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U.S. Plans To Deploy More Troops To Middle East Despite Recent Increase Of Attacks In Iraq

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U.S. Plans To Deploy More Troops To Middle East Despite Recent Increase Of Attacks In Iraq

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The US Department of Defense said that it was willing to send more troops to Iraq to assist a NATO training mission.

It also wishes to stop ISIS’ resurgence.

“The US is participating in the force generation process for NATO Mission Iraq and will contribute its fair share to this important expanded mission,” Pentagon spokesperson Cmdr. Jessica L. McNulty said.

“The US and its partners in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS remain committed to ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS, and the Department looks forward to continued consultations with Iraq, NATO, and the Global Coalition going forward,” McNulty added.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby clarified that there are “no plans” to send more US troops into Iraq itself.

But more deployments to the Middle East were possible, and it could support the mission from outside Iraq.

Such a move would have been a reversal of the Trump administration’s policy which reduced the number of troops in the country to 2,500.

On February 18th, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the NATO mission would increase in size from 500 personnel to about 4,000.

Stoltenberg stressed the importance of the NATO mission to prevent the resurgence of ISIS.

“Not so long ago, ISIS controlled territory as big as the United Kingdom and roughly 8 million people. They have lost that control,” Stoltenberg said. “But, ISIS is still there. ISIS still operates in Iraq, and we need to make sure that they’re not able to return. And we also see some increase in attacks by ISIS. And that just highlights the importance of strengthening the Iraqi forces.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke about the mission with his NATO counterparts during a meeting with defense ministers on February 18th.

Austin “welcomed the expanded role” of the NATO mission in Iraq, according to a readout of the discussions provided by the Pentagon. He “expressed confidence that all of the work done to date with the Iraqi government and security forces will lead to a self-sustainable mission.”

According to Jens Stoltenberg, this increase comes amid a request from the Iraqi government.

Before Trump departed the White House, his acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller touted the withdrawal of troops prior to Biden taking office as a sign of the mission’s success:

“The drawdown of US force levels in Iraq is reflective of the increased capabilities of the Iraqi security forces. Our ability to reduce force levels is evidence of real progress.”

This potential deployment is a part of a global posture review of the US.Austin announced a global force posture review, in which military leaders would examine US troop levels around the world, including the “military footprint, resources, strategy and missions.”

Austin stressed the importance of alliances and partnerships as part of the review.

“From Afghanistan and the Middle East, across Europe, Africa and our own hemisphere, to the wide expanse of the Western Pacific, the United States stands shoulder-to-shoulder with allies old and new, partners big and small,” Austin said. “Each of them brings to the mission unique skills, knowledge and capabilities. And each of them represents a relationship worth tending, preserving and respecting. We will do so.”

Any increase in US troops would also mean a ramping up of attacks on American convoys and positions, as pro-Iranian groups in Iraq have done so, for a while now, demanding that Washington’s forces withdraw from the country.


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Just Me

US is a bankrupt deadbeat loser that can not even provide fresh water or electricity to its wretched covid ridden lice infested population, let alone send more redneck cannon fodder for Zionist fanned wars.


No balls to face off digital medias either,certainly no democracy leaders anymore(period)

johnny rotten

The unwanted guest is like rotten fish, it stinks.

Kenny Jones ™

At this point it’s just natural selection, for all Americans reading this, if you’re drafted, don’t go, you don’t want to die this way


Best advice of the week.

Supreme Blyat

All americans are reading this. They are just too afraid do comment.


Considering the implications,who would not be afraid to side with unconstituates?

Supreme Blyat

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When or it comes to such time,there is no room for hate nor allah nor anything insomuch as guilt after the job for such is of sin,
only sin unforgiven are they of the unrepenteds,reason for everything:see!
I have my tools,i can use them just fine,thanks:

Supreme Blyat

I bet you do.

Kenny Jones ™

Shame, because I genuinely feel sad for some who just join the military to make an income, what’s that money worth when you’re 6 feet below

Supreme Blyat

Very scary. You should produce horror movies.


