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MAY 2021

U.S. Officially Rejects Any Maritime Claims By China In South China Sea

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U.S. Officially Rejects Any Maritime Claims By China In South China Sea

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On July 13th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement rejecting any maritime claims by China in the South China Sea.

“In the South China Sea, we seek to preserve peace and stability, uphold freedom of the seas in a manner consistent with international law, maintain the unimpeded flow of commerce, and oppose any attempt to use coercion or force to settle disputes. We share these deep and abiding interests with our many allies and partners who have long endorsed a rules-based international order.”

As such, China threatens these “collective” interests and this simply cannot stand.

According to the US, “Beijing uses intimidation to undermine the sovereign rights of Southeast Asian coastal states in the South China Sea, bully them out of offshore resources, assert unilateral dominion, and replace international law with ‘might makes right.’”

Furthermore, Pompeo reminded of a statement back from 2010, when then-PRC Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told his ASEAN counterparts that “China is a big country and other countries are small countries and that is just a fact.”

This “predatory world view has no place in the 21st century.”

As per the 1928 Law of The Sea Convention, which China has signed, and a July 2016 of an Arbitral Tribunal, Beijing’s claims were rejected since they allegedly have no basis in international law.

Pompeo then says that the US’ position aligns with the Tribunal’s and namely:

  • The PRC cannot lawfully assert a maritime claim – including any Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) claims derived from Scarborough Reef and the Spratly Islands – vis-a-vis the Philippines in areas that the Tribunal found to be in the Philippines’ EEZ or on its continental shelf. Beijing’s harassment of Philippine fisheries and offshore energy development within those areas is unlawful, as are any unilateral PRC actions to exploit those resources. In line with the Tribunal’s legally binding decision, the PRC has no lawful territorial or maritime claim to Mischief Reef or Second Thomas Shoal, both of which fall fully under the Philippines’ sovereign rights and jurisdiction, nor does Beijing have any territorial or maritime claims generated from these features.
  • As Beijing has failed to put forth a lawful, coherent maritime claim in the South China Sea, the United States rejects any PRC claim to waters beyond a 12-nautical mile territorial sea derived from islands it claims in the Spratly Islands (without prejudice to other states’ sovereignty claims over such islands). As such, the United States rejects any PRC maritime claim in the waters surrounding Vanguard Bank (off Vietnam), Luconia Shoals (off Malaysia), waters in Brunei’s EEZ, and Natuna Besar (off Indonesia). Any PRC action to harass other states’ fishing or hydrocarbon development in these waters – or to carry out such activities unilaterally – is unlawful.
  • The PRC has no lawful territorial or maritime claim to (or derived from) James Shoal, an entirely submerged feature only 50 nautical miles from Malaysia and some 1,000 nautical miles from China’s coast. James Shoal is often cited in PRC propaganda as the “southernmost territory of China.” International law is clear: An underwater feature like James Shoal cannot be claimed by any state and is incapable of generating maritime zones. James Shoal (roughly 20 meters below the surface) is not and never was PRC territory, nor can Beijing assert any lawful maritime rights from it.

Finally, Pompeo said that “the world” would not allow China to turn the South China Sea into its “maritime empire.”

“We stand with the international community in defense of freedom of the seas and respect for sovereignty and reject any push to impose “might makes right” in the South China Sea or the wider region.”

This decision by the US goes directly counter to the Obama Administration’s decision back in 2016 not to intervene and remain neutral on the matter.

This is also a follow-up of a report by Chinese state-owned outlet Global Times claiming that China has numerous anti-aircraft carrier weapons in the South China Sea and a response by US Navy Chief of Information that despite everything, two carrier strike groups were present there.

Regarding other countries in the region, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry’s welcomed the US statement, and called for Taiwan’s inclusion in a multilateral dispute mechanism.

“Our country opposes any attempt by a claimant state to use intimidation, coercion, or force to resolve disputes in the South China Sea,” spokeswoman Joanne Ou said.

Philippines Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said claims in the region should be resolved according to the Convention.

“Our position here is we will pursue our national interest and resolving the South China Sea will have to be in accordance with the law,” he said.

Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry said it had no immediate comment to make on the US statement.

In Beijing, Zhao Lijian, spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, called Pompeo’s statement “irresponsible”.

“It frequently dispatched large-scale advanced warships and military aircraft to the South China Sea that militarised the region and promoted power logic and hegemony. The US is the destructor and troublemaker to peace and stability in the region,” he said.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Chinese Navy is growing by the day.
    If the U.S. really wants to counter them they will need to deploy a minimum of 4 carrier strike groups in the region at all times.
    If not than its only barking by Pimpeo…

    1. Swift Laggard II says:

      you mean four giant sized coffins

    2. Justin says:

      China has a useless carrier! it has a single launch ramp, underpowered engines and low ranged fighters! China can only HOPE their carrier killer missiles work and that the US cannot intercept them! If they fail, they lose! because the US will respond in kind!

      i cant believe u think China has an advantage. they have none!

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Those carriers are very capeble.
        They have two now.
        Building the third.
        Those fighters are a mixed copy of the Su-27 and Su-33 their range is longer than that of the F-35.
        No nation will go against China, except the U.S.
        We both know that.
        Even according to the best think tank in the U.S. RAND which has an 80% accuracy track record for the past 60years the U.S. is outgunned on the South China Sea.
        Modern state of the art radars can easily defeat U.S. stealth.
        Even Iranian radars which are dumbed down Chinese radars can lock on to state of the art stealth drones like the RQ-170.
        Chinese will mainly use super and hypersonic cruise missiles anyway.
        Which there are no protection against.

        1. Justin says:

          Their engines are not Russian made! chinese made! very bad engines! Heavily underpowered! They cannot master the manufacture of the metals required to build Russian or US made engines!

          The second ship is still on sea trials! Sea trials take at least 2 years minimum!

          Also the USA does have 4 carriers there! u forgot the one in japan and the STOVL helicopter carrier thats there too! it has fixed wing aircraft on it!

          thats 4
          then again u have the US bases for the airforce!

          So thats 4 carriers plus bases!

          Also its not about attacking China, its about:

          1. freedom of navigation in the South China Sea
          2. Can easily blockade china from Receiving imports through the straights of Singapore and indonensia
          3. Protecting Taiwan from a Chinese invasion!

          These are the 3 main points!
          the usa doesnt have to defeat china because China will defeat itself!
          There is enough Human rights violations, enough proof of Chinese infiltration into the US tech and political systems that China (along with its lies on the Corona Virus) will be sanctioned!

          Revolution will defeat china! Not a war!
          But its is likely the CCP will go to war in order to avoid revolution!
          This is where China loses! because this attack on Taiwan will unite the world against China!

