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U.S. Police Drop “Crime Prediction” Software, But Not Because It’s Orwellian


Written by Mac Slavo; Originally appeared at SHTFplan 

Several California police departments have stopped using “predictive policing” software but not because they want to protect your basic human rights and dignity.  The reason the software won’t be used is that it isn’t effective enough…yet.

U.S. Police Drop “Crime Prediction” Software, But Not Because It's Orwellian

Several police departments were disappointed that they won’t be able to punish thought crimes. Palo Alto police spokeswoman Janine De la Vega told the Los Angeles Times: “We didn’t get any value out of it,” after using the software for three years.  As for Mountain View, California’s police department, which spent over $60,000 of taxpayer money on the software that was designed to violate the rights of the taxpayers stolen from to fund it, it was dubbed a “disappointment.” The police department used the software for over five years before dropping the program last June. Rio Rancho, New Mexico Police Captain Andrew Rodriguez said: “It wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t know.”

The software is a bold violation of the basic human right to free thought and those who use it are nothing more than freedom-trampling tyrants. The Los Angeles Police Department took an authoritarian leap in 2010 when it became one of the first to employ data technology and information about past crimes to predict future unlawful activity. The software is called PredPol, and is known as the “predictive policing tool” developed by a University of California at Los Angeles professor and the Los Angeles Police Department.

The good news is that it doesn’t work, so we’ve bought a few more years.  But the bad news is that it’s likely there will be an ongoing effort to make Big Brother the Orwellian reality for all us…as if we aren’t tracked, surveilled, and monitored enough.

The LAPD itself was forced to admit following an internal audit that after eight years, there was “insufficient data” to show PredPol to be effective in reducing crime.  This was largely due to massive inconsistencies in oversight, criteria, and program implementation.

In April, the department shelved another Orwellian program, which was found to be using “inconsistent criteria” to label people as future violent criminals. Last August, after a lawsuit from privacy and civil liberties groups forced the department to cough up its PredPol records, the LAPD discontinued another dystopian part of the program that picked out a list of “chronic offenders” every shift based on alleged gang membership, previous arrests, and one “point” for every “quality police contact.” –RT

Regardless of whether there’s data or no data, LAPD Chief Michel Moore doesn’t want to let PredPol go, claiming it is more accurate than human analysts at predicting where criminals will strike next. But even his defense of the program is a far cry from early publicity materials that trumpeted “cliff-like’ drops in crime often within months of deployment” among PredPol’s early adopters.



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  • Tommy Jensen

    The real danger is when these software programmes start creating their own realities.

    Like these spell plates used on underaged children to remember sexual incest within the family in their under consciousness long time ago, which only happened in forced fantasy.

    A lot of innocent people will be prisoned, their lives and professional jobs destroyed because of stupid university professors and academics in high positions who will rely on AI, and what their stupid rigid programmes tells them and be without a clue of real reality.

    • Concrete Mike

      I agree, i deal with.designers (office people) and try to explain to them that in the field, their designs, it doesnt work, some engineers can be flexible but some.others beleive their shit dont stink.

      I feel academia is getting disconnected.from reality, there so disconnected that there borderline with us the stupids!

      • Tommy Jensen

        It is. I analysed the cause. Its done by fragmentation of disciplines, money and semantics, as universities as anything else is owned by Finance behind the curtains.

        Not only doctors are forced to work to prolong deceases and pharma intake, but also engineers feel the heath being forced to make construction with endless problems who needs “new” solutions which create new problems.

        • Concrete Mike

          Yep makes sense that I think like.a.contractor then, do it.once and get the fuck out fast!

  • Rob

    By this technics america encourage the world nations that American made hardware and software are safe. By using these things America will not intrude into your devices. LOL.

    Sorry I cannot trust US regime and US made hardware and software.

  • Hasbara Hunter


    The IllumiNazi

    • Black Waters


  • cynic

    Naturally they stopped it. If it worked it would identify the pets and supporters of the Democrats as the most likely actual and prospective criminals! We can’t let that happen, the media would explode.

    • Concrete Mike

      Bwahahah that maybe what happenned, the police chief was like wtf i keep.coming up in this stupid software, there gonna find my juana plantation!!

  • Lazy Gamer

    Where is my minority report? lol

  • Jimmy Jim

    The frigging Yids want to turn the whole world into a ashkeNAZI police state. RESIST!

  • jm74

    Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to stamp their foreheads for the crime they are guilty of, then everyone can see for themselves, it may even discourage crime. Actually it should be compulsory for those who have had sex changes, HIV, AIDS etc., instead of producing a Birth Certificate before having a fling their gender, sickness is advertised on there forehead.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Coming to your neighbourhood soon.

  • viktor ziv

    Who wrote the software for over 60k $? Few students at university in Bombay? This is not enough to pay one year licencing for big data. More likely 6M$ per year as OPEX. What about CAPEX share to sustain data flow, analysis, storage, firewall, IPS not to mention manpower behind it. If 60k$ is true, of course the software utterly failed.

  • occupybacon
    • Concrete Mike

      Didnt your momma teach you not to click on every link??

      Regardless of your little “issue” here , i for one am.not confortable with police using these tools. It basically.violates the presumption of innocent until proven guilty.

      Like how many poor black dudes were harrassed by this idiotic software who knows?? LAPD wont cough up the answer to that question!

      This is so stupid, you cant automate police work! Its people work ffs! Were humans not robots!

      • occupybacon

        My brain refuse to discuss the subject of a fake news article, made to cookie stuff people logged on Amazon

  • S Melanson

    Ok, the software is better than human analyst at predicting crime according to LAPD Chief. But no improvement was found in fighting crime, reducing crime.

    How is it better? How is it any kind of defence with the evidence contradictory – you know, like prosecuting lawyers would go to town if the Chief said this in a court of law. And you would think the Chief of Police for 2nd largest city in US would know better.

    Another thing, sociologists have cautioned against applying scientific methods to human behaviour because of reflexivity. Which means we react to conditions and can Change behaviour to suit conditions to our advantage. Also called gaming the system. The predictive system will get gamed like everything else so that it will have no effect, which is precisely what has happened.

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