avoid any large war with peace supplies. Supply Iran and Syria and Lebanon with S-400’s and fill up Syria’s missile arsenal with advanced Russian surface to surface missiles. Then the US will not bust a move against Russia or Syria or Lebanon or Iran because the Jewish owned media will be frozen with fear and will order their puppets not to provoke any war against Russia. Simple, Basic, Logic.

Gregory Casey

That construction of an axis of strength from the Caspian to the Mediterranean is almost complete.


No worries it’s the regular US-NATO muscle flexing so the vassals buy more guns from America and make Trump happy. By the way they have other targets too IRAN, NK, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba. Where they go first? Let me know I want to take some pics. lol

You can call me Al

It is men playing with boys.

Russian bomber – 1 round, 10 hydrogen bobs along their Western border (slightly inside for The Ukraine).

Tudor Miron

West tryed it many times and failed. ““The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”(c) Einstein We did it before and if need be we will do it again – smash the vermin in its own rats nest.


yeah sure they, the dunces, would like that to happen – war in europe against russia and the europeans are just too dumb to see what is about to happen, but russia is in every respect capable to lay waste to moronistan and they, the morons, are on no position to stop such devastation. so, war agains russisa is unlikely even though all those commodities, sure as a klucking bell, are a temptation hard to resist.

Tudor Miron

US “country level elites” remember that after two world wars USA emerged as the richest country and leadter of cvollective west. Now, on the brink of total collapse of the system they hope toplay that same trick. It is simply amazing to see that seemingly grown up men fail to realize that with current technological lever their chances to “seat it out” “behind the puddle” are simply non existent.

Gregory Casey

That level of ignorance enables the Military-Industrial Complex Market-riggers to maintain the illusion that America is untouchable while they ransack the Treasury and reduce 90% of the population to levels of poverty only otherwise imaginable to those who lived through the 1920’s 1930’s & 1940’s.


Britain did not complete the payments for the US Lend Lease military supplies during WW2 until 2006. I am sure interest was added to the payments.

S Melanson

The US also demanded Britain end Imperial preference which created a British commonwealth. Britain ended the preference system when WW2 ended as demanded and Canada moved into the US orbit as did Australia


the one most urgent request I can think of is that either pakistan or north korea (now that negotiations are over) would sell a few heavy duty nukes to iran so that iran can finish off the squatters post haste. there will be a gap of some time before the palestinians can resume ownership of the land stolen by the squatters but if iran aims well and just goes for tel aviv, haifa and a few other central points. they will be able to cope. but the squatters will be kicked to kingdom come, never to return.


If a war between Russia and America will ever happen it is the last war in the history,, We will all die including the Selfish Cock suckers Americans War Mongers . Nobody will survive and Nobody.. will be NOTHING left of us… (humans) Europe will back USA China will back Russia Pakistan will fight India Iran will fight Israel North Korea Will help the communist countries whit man power And soo on… You know…the people in the world ho have high ranking positions in Governments they should be the ones ho think for our future but o don’t see it..the way how things are going around the world I HOPE THAT PEACE WILL PREVAIL


America does not plan to start a war between the USA and Russia, the USA plans to start a war between Europe and Russia.

Joe Kerr

That’s the plan, but wars have a habit of defying the plans of the initiators. A war between Europe and Russia is a war involving NATO, hence including the U.S.


US Airforce/USMC/Army in Poland/Baltics/Romania are fully prepared to counter any threat Murica!


Russia would utterly destroy the US if NATO starts a war with Russia. Putin showing off Russian missile capabilities was not for the EU so much but for the US in an attempt to dissolve the illusion that the US has of being invincible.

S Melanson

The article talks of Russian brigade oriented organizational structure for rapid reaction and praises this ability. But the brigade structure is being abandoned to revert back to divisional structure in army groups such as first tank army and mechanized army groups have been created as shock force to deliver a knockout punch. The abandonment was due to difficulties trying to organize by brigade an army indoctrinated in large formation shock forces forward deployed and in a relatively high level of readiness. Did the author miss this entirely? The article is so long I may have missed this but I only saw praise for brigade capabilities which is incorrect regardless.

I think the Russian army is better suited for large shock forces so agree with changing back imho


Yes , the change within the Russian forces was adopted last year I think.

kevin p

Let’s get real, the USA has hardly any troops in Europe and most Europeans would not fight against Russia

Gabriel Hollows


The US is only sending token forces to Europe. Whole batallions of lesser-quality troops, entire tank formations with only a fraction of the tanks in usable state. The whole Russia thing is just a farce to justify arms purchases in benefit of the jew-owned military-industrial complex.

And Russia benefits too, that is, the government does. That way they feed their own arms industry.

Brother Ma

Which group is Greece’s contribution in? Canadian,,German ,Uk

Christina Friedman

Europe is the whore and the bitch of the US terrorists. US=ISIS=AQ=Terror

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