          If China cannot take back Taiwan, then it cant do anything!
          To take back taiwan they will need to kill US ships. Killing US ships means war with the entire US military and allies!

          they lose and they lose easily!
          We will not have to wait long to find out. u and i will both know exactly what will happen within the next 6 months! most likely to start before the US election.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. already tried that in 1989, it didn’t wirk out.
            And since than the livingstandards increased drastically.
            Chinese intel is also a lot better than it was.
            Did China block cargo ships in the south china sea?
            If not whom are you protecting?
            If China wanted to invade Taiwan they would have already done it.
            You cant just block China.
            Most of the electronics we use come from there.
            Including Apple…
            Thats just one aspect.
            Also a wasp class is far from a Nimitz class in regard of capebilities and firepower.
            I think the U.S. will be too busy to start anything in the next 6months.
            Also they just lost an upgraded Wasp class at San Diego…

          2. Justin says:

            They are not blocking, they are CLAIMING territory!
            You know about the gas fields there?
            have u seen the Chinese navy warning other nations navy’s they are in Chinese territory?
            i know u have seen it!
            This is around those islands which are claimed by numerous nations!
            They wouldnt dare block anybody! All they are doing is claiming territory and making bases!
            you know this!
            stop talking bullshit!

            Why are we on Apple now?
            Are u jumping onto different subjects because u are losing in other areas?
            Apple origininated in California!
            Apple (like many others) shifted to China because China monopolised the Rare Earth Minerals market! Plus they are a huge market! Plus the major shareholders in apple “Black rock” (the east india company who actually created Hong Kong and defeated China with one ship) basically own Apple! They are Globalists!

            They are the ones who Shifted industries to China!
            They are the ones you are supposed to hate!
            But u dont!
            Because as always, u only know 1/4 of the story! u dont do your homework!

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            I hate globalists but why should I hate China…
            Those are artificial islands.
            U.S. has a base on the Indian Ocean Diego Garcia.
            Brits stole it from the natives, than gave it to the U.S., than the U.S. forcefully deported the natives and expanded the bases.
            What gives them the right and not China.
            China is at home the U.S. isnt.
            They didnt steal land they simply built artificial islands :)

        2. Justin says:

          “Even Iranian radars which are dumbed down Chinese radars can lock on to state of the art stealth drones like the RQ-170”

          Where are u getting this information?

          Because if i say something good about F-35, everyone think i read something on some US propaganda site! but when u claim something, can i also assume u read this on a propaganda site like the Global times?

          You dont know!
          This is what i can 100% guarantee u!
          listen to yourself… u claim to KNOW that this trillion dollar stealth aircraft can be seen with low tech and old radars!

          do u understand how propaganda works?

          Stealth is made to be HARD TO TRACK! Therefore hard to target!
          Not to be invisible!
          There is a good chance that the Stealth kills the target with a stealth missile that is sent within a saturation attack! The aircraft got its own missile off before the radar could TRACK IT (NOT DETECT IT).

          This is how it is supposed to win!

          You and i have read monthly reports on Israeli or “Unknown” bombings occurring within Syria via aircraft getting into Russian and Syrian zones and releasing their weapons and succeeding!

          Therefore why are u not using that as evidence?
          Why do u not mention that?

          If China is so great, why the need to copy aircraft and carriers off Russia?
          Cheaper? Easier? But they stole the J-11 from the SU-27.

          The carrier is from the 1960’s. its a terrible carrier! It cant hold many aircraft, it launches only light aircraft, the range of those planes is very low due to the maximum weight take off! their chinese made engines are terrible! Why dont u get a graph up on engine power! lol

          Their subs are terrible! theirs subs are so bad, that singapore alone will kill every Chinese sub!

          u need to stop getting a hard on for china! they are not a good nation! they are very bad!

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Im not getting a hard on for china I only like fair play.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            That carrier is from the 70s.
            Its not as bad as you think.
            And it went through a total refit.
            New engines, electrical systems, radars and weaponsystems.
            If stealth works how could Iran steal two U.S. stealth drones?
            How can Russian Su-35s tail F-35s in Syria?
            Why is Israel fireing their missiles from their F-35s from Libanese airspace?
            Because Russian radars can sea them.
            And while Russia wont fire at them due to a non agression pact, the SAA will.

          3. Justin says:

            Carrier designed in 1960’s.
            Stealth Drones! lol
            Thats how u convince yourself?
            okay ill counter you, if stealth doesnt work, why is Iran, Russia, China, USA and Japan making Stealth aircraft IF Stealth doesnt work?

            Do u get me?
            Do u?
            Answer why they are making them

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            There are different types of stealth tech, aside from that they use it against different adversaries.
            Currently Russian stealth is the most advanced.
            They use everything.
            RAM coating.
            Radar deflecting shape.
            Active radar cancellation.
            And plasma stealth.
            All in one.
            U.S. and France only started working on plasma stealth a couple of years ago.
            Russia already had a working prototype in 1996…

          5. Justin says:

            i know about Russia’s stealth that they did not produce!
            However the US has had stealth planes since 1980!
            Im sure they’ve made advancements since then!
            Their first stealth craft didnt use any radar absorbing materials, only deflection angles!

            Also Russia’s planes dropped half price whilst their non stealth are at 85 million and are set to make hundreds! how does an SU-35 cost double the price for Russia to buy and an SU-57 cost half of a SU-35?
            The SU-35 production numbers should drive price down dramatically!

            i know u will make excuses or have information u read somewhere that u will use as an excuse!

            But have u ever tried using your own mind on how this price dropped only after the SU-57 crash in December?

            At any point does your mind stop and go “hmmmmm”?

            honestly, i think u are wilfully ignorant!

            Stealth is not Russia’s expertise nor China’s! And if stealth didnt work they wouldnt make it! Iran wouldnt, japan wouldnt either!

            However Russia makes great Sub’s and great SAM’s and great tanks! no doubting that! They make great fighter aircraft too!

            But u cant sit here and tell me they make great Stealth when india knocked it back and russia halved the price after a crash! u cant do that and take yourself seriously! u need to stop fooling yourself! u are in denial!

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            The F-117 had RAM coating.

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            You have mixed up the prices a bit…

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            Iran doesn’t make stealth planes.
            Your arguments are 30 years old.
            Russian stealth is the best nowdays.
            While U.S. is using old tech.

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            They didn’t have the price.
            They had one crash.
            F-22 had 6 the F-35 3 sofar…
            It was due to a sensor error feeding wrong data to the computer.
            India has done that with many thing on multiple occasions, with the Mug-29k, the Raffle, U.S. helos, it’s their way to communicate that they want lower prices.
            If you would know their mentality you would know I’m telling the Truth.
            They will be on the program and will buy it.
            They can’t afford not to with China and Pakistan on their border.

          10. Lone Ranger says:

            Its a derivative of the Kiev class.
            First ship of that class entered service in 1982…

          11. Justin says:

            i know about the kiev class carrier!
            its hull was laid in 1975. its design was from the 1960’s!

          12. Lone Ranger says:

            With that much effort the Nimitz is from the late 50s.

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            Israel is mainly using saturation technincs.
            They fire 60-70missiles at once at hope 1-2 get through.
            Their cost efficiency/success rate is absymal, but since they get it for free from the U.S. they dont care.
            Its also worth to mention that Syria is only using S-125, S-200 and BUK sometimes OSA.
            They are keeping the S-300s for the real deal when it really matters.
            Most the targets hit inside Syria are Iranian anyway.
            Russia could care less.
            SAA is only moderately concerned they know it wont change anything on the longterm.
            And they have basically won.
            Only question is now how hard will be the Iranian grip on Syria after the war.
            Obama and Bibi actions backfired biggly badly…

          14. Justin says:

            No they are not using saturation!
            They sometimes send cruise missiles and every nation who uses such missiles always sends them in saturation!

