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U.S. Policy Changes Faster Than The Weather

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Hopes and expectations for a partial normalization between Moscow, Washington and Kiev stepping off the warpath were brief and flickered only for a moment before being entirely extinguished.

On April 13, U.S. President Joe Biden held a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The White House statement on the matter was positive, optimistic even, saying that the two discussed a number of regional and global issues.

They agreed to pursue a strategic stability dialogue on a range of arms control and emerging security issues.

They spoke about Ukraine, and how Russia needs to put forward effort to de-escalate the situation.

In response, Putin outlined approaches to a political settlement based on the Minsk Package of Measures.

The counterparts agreed to meet for talks a month after the diplomatic crisis sparked by Biden’s claims that Putin was a “killer.”

The situation seemed to be largely defused, proven by the fact that the United States decided not to deploy two of its warships to the Black Sea and, in fact, recalled them.

Immediately after that, the Biden Administration turned around, with the US President signing an executive order sanctioning Russia, and recalling 10 ambassadors.

He declared a national emergency over Russia’s alleged threat and all aspirations of normalization quickly evaporated.

The US Secretary of State immediately said that he was “pleasantly surprised” by the position of all 30 NATO states against Russia’s presumed aggression against Ukraine.

In addition, Russian ambassadors were summoned to the Foreign Ministers of the UK and Poland.

It was a united front, two complete shifts in rhetoric within a single day.

The same day, Biden had a short speech, expressing hope of establishing a rapport with Russia.

It was a very cliché text, and he quickly bolted afterwards.

He answered two questions, including one regarding Nord Stream 2.

He simply ran out of text and left, solidifying any “conspiracies” regarding whether he’s actually in control of his own ship.

As a result of the instability in US politics, Russia said that it was considering to ditch the US dollar.

No other Biden Putin meetings are likely to take place, mostly due to the incredible hypocrisy shown within a single day.

Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine appears to be heading towards deterioration.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the “Army is ready” and that the situation was under control, albeit there were “certain issues.”

While Moscow’s attention was focused on Washington, Turkey reportedly sent its troops to Ukraine.

According to Turkish media, Ankara’s specialists arrived to train Ukrainian soldiers in operating the Bayraktar TB2 drones.

April 15th may come down in modern history as the day a new war began, be it hot or cold.

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This is what happens when you eat a cookie and forget your depends grandpa Joe…

Tommy Jensen

Poodles only care about the cookie.

johnny rotten

It’s becoming funny:



The fish rots from the head.


There’s nothing funny in Biden’s (or Trump’s/Obama’s/Bush’s) antics and showmanship as a puppet of terrorist Ziocorporate globalism, plenty of bloodthirsty greed for wealth and power hides behind the “US president” public persona.

Putin sees filth like all US presidents or other Ziocorporate court jesters like Johnson, Macron or Merkel as only legitimate business partners after all.


Is anyone in charge? They have man with dementia as president down to open transvestite in their cabinet. Can anyone even take this seriously?

Fog of War

” Is anyone in charge? ”

Yes, The Khazars and their overlords.

Icarus Tanović

Don’t be such naive. Don’t forget so called Bushisms. He intentionaly made fool of him self, while in reality he knew really well what he’s doing. Just remember his discusion with Kerry. Doesn’t seem stupid or clownish at all.




That’s “Kliden” to you! I have already sternly reprimanded SF in the other article about this.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I said. The Sputnik-V vaccine from President Blood Clotting Putin………….LOL.


still playing stupid. must be years lmao

cechas vodobenikov

stupified weak people have stupified weak senile leader—prez bidet

Steve Standley

This duplicity is just so the US can claim they made an effort to normalize relations. That way, they can proceed with the violence feigning a heavy heart. they have no intention of normalizing with Russia, just as they have no intentions of rejoining the JCPOA (even though they are having fake negotiations right now). It’s Kabuki theater. This is an obvious deception, and it’s one that actually suggests the US is preparing for war with Iran and perhaps even Russia.


My belive is that, if it comes really to a non nuclear combat between NATO ans Russia. NATO will got a pretty bloody nose by today and this will scare the shit out of the Western elites…and this will let them grab to the footballs in hope to defend against “the aggressive Russia”.

On the other Hand we, as normal citizens, can be lucky that Russia is that clear headed and calm, at the same time this calmness is unfortunally the very reason why the elites of the West think they can get away with this.

Tommy Jensen

They are uncomfortable and heavy pessed off by this calmness signalling superiority.


yeah, but in truth they should be happy. You known “The revenant”? Russia is like the Bear and the Western Top Brass are Hellbend to poke him until he flipps.


agreed..it is a feint,,,

Steve Standley

Joe Biden declared a national emergency with this executive order having sanctions against Russia; this means he’s given more power to make policy very quickly. He can also use this as a rationale for suspending civil rights and freedoms of US citizens.


Hm. Biden’s antics “We’re sanctioning the Russki’s but we mean it as a de-escalation really–just as long as they don’t respond” are pretty unhinged on the face of it. But he’ll get away with it and it’ll all work out if you get them Russki’s to play along. Lavrov is at it again, saying, in effect, “We could do something with teeth against US companies, but for now we’ll await developments”.

