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U.S. Prepares To Deploy Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles In Syria’s Deir Ezzor (Photos)

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The U.S. military is preparing to deploy infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) in the northeastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition revealed on October 31.

Col. Myles B. Caggins III posted several photos on Twitter showing M2A2 Bradley IFVs being loaded into military cargo planes to be sent to Syria.

Earlier this month, an official in the Pentagon told Newsweek that the U.S. is seeking to deploy a half of an U.S. Army armored brigade combat team battalion alongside personnel to key oil fields in northeastern Syria. Newsweek’s report was confirmed by the Pentagon on October 25.

Prior to that, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that U.S. troops are being withdrawn from the region “as safely and quickly as possible.”

Now it looks like Washington is on its way to increase its troops in Syria. This raises serious questions about the initial withdrawal order, which facilitated a Turkish-led attack on the northeastern region of the war-torn country.

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Iraq shouldn’t be allowing this invasion force to be using Iraqi territory for blatant theft and aggression against a neighbor. It looks like the current prime minister is on the way out. So maybe they’l get somebody to replace him who’l stop stonewalling the eviction of the US military from Iraq.

“Iraq’s Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi has agreed to resign amid violent protests that spread across the country. The announcement was made Thursday by Iraqi President Barham Salih during a press conference.”

– Iraqi PM has agreed to resign –


klove and light

iraq is not a Nation anymore…the US-Zionist crippled iraq´s “Society” to such an extend, that it will take a DECADES to repair the demage made…….Iran is doing its best to help, but then again Saudi Arabia and others try to foil such attempts…….plus…the iraq constitution, written by them americans, makes it very difficlut for ANY president to get through Parlament various laws due to the constitution and ist laws regarding passing through Parlament ie… the withdrawl of all outside Forces from iraq….the kurdish faction in the Parlament regulerly votes AGAINST a withdrawl……..plus..please dont Forget the so called “embassy of thee US” in iraq….hahahha..16000+ embassy employees….this is a intelligence Operation from Starters..meaning THEY are HERE to STAY……again….iraq´s Society was totally destoyed over 3 decades with alqaida bombings and Isis Terror and sectarian death Squads only beiing the nails on the cofffin…..now you haev a shiite Government trying to sort Things out but ISIS was sunni…thats why they had so much sympathy in various parts of iraq + iraqi army officers from Saddam joined either Isis or alqaida…what im saying is that there is still a lot of fuel that can be burned if outside Forces decide to block the recovery of iraq…and that is exactly what us-zionist Forces are doing constantly..in iraq or syria or now lebanon…only iraq as mentioned is still not a Nation by far…and probably will not succeed in something called “back to halfway” normal unless this “intelligence” base embassy is closed down and all US Forces leave the Country……then again….Saudi is sunni and they have plenty of sunni iraqis who will be more than willing in helping outside Forces brinking havoc or atleast damaging the repair efforts of the Government.

as far as imm concearned,, there is no way out of a confrontation between shiite and sunni, between the Saudi block and the iranain block sooner or later.. for the simple reason taht the Saudi block is constantly pushed towards confrontation by the US/zionists.maybe it would be better for the persians to start before this ridiculous murderous inhumane Regime of alsaud gets nuclear weapons……..that is truly a fucking Nightmare Scenario,,,,,but if you check the latest in regards to Saudi Arabia and ist nuclear program…even several warmongering Senators were shocked to hear the developments and Agreements made in the trump adminis. with Saudi a. concearning the development of their nuclear program in regards them beiing able to enrich Uranium in Saudi Arabia .

Danjuma Musa

There will be no major war between the Sunnis and Shiites. America’s use of terrorists such as ISIS and Qaeda should not be considered a war between Shiite and Sunnis. More than 90% or Muslims from all factions know who the enemy really is. The Zionists can try as much as they want, but a war between two Muslim countries is highly unlikely after the Yemeni war.