            They actually use gliding bombs that have no active radar homing, radar or heat seeking signal. in fact they dont even have a rocket!

            these have been very successful! they fly and glide with a range of 120km
            These have been very successful and they are cheap!

            So i disagree with you!

            The S-300 replaces the S-200! the S-300 should be able to shoot down aircraft, yet why havent they used it yet? WHY?
            Because they cant track and target? or because they are saving it for “something special”

            listen to yourself! u are making excuses! how the hell do u know they are “saving it for something special”? u get reports from Syrian Intelligence?

            Dude here is a reality check, if they can can detect and aircraft flying within the S-300’s range, they will shoot it down! F-16 or F-35 they want it dead!

            but they havent! its either because they CANT (90% the reason why) or because they WONT (10% unlikely reason why)

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            So they are using saturation…
            Yes they are saving it for a full on war.
            They wont waste it for skirmishes.
            SAA wont fire targets outside from its airspace.

          16. Justin says:

            how do u know? who told u this?

            They used the S-200 to ALMOST shoot down (or did) an F-16, so why would they do that and not use an S-300? Because we all know they used the S-200
            They always use Pantsirs when they can too!

            Why would a single S-300 (they have 300 missiles in reserve which would destroy every aircraft israel has a few times over) be so bad?
            Wouldnt it stop infiltration?

            i think you are lying and making up your own narrative! u dont live in the real world!

            listen to urself! they are saving the S-300 for something more special! yet in the meantime, they are being bombarded at israel’s demand!

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            Israeli attacks caused little to moderate damage and mostly in Iranian infrastructure.
            And they rarely bomb residental areas if at all.
            Im not lying.
            Its simple logic.
            The S-300s are worth gold for Syria they wont waste it.
            Israel is already too afraid to venture into Syrian airspace.
            Imagine if God forbid a big war would break out.
            And Israel would use waves and waves of attacks to level Damascus, even using maybe tactical nukes.
            And Syria would be there with their pants down because they have depleted their S-300 stockpile.
            Dont mix up Syria with Russia.
            Syria doesnt have an unlimited supply than does Russia.

          18. Justin says:

            “SAA wont fire targets outside from its airspace.”
            you’re lying to yourself and you know it!
            i know for a fact that some S-200 systems have exploded over the ocean past libyan land! Thats the reason why the Israeli’s hid behind the Russian Aircraft and the Syrian’s accidently shot the Russian aircraft down! That Russian aircraft fell into the ocean!

            You know this!
            i know u know this!
            you are lying! you are making up stories to suit your narrative!

            i also know that you know you are lying! i feel sad for you! Doing what you are doing, denying truth so you cant feel down or sad about a force you follow!

            i like Russia and Syria too, but i do not lie to myself! yet u do!

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            BS alert….
            Malfunctions do happen.
            Iran Air 655….
            Crashed Flop-35s and Craptors…
            You accusing me of lying if a futile attempt at discredting me.
            I start to think you are working for the hasbara cyberwarfare unit from Tel Aviv and that Im an Australian stories only BS…
            You are the one lying…

          20. Justin says:

            No. i see your comments have mistakes! You have failed to address them!
            YOU SAID Syria doesnt fire outrside its territory. Then how did they “accidently” shoot down the Russian aircraft that fell into the sea?

            The other problem u have is that they seem happy to shoot S-200’s but not S-300’s? These systems are the same thing! They are long range anti-air

            Also if they are happy (as u say) to shoot and damage an F-35 with an S-200 as u claim, why on earth would they stop at that? Why??

            u dont make sense and i know u are not dumb! Therefore i claim you to lie!
            i also ask you send send me an article (ANY ARTICLE) that states Syria is saving the S-300 system for a more serious war when they have 300 missiles in Reserve since day one!

          21. Lone Ranger says:

            I replied a couple of hours ago to your first question about over the border…
            Second, the S-200 and S-300 are totally different systems, the only thing they share is that an S-300 radar can guide an S-200, its backwars compatible same as a USB port.
            But aside from that they have a very different performance envelope.
            Israel could drop a nuke on Damascus at any time, than Russia would have to respond.
            Thats why they keep if at low level skirmishes.
            Once they escalate you cant go back.
            The S-300 is the last line of defense for Syria.

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            You lie to yourself constantly about the U.S., Trump, China.
            So on.
            We both know that…

          23. Justin says:

            So you didnt see the Russian Embassy in india claim the celebratory victory over Vladivostok over china?
            You didnt see China’s response?
            Have u noticed Russia’s moves since the Indian and Chinese border dispute?
            What did Russia just sell India?
            Why did Russia just recently announce it will purchase india’s biggest ship building port?
            Why are announcements and the timing of such announcements so important?

            u need to start thinking clearly! deep in side you, you know u have a bias towards China, Russia!

            i like Russia too!
            i hate jews too!
            i used to hate the USA too!
            But information and new leader emerge!
            U cant just keep ignoring evidence!
            China is bad and Russia has ALWAYS disliked china!
            EVEN LOGIC can highlight this for u with Chinese illegal copies of Russian jets!
            Russia didnt like it but Russia (due to obama sanctions) had to swallow this bitter pill and make deals with China!
            Russia, would LOVE to fuck china! it would be a FANTASY for Russia!

            You need to wake up! Stop BARRACKING for nations like you are a dumb football fan! you dont have to stay loyal!
            u need to wake the fuck up!

            If/ when the USA, Taiwan and India go to war with China (at first it will begin as a conventional war) Russia will join this war IMMEDIATELY against China!
            The fact that u cant even comprehend this occurring illustrates how bling u are!

            you think that Russia allowing China to join its military parades is enough evidence for you to keep your narrative! yet u totally ignore what just occurred with Mongolia and Russia or what deals Russia just made with India. You choose to ignore this! including the recent tweets between the Russian embassy and Chinese diplomats!

            The fact u ignore this is because you protect your own belief system! You are blinded by being wilfully ignorant!

            here is what i believe you will do if Russia pushes against China!
            you will Support Russia and go against China! (thats great)
            But u will have to finally realise u were wrong on China!

          24. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia, India and China are all part of the SCO.
            Russia was selling them weapons for decades.
            Yes the Chinese made some illegal copies but they do that with everything.
            They copy CPUs, iPhones, jets, radars, everything they can get their hands on and can reverse engineer.
            Thats nothing new.
            Im not aware of anything about embassies and Vladivostok.
            Please explain.

