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U.S. Opted To Leave INF Few Years Ago, Spent This Time Developing Forbidden Missiles

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U.S. Opted To Leave INF Few Years Ago, Spent This Time Developing Forbidden Missiles

Click to see the full-size image. An image released by the Russian Defense Ministry via RT with several marks by SF

Washington opted to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty several years ago and spent this time developing the banned weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry said on February 2, according to RT.

According to the Russian side, the US has been preparing to produce medium and short-range missiles banned under the INF for almost 2 years already.

The Defense Ministry said that in June 2017 Raytheon started preparations to develop and produce INF-banned medium and short-range missiles at its facility in the town of Tucson in the state of Arizona. The image released by the defense ministry via RT shows multiple production, storage and research & development facilities, which are supposedly used for this activity. The image also shows several buildings under construction. According to the defense ministry comment, these buildings would be used to expand the production capacity of this complex.

The defense ministry recalled that in November 2017, the Congress allocated $58 million to the Pentagon explicitly for “research and development program on a ground-launched intermediate-range missile.”  This same program was a stated goal in the US defense budget for 2018.


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Jim Bim

When has there ever been a treaty or agreement, the US has respected or uphold.
NATO and the EU are on board and blaming Russia.
It`s high time for Russia to stop calling the corrupt western leaders and politicians for partners.

Jens Holm

It sedemes You have total memorylack about that. When USSR collapsed it was a part of a be treaty to withdraw a lot of things in Ukraine.

That by the way included all close range missiles with nukes in Ukraine. Those in Ukraine got them, because Russia got the rest.

By taking those and destroy them Ukraine got rights. Those are the ones Russsians try to take back or do and the conflicvts are well known.

Ukraine got those things like navy, harbours in azaovsk, krimerea and also the russian parts in Ukraine.

Memory lack from You – isnt. None could see Ukraine did that bad about that but its well helped by Russians.

According to, what people say the corruption is like this or something like this. Here You can see where and how things are.

https://www.transparency.org/cpi2018 … But as usual those numbers those in Your oppinion are made by CIA amd Mossad as well. Isnt it.


Ukraine needed only one thing, to be part of the RF.

The rest of their “needs” are really the needs of the US/EU/CIA.

Jens Holm

I referred to, what the trade about missiled and war dividend.

But true most of the Europe never should be a russian colony again with or without Bellarus and Ukraine or not,

It seemes like Russians collapsing themselves again.

Bigaess Wangmane

No surprises there, so since the treaty is now officially dead, I guess it’s time for Russia to do the same thing, but cheaper than the US, in a much shorter time than the US and overall, better than the US.

Jens Holm

This is a treaty aming USA and Russia only. China already has many of them and others have some too.

Lazy Gamer

More investment to overseas bases i guess.Those missiles wont be used in latin america.
So if russia produces those kind of missiles, it is going to be an arms race with eu

Jens Holm

China already has many of them and several others produce them too.

This treaty is among Russia and USA only making Europe to have peace dividend.


The idea behind all that is very simple.
Why to have long range missiles confrontation and danger of long range missiles targeting U.S.
When they can use intermediate and short range missiles positioned in S.Korea and Japan, Europe and endless other puppet countries targeting Russia, N.Korea and China and directly take risk of nuke confrontation from U.S. to those countries!
That way would others not only PAY for the MISSILES but they would also become direct targets for China & Russia instead of U.S.

The best examples are Polish, Romanian ,Japanese idiots with ABM “defenses” or all other EU-NATO countries with tactical B-61 nukes that only put them on Russian nuke target list.

Jens Holm

The real idiosy is we all can by killed 5 times by USA and twice by Russia.

Only Hindus and cats can be alive after that :)


Sounds like a pretty good deal for us Hindu Cats.


But that’s a ridiculous notion if it triggers retaliation with SARMAT which will certainly target main american centres as a matter of priority


You comment is “ridiculous”.
What retaliation and what “priority”?!*
“MAD” “retaliation” is LAST OPTION not “priority” !!
What the hell are you talking about ?!??
If you can’t see difference between tactical nuke and ICBM like Satan or Sarmat than no point explaining to you!

EXAMPLE (some hypothetical scenario)
If war is staged in Ukraine with attack of Ukrainian army with hidden special ops troops from some NATO countries in the mix and many hundreds of NATO soldiers are killed in the attack with hundreds of Ukrainians.
NATO sends in armored division in the Ukraine in direct support for “aggressed” Ukraine…Russia sees that as direct aggression on them and declaration of war by NATO
And immediately after that division crosses border of Ukraine Russia nukes them with few nuke Iskanders.

Right after that in the name of reciprocity NATO launches few nuke missiles from Poland on Russian command center and few military bases.
The very same moment it is Polanad and all NATO military bases on immediate proximity of Russia that are dead ducks not U.S.!!!
Because Russia will destroy them all without hesitation.
As for long range nukes (targeting US) Russia will use long range nukes as LAST RESORT option only as an answer to US attack (and MAD)
ALL ICBM’s and SLBM’s are on red alert and ready to launch immediately but while they waiting (to be launched for MAD ) it is short range tactical nukes + (all cruise other high precision conventional missiles) that are already flying as 1st. strike to hit all NATO strategic facilities that put in direct danger Russia.

ALL (medium and LONG RANGE) strategic missiles would fly only if MAD exchange is activated and they are LAST OPTION and point with no return for whole fucking planet.

for you to know is that Sarmat is still in testing, not yet operational weapon.


Maybe its time to give some medium range missiles to Venezuela

Jaffar al-Majmuni

Like that how Russia “saddamizes” the u.s.


The Great Butter Battle by Doctor Suess should be prescribed watching for everyone in the US government. But there’s something inherently self-destructive about satanists and their stooges.


both, russia and usa developed these weapons. in reality none of them want the INF in the futire. and this is logical step. china has such missiles, and lot of shitty countires,like north korea, iran, iSSrael develope middle+-range missiles. with ability hit russian territory.

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