Why would I be afraid to comment?

Decatur Guy

War is a racket…!

Ashok Varma

US is already in dire economic straits and need to take care of growing problems at home.

Raptar Driver

They don’t need to do the draft.
There are plenty of poor & stupid Americans who will sign up willingly.

Kenny Jones ™

In the Vietnam war there was draft, and with a crazy warmonger as president, you never know what big war is next, it might just be Myanmar

Raptar Driver

Not a bad point however in my opinion the world is al


Increase of US troops in ME will not change the strategic equation that favors the axis of resistance. More targets, more casualties.

Hasbara Hunter

U.S. don’t forget to send some extra Bodybags…


I understand that the US ‘1st Screaming Transvestite company’, commonly known as the Clinton Lube Killers, are having orgasms about all the homeless children in the Middle East. :)

Hasbara Hunter

Don’t forget the UN Peace Keeping Paedophiles & Rapists



The fact that the horrific behaviour of the majority of international institutions, especially the UN are involved, this suggests that most of the funding states are complicit. Saudi Arabia being just one on a UN human rights panel.

Hasbara Hunter

It is the Top of the Pyramid in almost Every Nation that is occupied & Infiltrated by ZioNazis…they already control the World…Chop the Heads off the Hydra! and the Body stops movin’

Fog of War

Russia ? China ?

Hasbara Hunter

When Russia & China are both in it…then we are already pretty much f*cked…

Taking into consideration that the AngloZioNazis are focusing on a War with Iran, Russia & China my bets are that the AngloZioNazi Cabal is truly in Panic…Russia & China both have had a lot of bad experiences & a Bloody History thanks to these Khazarian Parasites…though China has got the New World Order wet-dream Social Credit System….eventually everything can all be one Big PSYOP in which We the People are simply herded in the direction the Elites want…many questions still unanswered…

Russia & China working together to bring down the AngloZioNazi Cabal… is the best alternative for me personally…the West has had at least 500 years to make this world a better place and they’ve definitely F*cked up…so let’s give the East at least the opportunity to show that things can go a little different….

Fog of War

” Russia, China, Iran & many Others working together to bring down the AngloZioNazi Cabal ”

The ” AngloSaxonNazi Cabal ” is just a label that the PTB can discard at any moment, while they put on new ” clothes ” . Although, I suspect China is already a full card carrying member of the NWO order, Russia isnt. However, Chabad Putin is and hes slowly steering Russia into a carefully engineered trap.

Do some research into the giant psyops that was WW2. This theater has been going on along time.

Hasbara Hunter

Sure I’m well aware that it is One Big PSYOP…Smokescreens all over…It is the 99% that holds true power…1% is NOTHING when the Sheeple wake up…Let the AngloZioNazis bring on their little War…I am ready & waitin’…Aut Vincere Aut Mori


Yes, the hydra needs to be put death by ‘6 million cuts’. :)

On a lighter note, I was looking at the Amazing Polly site earlier and she shared a link to RadioGarden. Its brilliant. There is an interactive globe that spins and zooms in live to EVERY radio station in the world in real time.


Fog of War

” UN are involved, this suggests that most of the funding states are complicit. ”

Finally, someone is using their brain.

Tommy Jensen

UN is invented, build and funded by Rockefeller with soft values as global profit model. By the time the rotten roots grow out in daylight.

Hasbara Hunter

“Stoltenberg stressed the importance of the NATO mission to prevent the resurgence of ISIS..”

Dear Mister Stoltenberg,

The North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation is only stressing because they desperately NEED the Resurgence of the Israeli-Secret-Intelligence-Service for the Re-establishment of the Yinon Caliphate…

Fog of War

Isnt it fortunate for the ZioAmericans that ” ISIS” is re-emerging at this critical juncture. Pure Cohencidence .

cechas vodobenikov

dementia prez thinking clearly

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