          25. Justin says:

            Yes and its called IP theft!
            Its also why they are being kicked out of the Global trade union!
            You see what you are doing?
            Making excuses for them again!
            “its no big deal, nothing to be worried about, they have always done this”!
            Dude, youve been duped into defending them! they STEAL! They LIE!
            What kind of a country bans these pictures below?
            Why ban them?
            REALLY? WHY??
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6cd24fe713e8024b00885534e19b5a0d222aba4cdbe053ff7b2b8fa17bf149b.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc1b9442659a5cc6f045e7fc4cc5450a82e2373e3a5c1a3d743355ca27cd0306.png

          26. Lone Ranger says:

            Pics are cute ;)
            Other countries are doing the same the U.S. and Russia included.
            Also Russia is mainly doing it to develop their own counter tech instead of making a copy like the Chinese do.
            Its called industrial espionage.
            Nobody likes it but nobody will start a war because of it.

          27. Lone Ranger says:

            They can.
            Otherwise they couldnt intercept 99% of the missiles.

          28. Justin says:

            i admit missiles are intercepted!
            but the target is destroyed, then the missiles stop!

            So israel is succeeding regardless!

            But i havent heard of one aircraft being shot down (besides an alleged f-16 crash), but i have heard of 50 or more targets destroyed in Syria!

            and yet the S-300 is saved for more special events lol.

            you have been brainwashed!

            look at the scoreboard!
            that tells u the truth, yet u make excuses and claims that “you know their tactics”! lol


          29. Lone Ranger says:

            Not alleged.
            That F-16 crashed, its on youtube.
            Another F-35 crashlanded and was written off due to a “pigeon hit”
            Succeeding in what?
            They lost both tactically and strategically.
            Thanks to their actions Iran didnt get weaker but stronger in the region.
            It was very counterproductive from their perspective.
            They achieved nothing but wasted U.S. taxpayer money.
            Why am I brainwashed?
            Im relying on hard facts.
            Remember Vietnam?
            U.S. also thought it would be an easy win…

          30. Justin says:

            pigeon hit was not a crash! i remember it. The aircraft returned to base! this was reported on Southfront and then everyone on this site went ape shit! Saying “oh, it was a pigeon that damaged it huh? So f-35’s can be damaged by pigeon’s”! This aircraft returned to base!

            i remember this too! “bird strike”!

            Again u fail to mention why they wont use the S-300 when they were using the S-200 constantly!
            The S-300 is there to take over the role of the S-200. But nothing changed! no aircraft downed! u know damn well if they could down an F-35 with an S-300 it would totally fuck israel! They have 300 missiles given to them on delivery of the system!
            They even announced it was on duty!

            Why announce it yet have no hits?

            Have u thought for one second that the S-300 is not living up to expectations in regards to the F-35?

            u are making assumptions and your news comes from Southfront!
            this is how u develop your theories!
            do u ever take a neutral stand?

            i think u are so passionate about Russia and China that u are willing to say everything bad about US weapons and only good about Russian and Iranian and Chinese weapons!

            in reality, unknown airstrikes have occurred upon Damascus and near Russian bases! To the point where they were helping the Idlib Province and destroying ammunition depots etc!

            If the S-300 and pantsirs were so good, why would Iran need to bring in their anti-air defences?

            i bet u have an excuse for that!
            u have an excuse for everything!
            u are a protectionist! protecting your narrative and not accounting reality!

            Every side in a war uses some form of bias and propaganda! its a fact!
            What u are so supposed to do is use logic! when something doesnt add up u do not make excuses or take information that explains why your side lost something in a battle!

            u face reality.

            u say “guys, this is happening too often, there is a chance they cannot target these aircraft as well as we wish they could”!

            u do not just take on board what YOU WANT TO HEAR!

            its like u are in denial!

            yes saturation attack occur! but so do airstrikes by “unknown aircraft”!

            The reason some sides dont counter attack is because they know the reality! they do the math in their war games!
            if they can shoot down our planes and missiles but we can only shoot down 80% of their missiles and 3% of their planes, then we cant attack them and provoke them! We must look like the victim and only defend!

            Thats the reality! the reality u cant accept!
            Thats why u make excuses!
            The use of the S-200 yet an excuse to not use the S-300 is a perfect example of your denial!

          31. Lone Ranger says:

            It crash landed.
            And was totalled and written off
            Obviously it wasn’t a pigeon hit…
            I already explained the S-300 situation.
            It isn’t there to replace older SAM but as a last line of defense in case if a major war and invasion.

          32. Justin says:

            Send me an article where it stated the S-300 is there as a last defence!
            Because fro what i understand it was brought in to defend certain airbases!

            As for aircraft strikes conducted by israel! they have happened often! so often i notice this websites commenters get very upset!

          33. Lone Ranger says:

            Only Iranian commenters and a few Syrians.
            Send me an article where it states it’s for replacement for the old S-200.
            Russia just run an upgrade program on old Syrian S-200 systems.
            They have now the last gen of the Russian version.
            Which is still pretty potent even today.

          34. Lone Ranger says:

            Why would Syria provoke Israel?

          35. Lone Ranger says:

            Like I said Israel aren’t venturing into Syrian airspace nowdays.
            And according to international law you can’t fire your SAM over the border into Israeli or Kindness airspace.
            That simple.
            Contrary to Israel Syria takes international law into consideration…

          36. Justin says:

            They ventured near AlQaim
            They ventured near DeirEzzor
            They ventured via Lebanon airspace and conducted strikes very close to Idlib and most certainly near Russian SAM’s!

            U know this!

          37. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia and Israel has a non agression pact.
            Russia isn’t worried they know Israel won’t hit them.
            And Russia ain’t too happy about Iran either.
            Those incursions happened a while ago.
            Nowdays they usually fire over the border.

          38. Lone Ranger says:

            From that 50 only around 3-4 are worth mentioning.
            The rest were trucks and weapon caches.
            Easily replaced.
            Thanks to that $130billion obongo gave back to Iran.

          39. Justin says:

            pantsirs have been destroyed (probably when they spent their ammunition)
            Missile factories, compounds, air bases damaged!

            You know they’ve been hurt!

          40. Lone Ranger says:

            Pantsir was fake news.
            Iranian missile factories…
            Who cares.

          41. Justin says:

            Let me explain to you your logic and the lies u tell yourself!

            Syria is happy to use its S-200 system against Israeli jets so much that they shot down a Russian military aircraft over the seas of Libya! You know this and i know this! Yet you say “they wont fire out side of their airspace! Yet you know damn well Syria has shot missiles at Israel which many were intercepted by Israel’s anti air defences!
            So you are lying and u know u are lying!

            Also, If the Syrians are happy to use an S-200 to “hurt an F-35” or “accidently kill a russian aircraft with 1o Russians on board” Then Why would they not use an S-300?

            A missile is a missile! They didnt even have the S-300 when all this shit occurred! So now they have it, they wont use it? lol
            S-300’s are not made of Gold and Diamonds! They are just nuts and bolts and fuel, no different to the S-200. just more recent tech yet still a very old missile!
            They have 300 of these missiles and probably can be shipped many more!

            Does it make sense to use an S-200 to “hurt and F-35” or shoot down a Russian Aircraft YET not use the S-300 at all? Youre lying to yourself! u cannot even provide a link that supports your claim!

          42. Lone Ranger says:

            Im not lying.
            Malfunctions do happen.
            They dont have 300 S-300s.
            Maybe 50 at most.

