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U.S. Officials Confirm MQ-9 Combat Drone Was Shot Down Over Yemen


U.S. Officials Confirm MQ-9 Combat Drone Was Shot Down Over Yemen

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

The MQ-9 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) shot down on August 20 over southwestern Yemen by the Houthis was being operated by the U.S. military, the Reuters news agency reported on August 21, citing U.S. officials.

The U.S. officials confirmed that the UCAV was shot down with a surface-to-air missile launched by the ‘Iranian-backed’ Houthis.

“While losing a drone was expensive, it was not unprecedented and it was unlikely to lead to any major response by the United States,” Reuters quoted one of the officials as saying.

The MQ-9 “Reaper,” presented by General Atomics in 2007, has a rage of more than 1,800km and an endurance of up to 14 hours. The UCAV can carry more than 1,000kg of precision-guided weapons.

Last June, a UCAV of the same type was shot down by the Houthis over the western Yemeni coast with a surface-to-air missile.

The Houthis claim they shot down the drone with a new domestically-made anti-aircraft missile, which will be unveiled soon.

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  • Boycott-Israel!

    Wow, advance American drone vs garage built Missile, maybe not so garage built… 😎

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Likely a fusion of some old revere engenierd US missle by Iran, that the Iranians improved, then “technology transfer” to axis of resistance, where it gets domestically fine tuned and improved further, then mass produced with only some parts smuggeld into Yemen, while others are locally produced.

      Open Source Axis Of Resistance tech. ;)

      Cool thing is, when Houtis have this good missiles, Israel must be scared shitless what Hezbollah even will have. :)

      • Brother Ma

        Last sentence ? Exactly! Stalemate in Lebanon but remember it is people that win wars via strategy and tactics not excellent weapons. Greece won against Italy in WWII,Indians against Custer,Houthis winning against Saudi/ziostan .

  • Pave Way IV

    I don’t suppose my ‘U.S. official’ cared to explain why the U.S. is so God damn eager to provide the UAE mercs with their predictably-shitty targeting info. Must have been a threatening Houthi water well or vegetable market. In related news for any UAE fans out there, this is what your capital’s economic collapse looks like today on a random financial blog. Paywalled, but the title says it all. You’re paid-off monkeys in western MSM can’t hide this news from the world much longer. Dubai’s poor will eat you alive when you stop the handouts:

    Dubai: UAE Billionaire Warns Govt Of Capital Flight From UAE (Which Is Already Gone), Asks To Reduce VAT & Remove Skype Ban; World’s Largest Cruise Company Pulls Out Of Dubai, Tourists Abandon Dubai; Rents Continue To Plunge; Thousands Flee After Abandoning Cars; Ship Insurance Rates Spike 10 Times While Oil Bunker Prices Plunge Because Ships Don’t Want To Enter UAE As Food Prices Soar To Their Highest Ever; Losses In Major Companies As UAE Collapses Amid Cracks With Saudi

    Saudi fans: you, of course, already know this is happening to your country. How’s bankrupt ARAMCO doing? Better send a few more bags of shekels to NYT, CNN and MSNBC to pimp the putrid IPO.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Thanks for the info, care to give us the link? I heard about UAE financial troubles, but did not know the magnitude.

      Thanks again!

      • Pave Way IV

        Disqus: Why don’t links get underlined in your data vacuum software?

        It’s some money manager’s opinion, but certainly not unique. It’s just that he’s from a very limited number of businesses that will make money from the collapse. Most western governments (and their MSM lackeys) suppress any related news because it will take down the Khazar banking empire. Unless they just shake down taxpayers bail out the KSA and UAE (Khazar-owned) central banks.

        • EveryoneIsBiased

          Thanks man! Much appreciated!

        • Brother Ma

          Why not? We have been made to pay out greedy illegal banks because “they were too big to fail” .They can and will do it with countries like Israel and Saud.

    • Kell McBanned

      Interesting – I was wondering when this house of cards was going to hit the deck.

  • IMHO

    Look at the oh so righteous U.S. flying combat drones over the big evil Yemen which is obviously threatening the world. How dare those Yemini’s to shoot down such an instrument of good that is merely trying to spread democracy and peace to the world.
    But seriously, it is nice to see the little guy can fight back against the bully.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, PW IV, its sad when we have to endure this mindeless war and genonice of an little nation and its people, I knew it was an waiting game, but the latest cluster f….. have increased the speed, and I am realy curious about the land of the Saudi-barbarians, its dead silent.

    My hart and soul is with the Yemens, anyone whom fights the Dajal spawns, and the people from the synagog of Satan.
    Iranian backed, hell yeah, I back em unconditionaly, and do so, to day, and to the end of time.
    I am angry on the rest, whom folds their hands and just looks the other way, your day and judgement will come, but that is not comfort for the living, but we can hope the people in this lands awake to the ugly truth, and take back whats trully yours, the country and ints resources.
    Hang em all, and hang em high.


  • georgeking

    Perhaps soon, Yemen can help other small nations be US Drone safer.

  • little american bunghole slammed a bit tighter eh bud??