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Two Truths And A Lie: U.S. Patriot Missiles Leave Saudi Arabia For Syria?

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The United States has deployed a Patriot defense battery to Syria’s northeast, at least according to the fairy tales told by Kurdish media. This deployment reportedly took place on February 24th in an entirely different reality, since the reports claiming so are entirely fake. Several Kurdish and opposition outlets claimed that the deployment of Patriot batteries is taking place in Alomar and Al-Shaddadi. There could even be more batteries. Reports also claim that the US is improving its capabilities in al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor as well.

The claims of Patriot batteries in northeastern Syria are currently merely fake news, as any review of the photographs, even to casual observers on Twitter, reveals that they show an entirely different location. What is fact is that Washington is truly attempting to increase its presence and capability in Syria.

In another and more realistic report from state outlet SANA, the US sent “shoulder-launched missiles” to northeastern Syria. Two American military helicopters allegedly landed in al-Shaddadi and unloaded artillery shells and shoulder-launched missiles. Prior to this, the coalition built a new airstrip in the al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor. And the base in al-Hasakah is really being built. These developments, however, aren’t as major as reports make them out to be.

Saudi Arabia, a staunch US ally, one which Washington has vowed to defend and assist, is losing two of its Patriot defense batteries.

The two units in Saudi Arabia were helping to protect the Kingdom’s oil fields, but will likely be replaced by Saudi Patriot batteries. Their effectiveness – or lack thereof – was proven back in 2019, when they failed to protect Aramco’s facilities. As such, even if they were to be relocated in Syria, their usefulness remains in doubt.

Still, the Kurds as US allies are hopeful that the patriot battery remains mighty and capable of protecting its positions as they are likely hoping that it would help protect them against the Turkish Armed Forces.

Washington, though, is focused on Iran, which, especially so far in 2021, it has largely failed to contain. Iran continues expanding its influence in key areas such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen. In Syria, after being subject to ISIS attacks, Tehran’s forces are building new positions in the southern Homs countryside to protect phosphate mines in the region from the ISIS cells responsible.

Empty claims may go around the world quickly, their effectiveness, however, is dubious at this point. The United States is attempting to increase its presence and capabilities in Syria, but so far it appears to be too little too late. Iran’s presence in Syria and influence in the entire region continue to grow despite containment efforts by Washington and its allies.

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The Patriot is a non issue and US will retain a small force in Syria to protect Omar oil facilities and rely on Kurd and ISIS proxies to do its dirty work. In meantime Iranian presence in Iraq and Syria will devise means to attack and interdict their activities. Loitering munitions and drone capability leading to fusion of data gathered in eastern Syria along with EW will make Iranian strikes more sophisticated and deadlier.

John Brown

Yes good news for Zio owned companies to make money from the deaths of USSA slave soldiers and lots of targets for Iran, Iraq and Syria to attack


There is a plan (by the end of this year) to attack Iran. This will be mostly conducted by US, UK and Israeli air force. Only US F-35B’s will be used from LHD platforms (this includes UK platforms) however the UK and US airforce will be using F-35A’s, Typhoons, F-15E’s from air bases in Syria, Qatar, Saudi and UAE. Highly unlikely will there be F-22’s involved. Israel will be using everything they have in their airforce. F-16’s, F-35’s etc etc. Biden is not really in control of the US military as a whole anymore. Im not going to get into that right now. If Biden had it his way, he would have fixed the deal with Iran. The US military is 90% acting on its own now. (Again dont ask me why, its a long story) Biden is deliberately being put into a a tight spot. He is SUPPOSED to patch things up with Iran but is being hood winked. Israel and the US, UK have other plans! You can be sure this military buildup on the eastern side of the Euphrates is their barrier to contain anything and eveything in Syria including Lebanon. Perhaps Hezbollah will be taken out first then Iran. Or it could be Iran first, im not sure! But i am absolutely sure this operation will occur by December 2021 or Jan 2022. If u dont believe me, look at the naval buildup occurring around China! These attacks on Iran will happen around the same time (before, after or during) an attack on China. The chinese attack is another story, i dont mean an all out attack, i mean naval dominance within the South China sea. Basically like a “Cuban Missile strike” scenario. Where the US and allied nations are going to sit there and just say “now what, what u got? do somethin, do somethin” Basically calling out China. If China reacts, yes then there is a war but i am not sure to what extent that war will be, its just to open up the south China sea again or perhaps a blockade of China from the Indo-Pacific and the Pacific. The Allies will be creating a new red line.