          43. Justin says:

            100% true Russia and Syria won this war!

            However the S-300 and the F-35 incidents have shown the F-35 getting through without incident! Thats what we have seen on multiple occassions!

          44. Lone Ranger says:

            No what we have seen is that they can track and lock on to the F-35.
            After one was hit with an S-200 and crash landed in Israel and another F-16 was lost, Israel rarely ventures into Syrian airspace anymore.
            S-300 wasnt used sofar.

          45. Justin says:

            there is absolutely no evidence of this S-200 near hit! NONE its all just alleged hypotheticals!
            Yet AFTER this incident, they kept using F-35’s and kept striking Damascus and near idlib and Hama!
            We know this because aircraft entered and bombed them! We see the pictures (proof) and we know of the aircraft because its recorded and spotted over Lebanon! Thats what we call Evidence or proof!

            There is no evidence of this F-35 damage caused by an S-200. The S-200 cant even hit non stealth! We know this because none have been hit! Thats called a FACT!

            The evidence is this:
            Israel can enter into Syrian territory or lebanese territory and release weapons such as missiles or gliding bombs right near Russian bases! Thats the evidence! and the evidence u have is not supported by any video, photos. its just a photo of an F-35 on a runway with its small body damage! i saw it! The damage was so small, that its is believable a bird hit the engine! Because a missile would do more extensive damage than just a small piece!

          46. Lone Ranger says:

            S-200 scored two hits one F-35 and one F-16.
            Israel isn’t venturing inside Syria since than.
            They fire over the border.

          47. Justin says:

            But the S-200 that hit the Russian aircraft was done over the sea! yet u said that Syira wont shoot out of its own territory! i am confused! please explain!

          48. Lone Ranger says:

            Older S-200s doesnt have a friend/foe ID system.
            Once the target is locked it will try to hit it.
            If the target dissapers or it loses radar lock it locks on to the nearast target automatically.
            It has happened in the past too.
            Look up Siberian Air 1812.
            The S-200 overshot the target area and automatically picked a new target.
            You can say its a faulty design but it was designed in the 60s to defeat waves of enemy bombers and jets in case of WWIII.
            Back than it seemed logical to create a System that will auto pick targets if it losses radar lock for whatever reason, if it wont it its target it will hit another one.
            Interestingly the S-75 and S-125 wasnt designed that way.
            Neither the later SAMs like the S-300.

          49. Justin says:

            So they use S-200’s which can shoot anyone anywhere….
            But they wont shoot S-300’s that will only kill the true enemy?

            And the S-200 can easily fly out of territory and kill russians
            But the S-300 will stay within Syria!

            But they will only use S-200’s?
            And wont use S-300’s?

            Your story becomes worse and worse as u TRY to explain it! lol

          50. Lone Ranger says:

            I did.
            They have a lot of S-200.
            But only a few S-300.
            And this doesnt happen every week either.
            To my knowledge it only happened 2-3 times in the past 50years.
            Add to that the Israelis probably deliberately used the Russian plane as a shield.
            One of the S-200s landed on Cyprus…

          51. Justin says:

            for the 5th time…..
            send the article (any article) i dont care if it was written by anyone!
            Just send me where u read this CRAP!

            u will get 1% credibility if u actually send the article that states the S-300’s are being saved for a major war! u get ZERO when i ask 5 times and u still send nothing!

            i dont believe you! thats why i think u are bullshitting me!
            if u dont send it (because i cant find it) im going to still call you a liar!
            in fact i am going to assume i caught u out on a lie and i might use it against u in future!

            Come up with the goods! dont claim to be a Syrian intel agent! dont claim to say its “common sense”! Show me where its written!

            You have been writing back to me immediately almost every time i reply! if u dont reply with an article soon i will surely assume u were caught out on a lie!

          52. Lone Ranger says:

            That’s a lot of passive aggression by you…
            What’s your take why aren’t they using the S-300?

          53. Justin says:

            sooth my aggression!
            make me embarrassed and fall to my knees and say “im sorry”!
            i promise i will do it when you prove to me your “facts” on the S-300’s use for special circumstances within Syrian territory only and for an all out war only!

            My take on the S-300 has nothing to do with this!
            this is about YOU and i already see u trying to take the back door!
            i am not going to stop until u send me the info or admit u lied!

            Send me the article in which you got your information from that contains the jurisdiction the S-300 must fire within and when it is to be used “all out war” is what u said! “its being saved for such a time” u said!

            show me! dont tell me its common sense because its not common sense!
            They used the S-200 (same class of missile [long range]) was used and killed Russian jet outside of Syrian territory at sea! Also (as u stated) used to kill an israeli F-16 and damage beyond repair an F-35) Therefore since the S-200 did this, why would they restrict the S-300 from doing it? A missile is a missile, a hit is a hit, a long range policy is a long range policy!

            There is no “common sense facts here that are to be assumed as facts”!

            so show me the Article that states this!

            7th time i have asked!

          54. Lone Ranger says:

            I told you Im not your personal assistant.
            It is how it is.
            Sorry if you cant handle reality.
            Comparing the S-200 to the S-300 is like comparing the F-4 Phantom to an F-22 Raptor.
            They are both fighter jets but it ends there.
            Same with the S-200 and S-300.
            I answered your question 7 times.
            Cant you answer mine for once?

          55. Lone Ranger says:

            Hey its real life.
            Not my fault…

          56. Justin says:

            lol, best excuse ive ever heard!

            In reality, this was your excuse:


            lol, the best explanation without an article or evidence i have ever heard of!

            hahaha, classic!

          57. Lone Ranger says:

            I relied on basic facts.
            Sorry if it was too much…

          58. Justin says:

            Show me the “basic facts”
            This is the 6th time i have asked for your “facts”!
            Who made these facts? you?
            did you make some calculations in your head and tell yourself “well its obvious!”?

            6th time ive asked, send me the article thats stated the S-300 is being used only in case of a serious war! i want to see where it says it will use it only within Syrian Airspace!

            Show me it!
            SHOW ME IT

            6TH TIME IVE ASKED!
            You cant show it, you wont show it, because u made it up! it does not exist! i have exposed u as a complete bullshit artist who is being outed and embarrassed because you make up your own reality! because u are 100% biased!

          59. Lone Ranger says:

            The damage was so small the jet was written off as totaled, lol.
            Get real the Flop-35 is junk always was.
            I.S. should have went with the F-22 upgrade program and the Silent Eagle program for a fraction of the cost.

          60. Justin says:

            send me the article which states the jet was written off!
            i hope you dont make statements that are not true!

          61. Lone Ranger says:

            It went into a memory hole.
            Same as the whole story about tbe USS Liberty was white washed from being a pre planned deliberate attack to a chain of tragic accidents…
            But I red the article it was in the english version of Haeretz Times, they tend to report the Truth sometimes.

