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U.S. Position In Al-Shaddadi, Northeastern Syria Shelled By ‘Unknown Persons’


U.S. Position In Al-Shaddadi, Northeastern Syria Shelled By 'Unknown Persons'

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On the evening of August 5th, in the Syrian province of Haseke, unidentified persons fired at a US Armed Forces base in the area of Al-Shaddadi, as a result of which a fire broke out at the base, which was quickly put under control.

No casualties were reported.

There were conflicting reports, initially saying it was a shelling, then saying it was an accidental fire, however, a video by pro-Syrian government forces showed that it was, in fact, a shelling.

Initially reports came that it was a confirmed attack, then there were reports that the US-led coalition was carrying out trainings since August 4th there and a fire broke out due to a mistake and not a shelling.

Al-Shaddadi is a town in southern al-Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria. It is in the area where US troops are still deployed in Syria, because they are securing the country’s oil fields, together with the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Recently, it was reported that the SDF had signed a deal with an unnamed US company which will modernize the oil fields and begin extracting oil for the alleged benefit of the Kurdish (and potentially Syrian) people.

Naturally, that is quite a dubious statement and is mostly done for profit by the US and its companies.




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