The war in Yemen is fighting started by a minority, largely unpopular US tool and they cannot be considered a representative of even the people they claim to support. We can have armed proxy fights here and there, but this will not draw in the regular armed forces to a full-blown war.

The Saudi monarchy is struggling to survive. Turkey is willing to support only some limited operations against Assad. What we are seeing is not a war between Muslims but a proxy war between a very tiny minority of US tools (ISIS, Al-qaeda, Al-Nusra, etc) against the Muslim world. No normal Shiite or Sunni wants to fight each other.

This is a good war against us as it serves to awaken and unite the Muslims. God is preparing the world for a major change. Islam and Muslims ruled before. We will rule again. This is just temporary affliction, and we will pull through. It is just a matter of time.


Overall, I liked your post Musa. I hope that conquest is less likely choice of action in the future. That said, what you posted, I think is very thoughtful overall and can hardily agree with most of it. I wish well to you.

Jens Holm

Arrrrh, Jews did it, and as usual You do nothing apart from sitting on Your hands and ears.

Damien C

USA protecting the oil reserves is as believable as Lee Harvey Oswald being the shooter


old ATGM like Metis and Konkurs can obliterate these toys. the Kornets will be reserved for the M1 abrams :)

Jens Holm

I think the point is, if they are there or not.

I dont get the US intensions, but mainly they are very well organized. Bradlies are the best You can get there for mobility and protection.

Peter Jennings

Are the occupants unsuspecting mutton, like in the movie? It could be a BBQ at the Alamo.

John Wallace

I thought there was a report the other day about US tanks coming into Nthrn Syria from Iraq and stopped at some town which had people asking why they weren’t heading south to Deir ez Zor . Was the US pull back from the Turkish border an invitation for Russia/ Syria to confront Turkey ?? . Is Trump really in charge when he says pull out then days later more go back in than left. Who knows what is going on and certainly doubt Trump or the US does. They failed in their regime change but can’t allow Assad his oil back to pay for cleaning up the mess they created. Pity that plane load doesn’t join Abu Baghdadi

Hide Behind

Could it be that there are many more reasons than seen for US troop to move into Iraq?
With a completely corrupt Iraq government and its present rulerships facing riots in the streets, uncertainty of just what Israel/ US and Kurds are planning, a couple thousand Iranian malitia in country, and a very good chance that US most powerful foe, Sahdar who is calling for removal of US ftom even Green Zone about to be chosen leader, that there will be a much more fluid tactical situation arize.
Sadr is very much aligned with Irans malitia and economic in country help and only thing that held him back during US invasion was the turncoat Mullahs restraints as he suddenly had to leave Iraq for medical ???? reasons during invasion.
Kurds in Iraq have been stealing Iraq oil since Saddam was disposed and today supplies Israel with 30-50% of its daily needs, any upset in Government especially by Sadhr followers ultra nationalist could jeaprodize Kurd and It’s Israel/ US, NATO and Turkey oil flows.
There as been no real loss to Syria’s Kudish autonomy dreams and with US protecting their oil fields, and pipelines into Turkey and proposed Kurd to Coast and into Jordan and possibly to Golan Heights with its proposed, following Turkish example buffer zone.
And as many well trained Iraq Kurdish Persmerga are already in Syria Kurds land, so too have the dream of a United Kudistan grown more possible.
Iraq Sovereign military is as corrupt as government officials and completely unreliable, is far to weak to even begin to try and eject US as they also fear an outright Kurd rebellion supported by US military.
A NATO, Israel/ US military force, Readiness Force, located near Syria Iraq border can be used even in event of war with Iran, and aircraft wise reach Kurd oil fields in Syria in less than 15 minute launch to target, and the same goes if they want to hit Iran.
Kurd s of Iraq Special Forces have in past made clandestine incursions into areas of Iran with Kurdish populations, and a few times traded artillary salvos with Iran.
The chess board has many many movement possabilities, and one can lay odds that the masters are thinking many moves ahead.


Yes, remember that Iraq govermmet was put by USA.