          62. Lone Ranger says:

            Must have been a really fat pigeon :)

          63. Lone Ranger says:

            Israelis like to white wash stories.
            Remember the USS Liberty?
            It wasn’t an accident either.
            Israel still hasn’t admitted their guilt to this day.
            In fact they fabricated multiple stories and fake data on white papers to prove they are telling the truth.
            Too bad they are lying…

          64. Justin says:

            i know about the USS liberty and i wouldnt trust a jew ever!
            But i dont use this as the foundation of anything that has happened lately!

        3. Justin says:

          Those Carriers have only 36 fixed wing fighters!
          These Carriers have only one take off ramp
          Those fighters have chinese made engines
          Those engines are very low powered
          they do not have assistive take off
          They cannot take off with a heavy weight
          Therefore these planes must take off with low amounts of munitions
          or low fuel which means low range!

          Therefore with the combination of having only 36 fighters
          one take off ramp
          no vertical assist
          low powered engines
          thus low munitons and range
          it means the opposite of what u just claimed!

          This aircraft carrier is the complete opposite of what u just claimed!
          They are poorly capable

          Now to prove they are capapble u will now have to prove it!
          Show me a comparison next to the US oldest carrier “Nimitz” and SHOW me how “capable” the Chinese carriers are!
          if u fail to do this, it means u have lied again or have been found out to be a biased person!

          Those carriers with CHINESE AIRCRAFT are total crap! almost useless!


          AND TO MAKE ANOTHER POINT, Who the fuck is this “Guest” who keeps up voting your comments and down voting mine? hahaha i smell a RAT!

          At the moment it is you who seems like the scammer!

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            36 is pretty good.
            Nimitz has around 50 fighter jets, the rest are recon planes and transport.
            I would say it has 40-50% of the capability of the Nimitz.
            Aside from that it’s only for the South China Sea, not for global force projection.

          2. Justin says:

            Can hold a total of 90!
            double the sorties.
            3 times the munitions
            2 times the range (not including re-fuelling)
            J-33 was nicknamed by CHINA as “flopping fish” and not for good reason! STOLEN (GIVEN) FROM UKRAINE

            “China’s J-15 is an unlicensed clone of Russia’s Su-33 carrier-based aircraft, which happens to be a 1980s version of the Su-27K land-based fighter. China had procured a T-10K-3, a prototype of the Su-33, from Ukraine. Chinese engineers then reverse-engineered the aircraft to give birth to their own, J-15.”

            YET… you make excuses for China “China has always done this”!
            On one hand u make excuses for China stealing tech,
            U say their COPIED carrier and aircraft are “Capable”!
            Do you see your Bias? Do u see how brainwashed u are?
            U literally support them copying (by making excuses) THEN u say their aircraft is capable!

            They didnt design it?
            They didnt design the carrier either!
            What makes u think their “Copies” are any good?
            They THEMSELVES call them “Flopping Fish”!
            U gonna call this “Disinfo”? hahaha to fool the Americans? haha
            Since when does China ever say their own stuff is CRAP? NEVER!

            You Try hard to sound like an expert! you invented your own realities that u assume to be correct! Yet u cannot ever give a side by side comparison nor can u show me statements made with your S-300 system being used for “a special time in all out war”!

            you are full of shit!
            i know it and u know it!

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            I know all that.
            But you forget Russia sold them already the Su-27 and the Su-35 and the S-400…
            They make $hundreds if billions each year with trade with China.
            From weapons to oil and gas to nuclear reactors…
            U.S. and Russia never good anything?
            From those 90 planes only 50 are fighter jets.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Yeah ukropnazis are bad.
            Did you know they sold NK their missile tech to.
            Especially their newest ICBM which can reach the U.S. east coast.
            And the U.S. still gives money to these trolls…

          5. Lone Ranger says:

            On paper the Chinese engines are in the same class.
            Even if they aren’t as reliable.

          6. Justin says:

            Send me the side by side information comparison!
            Why is it u make claims yet u cant post any proof?
            if i felt i was right, id shove it down the other persons throat!
            you seem to leave proof out!

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Im not that agressive.
            No throat sex…

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            Chinese engine has half the service life compared to the Russian.
            1500 hours vs 3000.
            But can match the thrust of the engines on a Su-27SM.
            Which is not bad at all.
            Thats 5% more thrust per engine than what an F-15 has.
            Also they can yet match the Su-35 or Su-57.

          9. Justin says:

            This is not good… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4eea0be2c42548e506d28afce04961ae129facd5f31b40cdce6caaa130966ea.jpg

            The J-10 is 46% of their fighter aircraft.

            It’s not good.

            The copied J-11’s are not as good as real SU-27’s because the engines are Chinese. They can’t make good engines because of the high level of manufacturing!

            Therefor 80% of their aircraft are KNOWN to be inferior!
            U know their J-11 can’t beat a real SU-27 and u know it can’t beat ANYTHING the US has either!

            80% is total crap! The rest is Russian or unproven aircraft! Their stealth is suspicious.

          10. Lone Ranger says:

            Is that the number of jets they have?
            From these types?
            Thats a lot of jets…

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            I wouldnt say they are crap.
            You dont like anything Chinese :)
            The J-10 is a lose single engine copy of the Eurofighter Typhoon.
            It just went through a major refit program.
            Its not as bad as you think.

          12. Lone Ranger says:

            They also have 760 J-7s.
            Upgraded Mig-21 copies.

          13. Justin says:

            yes and the J-10 is not good!
            Did u see the copied the SU-35 too?
            I have no idea how u support this nation!
            I bet if u met Putin in private, he would tell u he HATES China!

          14. Justin says:

            send me a side by side Comparison!
            On the carriers and the aircraft!

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            What am I your personal assistant?
            I just woke up and its Sunday…
            Not even a good Morning or a morning muffin…?
            Its 5:40am here…just for your information…

          16. Lone Ranger says:

            China is at home, they can support their carriers with Sams and cruise missiles from the mainland.
            Also don’t know why you think everything made in China is rubbish.
            Your computer was probably made in China too.

          17. Justin says:

            I know China makes crap! From electronics to military!
            Even their cars “Great Wall” are total shit!
            I know for a fact their subs are maybe the worst in the entire world!

            i know their carriers are 5 x inferrior to the oldest US super Carrier!
            i also know that the US has bases in Vietnam, Japan, South Korea!

            I also know that those Chinese made islands may as well have a US flag on them lol.
            Idiots! Tell me how does China get to these islands when the US can surround them? The US could bomb the hell out of them or send Special Forces to take them! Thanks for the Airbase China!

            You forget who is on the side of the USA in this sea dispute!

            You know the very long list which includes Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.

            Shall i add Canada? UK?
            Maybe NATO?

            How will China get these islands? They belong to us! PERIOD!

            China better hope they planted a nuke under these islands just in case the US takes them! If they didnt then they are dumb!

            These islands are already surrounded by US Super Carriers! And u can be sure Chinese subs are not there, because those subs are so bad.

            When am i getting my side by side Comparison of your Chinese Carrier to the USS Nimitz?

          18. Lone Ranger says:

            Are you on drugs or something…?
            You sound erratic.
            U.S. doesnt have a base in Vietnam.
            And non of the countries you listed will fight China.
            Japan wont even buy or deploy the Aegis ashore system…
            Thats a red flag…

          19. Justin says:

            lol, Vietnam has bases yes?
            Vietnam is at odds with China over this territory dispute yes?
            Chinese navy BULLIED the Vietnamese navy out of its disputed waters (im sure u heard)
            So if there is a war, would Vietnam allow the USA to use its bases?