The patriots will surely be able to explain to me that this is wise and restrained, playing for time–and something to do with the Russian soul I guess. For all I know, that is indeed how such a statement will play in Russia. But that was not the target audience: what matters here is the perception in Western capitals, where this will be read as weakness and idle threats. Ganging up on Russia worked, Blinken lining up all the poodles worked. Hell, many will see such an understated reaction as an admission of guilt.

Lavrov’s natural demeanor is to play good cop; it’s OK, he’s good at that. But knowing this, better put a bad cop in front of the cameras when it’s time to straighten out the ingrates.


we can be lucky to have such competence on the other side. otherwise we all would be already in the trences of a third world war.


Putin’s terrorist Ziocorporate globalists US/EU/NATO business partners sure will be pleased with the Kremlin’s response, this and the globalist covid1984 plandemic will sure keep the people distracted and/or terrorised for the Great Reset to keep going full steam ahead.

Of course, an appropriate response like reducing the US embassy in Moscow to the US ambassador and a secretary/cleaning lady and leaving in the Russian embassy in Lobbyington DC a chargé d’affairs telecommuting from Moscow would’ve been receivd badly by even the Zioterrorists of EU/NATO, risking Nordstream2.

But let’s continue pretending that it’s just all the fault of a near-senile puppet of Ziocorporatism such as Biden.

Fog of War

You’ll love this new doosey from Putin’s Russia . Here come more Oligarchs and Khazar transplants. The’ll need a place to move to just in case and I hear Crimea is nice this time of year.

– Wanna move to Moscow? ‘Golden passport’ proposal means foreigners buying property or investing in Russia could soon earn residency –



they are making fun of you on syrper on VK

Fog of War

Even if it was true, do you think I care about the opinions of the SyPer ” regulars “. They blew their wad a long time ago with their fake ” insider ” knowledge and proclamations of imminent Syrian victory. They have proven to be geo-political amateurs especially Canthama.

But thanks again for trying to have me to go to that site, I’m honored, but I’ll pass. The discussions here are way more interesting.


not the same site and not the same people.. the forum went down for good and took all of them with it.. This is a new meme site..

cechas vodobenikov

better foggy stay inkansas village

cechas vodobenikov

more shutit from hyena


Ukraine will be the least of the world worries soon.


Surely this instability in reality reflects the high level of intellect and innovation of a us policy making process in high-level contact with Tommy’s advizes and logiks and inspired by the latter’s freedom values in the international usury order.

Hind Abyad

US doesn’t need Tommy nor his twin brother. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21b9f4e4a9fb916ea3bdb923c6072cd323ecefc87d68b61cf5bc4cfbf29ae941.jpg

John Tosh

I would like to start supplying NATO commanders with adult Diapers. They would need to stock up otherwise it would be nasty in the months to come

How do I get in contact with NATO!! Lol

Ivan Freely

Or, you could invest in stocks on those supply companies. IMO, less work for you.

Jihadi Colin

There is nothing new about Amerikastani “policy” changing moment to moment. It is only the stupid who trust any Amerikastani pronouncement about anything. Even someone as clueless as the Faker had warned against “triumphalism ” in Russia after the Bidet phone call. Said “triumphalism” must be among people who are not very bright. Everyone else would know Bidet was just mumbling on.


This Twitter account is posting Russian reactions (in English translation) from politicians (like Lavrov) and media personalities (like Vladimir Solovyov and Karen Shakhnazarov). It’s obvious that Russia has had enough and the days of “our Western partners” talk are over.

Icarus Tanović

Tou guys are naive, short memory and funny. Biden intentionally did this. So everyone can make fun of him and he’ll be declared as a fool. Don’t forget Bushisms so fast. He intentionally did that, but in debate with Kerry he was really on the place, no Bushisms or anything like that.

Michael Barbaria

Moon Missions Mars Missions news ways to toil Toiling Digitally in a Digital World is faster, politics can be faster. For better or worse

Ricardo Silva

Estonia Letonia Lithuania…. All them refuse to give the nationality to the russian ethnick that was living there after somewhere in the 80’s date… Belarus and Ukraine are full of russian loyal…

How da f0ck they plan to join Ukraine and Belarus militars that are loyal to russia, integrated in NATO?

What is their plan to Belarus and Ukraine, keeping the russian ethnic, and joining in EU???

Jens Holm

So many here only are able to see things in 2 dimensions.

If we give them a car and its wrong color, it cant drive as well.

cechas vodobenikov

night porter sees zero dimensions except when boyfriend puts LSD in tampon

cechas vodobenikov

amerika populated by lunatics and automatons corrupt grifter leader black lies matter now says her $20,000 monthly salary and 4 luxury homes are because “I do not see my money as mine”…..never underestimate an amerikans capacity to be even more stupid I suspect even Jens, corn hole could thrive in USA

Hind Abyad

Not Tommy.

thomas malthaus



u.s. foreign policy = ducks farting under water

cechas vodobenikov

SF claims amerikans possess policies? hyena does not have a policy; they steal from others …like amerikan cowards they steal from female lion, cheetah, running in ugly packs fixed


young chinese ….debating human rights…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEnBoKOcIKY




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