Jens Holm

We also remember they called us in after all has left. So USA and the big coalision actually protect Bagdads.

I want much more details for who is running what there before I can see any better replacers, but of course I see big corrution as well as important thongs down t water for Basra is not done.

Putting USA as main in that is far out.

Jens Holm

Mainly non sense. Parts is very good for science fiction.



Infantry Support;

Reconnaissance (RECCE);


lot of vertical surface on the sides.
lot of surface real estate on the front.
no passive armor.
sounds like a winner to me.


Missile magnets

Toronto Tonto

Like the wagner group of girls were in Syria by the USA , lol.

Dušan Mirić

Aggressors! Invaders! Murderers!


they are just trying to sort out the mess Trump made. they are leaving Syria but they are back, then they are leaving ,then they are sending heavy stuff but will leave Syria aafter a day etc. US military ops in Syria are like beheaded chicken running around like crazy.

Danjuma Musa

They are simply replacing the Kurdish forces. Russia saw through it and that is why they moved swiftly to occupy areas abandoned by the Kurds. Lets see if the US and Turkey succeeds in their terror substitution.


i partly disagree. the Kurds never left the oil fields thats the only thing they care for. why fight the Arabs for territories that have no Kurdish population. just for money

Jens Holm

Crap again.

Jens Holm

Maybee something like that being some kind of compensation. They still are thre as a factor and a pain in the ass.


Compensated for what? For strangling Syria’s economy, killing SYrians at every given opportunity, pulverizing Syrian infrastructure, erasing the template of Christianity and it’s birth certificate, planting seeds of discord, promoting wahhabism!?!Right?

Jens Holm

For remaining there. And yes for strangling Assads too.

Thats was target number one, wasnt it. The fields also are protected from ISIS and criminals putting them into fire.

Assads has chosen themselves. You hardly has learned anything since the bad old days of Jom Kippur, and thats a long time ago.

Reading here and fx You tells me,


so Assad is the bad guy here (dont know why you say that please explain) ,then who do you support?FSA the Turkish puppets?HTS the children murderers?US?they are not even there anymore, just taking long car rides on the countryside enjoying the view.


They want to meet the Armata tanks.

Jens Holm

Russians has 5 of them, because they are too expensive even for themselves.

Bradlys are not fighters against hard tanks at all being alone in the field.

As usual people like You expect Assads order tanks for free as they wish and are commanders of the Russian Army.

Assads are not educated to drive advanced tanks as well.


is that the vehicles on their own or will it include the american pansy shoeshine boys to drive they quickly back to iraq if any fighting happens?

Jens Holm

We know none of that. You know none of that.

We only see they guard Gonaco and Omar as well as the pipeline to the Assad oilfields at Hasaka.

If I should compare, hose anytimes are much better then tecnicals miss shoeshine girl.


Seems very wasteful to transport Bradleys by air, since there is already a combat brigade in Kuwait.
Maybe somebody wanted to make news headlines? This is part of a unit rotation, the 30th replacing the 3rd brigade in Kuwait.

Danjuma Musa

I commented earlier that this Turkish assault could well have been coordinated with the US to replace the Kurdish forces with one acceptable to both Turkey and the US. Most people on this forum categorically dismissed such a possibility. Now things are beginning to look that way. Syria and Iran had better prepare for a big fight against the SNA (Syrian National Army), which the US and Turkey will unleash on them.
I would be surprised if they US did really pull out of Syria.

Jacob Wohl

1 single Bradley can take on lots of old soviet T55s and T72s. It happened in the Gulf War :-]


Yeah, I don’t get this one at all. They are very weak weapon systems to be putting out front, so to speak. They were cool a while ago but, a single BMPIII with the 57mm auto cannon and it’s ATGMs, might be able to shred the whole bunch of them, without even reloading. I mean, it is a joke. I don’t take this move with the Bradley’s or the whole oil grab thing very seriously. It is a PR stunt and not going to last. My take folks. A good day to everybody.

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