          20. Lone Ranger says:

            But currently there are no U.S. bases.
            I wouldnt a country to have troops in my country after a 20 year war and millions of dead people.
            I think Nam is only putting pressure on China verbally.

          21. Justin says:

            You make a good point however vietnam and the USA Have never had better relations than now! They trade very well. Also a lot of the jobs leaving China are going to Vietnam and Laos. Would Vietnam feel safer with us forces based there?

            Why do u think Israel feels safer? Does Syria feel safer now Russia is there? U know how this works! When push comes to shove, Vietnam will allow (if need be) is forced to use their ports or airbases in a war against China in which the US would be AN ALLY!

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            But U.S. didnt kill millions of Iaraelis neither did Russians Syrians.
            So the situation is slightly different.
            But some factories leaving China is correct.
            For example I just bought an Intel CPU, Im building an ultra small linux based system for myself, but side issue, I was surprised that on the box it said Made in Vietnam.
            It usually says made in China or Malaysia or Germany, I have never seen made in Vietnam before.

          23. Justin says:

            Good people the Vietnamese!

            Smart buying Linux system too!

          24. Justin says:

            USA is in South Korea
            Likely in Taiwan if they want to be!
            India if they want to be

            Therefore having these bases plus superior carriers, superior aircraft, SAM’s, Stealth, Super Subs, 2500 tactical nukes, Hong Kong Citizens on their side (10 million people) plus about another 13 nations AND THEIR OWN CARRIERS TOO!

            plus 11 super carriers of their own and another 26 carriers capable of Launching F-35’s!

            Now what? Now what u gonna say?

            Tell me, who do those artificial islands below to now? HUH?
            Not China! its free airbases!
            Of course they are!
            Remember its china vs :
            New Zealand
            South Korea

            I havent even included UK or NATO!
            Should i include them too? Because they are WW1 and WW2 allies!

            And u think those artificial islands that are now surrounded by US carriers and God knows what subs are Chinese land? lol

            They built those islands only for them to be taken away from them! They will be the first things to disappear in a conflict! lol

          25. Lone Ranger says:

            Nobody will fight for the U.S. against China, sorry to dissapoint you…
            U.S. has 10 super carriers.
            2 America class plus 7 Wasp class one was just lost.
            And a couple of Tarawa class.
            Out of these only around 3 can launch Flop-35s at the moment, the rest cant.
            Vietnam and Philipines doesnt have a U.S. base.

          26. Lone Ranger says:

            Chinese Navy is outnumbering the U.S. navy at the region at a ratio of around 20 to 1.
            Aside from that all U.S. ships are within the range if the DF-21 and DF-26…
            Good luck with those…

          27. Justin says:

            Do you think the USA (with the Help of Hong Kong and all of the allied nations i have listed) couldnt make a welcome beach head in Hong Kong?
            i believe they could!
            i believe ethy could arm HK people to help fight for them….
            Whilst moving in marines
            whilst protecting the area with Ships and anti air!

            moving in lost of forces and creating a beach head in the area!
            i think its very possible when u include 13 nations plus nato!
            How many Carriers would that equal to?
            2 in india
            2 in France
            1 in UK
            11 in USA
            (lets not forget helicopter carriers that can carry STOVL stealth)
            that would equate to another 40 carriers!
            Then u got Taiwan baes, South Korean bases, Japan, Guam, Phillipines, Those Chinese islands become ours too! lol Vietnam bases, Indian bases!

            Do u think China can handle india? USA? Taiwan? Hong Kong? 13 allies plus NATO? 20 super carriers, 40 STOVL carriers? Tactical nukes? Super Subs? etc etc?

            Do u think they can handle it?

            They lose! thats what happens! And Russia isnt helping china, they help India! They have already made this gesture!

          28. Lone Ranger says:

            Hong Kong is China.
            And its under control now.
            Dont make hopes because a few thousend siros/cia funded trolls.
            Same trash ad BLM and antifa in the U.S.
            There wete even cia funded ukropnazis among them, Google it.
            But they are history now :)

          29. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. has 10 super carriers and around 13 escort carriers.
            All obsolete in the age of super and hypersonic cruise missiles.
            Yes I think China could easily handle it.
            Vietnam beat the U.S. pretty hood and they had around 3% of the military capebilities compared to China today.

          30. Lone Ranger says:

            India and China are both members of the SCO.
            They wont go to war.
            They already disangaged at the border sorry to dissapoint you.
            There will be no war.

  2. Robot says:

    The Chimps want’s everything and are not Russia friends, lately they’ve been clamoring for Vladvostok territory!

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Hindu streetshitter “Paul” with a new log in, how original.

      1. Ivan Freely says:

        Well, it’s definitely a new account.

    2. Potato Man says:

      If you think China and Russia relationship is bad lately, do remember Greece and Turkey buddy, they are both part of EU and NATO and they want to end each others.

      “The Chimps want’s everything and are not Russia friends.” Said who? your stupid ass, claiming BS.

  3. Charles Homer says:

    Here are some additional recent comments about China from an interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:


    It is very clear that Washington is feeling threatened by China’s growing world presence, and is becoming the new bogeyman in the Cold War Part II.

    1. Justin says:

      Have u seen what China has said about Vladivostok?
      We are talking about a war of words between Chinese diplomats and the Russian Ambassador in China!
      China says they want Vladivostok back!
      i can send you the tweets from their official accounts!
      What do u think of that?

      Why do u think Russia holds military drills in this area of russia? Feeling threatened?

      1. guest says:

        US exasperated as the Dragon, Bear & Lion close ranks.

        Under the widely reported deal, China will have unrestricted access to
        Iran’s air bases and promises to rebuild its airforce and EW capabilities in return for
        cheap oil and factories with transport links to carry its exports to the West.
        Russia is also be involved as an ally of both..

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Current state of the Americunt navy, no Chinese hypersonic missiles needed.


      1. Justin says:

        Wow, you are your own propagandist!
        in reality they have 11 super carriers
        and another 16 helicopter carriers which can launch F-35 STOVL fixed wing aircraft!
        thats a total of 28 aircraft carriers!

        Did you see Russia’s carrier lately?
        Did you see what happened to its maintenance platform in it home port?
        lol it literally sunk!

        Your picture is FAKE!

  4. johnny rotten says:

    The fat Pompeo Minimus with the weight of his bullshit will sink the western Titanic.

  5. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Seriously, as if the Chinese give a fuck what the deadbeat loser Americunts think ROFLMAO!

  6. Lazy Gamer says:

    This comes after China sanctioned US individuals as a reaction to the Uighur sanctions. Now, China doubled down with a sanction on lockheed. Everybody seems gearing for a skirmish. Who would be the fool to let itself be used to lose a ship and sacrifice its economy for more arms purchases? lol Just about every major claimant has stationed military outposts in the area, in contravention to intl. law. lol I wonder what the Russian position is since they too will lose access to the indian ocean.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Good point.