Iran and its capabilities are going to be fully taken out. Iran is going to be decapitated so they cannot threaten Israel or Europe (capability wise).

If China decides to fight back, Then they will be dealt with.

im not here to say who will win. im here to say this is going to happen and its all being set up right now!

The last thing i will say is that Syria will be left alone! Assad left alone. Russia wont do anything as long as Syria is left alone. Russia will not come to the aid of China, you can take that to the bank! Russia will come to the aid of India AGAINST China! Russia see’s China as a threat, not an ally. Russia understands thats its just a matter of time.

Russia has done very well for themselves. Very well indeed. Nobody is ever going to fuck with Russia. As for proxy wars, thats a little different.

Mark my words and look at UK, French and US naval movements. Iran and China are being surrounded right now!


I disagree with you. US military presence in ME is spotty, The F35 B is not reliable enough yet, if a shooting war starts mobile ballistic missiles and hardened silos have advantage against aircraft and their static airfields. Israeli aircraft do not have the range to do the round trip, and they will get a taste of Iranian MRBM. As far as China is concerned, US does not have enough naval assets and China is able to deal with them using DF missiles, naval aviation and strong defenses on artificially built island. Another major weakness for the US navy is the lack of long range anti shipping missiles, their carriers will stay safe from the reach of DF 21-26 ballistic anti carrier missiles.

Proud Hindu

Saudis are going to go extinct pretty soon and with it Islam will start collapsing.


just watch doc with Iran poised for a push in via Iraq, south into Qatif and gradual wearing down of the enemy, North from Yemen……Its a pincer to shear the king-dumb of sawdi judea. In the meanwhile the oglu toglu remains contained by Russia, KRG and the Iranian militia buffers in Syria. Nothing can be done now to stop this. Iran brazenly attacks the camel jockey these days using drones and cruise missiles with sweet fukk all of a response neither from the sawdi nor from the shitbilly. The noose is tightening.

Ivan Freely

The Turks are aiming to retake the leadership role of Islam from the Saudis. The only thing that will collapse will be the House of Saud.

El Mashi

Death by a thousand cuts.

Icarus Tanović

Where are trolls such are Adam Prisbit, Servet Luna, Iron Zion, tztz? And others heinous prick on ours shitlist.


Teeztiz and our metallic Zionist married and gave birth to the new troll, Adam whatever. Seriously, it inherited from both parents, “almost” as if one of them made another account and tries to mimic the other!!

Servat and Luna went together to party, Servet had a nasty surprise!


Garga, the Parsi/ zartushti ‘cheers doc’ is here too posting under multiple ID’s…….He wants the Sassanian kingdom back and you can’t stop him…….lol. I tolerate him because he is just all about Iran, no matter what, you can’t get rid of him. He comes in uninvited in anything remotely related to Iran and loves playing the multiple ID game. He’ll play two ID’s as a jihadi, one as a hezbollahi, one as a yahudi, one as a hendu and two as UK tommy pommy. For some reason he’s all about this……lol


I don’t see this account. A couple of years ago I blocked a lunatic like what you describe but he wasn’t a doctor (or document, what do I know?).

He probably changed the name of account, but I still don’t see him.

I usually block trolls, unless they are too much fun like the happy family I named.


oh he’s posting under proud hendi. My suspicion is that Objective, fog of war and a number of others are all his nicks…….he loves doing this shit…..lol

Icarus Tanović

You see Luna, servant, Iron zion, those two Scandinavian punks jens and the other one lief, are the worst inhumane creatures over in sf.


Yes. I blocked all except Luna and Zionist, something is familiar about them…

Icarus Tanović

I told the punk that I’d bust his face like no Iranian of all millions of Iranians would. He’s the one and alikes that devides Ummah, saying like sunnis will do that against blah blah yabayaba, and I told little snake, by so called sunnis you meant Wahhabis. Barbarism is one of the worst attribute to any nation, groups, peoples or even individuals. Let’s say the one who destroy the nature who doesn’t have any respect to the nature, surroundings, environment, nature, for example trees is the classical example.


Yes I saw your exchange. Enjoyable that you treated him the way he treated others.

Icarus Tanović

Yes. Also the one that doesn’t have any respect to humans, is also barbarian. Superstition and primitivism leads to that way of behaviour. Absolutely it doesn’t matter is it from Europe or, say Africa.

Jens Holm

They probatly are as me. Im not here about that, for all we know about is that SDFs got some RPGs and USA has taken in some missiles.

The article moore or less says same thing and even quote “kurds”

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