  7. Laurent Parodi says:

    The us is on the other side of the pacific….

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      The US was never well versed in Geography :)

      1. Justin says:

        China also stated that they will return Vladivostok to China!
        Did you hear about this?
        want the tweets from the Russian embassy and Chinese foreign diplomats?

        One day all u dumb fuckers on this website will realise that China is the enemy and Russia and the US are allies!

        u cant see it. blinded fools

  8. Potato Man says:

    The fact that the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) Wasp-class amphibious assault ship didn’t even got hit by a anti-ship missile and it got fuked that bad change the picture of aircraft carriers.

    Now the British clowns want to join US in south China sea, (https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/britain-set-to-confront-china-with-new-aircraft-carrier-v2gnwrr88)

    I’m sure Trump don’t want war but the fat pig Pompeo once again telling BS in Trump’s ears.

  9. Ivan Freely says:

    Looks like the Iranian-Chinese agreement will be made once the UN sanctions end in October. This is likely the new driver in the uptick of hostilities.

  10. verner says:

    and while the fat good for nothing secretary of state condemns China’s claims in the south china sea he approves of the land theft by the filthy jews in palestine – these thieves and murderers have put a new spin on Hitler’s lebensraum program and have stolen about 90 % of palestine from the rightful owners, the palestinians, and are now about to knife them from the back for the rest of the land, including the natural gas, the filthy thieving jews are now attempting to sell to europe. and ll this with not peep from washington dc, where every elected member in congress is a traitor, bough and paid by the jews in palestine and by the jews embedded/entrenched in the american society – they need to be purged from the face of earth right away. they deserve no mercy and pogroms coming up is their own doing.

  11. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Really up to the Chinese now to make sure their claims are marked with naval mines and the United States informed of the dangers in their provocative navigation.

  12. <> says:

    China has no rights to take other resources of ASEAN countries, back off Chinese bastards.

    1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

      Other than the fact that China has longstanding legitimate claims.

      1. <> says:

        They have no claims, other states have those resources in their own EEZ, China bullies them like they do to Taiwan. No more backing down to the Chinese monster.

        1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

          Well the U.S. for starters has no claims.
          By the way aren’t you Israeli?

          1. <> says:

            They don’t say they have any, they stand with their other ASEAN partners in the region and claim it belongs to them, not China. Same with Japan, where China is trying to control some islands that are closer to Japan than China.

          2. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Well,erm correct me if I’m wrong but what business is it of either the U.S. or land grabbing Israel?

          3. <> says:

            Land grabing Israel grabs land that belongs to us, so you just need to live with it. Regarding the U.S they have every right to assist their allies in the region like Russia is doing in Syria. It goes both ways, karma is a bitch.

          4. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Well, erm the U.S. hasn’t even signed UNCLOS.
            And what allies are they? Communist Vietnam?

          5. <> says:

            All those UN protocols and agreements don’t mean shit, countries like Iran, China, Nk and other Islamic shitholes can bribe anyone they want there to protect their own interests. That is why we also don’t obey an UN decision, and we will keep on doing so. Anymore questions?

          6. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Looks like war then… How many U.S. ships do you think the PLAN will sink?

          7. <> says:

            Nothing, they will just use their more or less 6000 nukes if they have to. China better know it’s place, under the U.S boots.

          8. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Works both ways with nuclear powers doesn’t it?
            Neither would dare though.

          9. <> says:

            Well, The U.S and Israel have the Arrow 3 system designed especially for countries liek China and Iran. Go read about it, you might its’ abilities very surprising.

          10. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            You can’t even defend against Hamas rockets, so I’d suspect you will get hammered if it ever came to it.

          11. <> says:

            Consider the difference between “can”t, and “doesn’t want to”, because they only reason Hamas is still in power is becaise we don’t wanna carpet bomb 2M Gazans and turn them into corpses.

          12. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Wouldn’t put it past you in the future with your open air prison there.

          13. <> says:

            Oh trust me Dick, they haven’t even seen real prison. What happens if we forbid any supplies into the Gaza strip for 1 week? they will all starve to death. They are our bitches, and they will obey us or feel our bombs on their heads.

          14. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            And they say the Nazi’s were bad. Can’t hold a candle to you far-right Judeans!

          15. <> says:

            Well, now you know what they know – don’t fuck wih Israel.

          16. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Israel is part of the Russian sphere now isn’t it?

          17. <> says:

            Never, and never will be. Bibi and Putin might be friends, but that is where it ends.

          18. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Anyway back to the thread… I’m looking forwards to plenty more Bonhomme Richards in the very near future.

          19. <> says:

            Mistakes happen, they can happen in China too. Let’s say..suddenly an aircraft carrier goes into flames too..

          20. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Yes… A CVN accidentally struck by a Chinese hypersonic missile.

          21. <> says:

            I actually had the Liaoning in mind.

          22. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Well if they lose that it is not going to be any real loss, (a modified Soviet era cruiser carrier that is now a training carrier) the loss of CVN-76 would be however.

          23. <> says:

            You might wanna give this video a check Dick.

          24. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Oh Christ! not Defense Update…. Noooooo!
            What needs to be remembered is the carrier has lots of ground based attack aircraft coverage and anti-ship ballistic missile cover.

          25. <> says:

            Truth hurts :)

          26. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Not really, the channel is pure bollocks.

          27. <> says:

            Like SF isn’t doing their propaganda, anything that smells of a bit of anti-russian agenda gets criticized here on a daily basis.

          28. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            It would be sacrilegious to do otherwise.

          29. <> says:

            I agree, well nice talking my friend I’m off to sleep. Can’t wait for the blast of comments I’d get tomorrow from the SF haters. Ciao.

    2. Trap Is Not Gay says:

      Fuck off kike

    3. kamalashila says:

      Repeat this about IL and Golan.

      1. <> says:

        One small detail, the Golan belongs to Israel and it has always been. South China sea belongs to the ASEAN countries, and only them.

        1. kamalashila says:

          you idiot, what do you think, why is the name South CHINA Sea? Always was chinese territory. Also in the beginning of teh 20th century. During ww2 france and britain took islands from china and gave them to vietnam.

          1. <> says:

            It doesn’t belong to China, and they are the invaders. ASEAN countries won’t let China hurt their sovereignty.

          2. kamalashila says:

            jews are also invaders in palestine

  13. kamalashila says:

    In this Q yanks are right.

    I can not understand who forms the chinese foreign policy in such stupid way. They fight with almost all neighbours. India was always neutral, now is lookong for military cooperation with usa. vietnam also. China can not win under such condizions.

  14. Tommy Jensen says:

    We have proposed UNESCO to rename this “China” Sea to “The South US-China” Sea to show the world we mean business when we say International waterways of FREEDOM navigation.

    Let that be a message to everybody!

  15. Traiano Welcome says:

    Claims are Claims. Guns are Guns.

  16. Tommy Jensen says:

    Exactly what I have been saying.
    China is threatening the long endorsed rules-based international usury order with its military aggression against the freedom of navigation for the United states Navy and our Marines.

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